The Young and the Restless V: Sister or Sister
Published Jan 21, 2007

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Everybody must remeber Aqua foster from The Young and the Restless I and III. But for those who dont...

Everybody must remeber Aqua foster from The Young and the Restless I and III. But for those who dont... Aqua was taken by social services from her biological family, the Walters, and adopted by the Fosters when she was very young. This was Aqua and her new mom, meeting for the first time. Aqua grew up happily with the fosters... and her adopted siblings, Alex and Katrina. Katrina is also grown up now. And so is Alex... As well as Starr Walters, Aqua's older biological sister... who was not taken by social services, but grew up with her dysfunctional parents! Well now, in the present, Aqua and Katrina are living in the big house that their parents left them. Starr and her new husband Eric Steely are also living with them, alond with their two kids Rain Forest and Asia. Finally, Aaron Acres, a friend of Eric and Starr is living with them. There is only one problem, Aqua and Katrina are constantly fighting over him, and act as if there isn't one single other man available in town. Well, It's the day before christmas eve (a very sunny, green christmas eve)...and Aqua and Aaron just took pictures in the photo booth. Aqua cannot stop admiring them, she's goingto frame them on her wall. Later that day, Aqua decides to go for a swim, and calls Aaron to join her. They are having a blast in the pool, when all of a sudden Katrina walks in. She cannot stand to leave them alone for one second! So obviously Katrina has to get in the pool as well. Aqua is really peeved, but Aaron doesn't seem to mind. Aqua finally gets out of the pool and decides to relax infront of the Tv. to her surprise Aaron decides to join her. But obviously Katrina has to come and stop them as soon as they have some alone time. Aaron doesn't know what to do. He is flattered that both girls are so obviously in love with him, but he can't take the constant arguing and rivalry. So he decides to do half an hour on the treadmill, so that he can have some time to himself to think about what he wants. Unfortunately, that half hour doesn't last very long. Aaron hears a female voice calling his name,it distracts him and he falls flat to his face! It's Katrina. She apologises for making him fall.

"Hey, its no problem" he answers.
She offers him a back massage. He loves massages, and she seems to be good at it.

**she should make this a career**He thinks to himself.
He hugs her and thanks her for the massage.

**Aaron and I are getting closer and soon he will be all mine** Katrina thinks to herself.

***This girl is really cute...Aqua who?*** Aaron thinks to himself.
Meanwhile, Aqua is teaching her neice Asia to walk. Her birthday is coming up and nobody has taught her yet! Unfortunately, she is distracted when her sister walks in, bragging about what a hottie Aaron is and how much she likes him.

"Oh My God Aqua! He was all sweaty from just being on the treadmill, and I gave him a massage, and we hugged!! and we just had this MOMENT..It was wonderful!!"
Aqua tries to ignore her sister and concentrate on her little neice who needs to learn to walk. But its hard to do that when Aaron is walking by, and she can easily see that he was checking Katrina out.

***She defenitely is a hot*** aaron thinks to himself.
But Aqua is not about to give up. When she and Aaron are finally alone in the kitchen, she tries to seduce him. Aqua is being very friendly and flirtatious and Aaron seems to be responding in a similar way. They even play a game of red hands, and they seem to be drawn to each other.
**I think he likes me...his hands are soo big and manly!**

**She's kinda cute too...I don't know...I'm confused**
But that doesn't last very long, when Aaron hears Katrina call him, and he goes running to her. But only a few minutes later, Starr serves supper and Aqua rushes to the seat next to Aaron, while Katrina gets stuck with seat on the other side of the table. **Why is she sitting there...why couldn't it be Katrina...she's just making it harder for me to decide between the two of them***

***He doesn't seem to be giving me the friendliest of looks..oh my goodness, is he mad at me..he looks angry...i wonder if he is angry...***
When Starr gets up, Katrina quickly rishes to take her place.

"baby i missed you" she blows a kiss to Aaron, who just smiles. she then turns to Aqua "Hi sis, what ya up to?"
"I think she was just hitting on me" aaron says jokingly but with a bit of arogance.

"Oooh, is that right" Katrina jokes back "well, she knows that you are sooo into ME! She was probably just fooling around"
But after dinner, Aqua was happy to see that Aaron was infact checking her out.

