Bubbles - Chapter 8
Published Jul 25, 2011

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It is the end... The end of innocence. A beginning of new life. A parting and a reunion.

So here we are... The Bluewater Inn had its first year anniversary. And this my friends will be the end of this season.

Now, get your favorite drink, some munchies and enjoy!

It is the end... The end of innocence. A beginning of new life. A parting and a reunion.

So here we are... The Bluewater Inn had its first year anniversary. And this my friends will be the end of this season.

Now, get your favorite drink, some munchies and enjoy!

That early morning, after breakfast, Jeremy Captain headed for home. He was about to meet his children. He was about to enter a new stage in his life, and he definitely was excited about it. Vincent’s thoughts were on getting out of here. Being here too long made him restless. He needed time to think and he could not do that here. He would eat breakfast, hit the shower and be on his way. ‘You sure Vince? Why don’t you stay just a bit longer. Let’s go out tonight, like we used to. Could be fun… remember fun?’

‘You asking me on a date, Bubbles? Geez, you modern women ...’
So they went to the End of the Road. Supposed to be a hot spot. But they were the only ones there. It was still early. Vince knew it would be bursting out its seams in 3 more hours, but looking at Bubbles, she wouldn’t last that long…He realized all of a sudden the reality of Bubbles’s life. The drudgery of actually running and maintaining a B&B. Getting up early, going to bed early. ... and Bubbles being Bubbles, she was so determined to show him a good time she didn't even realize that she was about to drop from exhaustion.

‘It’s getting late, why don’t I take you home. You have to get up early.’
‘Vince, my god! I'm trying to have a good time with you! Why are you acting like this?’
Another night with her, another argument with her. In all the years they'd known each other they'd never made love without a fight, usually before, sometimes even afterwards. That was probably his own fault though.

‘Bubbles, you want me to be someone I'm not. And I'm not the marrying type. If I tried to be you’d hate me more than you do now.’
‘What do you mean? You mean you have never grown up? Is that it?
You won’t take responsibilities? Nor make commitments? To anyone? Is there someone else?’
*sigh* ‘… baby… how long have you known me?’
‘Long enough to know you have fleas in your pants, it makes you jump around, you just come and go as you please.’
‘Bubbles, that's who I am! And I always come back to you!’
‘Yeah… like once every 7 years? Leave me alone Vince. I was doing pretty good until you showed up again. I need a shower… I need to wash this evening off.’
But after she washed him away, he found her downstairs in the Tropical Room. He was wearing that smile on his face. And old habits just didn't die.

‘Let’s not argue anymore tonight shall we Vince?’
‘I am not the one who started my dear. You just hush now. Let me take care of your needs.’ ‘My needs Mr. Deere? How come you know what they are? Or is it just a mere guess?’
‘I always come back to you, Bubbles. Your needs ARE my needs.’
‘Vince… I want you to know that you are my only man. The only one who has ever…’
‘Bubbles, hush now will you? Don't tell me, show me.’
‘You drive me crazy, Bubbles. I need you. I want you. No matter what road you take I will always love you. Now is that enough?’ There was nothing else to be said. They forgot everything else just like they did every other time. There was no future. There was no past. There was here and now. It was a hot night. Bubbles woke up in the middle of the night, feeling at total peace. She knew she had been kidding herself for years. Years of wanting to change this man lying next to her. The man she just made passionately love with. The man who had hurt her many years ago, when she still was a naive young woman, a young girl dreaming of a family life with this guy in it, playing a lead role in her life’s story. But could she really hold him accountable for all of her tears? She knew she had been waiting years for him to change. But why? She and he did not share the same dreams. He had never diminished her dream, or even asked her to follow his. It was true that he had always been firm about her dreams not being his.

She had to accept…him.. as he was. Not what she wanted him to become. All of a sudden she felt relieved… she felt free, she felt loved. If this was her assignment given from above, she would take it on. She knew that the only one who could really make her happy was she, Bubbles Bluewater, herself. Looking at Vince she felt at peace. Peace with herself and peace with this man.
But with this new morning, Vince had to go. So he left to do some thinking. Should he stay? Could he stay? It suddenly hit him. In trying to become her dream man, he would lose what she loved most about him… he’d lose himself, and he knew in his heart he couldn’t do it even for love. ‘Hey Wes! Didn’t know you were gonna be here. What’s up?’ ‘Well Vince, I had to get me new exhaust pipes. My guess would be I’d find them here. So, you’re off?’
‘Yeah, Need to hit the road. I’ll be in Twinbrook for the Biker event… You going this year?’
‘Neh, can’t really… Need my fishing job this season. They are counting on me. Got a lot on my plate now. But that’s OK. Maybe next year, when I am financially more secure.’
She didn’t mean to snoop. She just saw it lying there… It was a letter. A letter from Kenny to her dear brother Barry

… and then my agent screamed in front of EVERYONE that I was a complete brat. And she's right, I am. I'll bet you knew that, didn't you? Even though you're so good to me and you never make me scared or sad, I know you know. And you love me anyway. That's why I love you so much. You're like my favourite dolly--you're always there for me and you're always smiling and you never complain even when I hug too hard.

