Young and the Restless VI: Weddings to Funerals
Published Feb 2, 2007

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The morning after the birthday party was an eventful one in the steely household, and nobody noticed the old lady lounging on their sofa.

The morning after the birthday party was an eventful one in the steely household, and nobody noticed the old lady lounging on their sofa. ...Durign breakfast, Aqua told her sisters that she was going to apoligize to Aaron, and propose to him!! She is not getting younger, and most of the people her age are already married with kids!! Aqua died her hair blonde and gave herself a little make over before coming down that morning. well, when Aaron woke up the flirting and the new hair definetly worked...Aaron can never resist women or kisses, and told her that he was no longer angry. "I can't believe this!!" Katrina whines. "No i'm going to be the only single one here! You dated him for two days for goodness can't MARRY him!!" That did not stop Aqua from proposing. Katrina tries to interupt, but Starr stops her...

"Don't you DARE try to ruin my baby sister's hapiness" Starr hisses.
For some very odd reason, Aaron accepts the proposal...Aqua is over joyed, and Aaron hugs her ackwardly...***Hey! well at least the bachelor party will be awesome**** Aaron thinks to himself.

Meanwhile Starr and Katrina continue to argue in the background, Starr can't take it anymore.
Katrina tries to talk Aqua out of marrying Aaron one last time.

"He's one of those guys who LOVE romance, but HATE commitment Aqua..NOT what you are looking for! Giveit some time and you will find the perfect guy! One who wants a family as much as you do, and did not chose you as his second choice! Because we ALL know that Aaron wanted me more." Katrina protests.

"How DARE you tell me taht I am second choice..." Aqua argues "If you were his first choice, then why aren't YOU marrying him?"

"Just remember who proposed to who" Katrina says before leaving the room.
It was upon entering the living room that Katrina noticed a familiar face spread out across the sofa.

"Um..excuse me?" Katrina says, confused.
"Oh! Oh my goodness! I'm soo sorry if I startled you" the old lady begins "I... I don't know if you remember me...Jessica Blake! I'm Aqua's mother in...Jeffrey's mother. I was at the party yesterday and I must hae followedthe wrong group of people home! When I realised I was sooo tired that i just..." "Oh!" Katrina jumps in "I KNEW You were familiar from somewhere! You poor must be tired and confused...well don't be embarassed now. It's daylight so you should have no problem finding you way home." "welll...." Jessica starts "I was kinda hoping you could walk me home, I HATE walking around by myself in this city."

"I gotcha" Katrina winks. ***And it would be great for me to get away from all this disgusting romance that's in the air this morning****

When Katrina and Jessica reached the Blake household, Jessica asks Katrina if she would like to stick around for a while.

"You seem like a LOVELY young lady..maybe you would like to meet my Jeffie?" Jessica insists.

Umm,I already know Jeffrey, and he is my sister's sister on top of that!" Katrina was taken aback by Jessica's suggestion.
Unfortunately, Katrina soon receives a text message on her phone...It reads :COME HOME QUICKLY, THE WEDDING WE'RE PREPARING FOR THE WEDDING!!!

***Wedding? What wedding*** Katrina think's to herself***didn't they just get engaged an hour and a half ago?****

"Sorry, I really have to leave now! But I'll see you around?" Katrina syas before running out.

***You can count on it**** Jessica thinks to herself.
Later that afternoon Aaron couldn't keep his hands offf of his bride to be before the was partyl due to the fact that he loved the blonde hair, and partly due to the fact that he did not want to give her time to get ready for the one wedding that he never wanted to happen. ...But, the wedding did happen...only three and a half hours later. Aqua couldn't be happier. She even seemed to enjoy the comical vows that Aaron wrote that morning while shaving. The entire family came over for the wedding, and even some friends and neighbors. After the vows were over, Aqua was soo focused on the fact that SHE was married, that she did not noticed her new husband sitting near the alter, curled up in a fetal position, crying. When she did notice, her siblings, neices and nephews assured her that he was just a little depressed, and that the psychiatrist would take care of any problems.

***But did I make a mistake? Was Katrina right after all?*** Aqua couldn't help but wonder.
When the psychiatrist left however, Aaron joined the rest of the group and he seemed to be in a cheerful mood.

