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Hi everyone!

This is a new story but it is taking place in the same universe as The Wicked Entice, if you read that one. You'll see a familiar face at the end of the chapter, and some more along the way. Thank you to everyone whose cc I used. Please let me know what you think and enjoy. Also, I have officially started writing over at Wattpad so please check out the new version of The Wicked Entice that i have going on over there :)

XOXO Alessa

Hi everyone!

This is a new story but it is taking place in the same universe as The Wicked Entice, if you read that one. You'll see a familiar face at the end of the chapter, and some more along the way. Thank you to everyone whose cc I used. Please let me know what you think and enjoy. Also, I have officially started writing over at Wattpad so please check out the new version of The Wicked Entice that i have going on over there :)

XOXO Alessa
The sun on my back was not responsible for the way my blood suddenly boiled. Moonlight Falls wasn’t exactly known for being a sunshine town.
My blood was boiling because of them. As much as I had tried to lose myself in the horror novel before me, I couldn’t ignore them any longer. Eden had an arm around the new girl, Ava, his latest distraction. She was from Bridgeport, and knew nothing of my situation, so I wasn’t exactly angry at her. How would she know that I expected him to be more discreet? Was that really too much to ask of him?
I kick my sandals off, and close my book. I would have to pretend that I hadn’t been seeing Eden’s latest affair. Unfortunately those that knew about it (the entire town!) didn’t seem to know when to turn the hell around. Maybe if I just jump into the cold water, and pretend to drown they’d have something else to whisper about. “If only it was possible for us to drown,” I sigh. Refusing to let anyone ruin my day any further, I dip my foot into the water and squeal. Colder than I had expected. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?" Eden grabs my arm harshly. "Why are you even here?”
“Great. I was just enjoying my day,” I mutter. “How about you play nice? We’re being watched.”
He scoffs, but ends up doing as I say.“You were supposed to be getting ready for tonight. You had an appointment at the beauty salon. You cancelled it again. Why did you cancel it again?”
I shrug, concentrating on my chipped nails.
“Did you forget the dinner with my parents?”
“Nope. I don’t suffer from memory loss. Unfortunately. Besides, I was thinking of just going like this. It’s not like your daddy isn’t used to seeing women half his age naked.”
He spins me around to face him, and warns me not to ever speak that way about his father again. He was a tad bit upset. That was an understatement. His aura was a muddy red. Very angry. “Careful, E. People are watching you hurting your fiancee.”
He grimaces at the F word, and I swallow back the bile in my throat. We both despised the word. It was about the only thing we had in common.
“You need to get home, get ready and act like the woman I’d prefer you to be,” he says just before Ava approaches.
“Oh no. If you mean act like her, I swear I’m shaving my head off. Gods know I’d hate to disappoint you,” I say, returning back to my nails. Why didn’t nail polish want to be my friend?
“Is this her?” Ava asks, crossing her arms to glare at me. Usually it was harder to get a read on someone so human, but she was practically slapping me with hers. It was a muddy forest green. I was a threat and in her way of Eden’s love. If only she knew how wrong she was.
“Yup this is me. What did he say this time? Im the crazy ex who can’t accept the fact that he’s moved on? Or just some sort of stalker? I forget my role.”
“He warned me about you. You’re insane, and you need to stay away from him. You need help.” Eden rubs her back, and tells her it’s not worth it getting into an argument here.
“So I guess I’m playing the crazy one?” I ask him. “Honey, whatever he told you, it’s not true. I think you should go.”
“I’m not going anywhere! Why won’t you just leave him alone? You only want him for his money, you little-“
“-Eden!” I interrupt her yapping, but it only made her continue that much quicker, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I warn him. He knew I couldn’t control it no more than he could control his need to sleep around with anything with long legs.
Ava was screaming something about how I needed to get medical help, Eden kept yelling at me to calm down, and I close my eyes, repeating the mantra my grandfather had taught me when I had first lost control:
