Sudden End - Chapter 8
Published Oct 8, 2013

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Wow, chapter 8 already?

Remember that Sylvie's getting a surprise?
Oh yes, she'll get enough surprises..

Prepare yourself, because you are going to laugh, enjoy and get shocked with this chapter. Well, I hope you'll feel like that when you read it. ^__^

Have fun lovely!

And again, Massive thanks to all the CC-creators. My sims appreciate your work !♡

Wow, chapter 8 already?

Remember that Sylvie's getting a surprise?
Oh yes, she'll get enough surprises..

Prepare yourself, because you are going to laugh, enjoy and get shocked with this chapter. Well, I hope you'll feel like that when you read it. ^__^

Have fun lovely!

And again, Massive thanks to all the CC-creators. My sims appreciate your work !♡
Here I am! Dolled up and dressed sitting on the bench, watching tv with Desira. A while ago Nika helped me and Des to get ready, now we were waiting for her.

We were just going to hold a normal "dinner-party" as how Nika called it. The snow had stopped falling down and between the clouds you could see a nice starry sky. Sounds like a perfect day..

Hopefully, Nika would be done soon.. Somehow everyone knew about the surprise except for me and I couldn't wait to know what it was!

What on earth could it be?
"So Dessy, tell me something about that surprise you guys are talking about."
"Nice try girl, but I'm not going to say anything! You just have to wait a little bit more."
"Aw.. Okey."

Not okey! I wanted to know.. I had this itching feeling, because of the growing curiosity, but Desira was right. I just need to wait.

I did eavesdrop by accident when Drew was leaving with Elwin. I repeat, by accident!! I heard Elwin saying something like; Mission Surprise Sylvie starts.
"Eh?" I replied looking startled at Desira.. because she cut me out of my thoughts. She saw that and laughed.
"Hahaha, anyways. Don't you think that Nika's taking quite a long time?"

To think about it, Nika's always quick.
"Hm.. I will go and check!" I said and I quickly tiptoed like a ballerina. Desira tried to keep herself from laughing, but that didn't work since I almost fell.

Friends.. They are one of the best things you can have and they will help you. After they finished laughing their butts off, of course.
Oh well, I think you know me already. I just walked in the room without knocking. I really had to get rid of this habit..

What can I say? What I saw? Don't ask me.
I already knew it should have happened sooner or later, but not that I would see it this way..
"Oh Lance, you're being a bad boy! I will have to punish you tonight.." Nika said just when I came in. She saw me and looked puzzled for a moment, but soon a huge grin covered her face.

I just walked away and shut the door behind me. On the other side I heard that both of them bursted out of laughter.

Oh my dear.. That just sounded wrong. I closed my eyes, trying to forget it.
"I saw nothing, I saw nothing" I thought,
but that didn't work. Desira had stood up too and had walked to me. I blinked a few times before I listened at her.
"Hey, they are laughing like crazies. What happened?"
"Des.. You don't.. want to hear.. Again I bump into things I shouldn't have seen.."

"Things like what? Again?"

Oh gosh, why did I say that.. Suddenly Drew's bath-tube image came back. Wait.. that actually didn't look bad.. HO, stop, I shouldn't think about that!

Just when I wanted to reply to Desira, Nika and Lance came out of the door and giggled.
"Oke ladies! Let's go before Sylvie's going to pass out!"

"What? Pass out? What happened?" Desira kept asking.
Nika took us by our arms and Lance followed.

"Nothing, Des, Nothing!" Nika said and smirked.

"Wait! I don't and won't pass out!" I peeped, realizing what Nika just said.
Oh well, it happened. Too bad I can't use a time machine to travel back..

Anyways, we had to go to one of the other floors and searched for the room where we had to be.
As we entered the room we were overwhelmed with the delicious smell of food. Oh yes.. I was getting hungry. When we were about to sit down I noticed that everyone was glancing at each other.

