Gen for Tony #5 - Jealousy
Published Mar 7, 2007

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This is Ginny, for Tony. I'm going to start this outside my favorite place in the world, Tony's bedroom. It's late. He's asleep. So I'll pick this up downstairs.

This is Ginny, for Tony. I'm going to start this outside my favorite place in the world, Tony's bedroom. It's late. He's asleep. So I'll pick this up downstairs.

Excuse me while I get some coffee first. That's better.

I'd been living with Tony since Don's wife Ellen died, six months ago. At first we didn't plan a wedding since Tony and I thought it was inappropriate so soon after Ellen died. Then things drifted. And there was MJ.

And then's there's Don. Believe it or not, he's helping me.
Six months later I said. I got Tony out of the house on a shopping trip with my friend Claire -- something he was less than enthusiastic about joining. But he went -- we spend as much time together as we can, even when one of us is doing something the other finds generally boring. I don't like going to the gym; he's not crazy about shopping. I think that's about it, though. Claire and I browsed the racks for a while. We've been friends for a long time, since elementary school. It didn't take long to see that Tony was extremely bored. "I'm going to gym around the corner," he said, walking out the door. Claire was right in the middle of trying things on, but I gave up and and said, "Buy whatever you already have. Tony's throwing a minor fit."

"You shouldn't have brought him," she said, looking irritable herself.
Claire and I drove over to the little local gym, about two blocks away. I'd been there once myself; they had a small pool as well as a few exercise machines and maybe a rack or two of swimsuits and gym clothing. I looked around for Tony, expecting to find him on the equipment, but he wasn't there.

Claire found him before I did. He was not working out. He was sitting at the juice bar, wearing a swimsuit I'd never seen before and was certain he didn't own, something just short of a thong, sitting right next to you know who. Both of them laughing together.
"Holy cow," Claire said in a low voice. "Gen, if you ever get tired of that, you have to give me the first call."

I stared at them over her shoulder. "I think you'll have to wait in line. Looks like MJ got there before you. Excuse me, Claire."
Without saying another word, Claire let me walk around her. "Good luck," she whispered.

"Hi, baby, " I said.

Tony looked up at me over his shoulder. "You got here faster than I thought you would, Gen," he said, calm, happy voice, good mood. On top of the itty bitty swimtrunks, he was wearing a gigantic, hideous medallion that would probably have pulled him down to the bottom of the pool, it was that big.

MJ gave me an amused look, also over her shoulder. "Hi," she said. "Buy anything sexy this time?"
"What's up with the thong and the chain?"

"You like it?" MJ laughed. "Doesn't he look hot in it?"

Tony looked at her, looked at me. His expression changed. "It's a joke," he said. "MJ picked it out as a joke."
"It's hysterical, all right." I looked at Tony, and then at MJ. "You want it back, MJ?" I asked her. "Maybe you could peel it off right here in the bar."

She finally looked at me. "He didn't refuse it put it on," she said, then looking back at Tony, added, "Was that bad of me to buy that for you?"

Tony had definitely gotten the point. "It was my mistake," he told her, in a voice I'd started to recognize by now. The end of the discussion voice. "Not your fault, I'm sorry, MJ. I'll see you later." He looked up at me. "Come on, Ginny, let's go home."

I wanted to say something more to her, but Tony walked out, and I turned away and went with him. Later, I thought, later, witch.
When we got back, I was determined to push harder than I had for six months now, six months of wondering what in the world was up with the two of them. "Tony, you have to talk to me about what is going on with MJ."

"There's nothing going on! She's a friend, a very good friend, and she's outrageous, I admit that, but you don't have any reason to be jealous of her."
I was definitely jealous; the question was whether it was justified, and, if it wasn't, could I put it aside. I didn't know.

"Did you ever go out with her?" I asked him.
Tony looked over my shoulder, out the window, then said, "Yes, for a while, a long time ago, but I knew from almost the beginning that I wasn't in love with her and would never be in love with her. She didn't take it seriously, either, Gen. A couple of months after it started, MJ went off on one of her 'party across the Northern Hemisphere' trips, and by the time she came back I'd already started seeing Eden. It was never serious." All this time and he had never admitted he'd actually dated her. What did that mean, to 'date' someone? Could you use the word 'date' with someone like MJ?

