The Kirby Twins- Chapter 12
Published Mar 18, 2015

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Hey guys! The Kirby Twins 12th chapter is here!

Credits: Ruiva sim- Hospital set AND Realitysims- World used in this Chapter

This chapter takes place a couple of seconds after Becky's part.

Hey guys! The Kirby Twins 12th chapter is here!

Credits: Ruiva sim- Hospital set AND Realitysims- World used in this Chapter

This chapter takes place a couple of seconds after Becky's part.
Which is why I choose to have her be the FIRST narrator again. Enjoy reading! “I have a spirit guardian?” I asked looking confused.

“Of course you do, silly girl. Everyone does! Well, almost everyone,” She replied.

This girl is calling ME silly and she's wearing a dress like that in this weather?

“Aren't you cold?” I smirked at her.

She giggles and replies, “Not really.”
“How can you say you're not cold in that dress?” I asked again.

“Never mind about me, Becky. I came to meet you for a reason,” She said.

“What is it?” I said with a frown.

“I want to tell you that you may be an arrogant all-time vixen with the temper of a T-Rex,-” She said

“Excuse me?! I ain't NO T-REX,” I interrupted angrily.

She interrupted me this time saying, “Let me finish, hot chick! What I say is true and you know it! BUT I also know how smart you are when it comes to the people you ROLL with.”

My anger turned to confusion as I asked, “You talking about my friends?”

She nodded yes.
Then she got up walking toward the school while I asked, “Where you going?”

She stopped without looking at me and answered, “I'm cold, so I'm going inside.”

Didn't she say she wasn't? What's the deal with her?

“School's closed, SILLY GIRL!” I smirked.

“Just follow me! Unless you wanna freeze out here,” She replied then giggles as she continues to walk into the building.
“Dang it!” I rubbed my neck.

How did I get into this mess? How am I supposed to believe that this chick is my “spirit guardian?” But Stella told me about hers and said that spirit guardians protect us. I guess that explains how we got back so quick from that prison we were in.
I slowly walked into the school building and thinking “What the heck am I doing?” But I still kept walking up to the door. I closed my eyes and opened the door to walk inside. When I opened my eyes I was confused looking around, “Where the heck am I?”

I was in some little red room. Just then I heard that girl echoing my name, “Becky.”

I kept looking around the room despite how small it was. I was looking for that girl, “Hey you! What is this?!”

“Go through the white door,” The unseen girl told me.

“What white door?!” I barked.
When I turned around I jumped a bit when I saw the white door.

“That door just came out of nowhere!” I said in shock.

“Go through the door, Beck!” She rushed.

“Alright! Alright!”

As I opened the door I was completely convinced of something.
Of course I was amazed at the place I was seeing, but now I'm convinced.

“Wow...” That's all I said.
I mean this place is big! But it's empty. Even so, it does look beautiful, with all the flowers and trees and stuff. I continued to look around this unknown world and see there's streets and grounds that need a building. This place has none of it OR houses. The only thing they have are street lights.

“Becky!” I hear that girl again call my name in a singing tone.
I turned around to find that girl again. I guess she IS my spirit guardian, and she must be the one who led me home from danger.

“Welcome to Rosewood!” She said smiling at me.

“Rosewood?” I asked.

“Yes, the unreal world whenever you sleep or when I visit you when no one is around. But you'll mostly be here when you're asleep.” She explained.
I stormed over to her and said, “What do you mean? This world is empty! How can this be my personal dreamworld?!”

“When you enter this world, OR WAKE up in this world, no one can trouble you here,” She replied.

“Am I asleep right now?” I asked.
“Nope! You are wide awake right now. Didn't you just get out of school while talking to your two boyfriends and your girlfriend?” She teased.

“I don't have a boyfriend! ESPECIALLY a girlfriend you dumb girl!” I glared at her.

She giggled and says, “Come with me to the reflection wall.”

“Reflection wall? Why?” I asked.

“So I can tell you the main reason for my visit,” She answered while she walked off.
As she walks off I followed her and asked, “What did you say your name was again?”

“Pricilla,” She answered.

“Pricilla, got it! So, you commented on how smart I am of picking my friends. Why you say that?”

“You ARE smart, to pick the right people you like. Even the one called Paige,” Pricilla pointed out.

“That snooty chick?! What do you see in HER?!” I grunted.

“Becky Kirby, I already know about your love-hate relationship with that girl. But trust me, she's NO threat,” She said.

I trust her now, since she's my spirit guardian. But what does she gotta tell me?
“Here we are! The Reflection Wall,” Pricilla announced.

