The Bachelor - 4
Published Aug 11, 2012

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Hey Peeps! So I was away from the " Simhood" for a long long while ( looking for inspiration?) And now I am back with a new chapter.

As you'll notice I made it shorter ( it's also a new thing I am trying, among others..)

Enough with the talking now. Enjoy!


CC Credits:

- Danielle's black and orange dress: Altea127

- Kevin's lacoste red shirt: top males lacoste by Bukovka

( That's all I can remember so far..)

Hey Peeps! So I was away from the " Simhood" for a long long while ( looking for inspiration?) And now I am back with a new chapter.

As you'll notice I made it shorter ( it's also a new thing I am trying, among others..)

Enough with the talking now. Enjoy!


CC Credits:

- Danielle's black and orange dress: Altea127

- Kevin's lacoste red shirt: top males lacoste by Bukovka

( That's all I can remember so far..)
Jared: Seriously Buddy! What if I got you a robot that can pick girls for you for your birthday! Wouldn't that be cool?

Jared just kept talking randomly, trying to figure out what he would get to his buddy for his birthday. Soon, he realized he was involved in a monologue.
" Buddy, are you listening?"

He asked. Kevin failed to answer. He seemed buried in an undisturbed train of thoughts.

" How can I make her jealous..." he thought, not realizing he had murmured that thought.
" Make who jealous?" Jared interrogated.

Kevin didn't reply. He sat still, thinking.

" Are you talking about Danielle? Oh yeah, she's hot! But why would you want to make her jealous? Do you like her?"
" No, silly! Kevin replied, standing up from his chair. I am Kevin Rucker, remember, I don't like girls. Girls like me. Get it right!

- Yeah, but why do you care whether she likes you or not?
" There's something you need to understand, Bro. I should have any girl I want, and I live by that rule. All girls must understand that, none of them should resist me. Now I have my little idea...There's nothing like a little competition to make a girl jealous...

- Alright, if you say so... Jared responded, not understanding where that conversation was going. So you... really don't like her, right? He asked naively.

" Like I said earlier, I don't! he jumped in the pool.

- I guess that leaves me a little chance with her... Jared mumbled.
That afternoon, Jackie and I were spending some girls time together. She got us free tickets foe a day at the " Healing touch Spa Resort", one of the most prestigious in Starlight Shores.

As part of our girly convo, she had prepared a little speech aiming to convince me to get a boyfriend.
" Seriously, Danzi-boo! It's been 2 years now since you broke up with Terrence, and since then your love life has been as a tree leaf in fall!

- And I am fine with it. I retorted. Don't try to fix me because I am not broken, and don't try to hook me up with someone Jackie, I know you.

- Look all I am saying is, you can't just have one man in your life, you need to get out there and explore!

- Thank you for the concern, but I'll pass.
" Holy Mother.. Look at all those gorgeous creatures.. ( Jackie exclaimed, looking at a group of men in the Jacuzzi opposite to us). I can smell the testosterone from afar... Had I known this spa had such refined things, I would have gotten us those tickets sooner..

- You go girl. I encouraged. Do your thing.
I stepped back and looked at my best friend working her magic on them. It's like they were instantly triggered by her, as soon as she walked towards them they made space for her in their jacuzzi.

As for me I just wasn't into that. And I don't know why. Maybe I had lost hope? The whole relationship stuff was just not my thing anymore. Terrence would really have been the only one.
The next day @ work. " You called?"

I paused from filing Kevin's documents inside and came outside.
Kevin just... was ready to do anything to get my attention, or to have me seeing him with some other girl. Why did I always have to notice such inappropriately intimate scene?

Well at least this time it wasn't the psycho insurance blonde! Not that it made it any okay, but.. Anyways.
" Oh Danielle Honey, I didn't realize you were already there! Kevin said, drawing his newly appointed girlfriend closer to him

- Of course you didn't, I mumbled.
" So why exactly did you call? I asked, pretending to be impatient. I just didn't want to see that scene anymore.

- Honey, why don't you go and make us some drinks?" He addressed the other.

The dark skinned girl exited the jacuzzi and gave me that challenging " from head to toes" look.
" In case you were wondering, her name is Shantae. He said

- I wasn't. I replied, uninterested.

- Well, I am still telling you anyways! He continued.