I'm glad you want to come stay with me. I think you'll like the place, I tried to get all of the furniture you asked for so you won't have to bring a lot. When you go, please tell your sister I'm really sorry for being so mean. I don't even know why I did it. Actually, don't tell her. One day I'll tell her myself.

Bubbles put the letter back where it came from and left the room.
It was probably 6 weeks later.
All had been quiet and neither of the Bluewaters felt like socializing much. After Jeremy left they had no visitors. Barry had made up his mind to move in with Kenny permanently. They had been on the phone every single day for a year after Kenny had left the B&B. Kenny had called all throughout his tour. Barry could count on getting a postcard or a letter at least once a week.
And Kenny had been open and vulnerable. Barry knew all of the dirty details of his life, his relationship with his brother Nate, and had seen many, many photos of his twin daughters. He knew Kenneth Steel like he knew no other, and he was certain that Kenny was a good man underneath it all. He knew this relationship wouldn't be easy, but if he didn’t try, he would always wonder what might have been.
A knock on his door got him out of the daydreaming.
“Yes? Is that you sis?”
'Are you going to take the paintings too Barry? Are you sure you want to do this?' ‘I have known Kenny for almost a year now Bubbles. I've seen the good and bad. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and I believe him. And frankly… I love this man. He's not perfect, but his heart is in the right place. And I think I can make him happy like he makes me happy. ‘ ‘Oh dear… That sounds so romantic. Didn’t you say he has two daughters? Are you up to this Barry? I mean… I will be fine here by myself… I guess…’

‘Bubbles… I NEED to find my own path. I hate to leave you and the B&B, but .. I feel I need to follow my heart.’
‘There might come a day you will find that it is not what you want Barry. He is so different and so much older…’ ‘So what if he's older, he's still just a child on the inside! I had a life before Kenny sis… You just don’t know all about that. And let me tell you, it hasn’t brought me happiness. Now for the first time I know I am happy. Who will tell what we will all feel like in a couple of years? There is no way to tell. Look at you! Still waiting for Vincent to ask for your hand in marriage. You know better than that Bubbles. He never will.’ ‘I know! …Rub it in!!! But maybe Vince and I have something that is incomprehensible by the rest of humanity. So, I DO understand little brother…If you MUST… GO! Go follow your heart. I will be here always, I think. And yes, probably without Vincent.’ ‘And… to tell you the truth. I think I am pregnant with his baby.’ After the initial shock of the news they sat together. Barry was looking at his sister. He noticed that she looked good. She looked radiant as a matter of fact. In a way she looked happy to him.

‘What are you looking at Barry?’
‘Can’t help it. You look happy, although you’re not smiling.’
‘You know… I am happy thinking about this baby, but I hate to see you go Barry. I know I am being selfish here. Don’t tell anyone I’m pregnant you hear?’
‘Like hell I am! I have to tell Kenny and explain I cannot move in with him until after you had your baby and get proper help for you around the house. Dutch can’t do all that by himself!’
Bubbles stopped by Wesley’s. It was his birthday and she wanted to know how he was doing, business was slow at the moment. She was happy to hear that all the lounges downtown hired him for the fish they needed for their specials.
Bubbles made him a promise that she would keep him on her payroll and that he shouldn’t worry.
‘Thank you Bubbles. That was so thoughtful!’
‘OK Wes… you’re welcome! And happy birthday dear friend! I should head home, I am tired and ..oh… I was wondering if you have seen Vince around lately. I need to talk to him.‘
‘I thought you knew Bubbles… He went to Twinbrook. Annual Bikers event… really thought you knew.’ Bubbles knew that she had the responsibility to let Vince know she was pregnant, and that she intended to have his child, no matter what. ‘having your baby’