"So.. Are you guys going to show me the surprise?" I asked, but too bad they all replied in unison "Nope."
Was I even getting something?
"You're all stupid gnomes!"
"Hahaha gnomes?" Drew laughed.
"Y..yea." Oh, that actually sounds weird, but they did laugh. Drew took me to my seat.
Although I thought that I would go through another sad day, today was actually really nice. In presence with my friends made me feel really calm.. I won't regret coming here with them. It almost made me forget about my parents.

"Guys.. I'm not going to eat this cake on my own.." Seriously, out of nowhere they magically served me a big cake.
"I'm not going to eat this alone.."
"You have to!" They all said at the same time.
"No.. I don't." I replied back.
"You do!"
"Did you guys practice this or something!?"
"Maybe.." Only Lance and Drew said.
"Well then, I can do whatever I want right?" I said and slyly smiled at everyone. "Let me throw the cake in one of your faces!" They all looked another way when I said that, while Lance and Nika were laughing.

"Oh you don't dare!" Drew said. "Oh Drew, do you want to volunteer!?" I giggled.

While this happened, I didn't notice that someone was coming into the room. Well, I didn't expect someone else coming here.
A sudden touch on my right shoulder made me stop laughing. I knew Drew was sitting next to me, but I saw that he was sitting normally on his place. For a moment I didn't know how I had to react, but I turned around to see who or what it was. I couldn't believe it.

"G..Grandma!!" Why was she here? And how!?
"SURPRISE!" They all said.
"What? WHAT?" I stared at them and switched between them. "You.. guys.."
I hugged her tightly and I was completely at a loss of words. Seeing her at a time like this, I think all my wishes have been granted.. It's been a while after I saw her the last time. That was when she was in the hospital. That day I thought I had lost her, because of a sudden urgent call from the hospital and when I arrived, saw how bad her state was. Thank goodness she quickly recovered regardless of what the doctors thought!

"Aw sweetheart, it's good to see you too."
I smiled. If I had to guess the surprise, I would never guessed this. Drew was smiling at me and I moved my lips, saying thank you.
We went back to our own rooms and yea.. I don't know what I had to like more. The fact that my grandma sang with all her might or the fact that Drew was looking stupidly happy! The sound of the music swirled around and their voices filled the room.

I could happily say, that it was a brilliant day.
But as everyone knows;
Time flies when you're having fun!
Grandma was about to leave.

"Grandma, thank you for coming.. But what about grandpa?" I asked. She sighed and said "You know him, he only goes somewhere if he can do some business too at the same time. He has an important meeting at the moment, but he promised to visit you at tomorrow's evening. Unbelievable that people here even know about him.. I'm sorry that he didn't come today."

When she finished talking I stepped forward and hugged her tight. "It's alright ma. I will see you tomorrow then together with pa?"
"That's a promise honey. I'll be going now. Sweetdreams for later." She kissed my forehead and stroke my cheek. After saying goodbye to the rest she left.
Deeply in thought I was lying on my soft bed. Everyone had left to their own room and I was waiting for my turn to use the bathroom. I insisted that Drew could go first, because I was first the time before. I sighed and played with the ring on my finger. It was an amazing day..

I turned around and lay on my back. "Aah~" I heaved a big sigh and stared at the ceiling.

"Sylvie? I'm done, you can go." Drew said and I heard that another door opened. I could hear his footsteps, walking to the direction to his room. Hm.. Drew..
I decided to take a bath insteed of a shower. Probably after a hour, yup I'm slow, I finished. I had my hair in a high ponytail and wore a shirt that I got from Drew.

All of a sudden, a strike of pain went through my head. Argh! A headache? I sighed, not what I wanted, but luckily it's bedtime.

I shuffled to the door to my bedroom.
... What the.. You have to be kidding me.

I walked closer to the bed. Was he sleeping? Or not? It sounds and looks like he's sleeping. I held out my hand and poked him.

Not my best choice.

He turned around, took my hand, pulled me and in no time I lie on the bed.

Well, holy bananas..
He shot my an angry glance and started tickling me.
"N-no.. haha. s-st. hahahaha! Stop it!"
I reached my hand to his face and he stopped. "Drew."
"Why are you here?"
No answer.
"Why aren't you asnwering?"
No answer.
Slowly he was on top and stroke my face.
"..." I blinked. Wait a sec, how did he.. and was he really here, or was this another one of my dreams?

