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Storybook Lane - six
Published Mar 24, 2012

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Fairytales always start with "Once upon A Time" and most often end with "And they lived happily ever after" And in this case they should "live happy ever after" but we will have to wait and see till the end.

Fairytales always start with "Once upon A Time" and most often end with "And they lived happily ever after" And in this case they should "live happy ever after" but we will have to wait and see till the end.

The night was coming in to have it's turn on the world. It was quite in the evening air. If one listened really really close tiny voices could be heard, if one was to listen.

Here in the cellar Jaymes paced. Down in the cold recesses of his personal hell that was his prison. Not knowing what was happening in the world above. How much time had past he wasn't sure. It could have been days or maybe months. With no light, save his only torch that ever burned. Something begin to churn within him. Something was stirring and it wasn't a mouse.
Up above Jaymes, three tiny men, well, we know them as Gnomes, stood around the gate talking to one another.
"Hey tin man, what do you think you're going to do..kick it down. You might fall apart...stand back.. I'll get it." Bruce said almost out of breath. Tim man replied "Phfttt..just what are you going to do Bruce Lee wanna might knock yourself out." Just then Nepol joins the two. With his tiny hand tucked inside his shirt, he says to the other two. "Well now, lets stand back and take a look and confer about this situation for a moment."

The group of three scooted in closer together and mostly stood there looking at the gate. The gate was locked and they could not budge it. With all their might they tried. And nothing happened. The sound of tiny feet pit-pattering reached their tiny ears. Turning not knowing what to expect. They became still and quite as if they were made of stone. "Well, me oh my, what do we have heeeerrrrreee." Purred a rich feline voice. "You seem to be in a pickle. What are you doing at my gate?" Smack....lick....smack....lick.....smack....lick... "Ah...hummmm" Bruce was the first to react to the newcomer. "Excuse me ummmm..Cat. Is it necessary that you give yourself a That's a bit gross."

Switching from his underbelly to his paw... and in a *I'm all that matters* attitude.."Dirt gets everywhere and I can't stand dirt. I am Salem if you must know and I know what you're doing and I also know who you're after. Don't worry boys, I'm on the same side as you and I can offer you my services. Stand back and let the pro handle this."
A ghast they turned and watched as the cat slipped through the bars. Speechless.. Jaymes continued his pacing. In the silence of his space all there was to hear was the rambling in his mind until.... something outside himself he heard. Something small..very small was coming down the stairs. Salem didn't get to warm up to Jaymes much as Lexi kept his close. She thought Salem was her familiar and maybe he was as he was also caught in her web of evil. Lexi had made a mistake she left Salem behind.
Salem wanted to be free and Jaymes was his ticket. Step by step he made his way down the stairs.
"Salem, kitty, how did you get down here?" Jaymes was bewildered and it took another turn and then thought he had lost his mind when Salem spoke to him.

"Jaymes if you ever call me kitty again I'll claw up one side and down the that!"

Stunned Jaymes just stood there

"Are you just going to stand there and watch me bathe or are you going to start checking the wall over there. I think you will be pleasantly surprised."

" can talk....OK...yep I might be crazy..."

"What are you stupid.. yes of course I can talk and no you aren't crazy ..lick...smack..lick...and I'm not really a go to the wall."
Moving over to the wall as he was told to do. Running his hands up and down and all around till he felt that loose stone...wondering all the while why he hadn't tried this. "Yes I might stupid...stupid stupid me and I could have been out of here long ago"

"No, you couldn't. It wasn't possible as long as Lexi was in the house. Now she is gone.
Once the stone was pushed the hidden door showed itself in a puff of dust. Apparently it wasn't going to open on it's own. From behind him a snicker released from Salem as he said to Jaymes "Come on tough guy use a little elbow grease. What did you think that it was magical or something." With some straining and moaning Jaymes pushed on the door. Opening to expose a hidden room behind it.
"This was here all this time." Jaymes said in disbelief.

"Well, start believing, come on, this is your way out. You have to make it to the graveyard and I am helping you get there. Lamia is in a heep of trouble, and she needs you."
Picking up the pace and going up flight after flight of stairs..."Damn, how for under ground was I?"

"Far enough magic man."
Finally reaching the top and his path to freedom. "Where is Silver? She took my horse." "My boy, no time to worry over your horse. You have to run for it...tsk tsk tsk time's a wasting boy."

"Lamia....I must get to her and save her!"

"Better start running if you want to make it in time."
So together they ran with a need and a purpose that seemed to lift them up as if they could fly.

Once again this is not the last chapter...Jaymes needs more time :)~
Thank you everyone for reading and all the artists too.
(((Randall))) thanks for finding the magic.

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taxa08Apr 1, 2012


xhaiiMar 30, 2012

its been a while \:D Glad that Jaymes found his way out. Salem is funny \:rah\: great chapter \:\)

fabrizioammolloMar 27, 2012

Another great chapter! Very well done! Salem's motivations don't seem entirely genuine and I have the feeling that he shouldn't be trusted. But Jayme is in a position he can't turn down any help, isn't he? \:wub\: \:rah\:

nytikaMar 26, 2012

wonderfully engaging. loved it\:D

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