Relax. Take a deep breath. Stay calm. I’m right here with you.
It usually worked. Just the memory of his face, the sound of his soothing voice made me regain control, but they were really getting under my skin, and they were only a foot from my face. It was too easy to make them get struck by lightning. It was too easy and they were asking for it.
Eden yells. “Tali! You know you’re not supposed to-“
I open my eyes and burn them into his own darkening ones. Those eyes, and the sky, weren’t the pale blue they had been seconds ago. It was as if some higher being had sucked the light up, but it wasn’t anything like that to blame. Just me and my lack of self control. Soon it’d be pouring rain, and we might even get a little hail.
“Control yourself! She’s leaving, okay? We’re leaving!” Eden yells as Ava shockingly looks at the sky with countless others, asking what was happening to the weather. Still shaking, I close my eyes again.
Relax. Take a deep breath. Stay calm.
I feel the first drops of rain just as I regain control. Eden was now dragging Ava away and telling her to get home. He kept glancing back at me, shaking his head in disgust. I roll my eyes. Oh poor him. Must be tough being engaged to a witch who has trouble controlling her powers. He should try being engaged to someone he can’t even stand...oh wait. He knows exactly what that’s like.
“I guess I’m not working on my tan,” Alain says from behind me.
I grin and throw my arms around him. Eden was telling Ava something and even though reading auras was usually more annoying than helpful, it did come in handy when I was feeling particularly nosy. Hers was back to that muddy forest green as she glared at me, to a dark muddy pink when she looked at him. She wasn’t believing whatever he was telling her. His on the other hand, well, he was still very angry.
“I heard he was dating the new girl in town. I take it from the weather that you’re not too happy about that,” Alain says.
“I couldn’t care less on who he decides to waste his time with. I just wanted to relax before tonight’s dinner,” I say as Eden makes his way back to me.
“That would be my cue to leave,” Alain smiles, “but I do love watching him get mad. Wait. You’re still going to his parents house?”
“I have to,” I sigh, trying to ignore his yellow optimistic aura.
“Sorry, I know. Maybe it won’t be so bad. There’s a lot of busy eyes around here. Someone will tell his mommy that he’s been a bad boy.”
I laugh just as Eden forces himself between us.
“You just love making scenes don’t you?” I ask him.
“I thought I told you not to talk to your little buddy here,” he answers, sneering at Alain.
“Oh, will you just leave?” I snap my fingers in front of Eden’s face to regain his attention. “You did want me looking pretty for your folks right? If you don’t stop telling me what to do, I swear I will throw myself at your father.”
I might as well have slapped him. His nostrils flare, and his fists clench by his sides. The only other warning I gave him was that people were looking at him about to hurt his fiancee. Alain grabs me, and leads me away from Eden who looked as if he was deeply struggling not to break my neck as he always warned he would.
“Why do you always have to push him like that?” Alain asks me as he walks me to my car.
“Because I can’t stand him! I hate the guy!”
He pulls me in for a hug, refusing to let go until I calm down.
“At least you got a sweet ride out of this,” he jokes and I kiss his cheek.
“Yeah way back when he made the mistake of thinking he could buy me love. I’ll call you later. I have to beautify myself.”
“Gods know how long that’ll take,” he says, ruffling my hair in that way he knows I hate.
“You’ll try to behave yourself, right?” Emily asks as I attempt to save my poorly applied eyeliner. My little sister worried too much about things that were out of my control.
“Maybe. Maybe not.”
“Aw, come on. It won’t be that bad. Just try to not be know. Like you...” her voice trails off and she winces as I shift my attention to her.
“What’s that supposed to mean? Are you trying to say them being horrible is my fault?”
“No. It’s just that you’re not doing yourself any favors by insulting them, and being all defensive. I don’t like seeing you coming back all mad and hurt.”
“Alright, fine. I’ll try to behave myself. How do I look anyway?” I hated when she went all protective like that. I was the big sister. I was supposed to be looking out for her. Not the other way around.
