Instant Crush - Chapter 8
Published Oct 8, 2013

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Here you all go!
A nice long Chap.!
I hope you all enjoy! :D

Here you all go!
A nice long Chap.!
I hope you all enjoy! :D
Sasha- I'm so glad that you and Odette came to dinner with me Una. I'm really sorry about how I acted before.

Una- It's fine really, you do not have to apologize.

Odette smiled and was relieved that the two had gotten along.
Odette- I'm going to go home... I am not feeling too well.

Una- Oh, what's wrong?

Odette- Just feel really weak and tired.

Una- Okay!

Sasha- I guess I will go home as well, have some things that must get done.
???- Everything is going to go back to normal soon! Bill will be mine again and my powers will be stronger then ever! Hahahahaha ???- and....and that fly will be out of the way...once I have completed taking all her fairy powers.... "oooh I'm so tired and weak" wah wah WAH!..... Just wait until your light is gone..and then you will be normal.....nothing Bill would want.

She walked into her bedroom and frantically started pulling at her clothes, flinging them across the room in disgust.
Matilda- Then I will be Queen.....Bill does not deserve anyone but me...and I deserve to be nothing but Great!

She then Vanished into thin air.
Matilda- Hello my dear boys!

Matilda strolled into the boys house, walking over to where they stood.
Though before she could reach them, Bill rushed past his brother and grabbed Matilda by the arm walking a bit a way from Thomas.

Bill- What are you doing here!?

Matilda- I came back for you!.... I .... Aren't you happy!?

Bill- Do I look happy?

Matilda shrugged... and reach out to touch his cheek.

Matilda- I don' know... you always had a scowl on your face when we were together.
Bill held his hand up and blocked her advance. Matilda...

Matilda- BUT WHY!?

Matilda frowned and genuinely looked hurt.
Matilda- Bill...

Bill-You are like a Child... I realize now I was only lying to myself, think I was happy with you!

Matilda- Don't say such things!!!!

Matilda covered her ears and walked over to the fireplace. She slowly turned back around, she looked happy even. Like what Bill said had no affect on her.
Matilda- It's that fairy isn't it...

Matilda waved her hands around.

Matilda- Her fairy magic has some hold over you....that's it isn't it!!! She put a lover spell over you and you can't shake her off!! That's why you wont come back to me!

Bill- Listen to yourself!!... you are ridiculous!
Matilda- No.... I am the best thing you ever had...and you think that... that FLY is meant to be with YOU!

She laughed and looked over at Thomas.
Matilda- You are just going to let your brother....... the next in line to be King of YOUR KIND!... fall in love with a fairy..a Buzzing around your castle...don't think your people will like that!

Thomas ignored her and rolled his eyes.

Thomas- You are annoying me...

Matilda- You both are in denial of who you two truly are....
Matilda pushed past them and marched her way to the front door and thought to herself, Once Odette was out of the way, once she is normal and nothing special, then Bill would come back to her. Morning

Matilda stood in front of Odettes house. She had a plan to recruit an old friend.
Matilda- Hello Collete!

Collete jumped and turned to Matilda, she was in shock and didn't know what to say

Matilda- Oh please tell me that at least you are happy to see me.

Collete shook her head and gulped.

Collete- What are you doing here!

Matilda- I need your help.... you are the last piece I need to complete the puzzle.

Collete- What is that suppose to mean Matilda!
Matilda- I just really need your help with something Collete! PLEASE! I... am in a great deal of trouble...if you could just...please...

Collete- You want me to help you with what?

Matilda- It's a long story..but....Don't you miss being bad Collete?

Collete gaped at her ex-friend and became furious, grabbing her by the arm but Matilda wouldn't budge. is the bad feeling I have been having in the pit of my stomach.....Matilda...

Matilda- I'm pretty sure you don't want your family to find out where you are...and...what you are..

Matilda laughed and tilted her head to the side.

Collete- You wouldn't....

Matilda- Help me.....and I Will make sure that you can stay free for the rest of your life....but become the monster that me and you know that you can still be.
3 hours later.

Una- she has been in the bathroom forever now.

Odette knocked on the door but it was answered with more silence.

Odette shrugged.

Odette- Maybe she is listening to her Ipod while in a bath...
Una- Yea...most likely.

They both then left while Collete continued to stand in the middle of the bathroom.

Collete- what am I going to do...they are going to hate me forever...I'm sorry..
Regie- Do you want to come with me to see the boys?

Una- Nah... Cas will be coming over ! I haven't seen him for a while now!

Odette- ....sure!
Regie- Are you okay?

Odette smiled and nodded.

Odette- Yea I have just been feeling really tired lately... you think you should see a doctor?

Odette- I'm sure it's's just stress.
Matilda- So are you ready? As soon as you help me with this....I'll...let you go.