"Do you like what you see?" Aqua asks. ***I will not let Katrina win. He liked me first, and I know he still does***

"I've never seen a better sight in my life" Aaron replies.
"Here, your looking sore. Let me give you a massage" Aqua suggests.

"I can't say no to a massage" Aaron replies. ***Wow...her massages are even better than her sisters...I have two girls chasing after me...hmm..maybe I can just play them both.***

The next morning, Starr and Eric are preparing for a big famliy surprise!! Meanwhile Aqua and Katrina are still fighting over Aaron, who has come to the conclusion that he wants both girls.

"wow, youre looking better and better by the day...and your arm already seems more built. Have you been working out?" Katrina asks Aaron, who has been very flirtatious with her all morning.

***I don't understand*** Aqua thinks to herself. ***He was just sooo flirtatious with me last night, not he's starring at her with those big eyes, as if he's head over heals in love...whats going on with this guy?***
***Okay, well, I've got one girl madly in love with me*** Aaron thinks to himself ***Now its time to make Aqua feel that way*** Unfortunately for Aaron, he didn't notice Katrina standing right behind him, whiles he aws flirting with Aqua. Katrina is furious, and their relationship is in jepordy.

"Tell YOUR SISTER to get her PAWS away from my man" Katrina screams to Starr.

"Hey! Don't look at me! She's your sister to. And you are the one who grew up with her" Starr rolls her eyes and replies.
Aaron is feeling down. Even though he knew it wasn't fair, he really liked both girls and is upset that Katrina is so angry with him. He asks Starr for everybody in the house seems to do! Aqua takes this as her cue to comfort Aaron. But just as she was about to go talk to him, Katrina runs in, wailing and screaming.

"How could you do this to me..." she complains.

Aqua starts a pillow fight with Starr, to make it seem as though she wasn't listening.
But Aaron quickly goes to Aqua's side adn apoligises for the way he's been acting these past few days.

"Hey, listen, I've been kinda confused lately...and I know that you must have been hurt with me going back and forth between you and your sister like that."

"It's okay I guess." Aqua replies "I understand."

Starr is happy to see her sister happy with a guy.
But she is still worried about her little sis. She doesn't want her to get too close to Aaron, only to have him break her heart again. Starr expresses her concerns. but all Aaron says is "Listen you, mind your won buisness...My relationship with Aqua is none of your buisness, and I wouldn't hurt her...again". Eric quickly rushes to his wife's defence. "Hey listen buddy.... do you have a problem?! Don't you DARE talk to my wife like that! Got it?" Aaron decides to ignore Eric, and plays a song on the Piano for Aqua, while Aqua talks to Asia. "wow, that was a beautiful song" Aqua is flattered. "Thank you".

" I just wanted to show you how much you mean to me" Aaron flirts.
Soon after, Aqua begins to clean the house. Starr asked for help cleaning, because there is a big surprise, but Aqua doesn't know what it is. The house is finally tidy, and the two couples spend a little time flirting...then suddenly, the doorbell rings. Aqua cannot believe her eyes...most of her family came over to spend christmas eve with them...Jupiter and Jeffrey came over and brought their children Jessica, JJ, Aqua and Jessie. And Alex came by with his two sons Miller and Xander. All the children seem to be making good friends with their cousins. Everyone is happy. Rain Forest is excited to have all of his cousins over all at once...he hasn't seen JJ and Jessie in a while, since they transfered to private school a few months ago. and even though his mom is not siblings with Alex, he is still like an uncle, and Xander is like a cousin. The only thing Eric is a little tired of is hearin Aqua follow him around, reciting math equations that she learned at school Aqua and Jupiter are always so delighted to see eachother. Even though it has only been a few weeks, they act as if its been a lifetime since they last spoke. Aqua happily hugs her older sister. "I still cannot believe how alike we look baby sis...your like a mini version of me" Jupiter says.

"I don't think so!" Aqua replies "YOU are a slightly older version of ME!" and both girls laugh.
Meanwhile Katrina and Alex argue in the yard. As a young adult, Alex took back the name Fisher, the name of their biological family, and Katrina has been bothering him about it ever since. However Alex still insists that he is a Fisher. Starr is just having so much fun with this family reunion. Its been a while since they've all been under the same roof! She turns on the music so that everybody can dance. JJ and Jessie love dancing, but for some reason, Rain Forest looks like he wants to punch one of them!! "Hey, how are you enjoying my crazy family" Aqua shyly asks Aaron.