With the address she got from Wesley she did what she had to do… Letting him know…
And so the day arrived that new guests booked at the Bluewater Inn. Bubbles was getting ready to meet these two sisters who had recently moved to Bridgeport. They had a big double wedding coming up. Maybe she could convince them to have the wedding here… but they were looking for a nice place to stay for the numerous guests who would be here from abroad. ‘Everything has been arranged Dutch. I will head into town later and she has no idea. She thinks I am staying with Kenny for the weekend. I will be back later, and was wondering if you needed anything else? Are you ready?’
‘Just making one or two phone calls Barry. I am fine. It is ready.’
And so Dutch called the last few people he had on his list. Bubbles would be so surprised! She baked a few pies, and was expecting her guests any minute now. Yes, it was about time that business got better. Financially she was OK. They grew most of their own stuff. Dutch had been GOLD and helped her out where and when ever. Barry spent most weekends with Kenny, but he was her helping hand always. He would be gone this weekend too, but she heard him outside now. A car had pulled up. Could that be them? ‘Welcome to the Bluewater Inn! I am Barry Bluewater. My sister Bubbles will be out in just a minute. Why don’t you two head to the back yard, I will take care of your suitcases.’ ‘Hi! I am Fred and this is my sister Barb. This is a beautiful place you have here!’ ‘Really lovely Barb, I think this is perfect for all of the guests. I wouldn’t mind staying a weekend here myself with Sean.’
‘Yeah… But now you are here with me. Can’t wait to meet our host. Look at all the cake and cookies. That is just so thoughtful!’
There was their host now. Bubbles welcomed her new guests warmheartedly. ‘Welcome to my place! My name is Bubbles.’
‘Oh my! Nice meeting you! We have read such good reviews on your B&B! I am Barb, this is my sister Fred and as we wrote to you we were considering hiring your rooms next month for our daughters wedding guests.

Barb noticed Fred gesturing at Bubbles stomach… ‘Oh… Congratulations! When are you due?’
Bubbles smiled. ‘In about a month I think. I am on 36 weeks now.’
Oh dear… Fred worried, because she had not seen any signs of a dad being around. This is not what they expected from the single sister and her obviously gay brother...
‘Are you taking on guests then? Seems a lot to handle when you are having your baby at that same time.’

‘… Ow, let’s not worry about that! I have Dutch to help me and my brother Barry, so I think it will all be fine. How many guests are we talking about? Let’s sit and discuss the details, shall we? Dutch will be joining us, he will be doing most of the catering, since I will be either having my baby or caring for it…’

Bubbles made a mental note she should look hard for extra help around the B&B.

It was all too lovely. The B&B was exactly what the sisters had been looking for. Dutch seemed to know his produce as they seemed to grow all of that themselves. Bubbles, sure was a bubbly person and they were taken in with her right away.

Bubbles said she would give them the grand tour of the house, and said that they could have at least 6 guests. If they were couples it would be easier. She just had two single rooms.
Later that afternoon, after she gave Fred and Barb the grand tour, Bubbles had to lie down for a while. She was tired, and a nap would do her good. Fred stood there and wondered. She wondered how this woman did all of this by herself. She felt deep respect. She and Barb sat down with Dutch and he told them they were having a party tonight. Bubbles didn’t know. The two men were throwing her a Baby shower… What a lovable family this was. And while Bubbles was vast asleep… they decorated the garden together and helped Dutch setting out the buffet. Fresh salads, drumsticks, fruits and Dutch’s famous Sushi rolls and fresh tulips from the garden. Bubbles woke up to a voice she recognized immediately. She got up and turned around to see Jozef arrive.
What a pleasant surprise! There was more she would be surprised over. Much more…
‘Bubbles, my dear friend. I got you something personal I think you might need. And… as a matter of fact we… Well… All of us, have something special for you as well.’
Bubbles was speechless. Jozef! My goodness! She turned around and the back yard had filled with familiar faces.
‘Barry? I thought you were… Oh, AND Kenny? What in the world? Evan?! And…and…’

Kenny knew he had to talk to Bubbles. He would in minute.
She stood there, had absolutely no idea what to say. But Jozef cleared his throat and talked instead:

“Dearest, dearest Bubbles. We have known you for some time now, and I speak for all of us, to say that you have changed all of our lives enormously. And for the better I should add. Now it is time we put all our loving thoughts and feelings we have for you together and give you something in return. We all want to show you our gratitude. You said you don’t need much, that you have everything you need. Therefore… we decided to do something for the newest member of the Bluewater Family, the one still warm and cosy living within you… Please accept our gift for Bluewater Baby!”