“Beautiful as always. So where were you all day?”
“At the beach. Then E shows up with that new girl, Ava.”
“You didn’t!”
“It was only for a few seconds,” I shrug. “No one suspected a thing.”
“You shouldn’t let him get to you. If the council hears about this-“
“-they won’t. Hey, can I borrow your red heels?”
“Mrs. Sage hates anything red,” she reminds me, then laughs. “Oh, I see. You might want to borrow my red lipstick too.”
“You really want Vala to clutch her pearl necklace in shock? I can’t anyway. Eden will just make me wipe it off before his mommy can see. How about your red nail polish?”
“On second thought, this will only make your life more miserable.”
“Who said I was miserable? I’m shining with freakin joy here.”
“Liar. What does Alain say about your dinner with E?”
“Why would he have anything to say about it? We’re not dating, despite what everyone believes.”
“I think he wants to,” she says, inspecting her toes now.
“You’re auras all over the place,” I tell her, and she yells at me to stop reading her. Something like reading her diary. “Sorry. It’s just distracting. Anyway, Alain and I are just friends. We both decided on it. Kissing felt wrong and unnatural. He even said that he’s trying to conjure me up a man.”
“Even if he had powers, that’s not possible, and it’d be a bad idea.”
“Yup. I’m destined to marry Eden Sage. Descendant of one of the most powerful witch families.”
“Stop being so dramatic and get going already! Behave and-oh never mind, give them hell.”
Eden and I couldn’t even be in the same car for the twenty minute ride to his family home at the edge of town. We always drove separately for fear of killing each other on the way there. I had to leave my car outside the gate, then get in his just to fool the Sages. Only the guard, Bill, knew what we did, but he never told. He pitied me the way the rest of the mystical families did. “Change your shoes.” Eden hands me a box from the backseat. Damn. He knew me too well. I groan loudly, even more when he refuses to acknowledge said groan, but did as I was told. Maybe if we didn’t annoy each other this early in the evening, things won’t be as bad as usual.
“Is mommy’s little witch happy now?” I ask him once the shoes are on.
“Never when you’re around,” he replies.
“Oh no. You’ve broken my heart.”
“Grow up.”
“I did. I just had my twenty first birthday, remember? Isn’t that your dad’s favorite number? Or has it lowered?”
He tells me to get the hell out of the car but I remind him that his mommy was looking out the window, and he was expected to open my door. He scowls but by the time we’re greeted at the front door by his mother, he had exchanged it for a forced smile. Vala was dressed in the latest and most expensive fashion as always. Her aura was always a lovely bright pink for her son, that quickly went the way Ava’s had. Nothing but muddy pink. She didn’t trust me.
“Well,” she says as she frowns at my messy hair, and widens her eyes at my red nails, “I’d blame the tardiness on Talia, but clearly she missed the beauty appointment. That dress...doesn’t quite fit you anymore, does it?”
“What? Too short?” I feign stupidness, as I claw my nails into Eden’s forearm.
Ow. Let go. His thought came loud and clear, but I sink my nails in deeper because he knew how much I hated having him intrude my head like that.
If only I had been born an idiot and been happy just to be at his side, I wouldn’t be as miserable as everyone only guessed at. Because to everyone that took one look at him, he was the perfect guy. He was that kind of handsome. Borderline intimidating. He had that bad boy look that I had always been a sucker for, with a devil-may-care attitude. Except he wasn’t necessarily a bad guy. He was funny, charming, sweet in his own everyone it seemed, but me. It wasn’t always like this. I had even had a crush on him at one point. We had always been together, forced to be together, and I had been foolishly naive at the time. He was my handsome, rich prince. Witch prince, and I thought we could really fall in love one day. I had been such a moron. “Talia,” Matthias Sage, smiles and walks straight over to me. I brace myself for the hug that accompanied the revolting clear red aura that he had for any pretty young thing. He always held me too inappropriately tight, and his hand couldn’t seem to tell the difference between my back and my butt. I grit my teeth as he breathes down my neck. Eden’s eyes narrow.