"I'm actually liking it a whole lot" he reassures her. "I've never had a big, happy family gathering while I was growing up, and a rarely keep intouch with my brothers this is...nice!"
"I love my cousin!" Rain Forest says before giving JJ a big hug! "You need to come over more often...i wish i had a brother!!" Later on Jupiter, Aqua and Starr sit on the couch and watch cartoons together. Believe it or not, they haven't watch tv together like this since before Aqua was taken away as a toddler, and Starr was a kid and Jupiter a Young teen. It brings back many old memories for Jupiter. The three sisters were enjoying the moment, until Alex decides to go and stand infront of Aqua so that she can't see. Starr ignores him, but Jupiter and Aqua begin to yell. "Meh!" Alex shrugs. "I didn't even see you there...but you know, I'm Kind a comfy right where I am, so, you can move if you want, but I'M not gonna" he syas jokingly.

Starr turns to Aqua: "You poor soul! I'm so sorry you had to grow up with THAT hon...boy, I'm sooo glad that I didn't have any brothers!!"
The evening continues going well. And everybody is happy. Katrina enjoys snuggling with her nephew Miller. He is such a cutie!! But eventually, Katrina and Aqua get into a huge fight over nothing. Katrina is still angry about losing Aaron to her sister! Even though Katrina started the fight, Aqua finished it, and everybody else just watches....It caused alot of tension in this household that only moments ago was filled with hapiness. Aaron and Jupiter comfort Aqua, who is extremely upset that her relationship with her sister has become so bad. When Aqua is calm again, Starr and Jupiter begin to chat with one another about things that happened throughout their childhood, during the holidays. This only causes Aqua to feel more hurt that she wasn't there to share those memories. She feels that she was robbed of her sisters.
But Starr and Jupiter reassure her that they are still her sisters and they have plenty of memories from the past few years, with many more to come! Aqua is feeling alot better. Meanwhile, the toddlers Miller and Asia have been playing in the nursery room all evening...they are so amazed by all the toys, and Asia just loves the pink toddler chair that her parents bought her ! So miller decides to sit on the other chair... but he is getting a little to big for it and he slips off! Oops! Finally, it is getting late, and Alex and his kids must leave...unfortunately, they just put up a christmas tree, and everybody else wishes that they could stay a little longer. But they enjoy the tree anyways. And Eventually santa appears!!! Everybody is happy until Aaron ruins the moment, by giving Katrina an evil glare....everybody could tell that he hates her right now. But Eric quickly breaks the tention by starting up a conversation with santa.

"Hey, my son has been waiting for YEARS to see you and..well... your finally here! so, he was just wondering if he can have a hug?"

"HO HO HO! SURE HE CAN!!! Come 'ere little fella" Santa calls Rain Forest.
Rain is so happy to get a hug from Santa. This just made his day, month and year!! Unfortunately, not everybody is happy...Katrina is still feeling hurt about how Aaron treated her, an she lets him know. The rest of the famile is so happy, that they don't seem to notice. "Aunty Jupiter!! Aunty Jupiter!!! come watch Power Rangers with me! Its a christmas special...Its sooo funny! You're gonna looove it Aunty Jupiter!" Rain calls out. "you know I'll never miss an opportunity to cuddle with my favorite nephew" Jupiter replies. Meanwhile Eric attempts to amuse his daughter by singing and dancing, but Asia just stares at him, with the strangest look....

***What Dada doin', he look funny*** She thinks to herself.
Meanwhile, Aaron decides to appoligize and tries to explain himself to Katrina.

"You see, you were both so flirtatious and I knew both of you like me...and I was just Kinda confused... I didnt know what to do..ya know? I'm sorry...I really didn't mean to hurt you...can we satrt over? Call a truce for the holiday...and maybe be friends again?"

"I guess so," Katrina answers. " I guess i can sorta see your point of view...we were pulling you back and forth like a yoyo, weren't we." ***But WHY HER*** She silently thinks to herself. **Why did he not chose me?***

Aaron continues to apoligise, and goes on to say that he will continue to persue a relationship with Aqua, and he hopes that she can accept that, so that they can all get along again. She agrees.