"I was lonely."

Huh? Did he just say that. I stared at him with questioning eyes. How did I have to respond to that? Guess what I did.

I poked him in his tummy. He shivered and landed on his side next to me.
"Sylvie? Will you let me sleep next to you"?"

What? ".. Eh.. Sure..?"

I remember the time when we, Me, Nika Lance and Drew, always slept together in one bed when we were younger.. Waaait, but that was when we were younger..

"EH....." I suddenly squealed out.
He smirked. "I'm not going to do anything.. Or am I allowed to?"

I cringed. "Oh. I'm allowed?"
"NO!" I squealed back.

Just when I said that he softly pushed his lips against mine. I had no idea how long it was lasting, but the only thing I could hear was my heartbeat, thumping in my ears. Wow~
He released me and stood up the turn off the light.
After he turned the light off, he lay himself next to me again and wrapped his arms around me.
"Goodnight." He whispered in my ear. "Sylvie. I'm going to take you everywhere tomorrow."

"Oke~" I just replied. After a few second I realized what he said. "Wait.. what?"
He laughed and embraced me tighter in his arms. "You're really slow.. Just close your eyes and sleep. You'll see what I mean tomorrow."

I smiled "Okeeee.." and slowly I doze off to dreamland.
I slightly opened my eyes. Was it morning?
I slowly lifted my head and yawned. Hm.. I reached out to me left and I realized that Drew wasn't here anymore. Where did he go? There was a note lying on the side were he was sleeping.

'Goodmorning Beautiful. Had a good night? Put some warm clothes on and go to the lobby.'

He wanted me to do what..? Oh that remembered me, he said he would take me everywhere today. Everywhere..? I stood up, put some clothes on, which I thought would be warm enough, took one of my coats and walked to the lobby.
I quickly went away. I didn't see anyone else. Did they go too or were they still sleeping?

I entered the lobby and immediately saw Drew. "Finally! I've waited long enough." "Bu.." Before I could say a thing he hushed me and took my hand. "Let's go!"
He dragged me and a cold breeze welcomed me outside. Where were we going?
With caution I took a sip of the cup with hot chocolate. Drew brought me to a cute little cafe. We ate breakfast and now I was enjoying a delicious warm drink before we went further.
"Don't drink too much."
I gulped. "Whaat? It's just one cup!"
"I remember you always drank it everyday."

Oh dear.. He actually remembered that?
Chocolate is just one of my weaknesses.. I can't help that! Can I?
When I almost finished my drink I asked, "So Drew, where are we going now?"
He didn't answer me, but he did smile. Looking at him with puppy eyes didn't work. It never had worked on him. Too bad!

As soon as I finished my drink, he dragged me somewhere else. Don't ask me where..!
After taking me out to the big shopping centre, we went to a small club.

I've always thought that Drew hated shopping. The days when Nika and I dragged everyone to the shoppingmall were horrible for the others. Well, that was quite a long time ago.

We talked and talked and soon we head off, to somewhere else.
At the central park of Saumore
we did A LOT.
Building iglos and snowmen. Drinking some more hot chocolate! Watching snow fights between others, but soon we joined after one of the little children hit Drew just on the right target! If you know what I mean.

"Sylvie?" Drew asked.
I giggled as I swept away the snow from my clothes. "Hihi, what's up?"
"I'm going to the car to take our coats, it's getting colder and we need to head back soon. Or Mr. Carmel will be mad.."
I laughed. He was right, but the fact that he still keeps calling my grandpa so formal is just funny. He went to the car and I quickly went to the use one of the toilets that were in the park.
I left the building and searched for Drew, but.

A sudden sting in my arm paralyzed me.
"Got you." Someone breathed in my ear.

Everything became black.
A ticking sound woke me up. I slowly opened my eyes and stared straight into some
UV-lights which made a buzzing sound.

I shivered.
I tried to sit, but an overwhelming sickening feeling went through my whole body. I tried to calm down and placed one of my hands on the cold floor.

