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I wish you were here ! - chap 3
Published Jul 29, 2013

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-_- i don't know what i did so this chapter was deleted :/ i re-submit it again ..

-_- i don't know what i did so this chapter was deleted :/ i re-submit it again ..
i still remember that day , the last day before we moved ! it was like a promise for me that brings me to Isla paradiso again i was there , at" flower wishes " restaurant , waiting for him ! somehow i was sure about his coming ! i was preparing my words when i heard some footsteps he stopped in front of me , he was surprised by seeing me there like he didn't believe that this is me that stranger who waited him
" set down .. " I said .
raoul : " so this is you .. " . he smiled
sarah : " i'm sorry if i disturbed you but we have to talk .. "
Raoul : " it's ok ! what you have to tell ? "
Sarah : " Ra- raoul I ... " .
i troubled , that wasn't easy at all , not as i thought ..
Raoul : " yes ! " . i noticed that he was strained , we stare at each other ..
Sarah : " can we go to somewhere else ? i don't feel comfortable here .. " .
Raoul :" ..."
he smiled then we left together ...
i took him to a hillock where we could see all the ocean ! i came here always when i need to be alone or i have some secrets to share , it was my secret place ..
Sarah : " Raoul , i want to tell something which i hope you understand it ... "
Raoul : " you scared me , please talk .. " he chuckled .
i took a breath then i said :
" maybe what i'm going to tell is strange but you should hear it ! I don't know how i'll begin : since my mother died daddy tried to give me all what i want , everything !! i was that special girl , popular in my school and clubs and everyone around me wanted to be closer to me ! I always used to think that life is so easy , until i met you ..
at the beginning , i thought everything will be ok , that day when we hugged i thought that i got you and all what i needed is to wait a while , i forgot that life had always her surprises , that i was wrong and all what happened was just an end .. i can't keep my feeling as a secret forever , when i met you , i knew all what symbolize your looks , your smiles and your laughs , your tears , your acts , even your thoughts , what you love , what you hate .. everything about you .. I loved you as you were for an unknown reason .. I'm not telling that because i want you to be with me , I'm just confessing that you make me loser for the first time in my life .. i love you as i never did .. I swear .. " i felt more nervous , we stared at each other then he laughed , I didn't know if he was happy or he mocked of me .. he smiled then he closed his eyes and whispered : " Or maybe you will be the winner again . Sometimes at the moment when we give up we get everything we want , maybe because we don't know the other face of the truth .. this is not the end , not now .. this is the ... " . i didn't want to understand what he mean , my heart was beating strangely , hardly .. suddenly i had the power to push him then i interrupted him by a surprising kiss .. he was shocked that he opened his eyes and looked at me strangely .. i waited him to hold me off but he kissed me back ... he kissed me back , he embraced me and caressed my hair , my face , my arm then he grabbed my fingers ... i sensed his warm lips which heated my blood , i heard his pulsing inside me like if we shared the same heart .. i felt as he created me again , as i was born for the second time ... it's like if i was alive for the first time in my life , like that all those years was nothing just wasting of time .. for me , that was not a simple first kiss , it was as we discovered another world where we will live together and alone forever .. suddenly i remembered : nothing stay forever .. all that was just a goodbye .. my tears flowed on my cheeks .. i wanted him to take me away where we could be together for the eternal .. but i knew it was impossible at that time .. when we lost our breath we stopped kissing .. he circled me with his arms then smiled gently .. he watched my features as he wanted to save it in his mind ... i stared at him too and i memorized everything about him , his face , his body , his voice , even his smell .. i gave him another kiss on his forehead then i said : " I love you Raoul , I love you and i'll love you until my died .. no .. i'll still love you after died too .. forever , even if we will be separated , even if we will never met again .. it's a promise .."
he smiled then murmured : " promise " .
i whispered :" goodbye " ..
he asked :" goodbye ? ".
i moved away from him then i ran to my house .. he watched me without moving ... his eyes covered by tears .. he still asking : " goodbye ?? " like he didn't understand what happened ..
that was the last time i saw him .. and for a " next time " i lived all this 7 years ..
... i was thinking of that old story that i didn't notice the morning coming ...
it's 8 am now , i get up then i went to the mirror to check my face then to do my makeup , i should be at the parc at 9:30 am to meet Eva and Sam and maybe Raoul by luck ..
i changed my clothes , i wanted to be elegant and beautiful but simple too , i was exciting to visit the summer festival , one of my favorite events of the year specially here at Isla Paradiso , it is more enjoyable with Sam and Eva .Also when I met Raoul at those days that festival was active .. i hope i'll met him today if that happen i'll talk to him , i hope he will recognize me .. somehow i feel he still waiting for me until now .. i imagine how happiest we will be when we will meet each other after all this years .. i just wish he will be there ..
i walked toward my car which i traveled with it to this city .. i wanted to win my time to not be late ..
10 min later i was there in front of my two young friends who smiled to me and said
eva & sam : " Hi ! finally you came .. we are waiting here for 15 min ! "
sarah : " i came at time , it's not my fault it was you who came so early .. so how are you guys ? " . i chuckled
eva & sam : " very excited " . they told with their funny voices .
i walked toward Sam , we was so close and he was the one who usually plan all the activity we will do when we hang out .. i always loved his plans and his manner to enjoy .. i demanded :
sarah :" what we will do first ? "
he laughed then answer :
SAm : " eating contest ! i think it's the best thing to do now , i didn't have my breakfast i'm too hungry ".
Sarah :" amazing ! i'm hungry too .. " i chuckled .