"Tony," I said, "you are telling me that she didn't take it seriously because you didn't take it seriously. That has to be the dumbest thing you've ever said to me since the day we met. Look at it. You've got a beautiful, intelligent flirt following you around, and you don't think she's interested in you?"
He looked at me for a moment. "I can't read MJ's mind," he said quietly, "but don't think she is. I enjoy her company in small doses, but she drives me crazy after a while. She knows that." "I don't know, Tony," I told him. "Frankly, I don't think you've told me everything. And even if you have, MJ seems determined to make our relationship a threesome. Kind of crowded when you consider marriage, don't you think?" Tony was quiet for a moment. "I do not want MJ to become a dealbreaker for us," he told me. "We've waited months now to get married; that can't continue much longer. I'll back it down some. But honestly, Ginny, I do not believe she's after me. And I can assure you I have no interest in her." That wasn't what I wanted. I wanted him to tell me he wouldn't see her again. But I wasn't going to give him an ultimatum, not then anyway.

"All right," I said. "But get rid of that swimsuit, will you?"
I got up and started to go do something else, almost anything else. Tony came right after me.

"Ginny, come on. The suit and the chain are going in the trash. You're drawing conclusions that are not true. It was a joke -- MJ thinks I'm too concerned about how I look, so she bought the most outrageous thing there to make the point. That's all."
I stepped back from him. MJ thought HE was too concerned about his looks? Did he honestly believe that?

"Let's drop it, " I said. "We're supposed to go over to Sam and Justine's for dinner tonight and I have to take a shower."
Without another word, he pulled me over. And so far I've never been able to resist that kiss, nor have I ever had any desire to resist it. I did not doubt him. When Tony loves you, you know it. We arrived at Sam and Justine's house a little past dark. Very very impressive place -- Sam's an investment banker and Justine does software design. Both of them had been Tony's friends for years, going back to high school.

"You've got an anniversary coming up, don't you?" Tony was saying to Sam.
"Yes, two weeks from now, on the 15th. It'll be our fifth." Sam smiled at Justine across the table. "I have the date right, don't I?"

Justine got up to clear the dishes. "I don't know, honey, is it the 15th?"
"It's the 15th," he said, laughing. "I wrote it on the wall, remember?" He looked at Tony. "So when are you and Ginny tying the knot?"

There was an uncomfortable silence. "Don't know yet," Tony told him.

Sam glanced at Justine. "I've got a new competition pool table upstairs," he said, "waiting for another victim -- think you can take me this time?"

"You wish!" Tony laughed.

Justine looked at me. "Let's go out on the patio," she said.
"Gen," Justine said, "what's going on?" "It's Tony and MJ," I said. "I am really uncomfortable going forward with this relationship until I know what's happening between them." Justine sat back in her chair. I could hear the music from inside the house, and, if I concentrated hard enough, I could just hear through the open door, just barely, Tony's voice. He was laughing and joking with Sam.

"What do you want me to say?" she asked me. "There's nothing happening between them. She's just an obnoxious flirt, that's all."
Exasperated, I shot back, "Justine, you should have seen the swim thing she bought for him today! My God, it barely covered him, and the two of them were sitting there laughing and going on about it. She's around all the time! She takes every opportunity to make fun of me, to insinuate there's something between the two of them, or that I'm inadequate. I'm sick of it!" "I don't think she's even really flirting with him, Gen. I think she's doing it to annoy you -- you know the two of them went out years ago, and it took Tony about a month to get over the obvious attraction and end up embarrassed and irritated. He was pretty wild early on, but Tony's too serious; MJ wasn't a good match. Just ignore her."

Ignore her, when she was right there goading me all the time. "All right," I said, not believing a word she said. "Let's go join the guys."
Tony was waiting for me near the front door. Looking at family photos, including wedding photos.
"These are nice," he told Sam. "Horrible tux, man, but the bride was beautiful."

"I remember you got pretty wasted at the reception," Sam laughed.