About time you notice , I tell him silently, and he pretends to not hear me as he looks away from his father. As much as I hated that we had this shared power to further connect us, it came quite useful when I wanted to annoy him.
“So Agatha tells me she was at the beach earlier today,” Vala says once dinner was served.
Uh oh. I glance at Eden who tightens his jaw.
“What did the old cow have to say now?”
I almost choke on my food and he cracks as smile.
You’re not going to be a widow that soon, buddy.
“Agatha is one of my dearest friends!"Vala clutches her necklace. "I refuse to hear you speak that way about her."
“I recall you referring to her the same way not two days ago,” Eden replies, slurping his soup just to annoy me.
“Eden, behave yourself,” Matthias orders.
“I said no such thing,” Vala says, averting eye contact as she does when she’s caught in a lie.
“So what did Agatha have to say, darling?” Matthias asks, and I roll my eyes. Eden catches me and scowls.
Oh please. You know he only calls her that because there’s company present.
I told you to shut up about my father.
Yeah, yeah, and I told you what would happen if you don’t stop telling me what to do.
“...these two having an argument,” Vala was saying. “She says some mundane had her hands on Eden, while Talia was oblivious to it all because she was in the arms of that Collins boy!”
“You gotta be kidding me!” I exclaim at the same time that Eden yells that that was a lie.
“Darling, you know Agatha likes to make things up. She likes the attention,” Matthias says. “Eden and Tali are engaged. They know better than to cause a scene so close to their wedding.”
We don’t miss the warning behind his words.
“I wasn’t even at the beach today,” Eden lies with the smile I had once found charming.
“I suspected Agatha was mistaken about seeing you there sweetheart,” Vala smiles but turns to me coldly. “I know how much time you spend on the beach. I know you were there. Stringing that boy along, and giving him false hope when we all know he doesn’t have anything to offer anyone. He doesn’t have powers. His family line is so muddled it completely skipped him and his father as well. Why do you bother with him? Do you enjoy humiliating him and my son as well? Do you enjoy having men at your feet?”
I slam my drink down but it was Eden who spoke. “Mother, Alain is harmless. I’m not worried about him sweeping my...fiancee off her feet. You shouldn’t trouble yourself with ridiculous rumors.”
Tell her to shut-
-The sooner you play nice, the sooner she shuts up, and the sooner we leave.
I hate it when he’s right.
“Dinner was as lovely as always, Mrs. Sage,” I tell her as we make our way into the main hallway. “Who was it that cooked this time?”
“It really was great,” Eden interrupts Vala from no doubt coming up with some nasty remark. “We should get going. It’s a long drive back.”
“So soon? At least take some leftovers. Look at you. All this...stress must be getting to you. You’ve lost weight.”
Shut her up. Now.
Calm down.
“I’m fine, mother. We really have to go.”
“Well, alright. I’m just worried about you. I told your father I wanted so much more for you than..all this.”
That’s it! I’ve had it!
The lightning that illuminated the dark roads outside, and the thunder that threatened to shake down the house was obviously my doing. The dark haired witches eyed me knowingly, while Vala screamed in fright.
“Talia! What is the matter with you?” She says, hand on her chest.
Matthias moves to comfort me by placing a hand on my shoulder, but that only caused another lightning crack.
Tell him not to touch me!
“-Talia! You will not be going anywhere with my son in your condition!” Vala cries.
“My. Condition?” I repeat. This was all their fault!
“You’re right, darling.” Matthias tells her. “These two will have to spend the night here.”
No way in hell.
“In separate rooms of course." Vala widens her eyes at me. "We want you to wear white on your wedding day. It’s not too late is it? I suppose it is. Oh, I hope people won’t talk too much.” She looks at me with disgust, and the booming thunder answers her.
“If you need anything, let me know.” Matthias says, eyeing me up and down. “I’ll just be in my office.”
“I’ll ring up the maid if I need my pillow fluffed,” I assure him.
Just say you’re tired so they can leave.
“Well, I’m tired,” I obey, not bothering to fake a yawn.
Matthias gives me that skin crawling smile that makes me want to rip my nails off, but Eden was being extra observant and tells his parents he wanted to talk to me alone. Vala lectures me on how I was to remain pure and to not attempt to seduce her son into doing anything inappropriate. Hail pounded on the roof after that one.