“So why bring me to a wall with a mirror?” I asked.

“It's so great to see two beauties in front of us, isn't it?” Pricilla said smiling.

“Yes it is, those beauties are us. But that doesn't answer my question,” I smirked.

“This is no ordinary mirror,” She replied back.

I gave her a confused look.
Pricilla sighed heavily slapping her hand over her face. Saying to me with an annoyed tone, “Becky, Becky, Becky, you should know after what you've gone through AND coming here through a school building, you should know by now-,”

I was offended by her response and interrupted her saying, “Don't be like that! This paranormal crap is still new to me!”

“The whole time, you've been living in a strange world, Becky. Even when you weren't born yet, the world was full of mysteries.” She replied.
“So what do you gotta show me, besides this mirror?” I asked.

“I know you've got a big problem at school. You know, that picture and your friend being attacked a put in the hospital. One person in that school of yours is responsible for it,” She explained.

I frowned, “I KNEW we were being framed! So who are they?!”

“This person is also like an assistant to The P-Team.” Pricilla added.

Not those creeps again! I thought that would be the last of them! And then Pricilla also tells me to be wary of the people who are NOT my friends. The main reason is obvious, as Pricilla told just now, one person in that school is trying to trash us AND sell us out to The PARANORMAL Team. She told me that's what the “P” stands for.

“So this person's also responsible for Harmony's disappearance?” I guessed right as she nodded yes.
“The P-Team wants you, your sister AND your friend Harmony because they want your spiritual energies.” Pricilla explains more.

“Because?” I asked in a bit shock.

“To restore the evil destructive twin witches, The Hickey Sisters,” She answered.

“The Hickey Sisters?” I was confused and angry at once.

“Now let's look at what's happening while you're still here,” She chirped.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“We're going to view the present,” She explained.

And then I saw my reflection on the mirror fade away.
Now I know what Pricilla meant when she said this isn't just a mirror. This was a view of what was happening right now while I'm here. But why was she showing me David and his friend Brea right now?

I noticed the look on David's face. He looked miserable. So I asked, “What's wrong with X-Man?”
I was still confused about what I'm seeing, so I asked, “What is going on here Pricilla? Why are we watching these two?!”

She didn't answer me. I turned to look at her and she had a sharp glare. But who was she glaring at?
I was a bit feared by the glare she made and concerned too as she begins to growl.

“You okay hot chick?” I asked.

Once again, she didn't reply back. Just kept on growling at the screen. I hope she's not making that sharp glare at David. He saved our butts! Then again, she IS trying to protect me.

“Is David a threat or something?” I asked in a cautious tone.

“I'm not worried about the boy. I sense 0% darkness in him,” She confirmed, but she was still glaring at the screen.

“Are you saying that Brea girl is a threat?!” I was shocked.
Pricilla sighed and turns to me with a sad look, “I won't go too far yet, but the two of you are NOT friends. So you can't trust her.”

“But what does she gotta do with all that's happening to us?” I was still confused.

“You barley know anything about this girl, which is why I understand your confusion. But you still got to be careful. And you and Stella need to stay clear of The P-Team.” She said, then she walked away.

“Where you going?” I asked.

“Come on, silly girl,” She said in that fruity tone.
I followed Pricilla and then we were back to this wall door. This was how I entered this weird world.

“Why we come back here?” I asked.

“Once you enter that door, you'll be back in the real world,” She answered me.

“Really? But I don't want to be out in the cold!” I pouted.
“No worries Becky, you'll be back home, literally!” She smiled at me.

“Well even so, how am I supposed to stay out of these creeps sight?! We escaped from them and they might come get us again,” I said.

“Stella's spirit guardian has the power to erase memories, so those 'creeps' have NO IDEA where you girls are,” She explained.

“That's awesome!”
Once I said my goodbyes to Pricilla, I faced the door I came through and walked towards the door. While doing so, I closed my eyes and grabbed the doorknob and walked through. Once I opened my eyes again, I was amazed. I was LITERALLY home, my spirit guardian has the power to lead me to my destinations. I turned to look at the white door thinking about that place. I also had my thoughts about what Pricilla said about the classmates who are NOT my friends. But why would she point out Brea Nooks as a threat to our lives? Speaking of Brea, what's her story? Anyways I still miss Harmony! These punks have my friend and I got a feeling we should do something! These cops are NO help at all! It's time to hear from Stella! This takes place the next day after the nightmare they went through at school. Stella's the last narrator for this chapter, enjoy reading! Hey guys! I'm here with my people standing in front of the hospital. Because are friend Clover was attacked by who knows what or WHO! And here's the worse part, I just found out that someone was blaming us for her being here. Those fake pictures at school weren't the only one's that caused trouble for me and my sister. Some spread a sick rumor that Becky and I double teamed on her! We didn't even know she was attacked! We made it inside the hospital building and we felt so good to be out of the cold. I went up to the desk to ask one of the nurses about our friend.