Tony hugged me on the way out; he was quiet, introspective, on the ride home. I felt like I wanted to protect him from MJ as much as I wanted him to send her away. Maybe that's jealousy, maybe it's love. Maybe it's hard to tell the difference.
I called the witch the next morning and asked her to meet me at the pizza place downtown.

I'd expected her to be late, but she wasn't. "Well," she said, "nice little, what is it, a blouse? You need a professional shopper, Ginny."

Typical, to start out trying to put me down. "MJ," I said, going right into it, "what are you doing here?"
"Sitting in a pizza place with you," she said. Cool, but warm at the same time, with that smile that made you think she had some kind of private joke you weren't in on. "Sitting at a pizza place with me." I leaned forward towards her. "What are you doing here in the city? Why are you here?" She looked around, back towards the waiter, who was overwhelmed at the moment. For a moment she hesitated, as if she intended to tell me something, then changed her mind.

She leaned forward, and, in a voice so soft it was almost a whisper, "I'm looking at art. It's a secret. Don't tell anyone."
"Looking at art," I repeated.

MJ laughed. "All kinds of art."

Looking at art. I hated her. "MJ," I said, furious, angry, jealous, all those things, every one of them at the same time, reaching for a voice just over a whisper, "if you're going to try to take Tony away from me, you'd better try something more than boobs and vocabulary! I'll tell you right now, that's not enough!"
I saw her roll her eyes.

"Gen," she said, in that same amused voice, "are you jealous?"

"I'm tired of whatever game you're playing! Tony thinks you're his friend, MJ! What kind of friend would do what you're doing?"

"It's just a game," she said. "You are SO serious!"

"A game. This one you're not going to win!"
She stared at me. "Listen," she said, "If I wanted Tony, you wouldn't be sitting there with that ring on your finger! It would be my ring, on my finger!"

For a second I couldn't actually believe she said that. Incredible arrogance. I was so angry. It didn't make any sense, none of it. What on earth did Tony see in her? Idiot, I told myself. Look at her.

I got up. "Bye, MJ," I said.
"Ginny," she called after me. "Wait a minute."

"What?" I said.

"Why won't you fight for him? Why don't you tell me to get lost? File a lawsuit? Throw something at me? Flirt with my guy? SOMETHING!"

"What are you talking about?" I yelled at her. "You want me to pull your hair or something? I don't do that! And WHAT guy? You mean you find time to stalk someone besides Tony?!"

"I'm not your competition, girlfriend!" she yelled back at me. "What're you going to do if Eden decides to come back and you won't fight for him? God, you don't deserve him! I'd do SOMETHING other than invite the competition to a pizza parlour and threaten Tony! Now THAT'S probably going over real well!"
"Eden again! Eden's gone, MJ! The only 'competition' I see is you!"

She stared at me. "You're a fool, Gen. You're always going to have rivals for Tony. And Eden is NOT gone. If she shows up again and decides to take a run at him, she'll eat you alive. Go home, take care of him, and for heaven's sake learn how to fight back."
Furious, I drove back home, yanked a suitcase out of the closet, called Claire and asked if I could stay with her for a while. I didn't know what I was going to do, but I had to get away from the Tony and MJ show. If he wouldn't stop seeing her, I was going to stop seeing him.

"What are you doing?" Tony asked me. "What's with the suitcase?"
"I've had it with MJ!" I shouted at him. "I can't stand this anymore, Tony! I'm going to stay with Claire!"

"What?" He looked stunned. "Ginny, I haven't done anything."
"That's exactly right! You haven't done anything to stop this! You know how much I hate it! She throws her relationship with you in my face every time I see her, and I have NO idea what the two of you are really doing when I'm not there! When are you going to choose? You have to make a choice, Tony! It's MJ or me!"

His expression changed, hardened. MJ was right about one thing; if you threaten Tony, it will probably backfire. He'll do almost anything for love, but not much because of a threat.
"Well, if you've made up your mind, don't let me get in the way," he said coldly, and started for the door.