“This is your fault,” Eden accuses as I massage my feet. The shoes had been a size too small. Even if he had bothered to check my shoe size, he would’ve still bought the wrong ones just to see me struggle.
“Right. Cause I just love being here with your sleezeball of a dad, and your passive aggressive mother. Gods, I don’t know who to hate more!”
“Well, I had a date later tonight. Obviously that’s been cancelled.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry. You were forced to spend a lovely evening with your family and fiancee instead of with your lover of the week. By the way, can you at least keep it in your pants when you’re in public?”
“I’m embarrassing you? That’s hilarious.”
“At least when I sleep around, no one hears about it.”
“With Alain? Don't you care that he could be banished? What would happen to his family then?"
“Why does everyone assume that? Unlike someone standing in front of me, I don’t feel the need to sleep with the opposite sex every chance I get.”
“You’re referring to me? I don’t see why when I’ve never felt the need to even touch you. I’m stuck here with you when I should be out there getting laid.”
“You always know just what to say to make me feel all warm and fuzzy.”
“I’m going to bed,” he says instead of whatever hurtful thing he was originally going to.
“You’re not going anywhere. You’re staying with me tonight.”
I drag him back into the room, and his jaw drops.
“You can’t be serious. I’m not in the mood for these little games.”
“I didn’t mean it like that you idiot. I mean you sleep on the floor and I sleep like a little angel on the bed.”
“Well why didn’t you just say so?” He asks, leaving again.
“Eden, please?” The pleading tone of my voice surprised even me.
“What do you really want, Tali?”
Uh oh. I wasn’t going to admit that I was tired of being alone. That no one but him understood what it was like to be stuck in this mess. I just wanted to talk to someone who understood.
“I might escape and get us into more trouble. Your mom is heavily medicated and no doubt fast asleep right now, and your dad is-“
“- he's busy getting it on with the new maid. You’re not going anywhere and you know it. What do you want?”
“You know about your dad? And you don’t care that he’s hurting your mom?”
“She knows. Everyone knows. Everyone always knows what happens in my family. Why do you think she takes those pills? She’d rather pretend to be in denial than go through the humiliation of a divorce.”
“So that’s my future then?” I whisper. The reality of what was to come hit me so hard I have to sit down. “I didn’t ask for this,” I continue. “I’ve been engaged to you since before I was even born because of a choice they made for us. I can’t end up like Vala. At least your dad keeps his affairs somewhat private, but you might as well be sending me videos of yours. I can’t, I don’t want that to be my life.”
The rain was lightly tapping on the window now, and when I look back at Eden, he was gone.
Vala didn't have to trouble herself with picking out the matronly pajamas that were supposed to make me undesirable to her baby boy. Eden and I would never stop hating each other.

With the rain perfectly matching my mood, I wipe a tear away, and lock the door.
- - - - - - -
I don’t have to hurt the girl that walks right by me. She’s probably just on her way home. This might be the route she always takes. Maybe she’s about to meet family, friends, someone she loves.
I don’t have to hurt her.
I wouldn’t have to hurt if only I was dead, truly dead, six feet under the ground dead, but I’m not.
I’m here, and I’m starving.

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#1loryram2Dec 12, 2015

Allright! I will just say that you have all my attention and fan-girling. Hi there Ezra!

#2WintersmithVIPDec 12, 2015

You got me hooked again! This intro is promising and I actually forgot about Ezra until I saw page 38. I already hate Eden ( though he's as much a victim as Talia) and I despise his father. Can't wait to read more!

#3taj39759VIPDec 12, 2015

He's baaaaaack. I'm in love all over again.

#4freerealmsDec 12, 2015

I already know who I will be hating on and it's Vala and her husband. I still like Eden cause he somewhat has Tali's back. Tali should just run away though. Also.... AHHH MY BAE EZRA! I didn't know how much I missed you until I saw you again (honestly I forgot about him until this).

I'm hooked and can't wait for more! \:D

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