A blonde haired nurse looked at me and asked, “What can I do for you, dear?”

“Hello, we're here to visit our friend. Can you locate where Clover Viles is?” I asked.

The nurse faced the computer and started typing.

She then looked back at me with a smile and informs me, “She will be on the second floor in room 211. Visiting Hours will be over at 8PM.”

“Thank you,” I said then walked to find the elevators.
Once we made it to the room where Clover was, we saw that she was asleep.

“I think we should come back later,” Amelia whispered.

“Yeah, she looks so peaceful while sleeping, we don't want to wake her up this early,” Sara agreed in a whisper tone.

“Well I'M gonna wait, besides we've got a couple of hours. The nurse said we can stay till eight,” Becky grunted.

Becky does have a point. And Clover's the only one who knows who put her here. She probably can give us some answers for who's trashing us. Amelia said they were going back to school and come back to visit Clover later. Our parents don't know that we skipped school to come here. But this unknown person is trying frame us for attacking this girl and we need some answers! Besides, we can't face those people at school, who knows what they'll do if we step a FOOT in that building.
Clover wakes up and sees us and she greeted, “Hey Twins, I'm so happy to see you.”

“I can't believe you're here!” I said.

She sighed, “I would tell you why I'm here, but you probably wouldn't believe the half of it. Sara and Amelia didn't come?”

“They came with us too, but we saw you sleeping peacefully and they didn't wanna wake you, they went back to school but they'll be back.” Becky informed her.

She gasped and said, “You guys skipped school?!”
Becky chuckled, “We sure did! We wanted to come see our candy selling buddy. So Stella thought we shouldn't go today.”

Clover laughed at that saying, “Bad girls!”

“You LOVE these bad girls,” Becky grinned.
Clover turned to me with a smirk saying to me, “I expected your sister to do this stunt, but not YOU girly.”

“Coming up with the idea to come here instead of school is the best idea, because it was hell for us yesterday!” I said with a frown.

Her smile turned upside down asking, “What happened?”

We both sat down on the couch beside her and I sighed heavily.
“We know you were attacked! But somebody spread rumors that me and Stella were the ones who attacked you! That REALLY pissed me off!” Becky grunted.

I was also angry about all this and I added, “There's also pictures of someone kissing Kenny Varson and that someone is NOT Savannah. It was some girl yet the picture said 'Kenny and Kirby.'”
As we tell Clover what happened to us yesterday, her expression turned to anger.

“Kenny's a good guy. He would never do that to his girl, something's up. The popular group came to visit me yesterday and told me he's been missing for two days,” She informed.

Once she told me that, I got even more ticked off, but unlike Becky I know how to control my anger. It's bad enough that they announced that Dona's gone AND that they never found Harmony. But Kenny's missing too?! Now we REALLY needed some answers. But I'm glad Clover made a full recovery from her injuries which I heard were pretty worth unsaid. I know some people have a hard time remembering what happened to them after being physically attacked, but just to be sure, I wanted to ask Clover what happened to her. She tells us that what she might say is unbelievable, but we've been strangely attacked too by those creeps. I'm sure what she'll say will make sense to us.
I was gonna ask her who wronged her, but Becky beat me to it saying, “So who attacked you?”

Once she asked, Clover surprised us when her expression turned to fear.

With a concerned tone, I asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I'm fine!” She answered with a fake smile, but to me she seemed troubled, VERY troubled.

“Don't lie Clover, what's going on?” I asked with a serious tone.
Clover sighed and got up from the hospital bed giving us a sad look.

“If I told you about the day I was put here, the person who attacked me will END me with a phone call,” Clover cried a bit.

“Hold on a sec, your attacker is a SHE?!” Becky said in anger. Clover nodded slowly.

“Who attacked you, Clover?!” I demanded.

“I can't tell you that! This crazy chick has some dirt on me that will literally END me. The police were asking me the same thing but I never answered them. But I really didn't expected her to spread that rumor about you guys, I'm sorry!” She broke down to tears.

“Can you at least tell us WHY this chick attacked you?” I asked with a frown.