**But i can't help the way i feel** she thinks to herself.
Aaron rushes over to Aqua to tell her that it is officially COMPLETELY over between him and Katrina...

"No flirting, no nothing! I promise" he says. Aqua is happy and confident that he is telling the truth.
"Oh, you are soo sweet" Aqua gives him a hug...but Katrina still isn't happy with what she sees. Even though she promised to back off, everybody could tell that the site of Aqua and Aaron together destroyed her. The evening went on pretty well...and lasted till christmas morning!!! Jupiter and her kids stayed over and had a good time. She and Aqua were inseperable for the most part. they loved to gossip about everything that was happening around town.... And when it was time for Jupiter and the kids to leave, Aqua was a little sad, but they hugged goodbye. It was a looong night, and nobody got to sleep until late the next morning...for the first time, Aqua didn't even sleep in her own bed... but she shared a bed with Aaron instead. ...while Katrina slept alone. But Katrina was too upset and distracted by the thought of Aqua and Aaron in Aaron's bed... taht she couldn't sleep... so she decided to watch after Asia... while Starr and Eric had sometime to rest...after all, Starr held this entire family gathering for everybody, and they deserved some time to themselves. and they enjoyed it! however, even though Aqua and Aaron did alot of flirting and kissing, things weren't going as well for them as Katrina suspected. Aaron said that he wasn't ready for anything to serious, and that all he wanted right now was a little playing around...but no commitments. Aqua agreed, but she didn't know why... it wasn't at all what she wanted or expected after his big speech from yesterday. Later in the afternoon, Katrina continued to get Asia ready... it was her birthday today and she needed to look her best! Once Eric and Starr were well rested, they took over, and spent as much time with Asia as possible before her toddler years were over! Aaron even tried to bake a cake for her birthday...but that didn't work out too well. fortunately, the firefighter was there in no time, and nobody was hurt, wounded or even dirtied....Thank goodness for the efficient public services in this community!! Rain Forest is even happy today! He got to skip class, to attend his sisters brithday party!!! H eloevs having a sister who was born the day after christmas!! Asia's brithday is celebrated in Hilton parc, where all the swings and picnic tables are. Family and friends gather to watch Asia grow into a child. Her last moment as a toddler...everybody is emotinal, espcially Starr, Erica and Aqua. ***Wow. Everybody and everything looks a little shorter all of a sudden*** Asia thinks to herself. "Mommy wow! I'm a big kid now!" Unfortunately, the party takes a turn for the worst when Aqua and Katrina get into another fight! This one was started by Aqua... But finished with Katrina winning. Aqua doesn't care...yet! ***At least I still have Aaron*** She thinks to herself. But unfortunately, Aaron doesn't feel the same way.

"you're crazy!" he tells her. " you already 'won', and now you attack your poor sister for now reason...I can't talk to you right now" Aaron rejects her.
Aqua is heart broken, but Aaron seems indifferent. Later that night, back at home, Aqua helps to clean up around the house. an then everybody goes to sleep after two looong, but eventful days. ...but late at night, when everybody is asleep, Jessica Blake shows up at the front door. Uninvited...The End.

...for now of course ;)

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#7manuela55Jan 22, 2007


#8SimsBarbieJan 22, 2007

lol the drama is quite good.

#9vkdJan 24, 2007

OOooo what is the evil mother-in-law doing there!?? she is not even related to the people in this house! What's she up too??? THat Aaron guy is horrible Aqua needs to find someone better. Good chapter thanks.

#10CandieW2001Jan 24, 2007

\:wub\: \:rah\:

#11SuzanHuniBuniJan 25, 2007

I agree with Llyriel about Aaron being stupid and annoying. Both Aqua and Katrina should end up with better men. The ending is excellent. \:D

#12Deanna73070Jan 26, 2007

Good story!

#13Jan 28, 2007

this story i loved really\:wub\:

#14kolkol7Feb 17, 2007

GREAT! Ug! The crazy grandmother!

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Good story ! Thanks !\:\)

#16Downtimegirl91Jun 21, 2007

it's a long story but amazing\:rah\:

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