***YEAH...cheese cake and champaign!!*** He thought to himself.
Xander, Alex's son was having a blast at the wedding...he loooks just like his father did twenty five years ago, when he was a little boy living with the Fosters. Shortly after, the family and friends gathered around the table to enjoy their cake and champaign and to celebrate the latest union in the family. The men all looked handsome in their suits, but were somewhat distracted by teh football game on was Hillton (their city) against Old Town, and Hillton was winning by far!! ...Meanwhile at the table Jeffrey was teaching Jessie how to make silly faces for the camera!

***I have the funniest dad!!*** Jessie thinks to himself.
...alll seemed well in the Steely household...infact it seemed more than well. Everything was wonderful...except for Aaron Acres...who found himself at the bar before the party was even over.

"Girl troubles?" The bar tender asks.

"Yes..." Aaron replied. "I just got married." He still cannot believe what he just did today. He's always been a very impulsive guy, but never to this extent!

***But you know what?*** He thinks to himself ***I'm not going to let this marriage ruin me. I can STILL be married and have ALL the women I want. Now I will just have to be more secretive about my relationships....infact, it could even be FUN!****
~Back at the Blake Household, Jessica recieves a wonderful call the next morinig while Jeffrey was at work.~

"Hello? Mrs. Blake?" The Familiar young voice says on the other line. "It's Karla! Karla Tchekalov! I'm not sure if you would rembmer me?"

"Oh MY GOODNESS, KARLA!! OF COURSE I REMBMER YOU!" Jessica screams with joy. She is suddenly filled with hope and hapiness. "why don't you come by now dear so that we can catch up! I cannot believed that you moved to Hillton...and so close by!!"
Karla arrives within five minutes. She and Jessica quickly become friends...

"Oh my god..." Karla starts.."Listen. I know that Jeff is married now and all...but...I must confess, I still have feelings for him...and I, I dont know what to do about it. I mean, I myself and married with four kids of my own.

"poor dear" Jessica replies "Well, you no longer have to worry. I know for a fact that my Jeffie still loves you to. All you have to do is flirt with him a little, maybe even a hug and the CRAZY wife of his will go crazy. She is a real nut job you know? All you have to do is pretend to befriend her until my Jeffie comes home."

...But before Karla could even say hello, Jupiter starts to scream at her.

"Oh My GOD WOMAN!" Karla acts frustrated. "All I wanted to do was stop by and say hi to a couple of my friends from college...and I get water in my face!"
"Wow, I feel very embarassed." Jupiter begins to apoligise.

"Oh! Its honestly nothing to worry about." Karla replies understandingly. "I know I have caused quite a bit of trouble for you and Jeffrey in the past...but that is NOT why I am here now. I found out that we were neighbors and just wanted to make amends...and maybe even become friends?"

***Wow, she's good!*** Jessica thinks to herself.
...But the second Jefff arrives, he ignores Jupiter and runs into Karla's arms to give her not a friendly, but a romantic hug! Jeff and Karla immediately begin to flirt, and Jupiter is hurt and embarassed. "Again!! AGAIN!" how dare you do this to me" Jupiter slaps her husband across the face.

**Wow she really IS easily angered** Karla thinks to herself. **I mean, we didn't even kiss or anything....YET**.
Later that evening, after alot of arguing and apoligising, Jupiter is not yet ready to forgive Jeff, and they seperate. Jeff and Karla inform his mother that Jeff will be staying with Karla and her family until everything is settled.

"Great news guys. I'm happy for you both" Jessica replies with a smile even though Jeff is obviously hurt and devastated.
But only moments later, Karla pulls Jeff into a juicy, romantic kiss... Unfortunately, this causes Jupiter to go from wanting a seperation, to wanting to get divroced. She tells Jeff to leave immediately. The worst part for Jupiter was telling her kids their father was leaving. JJ, Jessie and Aqua were all devastated by the news. Jeff spends the next few nights in the Lemage household. Most nights, Karla would try to cheer him up or even flirt with him, but it never worked....except for one night after he's been there for four days. Jeff and Karla go al lthe way and sleep together. Unfortunately Jeff isn't Karla's only secret lover. When Jeff and Harris (her husband) are both at work, Karla invities Aaron Acres over for a day of cuddling and WooHooing. Aaron considers this affair to be cumpolusury therapy for all the trauma he suffered from getting married. Unfortunately this only causes a dilema for Karla when she finds herself pregnant three days later and not knowing who her baby's father is. But whe the baby is born, Jeffrey is certain that it is his. She has his face and brown puffs of hair. Karla allows Jeffrey to name the baby.
"I think she looks like a Leah, so I'm naming her Leah. Now we're going to have to find a way to break the news to Harris..." Jeff says, feeling very guilty about what he has done. "Not only did I break up my own family, but now I've ruing yours as well, and this poor baby is caught right in the middle!"

