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I wish you were here ! - chap 1
Published Jul 11, 2013

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this is my first story !
i hope you like it and sorry for my English !
thank you to our artist for those amaizing CC :) !

this is my first story !
i hope you like it and sorry for my English !
thank you to our artist for those amaizing CC :) !
Bridgeport at 5 pm !
the summer again .
that season when i remember all my pain , how many years passed without you , how much i miss you and how i still love you ! that time when the sky becomes your eyes , when my soul turn into our first kiss , when my heart becomes yours and your name replace my pulsing .
i came to the parc because i dont want that my daddy know how much i was miserable , i don't want that he discover that i loved you for all this years , maybe he will blame himself for all what happend . also because today I don't want to cry as i did yesterday ..
i set down on a swing then i thought of all my memories with you :
- even if the places changed , the times was different and you wasn't the same who i left , that feelings in my heart and that passion will be yours forever i heard the sound of some steps , someone was behind me watching me ! he approached of me , i can smell his perfume , it was the same that you used at those days ! i closed my eyes then i have listen to my heart , it was beating as a drum ! is that's possible ? is that was you ? he pushed the swing then he whispered :
" Sarah ! you are here .. "
i turn to him trying to call your name : " raa_ .. " but it wasn't you ..
" oh that's you , Josh ! "
josh : " yes , yes , thats me ! what are doing here ? "
sarah : " mm just nothing , i was bored at home so i came here . "
-josh : " why you didn't call me if you were boring or you are waiting for someone else ? " . he sighed
sarah : " no .. i wanted to be alone . "
josh : " really ? why you were so surprised when you saw me ? i thought you was waiting for an other one .. " .
sarah : " you change your perfume thats why .. "
josh : " ahh fine , so i had no need to be jealous !! what you think about my new perfume ? you like it or not ? . " he chuckled .
sarah : " why you will be jealous ? " .I said nervously .
josh gaze into my eyes then said with a thin voice :
" i'll be of corse if someone come around my girl " .
i sighed then i said :
" i'm not yours ! stop telling that " .
i moved away from him then i add :
" and your perfume .. it's perfect , keep using it " .
i left him alone and i run away .
josh was my best friend for 6 or 7 years , since i came to Bridgeport ! he always tell that like a joke but i knew that he fall in love with me .. it hurts when you broke the heart of your close friend but i can't lie at him , even i can't give him the hope .. he was perfect but not like you ...
- since i didn't forget about you , i didn't stop loving you or missing you i'll be always unable to start again , always !!!
i knew that there are something wrong , that i should get you beside me or i have to live my life . just now i felt like if i give up , i confess that i can't resist or support my feeling again
i set down on the ground and i cried , something shouted inside me : " enough !
i wish you were here ! i wish you were here !! "
after one week
at isla paradiso
what color i use now ? oof painting isn't that easy at all mostly when you'll be not concentrated , i was thinking about how it will be our meeting after all this years ! - well , one day ago i traveled to here , the city where i was born and lived until we moved to Bridgeport ! that time i thought that was enough , i decided to be happy for few days , to choice if i'll be with you or if i should start an other story ! at first , my father refuse to let me coming here but i tried my best to convince him , i told him about you ! he was surprised then he call someone and buy me that house like he expect that i'll stay here forever ! *ring *ring !
thats my phone ! i don't know that number maybe its my father :
sarah : "hello ! i'm sorry but who are you ? "
- " eh that's me josh "
sarah " ah hi josh , how are you ? "
josh " : i'm ok what about you ? "
sarah : " i'm great " .
josh : " really ! so you traveled and even you didn't told me ? "
sarah : " ah yeah , i'm sorry i was busy so i didn't find the time , but that is it , you know it now " .
josh : " where did you gone ? "
sarah : " isla paradiso ! the best city for the best summer ! "
- josh sighed , then he said nervously and with a hight voice :
josh : " so isla paradiso ? you want that i believe you are there just for the summer ? "
i was shocked , i replay with a troubled voice :
sarah : " why .. why are you yelling at me ? whats the matter with you ? "
he sighed again , then said miserably :
" you lie sarah ! you lie ! i know that you went there for him ! i know ... "
that hurts me when i made him suffer but i should tell him the truth to help him ..
sarah : " well josh , that's true i came here to search for him .. whats wrong ? "