Eva was watching Samuel strangely , i sensed she was controlling how he react and i noticed that she was bothered .. i asked her :
Sarah :" so what you think Eva ? you want to participate with us ? "
Eva :" No, i'll just watch you "
we start the eating contest - Sam and Me - , the goal was to eat about 20 hot dogs .. the first who finish it win .
Sam : " i'll be the winner this time .. " . he said .
sarah :" Just in your dreams " . i answer ..
sam : " you will see .. " . he add .
after eating five pieces i was filled that i couldn't eat anything else ..
Sam :" I told you i'll be the winner ". he laughed ..
Sarah : " no no no never .. i didn't tell that i'll give up !! "
sam : " but you will lose " .
sarah :" not in this contest ... i have the talent of eating . "
then we laughed ..
Sam was so funny that he can make me laugh at everything then he leads me to forget all the pain of the world until i noticed Eva who watched me by an unhappy eyes .. i sensed my presence annoyed her , i don't know exactly what is wrong with her but i felt that she hide something inside her .. " Loser " .. i shouted when i finished my plate the first ..
Sam : " but how you did it .. you cheated ? "
Sarah : " No my sweet loser , I told you i have the talent ." . we chuckled
Sam : " that's impossible .. are you an ogress ? "
Sarah : " yes and i'll eat you if you don't confess that you are a loser " . i told with a funny way .
Sam : " ok ok , you win but that's only by the luck " .
Sarah :" the luck ? but since i knew you it was me who always won everything .. "
Sam : " everything ? you lie ! i'm better than you in mathematic tests .. " .
Sarah : " bah , yeah that's just in mathematic .. heey lets skate now ! "
Sam : " yeah .. good idea lets go " ..
three of us we went to buy the tickets of skating .. eva was behind me so i turned to her and i asked :
sarah : " you are fine ? " .
eva : " ... "
sarah : " eva ?? " . I shouted
eva : " I'm ok " .
we start skating .. i was silent , thinking about Eva who was like an absent minded .. Sam was talking as usual ..
Sam : " I'm the best skater in the world ! you know it ? "
Sarah : " i know that you are the worst one .. " . i chuckled .
Sam :" you are wrong .. hey don't challenge me or .. "
Sarah : " or what ? "
Sam : " wait .. I'll amaze you " .
i don't know what he wanted to do but he suddenly lost his balance and cried : " heeeeeeelp "
I laughed out loud then i skated toward him quickly ..
Sarah : " what are you doing .. i told you you are a bad skater and i really don't want to spend my holiday with you in the hospital .. "
i helped him until he balanced again ..
Sam : " thank you ... as usual that's you who gives her hand to me .. you are always here when i need you .. " he said gently .
Sarah : " this is why we are best friends ".
i looked at Eva , she watched us nervously then she removed the Skates Shoes and she left us
it was clear that she was sad and disappointed .. she was fine until Sam spoke to me .. i guess maybe she was jealous because all those years she was his only friend or maybe there are another reason .. maybe she likes him .. i excused from Sam then i followed her , she set on a bench alone ..i walked slowly toward her .. i was in the point of calling her name when Sam interrupted me .. Sam : " shame on you .. you left me alone .. "
Sarah : " sorry sorry man ! " i chuckled .
Sam : " ok ok .. i had somthing to show " .
he took his phone then showed me an old video , it was my birthday party where Sam offers me a ring then asked me to marry him and i accepted .. we was so funny and cute ..
Sarah : " where did you find it ? look at yourself , you was so romantic !! " . i chuckled ..
Sam : " i can't believe that this is you the shy girl .. " .
we was laughing and talking when suddenly i saw Raoul who walked in front of me .
i heard a big " Bomb " from my heart then I lost my focus .. i watched him until he Disappeared then we walked - sam and me - toward Eva ..
i cuddled her then i asked :
Sarah : " what happened with you ? why i feel you are sad today ? "
Eva : " there is nothing , trust me ! " .
Sarah : " you can't lie at me .. you are not happy that i'm here with you ? "
Eva : " no i'm happy , really , you know i love you very much and i missed you .. why are you telling that ? " . she stuttered
Sarah : " so whats your matter ? "
Eva : " just i had some problem with my parents "

Sam : " Are you kidding ? hey , we came here to enjoy , to forget all the pains and to celebrate Sarah's return .. you should forget about them . come on and have a nice time with us !! " Eva :" i'm fine guys . " she said .
i thought she wants to spend some time with Samuel .. also , i want to find Raoul .
Sarah : " well , i hope that's right .. i'll let you a while i want to check my car .. " i told .
then i stand up and i let my place to Sam .
i looked around me searching for him .. i thought where can i find him ... maybe there where he always practice sports ? he was not there ..
i searched everywhere and when i surrendered i saw someone wearing same as him .. i ran toward him .. i was exciting to meet him .. but when i came close to him i find that he was ...
he was making out with another girl ..
suddenly josh's voice comes to my ears : "what you think sarah ? that he will remember of you ? or he stopped his life and stayed waiting for you ?

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martoeleSep 11, 2013

Yes your grammar is improving. I only keep missing the capital letters in the beginnen of each sentence. \:D

BluegardeniaSep 7, 2013

\:wub\:Soooo lovely couple!!!!\:wub\:

MarijaJAug 25, 2013

Great story, waiting for the new chapter \:D
And also, the sims are beautifully dressed. \:wub\:

BeaSimmerAug 10, 2013

Amazing description on the kiss part \:wub\: And I also noticed some grammar improvement actually \;\) Keep on writing!

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