"Don't worry baby!" Karla calls out from the living room. "Harris is a wimp, and a desperate one...he won't leave me and the children...even if I WANTED him to. don't worry!"

***But how can I not feel guilty for everything that I've done?*** Jeff wonders to himself. ***I have wanted a family of my own all my life. Then I had the perfect family, with the perfect wief and children. And now, I've completely ruined it for them and for myself***
The next morning and the Blake household, the kids are staying hom efrom school as it is their birthday and they are upset that their father will not be here to spend it with them. Aqua and Jessica both put on make up and mini skirts and jump on the sofa. No matter how make times Jupiter attempts to reason with them, they refuse to stop throwing tantrums. Later that evening, JJ and the other grow into gorgeous teenagers. Jeff decides to stop by for a visit. He would never miss his childrens' birthday...but he cannot tell them about the new baby just yet. JJ and Jeff spend alot of time together during Jeff's visit, but usually not saying much, or anything at all. Neither of them no what to say, and Jeff is afraid to hurt his children any more than he already has. Once Jeff finally leaves, the thick, tension filled air leaves with him, and family relaxes for the night. Later that night, a new family moves into taht will add more trouble to the already complicated lives of the Blakes. This is Mathew and his wief Bessie and their four kids. ...from day one, when Micheal bumped into Aleila Fisher on the street, sparks flew, and the two hit it off right away. By the end of the day the pair was all over eachother ... And didn't notice when Alex Fisher, Aleila's husband walked up to them with the scariest look of rage on his face. At this very moment, Jessica Blake happened to be walking by the Ashford household and couldn't help but notice the conflict. She knew she had to intervene.

***After all,***Jessica thinks to herself, ***Aside from Karla and Katrina, Aleila another one of my prospective future daughter in laws. I cannot have her going around, flirting with random neighbors.***
Jessica invites herself into the household and doesn't even attempt to hide the fact that she is eavesdropping. Finally, she speaks up. " Aleila! How are you! I saw you and just had to say hello. and I coudnt help but over here your troubles..." "Why pursue THIS GUY when my Jeffie is now single, free and available?" Jessica demands to know.

"I'm very sorry Mrs. Blake, but I'm not interested in your son..not that anyhting is wrong with him...he's cute and all, but I'm already trying to decide between two handsome men.

**Maybe I can make her choice a little easier for her** Jessica thinks to herself.
Later that Evening, noone notices Mathew Ashford's cries for help as he fell to the floor. No one except for the Grim Reaper. Word has it that Mathew was poisoned. Nobody knows if it is accidental food poisoning or if someone intentionaly harmed this father of four...all Jessica knows is that Aleila's choice is now easier.

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#1Feb 2, 2007

I think Jeff murdered Harris to get Karla single, to cheat on Jupiter and Karla, and maybe he murdered Matthew and will murder Alex to get Aleilia too!\:rah\:

#2JennEWrenFeb 3, 2007

Very interesting! I loved the shot of Jessica eavesdropping.

#3manuela55Feb 3, 2007

noce i give you 4,5 \:D \:D \:D \:D \:D \:D \:D \:D \:D

#4manuela55Feb 3, 2007

i was think nice soty\:D \:D \:D \:D \:D \:D \:D \:D \:D

#5manuela55Feb 3, 2007

sory\:D \:D \:D \:D \:D \:D \:D \:D \:D

#6SuzanHuniBuniFeb 3, 2007

Oh my goodness! DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA! \:cool\:

#7happyb8888Feb 5, 2007

Exciting storyline...can't wait for next part!!!!!!!

#8LlyrielFeb 8, 2007

She is such a mean b**** I hate the mean granny! I mean, she means well, but can't she just be happy when her son is happy!? SHEESH! Well done, yet again!

#9kolkol7Feb 17, 2007

People im mad at:
All the cheating guys and girls
the granny

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