“She saw me talking to a guy she liked and it wasn't a big deal at all. I just asked him a simple question and then she got mad!” She answered.

“What dirt does she have on YOU?” Becky pointed out questionably.

“It's a long story,” She stated sounding uneasy.
We had to cut our visit short when another nurse came and told us to let Clover rest. We said our goodbyes to her and we were walking away from the hospital building, in silence.

“This is bad! Clover has the answers to the person who's secretly making our lives a living hell, but she's becoming a WIMP!” Becky growled.

“It's not her fault, Becky. Clover's being blackmailed by her attacker,” I reasoned.

Becky growled and walked a bit faster ahead of me. My sister was blinded by anger. But my concern was about this unknown she-devil picking on Clover. And her being blackmailed got me wondering what her story is.
Looking at the tall building, I go deep into my own thoughts deciding to not go back to school to finish my day. Instead I stopped at the the park where we last seen Harmony Burchett, the girl I've known since birth. FLASHBACK TIME (Stella and Bestie Harmony)

I remember the time we were talking about the people at our school. It was a good laugh and the things she said caught my interest.

Me: Do any boys at school catch your attention, Harmony?

Harmony: You know how my taste in men are, Stella. The only bad boy that attracts me is Randy Spurlock!

I frowned at that.

Me: I don't know why you and Becky like that criminal!

Harmony: Don't worry Stella. That “criminal” isn't the only hot guy in that school. I would totally go for that good looking guy Kenny Varson, if he was SINGLE!

We both laughed, it was the greatest moment of laughter. I say this because I miss her so much!
Me: But he's with Savannah Richmond, the most popular girl in Brooklyn Heights High.

Harmony: That girl has natural beauty like you and Becky.

I smiled at her compliment.

Me: You're beautiful without makeup too Harmony.

Harmony then told me inspiring words that I'll always remember coming from her mouth.

Harmony: TRUE natural beauty comes from the heart, Stella. A living being with a beautiful heart has true natural beauty.

Those words she said were BELIEVABLE. Anyone who has a beautiful heart has natural beauty. I need someone like that in my life. Like David for example, he has a heart of gold, but he's dumb to see who he rolls with. But for some reason, even on the way to the hospital, no matter what I did today, I just couldn't stop thinking about David. He was in my mind all day and I had a dream about him last night. I dreamed about the feel of his lips towards mine and the fragrance he wore on his body. Not to mention his soft warm hands on my neck making want more than a kiss as I was holding on to him while we embrace. Is it REALLY wrong to dream about your best friend's ex-boyfriend? I got uneasy and groaned out, “Oh gosh! Why am I thinking about him now! He was a jerk to me!”

“Shouldn't you be in school young lady,” A rough male voice I heard behind me scared me.
I turned around and gasped at the man in COMPLETE black. It's obvious that I was in big trouble, a P-Team Member. He started to chuckle in a sinister way getting me already feared and wary.

“I've been looking for you Stella, and now that I finally did I have a plan for you,” he said.
He begins to approach me slowly. I see the evil in his eyes.

“Get away from me!” I growled backing away.

“No need to be scared, Ms. Kirby. It will be ALL over soon,” He begins to chuckle devilishly again.

“I'll never go with you! Leave me alone!” I tried to make a run for it, but it was like deja vu. Losing the ability to move my BODY! “I can't move!” I glared at the P-Team member and yelled, “What did you do to me?!”
His eyes began to glow red and then I went color blinded AGAIN seeing nothing but purple. My eyesight gotten worse, as my eyes were blurry once again and I heard the man's evil laughter echoing in my head which it started to hurt really bad. Not only is my eyesight getting WORSE. Like I said, it's deja vu. I started to get dizzy. Then I collapsed to the ice cold ground as everything for me went black. Knock out cold.

To Be Continued....

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#1katwoman3Mar 18, 2015

Uh oh, this really isn't good, seeing Stella get kidnapped by one of those...guys?...things?...whatever it is, it's creepy! I wonder who has been spreading the rumors and faked pictures. Does she have anything to do with the P-Men? I am very curious to find out!

#2behemoth_blueMar 25, 2015

Whoa, I hope nothing bad happens to Stella with the P-Team kidnapping her again!
OK, did Brea attack Clover because maybe Clover talked to David? Or did that girl Savannah Richmond do it?
Did Savannah have anything to do with Harmony's disappearance because Harmony liked Kenny Varson? So maybe both Brea and Savannah are working with the P-Team?
Also I wonder if we'll get to see those Hickey Sisters.
Looking forward to the next chapter! \:\)

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