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Storybook Lane - three
Published Nov 30, 2011

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"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."
Emily Bronte

Welcome back to chapter 3.
Please read the first two in case you missed them.

Thank you all so much

"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."
Emily Bronte

Welcome back to chapter 3.
Please read the first two in case you missed them.

Thank you all so much
Unaware that someone had been standing just outside, by this very window, Lamia, got up from the table. Being here in the country it got really dark at night and very quite. Feeling a little bit nervous, she went to the window. To herself she said "Lamia, now you calm down, you're much safer here than in the big city. There's nothing out there. Just go to bed now and get some rest." "You're such a good boy, oh yes you are, you ready to go nite nite." Tiny had already beat Lamia to bed. "Tiny, it's a good thing you aren't any bigger we'd have to fight over the bed."

Lamia didn't mind that Tiny took up the other half of the bed. She felt safe with him there next to her.

As she slipped into her warm comfortable bed. Sleep came and with sleep came the dreams.

But she was unaware that across the road up on a hill...
He watched as she turned out the lights. All became quite and still. Jaymes wasn't sure exactly how he should precede from this point. Here on this hill he would camp for the night. Wait for the crack of dawn to see what the new day brought. As he settled in, the night welcomed the stars and the moon was full. For once he slept and dreams appeared. Morning came to wake the world from it's slumber. Jaymes was already up and heading to the town's market. He needed some clothes and a place to freshen up. The walk was not far but he sure missed his faithful steed. Later that same morning Lamia was starting her day. Hot buttermilk pancakes with lots of butter and warm maple syrup.

"Here you go Tiny." Tossing Tiny a bit of pancake, I'll be heading to the market today, sorry boy, you will have to stay here today."
The sun was up bathing the small country town in it warm golden glow. A perfect day for the market. It was time to start her garden. She would buy some seeds, grapes and some carrots for Mr Ed, oh and some apple seeds too. Watching Lamia from a distance was one thing, getting this much closer to her was something entirely different.

Hearing his approach, Lamia turned towards him...
"Oh hi there, do you know where the carrot seeds are? Oh and how about some oats. I need some oats for Mr Ed." "Oh miss, I'm sorry I don't work here. Mr Ed?"

"Oh my goodness gracious, I am so sorry. I just thought, you, maybe, well, you look like someone that would work here. And Mr Ed is my horse, of course." Blushing all the while.
Jaymes no matter how hard he tried he could not keep the smile off his face. He could not look at her, afraid that he would burst out laughing.
" I'm Jaymes Beaumont."

"Jaymes, it is my pleasure, I'm Lamia Snow, no, no relation to Snow White are anything like that. I got teased an awful lot in grade school. My great great great grandfather swears he wrote the book. I live in his old place down Storybook Lane. I think the towns people named it just for him. Oh..I'm sorry, I'm just rambling on and on."
And for the first time in a long time Jaymes laughed and when Lamia's laughter joined his, something magical happened. They stood talking and laughing for awhile. The evening came and neither of them saw the time pass.
"Oh dear, Jaymes I need to get going, I don't know how it got so late so fast. Maybe we'll see each other again soon. It has been a pleasure talking with you."
An awkward silence fell between the two. They just looked at each other. Jaymes had to fight the urge to take her in his arms and kiss her. "The pleasure was all mine. Yes Miss Snow I will see you again."

Jaymes feeling something urgent swarm inside. He had to find a way to protect her and keep her safe. He needed Silver.
"OMG Tiny, you wouldn't believe what happened today. I think I met him, my Prince Charming...oooh what a wonderful day it was." "My sweet sweet Mr Ed, I brought you some oats. Do you think he's the one. Oh I feel so alive! The next few days came and went. She didn't see Jaymes again. He was nowhere to be found. Feeling disappointed she went to the place that seemed to always bring a little of peace and started to read to the grave as the mist began to creep in. She didn't hear the old woman approaching but Tiny did... Hearing Tiny's low growl made her look up and there she stood. Suddenly the normally peaceful place felt cold and she became alarmed.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't hear you. Is this your chair?
"Do you know whose grave this is?"

"Deary, if you call off your dog here. I can move closer to you deary."
"Oooh..I'm sorry, he's really a friendly dog. I don't know what's got into him. Tiny come on now boy, you go lay over there. It's alright, it's just a harmless lady. Now be a good boy and go over there."

Lamia heard the old lady mumble something to Tiny but she couldn't make it out and like a very good dog he took a spot near by and fell instantly asleep.
"Oh , I'm sorry about Tiny, he's really a good dog. I'm new in town and your the first person I've seen come here. Are you the one that places the rose here and do you know who is buried here?" "My little Deary I know who you are and ahhh yes indeed it is I who places the rose here, you see it is a special rose lets just say it has special magic and watches over the grave." "You see the grave here is over 100 years old and it belongs to Jaymes Beaumont...perrrhaaapssss...deary you know who I speak of?"

"But how can that be? I just met him a few days ago. I don't understand."

"No you don't and you never will. You don't belong here. This is all mine. All of it!"
Night came with a rush. The old lady's voice change to some gargling sound and Lamia felt strange, trance like, unable to speak "Now my Deary why don't you be a dear and run along home. Oh and don't forget the basket by your door. Please won't you take one of those delicious red apples and taste the pure sweetness of it."

"That's right deary, you run along home, taste that red sweet delicious apple." Lexi weaved her magic spell and the old woman begin to spin until she was no more. Her job was done. "I must taste that sweet red delicious apple. Must have apple." Holding the apple in her hand as she raised it to her lips to taste its pure sweetness.

Stay tuned for chapter 4

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urm0mDec 20, 2011

Noooo Lamia, do not eat it!!!!!

MangioDec 16, 2011

No no no.. poor Lamia. I love how she thinks she has no relation to Snow White. What did Lexi do to Jaymes? Prince Charming has to wake up someday... Lexi's magic must be really powerful to put animals & people in a spell like that...  I adore your screenshots \:wub\: They're so charming and they really have a hint of magic in them \:D Congrats on another well deserved feature \:rah\: I hope the next chapter is on it's way \;\)

HellsaintDec 4, 2011

You lnow, your screenshots are getting more and more spectacular Barb! \:eek\: Great job! And Jaymes! WHERE THE HECK IS HE?! Snow needs him \:\( I really like the setting you have done up, very beautiful \:wub\: Great work \:cool\: 

FikcijaDec 3, 2011

It's been a long time since I enjoyed a non-common story SO much!!! Really, this fairy-tale plot is amazing... And I loved the spinning picture!!! And the grave thing... I was just about to say that maybe he will regain his soul with Lamia's help right before that. And now I'm the one rambling \:D But what will happen to the poor animals when there's no one to take care of them... \:o

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