For a second, I thought of trying to stop him, but then I'd be the one making the compromise, and it would be the same old thing. I let him go.
But I thought my heart would break. I cried; took off my engagement ring; put it back on; didn't know what I was going to do. I hated MJ. I loved Tony. I felt completely trapped. Guess you thought you wouldn't hear from me. When Ginny asked if I wanted to keep doing this, without Tony, I didn't know. It's been real hard. Relatives I didn't even know I had started in on me when Ellen died -- 'who's going to take care of Gabe? Don can't take care of Gabe' -- right. Well, I took care of Gabe. Got him into private school (how the hell I did that I still don't know). Got him past his birthday. Teenager now. I got no one but Gabe's ok.

Anyway, here goes.
Tony wanted to meet me at a place I hadn't been to in a while. I didn't go out much anyway. I got a seat at the bar, which was a problem to begin with since the place didn't have enough staff. Sat there, waiting for a drink. Waiting for Tony, who would probably be in some kind of mood.

There was a noise behind me by the pool table. I turned around to look.
And there in the corner behind the pool table was MJ and some guy, making out like crazy.

Now, that was interesting. She'd been following Tony around for months, making trouble. I knew she had him on some kind of string, even if he didn't admit it. And he was gonna show up here any second.
I saw Tony come in, got up and tried to grab him first, but he'd already seen it.

I know how it is when a woman you want goes for another man, but I couldn't really figure it out with Tony. He had Ginny, and he loved the girl, I knew that. But he had that look on his face. He thought Red was his, and she wasn't.
I grabbed him by the shoulder. He shook me off hard, tried to turn back towards them.

"No, man," I said. "Come on, we're going outside. Let's go. Now."
Tony went with me. He could've knocked me aside, but that's Tony, he wouldn't do it in a bar. Not now anyway.

"What do you think you're doing?" he shouted at me. "Get out of my face, Don!"

"You back down!" I yelled right back at him. "What're you doing, Tony? You want both of them? Is that it? One isn't enough? You think I don't know how that works? I know! You don't want to do that!"
He took a long, hard breath. Stared up at the upstairs window. "MJ does not, " he stopped, "MJ has never done that," he said, "not in front of me. She's never had anyone but me..." And I could tell he was fighting for that level voice, but he had it.

Now, come on. That piece of work upstairs had "never" had anyone but Tony? I almost laughed out loud, put it aside.

"She's your own private stash, isn't she?" I got up even closer to him. "You got nothing else going, you've always got that. Little extra in the hip pocket in case of a dry spell. That's it, isn't it, Tony? Tony's own personal fan club girl. Got some jealousy messing with you? You know what? You're gonna wreck everything you got if you get all hot because she's got another man. Give it up! You can't have both of them!"
"My own private stash," Tony repeated, cold, dead cold voice. "Don, I do not and have never had a private stash. And MJ is not my 'personal fan club girl'." "What did I see up there then? You were about to take that guy out because he kissed that redhead you don't care about! She's not your woman, oh no, man, of course not. You're gonna tell me you're not jealous? I know what that's about, Tony!"

Tony got real still. I could see him breathing hard. He's a smart guy, though, and he was thinking about it. "I was, wasn't I," he said. "We go back a long time...No matter what else, MJ was always there...."

"Yeah. Well, it's over. Let it go."

Very quiet, he said, "This is messed up, Don. I've got Gen at home packing a suitcase and talking about moving in with Claire. I've been fighting with her all evening about MJ. And it looks like she's right. I don't know what I've been feeling for MJ, but I can't lose Gen over her."
For anyone who cares, I'm kind of tired of standing on a sidewalk watching Tony walk away. I'm even more tired of worrying about him. He's got, what, two women now? Well, he started out the evening with two -- looks like he might be down to nothing unless he talks fast.

Tony doesn't do much in the way of 'thank you, Don' either.
I wasn't going to chase after Tony, and I was curious about what was going on with MJ, so I made my way back upstairs into the bar.

The two of them were in what looked like a standoff, and the guy was angry.
"What is going on here?" he was saying to her. "I'm stuck off in another city all this time, on the phone every night with you, we had plans, and here's some guy trying to take me out because I'm kissing you? You told me you weren't seeing anyone! Who was that?" "I wasn't seeing anyone!" MJ yelled at him. "He's a friend -- I didn't know he was going to react like that! He's engaged!"