Matilda smiled to herself and was gone in a puff of smoke.
Collete- *sigh* I'm never going to live with myself....

Collete was then gone as well.
Thomas- I'm so happy to see you!

Thomas pulled Regie in for a kiss.

Regie- Wha... I... thought this was going... what's going on Thomas?
Regie stepped back and looked at Thomas questionably.

Thomas-...Don't freak out, ..she's here..

Regie- Who?

Thomas began to explain what was going as Regie's eyes began to grow out of her skull.
Collete- you guys know where Thomas and Regie are....I need to talk to you all in the living room.

Odette watched Colletes nervous movements and squinted her eyes. She looked at Bill, who shrugged.

Bill- We will be there in just a second.
Collete- Okay!...please be quick!

Collete gave a nervous look to Odette and smiled as she walked past her. Collete thought to herself *please forgive me Odette...Bill...I'm sorry*

Collete then walked into the next room to find an Upset Regie and Thomas walking toward the living room. She sighed heavily and made her way to the living room.
Odette was making her way to sit by Regie when Matilda lashed out.

Matilda- ARGH! It's YOU! You fly!.... Just wait... Bill will be mine and you will be normal...Ordinary!...NOTHING!

Odette stopped and looked towards the girl who look very familiar.
Odette- Who are you?

Odette felt her blood boil at the mention of this woman taking Bill away.


Collete- Odette...I think you should sit down

Matilda- HA!... My real name is Matilda you FLY!..and I am Bills Girlfriend!

Everyone- WHAT?!
Before anyone knew it, there was a bright flash that temporarily blinded everyone. Once Odette could gain her conscious back Bill was on the ground, and Matilda and Collete had changed..... Though Matilda seemed to be wearing a dark wedding dress.

Matilda- hahahaa....I just wanted you to see the dress I will marry Bill in...but I do not want to get it dirty...
Matilda- This is better... Now... I think it would be better if me and you had some privacy.

Matilda waved her hand and one by one everyone started to drop.
Odette- Bill....Bill... no no .. Please.

Odette tried to keep Bill awake, she shook him, kissed him and pinched his cheeks..But he just fell deeper into sleep.
Regie- Thomas...Tho...

Thomas was out cold and Regie followed soo after.
Collete watched her friends become concussions one after another. It took all the strength she had not to rush to their aid and go against Matilda...If she had she knew her powers would be gone and she did not want to live as a norm.
Odette- Bill......Please.

Odette cried on Bill shoulder.

Matilda- GET UP!.... we need to talk!

Odette sniffed and slowly looked over at Matilda.
Matilda- I said... GET UP!

Odette was dragged away from Bill by an invisible force.

Odette- Alright...I'm getting up.

Collete watched intently.... Thinking of a plan that would help everyone without leaving her powerless.
Matilda- You can end this..wake everyone up.

Odette- What do you want from me?

Matilda- Smart girl... I want your
light...your power...what makes!

Odette- light?...wha...

Matilda smiled.
Odette was flung up in mid-air.

Matilda- Now surrender your light!


Matilda- NOW!!

Odette- I surrender....

Matilda Absorbed Odettes powers.
Matilda- Wonderful... Collete-...wake up you two..

Collete Whispered and slightly waved her hand.
Regie- Ugh... Thomas...Odette.

Regie tried to lift her head but she was still too weak from whatever spell Matilda had put on her and everyone else. She slightly looked over at Collete to see her perfectly fine...with the same set of horns at Matilda.

Regie-....You traitor!
Before Matilda could take all of Odettes powers she heard Regie yell out at Collete. Matilda squinted her eyes and was about to yell out when she sensed another energy approaching...

Matilda- Collete!

They then both disappeared.
It took some time for Regie to get her energy back.

Bill- Odette...everything will be okay...alright... you are fine.

Odette- Bill..

Thomas- Is she alright.

Bill- Yes... she is really weak...

Regie- ODETTE!

Regie ran to Odette but was caught by Thomas arms, Regie cried into his arms.
Bill- We are leaving...Pack anything important...but we are selling everything and!
6 Months Later

Regie- I don't know what we should do anymore.

It's been 6 months since their encounter with Matilda. Bill was set on taking Odette to his Hometown where he knew they'd be safe. Regie and Una fought him on it but Regie did not want to be with out Thomas or Odette. Una decided it would be a good change and would finally be able to start on her real dream of being a chef, though she still did some model jobs here and there to pay rent and have extra spending money... Neither girls heard from Collete since that day. As for Odette, she was not herself since most of her power was taken, Odette did not talk or come out of her room...most days Regie and Una could here Odette screaming from nightmares.
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I will very much appreciate it! :D

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Odette, no, no, no :c !!! That disgusting Matilda T-T DID REGIE DYE HER HAAAIR!? I LIKE IT \:wub\: Can't wait to see what happens next!

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