Summer Hill: Chapter 1
Published Mar 21, 2010

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Gamelia left home at the age of 18, determined to make her own way in the world. She used all but $1800 of her savings to buy a plot of land in Sunset Valley. Since she was a toddler in the crib, Gamelia had always been on the go. She called the travel agent as soon as she arrived in Sunset Valley. And within the hour, she was on her way to the airport. Gamelia dreamed of being a world-class photographer and writer for International Geographer. Before she settled down, Gamelia planned to gain some experience in the photography capital of the world: Egypt! Her dream come true! Gamelia checked the adventure board right away and discovered that MorcuCorp was looking for an adventurer to find three ancient relics. Maybe she could earn enough money to buy a decent camera. She hopped on her scooter and charged into the desert, intent on getting that MorcuCorp job. Gamelia followed the map to MorcuCorp headquarters. She was surprised to find that it was a modest home in the town of Al Simhara. She introduced herself to Mena Lufti, head of MorcuCorp. Gamelia got right to the point: "Can you tell me about the adventurer's job and the compensation?"
Lufti explained that the job would award visa points to the brave soul who retrieved some papers from the Tomb of Discovery.
Accepting the offer, Gamelia asked to go inside and freshen up before trekking to the tomb. Lufti graciously agreed and invited her in. After making small talk, Gamelia found her way to the bedroom and changed into some suitable clothes. "Now I'm ready." "Let the adventure begin!" Outside the entrance to the tomb, Gamelia wondered what it would be like inside. Then she heard a man's voice on the other side of an old wooden door. Apparently, she wasn't the only explorer with an interest in the tomb that day. Inside the tomb, Gamelia stood beside the stranger and peered around in wonder. She turned to the stranger, and without so much as a hello, she said, "Hey! What do ya' know about this tomb?" He responded mysteriously, "Step on a crack and break your mother's back. Step on a stone and you'll find a bone!" He continued, "I am Serge Antionette, and this is all I have to say. Good day!"
Gamelia thought to herself, "What a nutter!"
Gamelia bravely descended into the tomb and found some skeletal remains--a bad omen perhaps? She read an inscription on the wall: "Every explorer should have a tent and food at all times. The stair closed behind me. Luckily, I came prepared..."
"Uh, oh," she muttered as she realized she had NOT come prepared.
In the next room, she found a pile of ancient coins and a chest. She looked around the tomb, checking for hidden cameras. Then she swiped the treasure. Inside the chest, Gamelia found an ancient crescent keystone. "What a coincidence!" she exclaimed as she inserted the keystone into the wall. Gamelia watched in wonder as the chains fell away from the door. The next room was empty and bare--unremarkable with the exception of a single white floor stone in the corner. "Step on a stone and you'll find a bone. Hmmm..." After stepping on the mysterious stone, a stairwell opened up into the dark depths below. Gamelia anxiously descended into the darkness. "Oooerr! It's spooky down here!" Gamelia came upon a room with three large statues. It was lucky that she was strong enough to move them. She had to push one over another mysterious floor stone in order to open the next locked door. Inside another treasure chest, Gamelia found what she had come for: a stack of papers with the MorcuCorp seal. She also found a canopic jar that would be worth some money. She was just about to leave the tomb when she discovered a secret door. Gamelia found another treasure room with more ancient coins and the Egyptian Sigil of the Tomb of Discovery. "I bet this will fetch a nice price!" On her way out of the tomb, Gamelia was glad to see Serge again. She stopped to thank him for the clue he had given her. In her excitement, she planted a kiss right on his cheek. "I am Gamelia Sims and this is what I have to say: Thank you!" "De rien, mademoiselle," he said. "Would you like to make use of my tent tonight?" "Sir," Gamelia responded with affected interest, "that offer is very flattering, but I can't. Adventure awaits!" And with that, she dashed out of the tomb and ran toward town. When she reported to Mena Lufti and gave her the papers, Mena asked Gamelia to find her lackey, Aisha. Mena instructed Gamelia, "I don't trust Aisha, but one cannot choose their employees. Do whatever is asked of you." Gamelia found Aisha on the path headed toward the market. Aisha gave her the task of finding four pieces of turquoise in the desert. Gamelia didn't ask why. It was late in the afternoon and Gamelia felt grimy and tired. She stopped by the market and traded the tomb's treasures for a camera, a tent, and a few extra coins. Gamelia decided that it was too late to find the turquoise today. She wandered around, browsing the stalls. As the sun went down, she noticed a local man who seemed to be following her. She stopped by the general goods store. The man followed her in, but said nothing to her. "I'll take one can of 'Ahhhh' please!" Gamelia announced at the register.
"Excuse me," the woman said. "I do not understand."
Gamelia shrugged and said, "One shower in a can, please."
Back at the base camp, Gamelia enjoyed a meal in the cool night air as she gazed at the lighted pyramids on the horizon. When she crawled into her tent that night, Gamelia was exhausted, but excited about the days to come.

[The end of Day 1.]

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fabrizioammolloOct 23, 2010

Very nice beginning!

mogan44May 6, 2010


breeebnyApr 7, 2010

Please dont report i just have a problem with the game! Thanks

breeebnyApr 7, 2010

Im not like trying to be disgusting or anything but how do you make the sims 2 womens breasts bigger i have tried everything but i have no idea please answer my problem! Thank-You

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