- Kevin, get to the point, would you!?

- Why are you getting irritated when I mention her name? He smirked.

- ( Oh my gosh, really?) Kevin, anytime today. I replied with a disinterested look.
Kevin: Well, as you may already know ( like everybody else in Starlight Shores), my birthday is in 2 days and everybody is expecting me to throw the Bash of the year. I am just gonna go ahead and satisfy their needs! And you will plan it.

- 2 days? That's not enough time! I complained.

- Last year the party was organized on the same day, and it made a bigger hit than Bianca Rubble's! Still think 2 days are not enough?
" Fine! I replied with a diplomatic smile. Is there anything specific you would like?

- yes! First of all, all my guests should be females. Hot models only!"

Geez, what is up with all these celebrities? Only 2 days to organize a party? Haven't they heard about planning? And the worst was: it wasn't just a fifth grader party ( though most of the time Kevin behaves like a fifth grader and would actually deserve that), it was a celebrity party!
I started making some phone calls. I was in trouble.

Next, I did what anybody ( and I mean anybody) in my situation would have done.
SimGoogle: How to throw a celebrity party.

It might sound lame, but I really needed the help. I had no clue about where to start.

Had this task been assigned to Jackie, she would have rocked it like a piece of Key Lime Pie.
As I was browsing to determine " what is the best store to get what", Jared unexpectedly interrupted.

" Hey Danielle! What are you up to?"
Oh' the embarassment. Geez! WHat if he finds out I don't know how to throw a party? And if he tells Kevin, what would Kevin think of that... That party could go both ways. Either a success and Kevin becomes more famous than he already is ( which is quite impossible), or a failure and he becomes the " Lame Kevin Rucker". And I couldn't let that happen. At least without trying.

" I was just... Looking online to see where I could find the best party decorations!" I replied, pressured. That was the quickest lie I could come up with. Shame on you, Danielle. Shame on you.

Though eventually I would need party decorations, I wasn't at that stage yet.
" Well I am your man! He replied, excited. I know the best places in Starlight Shores for top party supplies! Here, let me show you." And in the blink of an eye he accessed some kind of crazy website that just had everything I needed.

" Wow! I exclaimed. How do you know that?

- I used to use that a lot, he replied. We can even purchase it right now and have it shipped here by tonight!

- Cool! Wow... that just takes some of the heavy load off my shoulders."
Next, Jared suggested to drive me by the Acrobat CX Pros to hire some Acrobats and Contortionists as entertainment for the party. He was such a help, I couldn't say no. As the menu had already been designed to Kevin's taste, we then headed to the Supermarket to pick up all the groceries required by the Caterer. " What a day! I commented, as we stopped later in the evening at a Restaurant to grab a bite. Jared's treat.

The food was a real delight. No wonder Steve Business and Restaurant was ranked number 1 all around the town.
" So what's the plan for tomorrow? Jared inquired, oddly enthusiastic about it.

- Oh no, please. I replied, mildly embarassed. You have already done more than enough for the planning of this party, I can't ask you for more. My job, my...

- Are you kidding! He humorously interrupted, not giving me a chance to delicately refuse his help. I would love to help you more! It's stressful enough that you have to handle it alone, a Celebrity party is no game. Let me help."
At last, we arrived back home where Kevin was already expecting us.

Kevin: what took you so long? He asked.

Danielle: Oh.. We were supposed to be back earlier, but we just stopped to have dinner by Steve's. Today was such a hectic day and Jared was a total love to drive me around and help me with the shopping. A perfect gentleman.
" Thank you so much, Jared! I said, hugging him good night. - a hug that took longer than a casual one, especially on his side.-

- The pleasure was mine. He replied, charmingly. Now let me drive you home, a beautiful woman like you shall never take the road alone, especially at night.

- You're such a gentleman, Jared! Good night, Kevin!" I ended.
Kevin maintained his eyes fixed on us as we made our exit through the front door.

" Gentleman, huh."

He raised an eyebrow. Something was odd. It didn't seem right.

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sweetwilightAug 13, 2012

Chapter 5 please :P

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Kevin's gonna fall for her soon! I just know it!

WillowWandAug 13, 2012

ooh! look who's jealous now, kevin! \;\)

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Amazing as usual!I love the way you write!!\:wub\:\:wub\:

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