josh : " all that is wrong !! what you think sarah ? that he will remember of you ? or he stopped his life and stayed waiting for you ? all what you did is wrong ! if i knew that you'll go there i never let you !! "
he was angry as he never was ! his words bothers me alot , kills me
i start yelling at him :
sarah : " i'm not your business josh !! and you haven't to care about what i'm doing in my life .. please leave me alone now ! "
i felt that he smiled with tears in his eyes and calmly he said :
" fine , i hope that you'll not be broken ! its just because i love you i'm caring about you ! i'm sorry .. "
then he hang on .
- i regret what i said to josh i felt like I murdered him but also what he told was as a knife which cuts my heart into a small pieces ! can he be right ? did you forget everything about me ? i always had that hope that you still waiting for me until now but what if i was wrong ? what if josh was right ? no , no it can't be true ! at sparkling sands
at 09 pm
i was bored at home , i thought that I should hang out maybe i'll catch someone i knew ! or maybe , maybe i'll meet you by chance !
i went to " sparkling sands " for one night of leisure ! at first i had my dinner alone !
when i finish i discover that there are a couple in front of me they have their dinner too !
the girl was watching me all the time for a mysterious raison !
after that i went to the bar to order a drink , i was setting there when the young man who was with that girl set beside of me ! we watched the show of the bar man , that boy was staring at my face for long , i was nervous so i left the bar ! i slept in" sparkling sands" that night then i woke up the earlier morning ! i spend a wonderful day there , at least i wasn't alone and there was a lot of entertainment ! at 06:30 pm i decided to back home when that young man stopped me !
the boy : " i'm sorry miss ! can we talk ? "
i expect what he want to say , i replied :
sarah ": well i'm a little busy but its ok ! what you want ? "
the boy " : i'm sorry if i'm disturbing you ! it seems like we met before but i can't remember where and when .. " i interrupt him nervously :
sarah : " enough !! that's an old manner to know a girl ! i told you that i'm busy so if you stopped me to tell that thing you can leave ! . "
the boy : " heey i'm not that kind of men ! i'm serious about what i said ! " sarah : " ok ok ! i believed you , you are wrong we never met before ! i'm not from here ! " . i tell that as i want to stop the conversation . when he tried to explain to me that girl came !
the girl : " what's wrong with you two ? i guess you are fighting , not ? "
the young man walked some steps with her then they whispered looking at me ! i knew they was talking about me ! they laughed without stopping of watching me ! i felt angry and i hoped if i can insult them , i walked to them then i said to the boy :
sarah : " that's rude ! you should apologize ! "
the boy : " you didn't change ! always you accuse the other without trying to know the truth " . he chuckled
sarah : " what do you mean ? " . i was curious to know what he mean ! it was like he really know me .
the boy turned to that girl beside him then said :
" i told you that she is her ! the only girl hwo makes troubles everywhere and with all the people . " he laughed then he add : " Sarah Nelson , that's your name i guess ! "
i was stunned , how did he knew my name ? i stare his face , his eyes , i know those eyes ! suddenly i shouted : " Sam ?? " .
Sam : that's me !
i turned to the girl
sarah : " she must be Eva ! " .
she smiles then said " : since i saw you last night i was sure that was you ! "
sarah : " oh i'm so sorry guys i thought that you mock of me ! "
then i hugged sam , i was happy to meet them again ! they was my classemates and my best friends in my childhood and my teenage , Samuel - we called him Sam - was my Neighbor , we grow up together , he was my king and i was his queen , at those days we thought that we were in love then we understand that's not true , he changed , i think he is more handsome now , wow ! the girl is eva , a special girl , she was someone that you can rely on her , she always tells the truth , gives the hand of help and always defends me , i really love her !
i was hugging eva when i saw a man who walks around ! i felt attached to him for an unknown reason ...
i looked at him , he was far that i can't know who he was ! I troubled ... i think i could hear my heart beating .. i felt so nervous ... i can't be wrong , i'm sure ! he was you .. he was you ! thank you for reading !
i want to know what you think about the story and if i should continue or i should stop it ! thank you again :)

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martoeleSep 11, 2013

Nice start! May I suggest you to use a capital letter when you start a sentence. It will be easier to read! \:\)

Amber4785Aug 2, 2013


CheeseYEAHSimsJul 28, 2013


mayadilasimJul 18, 2013

awsome story !! keep it up \;\)

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