Bubbles opened her present. It was an empty box. Wit just a small piece of paper in it, saying: New banking account for the unborn Bluewater Baby. They all chipped in… this was incredible. She could send the child to college with this money! At least for the first year! “Did you know that because of you, Jozef and me got together?” Nora sighed.
“I can hardly believe that is because of me. Maybe it was my place to give you two the opportunity to meet. I am happy for you Nora.”
For the first time in 16 months, Kenny and Bubbles were face-to-face again. They were both a little nervous and neither spoke. Kenny finally broke the awkward silence by mumbling, "I'm sorry."
…”Thanks” Bubbles said
Bubbles smiled and gestured to him to lean over. "I saw the photos of you and Barry. They looked really good! The two of you will be happy together!" "I want to keep him smiling. Thanks again for everything, Bubbles...for understanding."
And with that he wandered off into the crowd.
Bubbles talked to Evan, and said she wanted him around as her friend forever… not as her shrink. She didn’t need him anymore. Maybe he needed her? To tell her about Elderberry, and if he was still looking for her since she disappeared. Maybe she could help HIM for a change? She thanked Dutch and told him that he could never ever leave the B&B. She wouldn’t know what to do without him. ‘I am so happy you guys are here! Now, if you will excuse me. I really need to go lie down. Baby is kicking hard. If I don’t rest, baby won’t either. Please enjoy the evening, and for those who want. Rooms are free tonight!” Bubbles had heard the mail truck drive by earlier. She might as well check it. She needed a minute to herself. She was dead tired and overwhelmed. It was a package… with a postcard attached. The card read: “I Love you, be back soon” As Bubbles opened the box she didn’t expect to find the enormous heart shaped pink diamond. It was the first time she had a gift from Vincent Deere… well, if you didn’t count the baby she was carrying. And what a gift… It must be worth at least thousands of simoleons, the one gift she was carrying was priceless. “Are you OK sis? Kenny and I are leaving. The rest is staying, so you have my room to give away tonight.” ‘Oh yes, dearest brother. I have never been more OK in my life than I have now.’

And with that smile and gleaming eyes Bubbles went to bed to dream about what the next day would bring.
She needed to pick the fresh berries for super pancakes tomorrow morning. She had a house full. A house full of her friends.

Oh yes, she would be perfectly fine.


Thank you (((April))) For making the two men that stole the Bluewater's hearts. I am so grateful and even more for your tremendous help with this series.

Also, the B&B has grown over time and I decorated it with so much of my favorite CC, that it is not doable to thank everyone in person. Thanks TSR artists! Thanks to Baufive for some real cool furniture and deco. Bubbles likes it very much!

Thanks READERS! You are the BEST!


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#12orlovVIPJul 27, 2011

No! No! No! I absolutely refuse to believe that this is the end! I REFUSE! Oh, I am heartbroken! \:\( Heartbroken, do you hear? How can this be the end?  It can't be the end, Bubbles has guests booking rooms. . .we have to meet Baby Bluewater, watch baby grow up. We have to see the full blossom of this happy Bubbles, this wonderful new enlightened Bubbles! We have to celebrate the romance of Barry and Kenny. . .we have to see Wes come into his own, find someone to love. We have to find Elderberry. . .Evan can't live his life alone. . .oh, I am so sad, so very, very sad. Thank you immensely for these wonderful people, these marvelous friends of mine. . .if it is really the end, I shall miss them all dearly, but will be very glad you gave me the pleasure of having had them in my life. Thank you Fred. . .\:wub\: \:wub\:

#13druttilurJul 27, 2011

I only discovered Bubbles when chapter 4 was released, but soon caught up on 1-3 as well. Since that I´ve been eagerly awaiting every new chapter. Your story is very well written and the screenshots are gorgeous. Thank you for a good read, and here´s to hoping that there will be a season 2! \:rah\:

#14RosaleenaJul 27, 2011

wonderful ending !! hehe and I'm glad I saw some Fred/Barb in there too! And Vince MUST be back for Bubbles... r-right? \:D How have you been, Fred? Sorry I haven't been on!! love, Ros \:\) xx

#15emilymarie0201Jul 30, 2011

What a perfect ending! I'm sad to see the series end, it was one of my all time favorites! \:wub\: I can't wait to see what you come up with next!\:D\:wub\:

#16MocarthJul 31, 2011

well, someone may have gotten the Generations pack \;\) Hmmm a new Bluewater addition, this should be interesting for Bubbles... AND her guests

#17Audrey MayJul 31, 2011

That's a sweet ending.  \:\)   Maybe Bubbles and her baby will show up in another story soon!

#18RatRaceRobAug 2, 2011

Aw, Bubbles is such a sweet and lovely lady, I do wish her all the happiness her dear heart can take \:wub\:... absolutely fabulous ending \:rah\:... except for the fact that it is the end \:\(...

#19flody888Aug 4, 2011

A really wonderful ending - full of hope and love! I love your magic, gentle, beautifying touch on characters, settings, and stories. I fell in love with each of these characters that stayed at Bubbles' Inn, just like family, with all of their faults and foibles. Most of all, I'm so happy for Bubbles and her new baby-to-be! \:wub\: Thank you for this wonderful series!

#20fabrizioammolloAug 5, 2011

What a cute final chapter! It's perfect! Everyone changed, grew, evolved, until they found a new better balance! You should be very proud of all of them! \:wub\:\:wub\:\:wub\:

#21lukehatherSep 15, 2011

Aww what a lovely ending \:\) 

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