I shivered again.

Where was I? I looked around and saw boxes, a shelf with bottles and a clock. The clock showed that it was 2 o'clock. What? Morning or noon.. ?!

But the thing that captivated me the most was the door. I ran to the door and tried to open it, but sadly it didn't open.

I sighed and looked around again. I wanted to scream, but I heard something.. I heard people talking.
"We only have to wait untill that old man gives us the ransom." I heard a man laughing.
"Exactly, we really have to thank him that he came here!" I took a quick step back, because of a sudden clank sound. They were probably clinking their glasses.

A ransom?

The door handle moved, but it didn't open. I quickly ran back and took two bottles of the shelf. The person who was trying to open the door was searching his keys and I could hear him scolding. "Where are these peeping keys!"

I quickly stood ready, close to the door as I heard the lock open up.
As soon as the man entered the room I threw one bottle at him.

"ARGH!" A blonde guy screamed. He didn't look that old. I felt the adrenalin going through my vains, as I faked the next throw at him. "Don't throw!" The man squeaked.
I heard noises from the other room and I quickly stepped over the man. I immediately noticed the emergency exit and ran straight to that door. Another man was running after me and I threw the other bottle at him. With a BANG he fell on the ground as I quickly opened the exit door and ran outside.
Outside I looked around me and I didn't know where I was. I heard some voices screaming from the door I just went through. I quickly ran away and saw a car.

I wonder.. If the keys are in it..

I quickly stepped into the car and thank goodness, the keys were in it. "Amateurs." I smirked to myself.
It has been ages that I drove a car for the last time, but I said to myself I could do it. I only had to drive around and search for a policestation or something like that.

I started the car and drove backwards.
Immediately I put all my might on the accelerator.

Huray! I'm safe! I had to find a safe point, but too bad. I saw that they went in cars too and were right behind me.

Oh no, oh no, oh no! They were catching up.
I've never drived like this before.

Soon I heard sirens and saw the beautiful red-blue lights from the cops. Just when I wanted to turn to the left, one of the cars from the men who were chasing me hit mine.

Before I could even do anything, I saw it.

A huge rock facing me and the car.
I drove straight into the rock.
Happy End!

Wait, no. It isn't..

Stay tuned for:
The last chapter of Sudden End.

Don't forget to leave a comment.
What will happen to Sylvie and the rest?

Yours sincerely,

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#4jumpgirl_64Oct 9, 2013

\:eek\: WOW! This is getting very interesting, well every chapter is, I can't wait for more "Sudden End!"

#5smileface101Oct 9, 2013

Oh no! Sylvie \:o I can't wait to find out what happens next you really left a big cliff hanger \:\) You're very talented Suki you should consider turning this into a novel like I am with 'Secret Guardian' \:\)

#6martoeleOct 9, 2013

Yes, I am dying to know what happens to them next. First I thought she had a nightmare. \:\(

#7megumiRikazukieOct 9, 2013

ha?! what had happened between Nika and Lance? I'm so curious about that part~ hahahaha. \:P LOL. HOLY BANANA~ XD. whew~ it's so interesting as usual~ can't wait for more~ \:D \:D

#8AlessaFayeOct 9, 2013

Another great chapter! Like everyone else has already said, you're leaving us hanging! \:\(

#9JuzuOct 9, 2013

Holy banana~! noooo! Sylvie~ T___T

I so love this chapter... like, a lot. ooohhh!

My tummy twists out of excitement. I'll be waiting with twiddling thumbs, anxiously. :p

#10PralinesimsOct 9, 2013

So lovely!\:wub\:\:wub\:

#11MarijaJOct 10, 2013

Argh Nisukiii, everything was perfect and then that rock! Ugh, and the next chapter is THE LAST? \:eek\: I caaaan't! \:\( Amazing chapter. \:wub\:

#12CheeseYEAHSimsDec 1, 2013

So interesting! LOVE YOUR STORIES! Keep it up!

#13memeseDec 12, 2013

It's a beautiful story you are creative greetings\:\)

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