"Then I hope his fiancee knows he has a crush on you," he snapped. "Who is he?"

She looked real uncomfortable, even more so when she saw me walk back in the room.
"Hi, Don," she said.

I grinned at her. "Hello there, MJ."

"Thanks," she kind of muttered, "for what you did just then."

Her man looked at me, looked at her, and I could see the light bulb go on. "Lothario," he said in a low voice. "Of all the people in the world I would run into..."
All right, this had gotten really interesting. "You want to introduce me, MJ?" I asked her.

It was pretty obvious she didn't.

He stepped up to me, shook my hand. "My name is Ryan," he said. "Thanks for stopping that scene."

"Don Lothario, and you're welcome. Tony's having some problems, he just needed some air. Do we know each other?"
I looked at him. Real good looking guy, unusual long, gray eyes. He looked familiar.

He looked at MJ. "It's ok," she said. "I'm going to get a drink."

"So you're Don," he said to me. "And that was Tony you took outside for 'air'." He seemed almost as uneasy as MJ did.
He watched her go to the bar, then looked back at me.

"Yeah," I said to him. "What's going on?"

"My name is Ryan Westover," he said, watching me carefully without answering the question. "You probably see the resemblance to my sister. I'm Eden's brother."
Eden's brother. No wonder I recognized him -- the bleached hair had thrown me off. Oh man, I thought, this is just plain wierd. I mean, what are the odds? Tony was going to kill the guy. Not only did he lose his fan club girl, he lost her to Eden's brother. I didn't even know she had a brother. Wondered if Tony knew. I didn't know what to say.

"I know what she did to your family," Ryan was going on, an expression on his face like he'd done something, playing defense. "I've been running from my sister and her rep for years. I haven't seen her in a long time and don't care if I ever see her again... Went to a different university, avoided her, that's why I never met Tony."
Maybe he wasn't such a bad guy if he didn't like Eden.

"I don't know, man," I said, "I'd keep away from Tony if I were you. I'd move to another city, like, tomorrow. And take your girl there with you."

"I can't," he told me. "I've just taken over management of my firm's local office here. But I'll keep my distance, thanks."

Poor guy, if he was ok, he had a lot of family to live down. "Well, nice meeting you," I told him. "Good luck with the redhead. You're gonna need it."
I was glad to get out of there. Wondering if I should tell Tony or let him find out on his own. Whatever, I'd worry about that later, I had someplace else I needed to go before I went home. It was real quiet in the little garden where Ellen is buried. I lit her candles again -- she always liked yellow candles.

"Hey pretty lady," I said. "You know I really miss you." This was going to sound real stupid, but I said it anyway. "Sometime when you're not watching over Gabe, maybe you could help me out some. I'm not doing too good without you. I get lonely."
The wind blew the tree branches around, almost as if she was trying to answer me. I straightened up her flowers, took a deep breath and went home. I drove out of there fast, ran a few lights. It was a lot later than I usually get home.

Gabe came out of the house when I parked and came up and said, "Dad, are you ok?"
Yeah, I'm ok. The rest of the world is messed up, but I'm ok. I'd been crying all evening, sobbing on the phone to poor Claire, who was sympathetic but seemed at a loss to really understand why I wanted to stay with her.

By the time Tony came back, I was almost numb, didn't want to go, didn't want to give in, either.

"We have to talk," he said as soon as he walked in the door.
"I don't have anything more to talk to you about," I said stiffly. "Please get out of my way."

He ignored me. "You were right, there was a problem with MJ, but it was a different problem than you thought. There's no reason for you to leave."
"Unless you're going to tell me you're not going to be hanging out with her anymore, then nothing has changed and I AM going to leave."

Tony looked straight at me. "I won't be hanging out with her anymore."

I stared at him. This was completely unexpected. "I don't believe you," I told him. "Why would you suddenly change your mind? I need to get out of here for a while, Tony."
"What did I just tell you?" He was close to shouting at me. He looked awful, tense, tired. "I am not going to see her anymore! What more do I have to do? You are NOT leaving!"

"How are you going to stop me?" I demanded. "Are you going to physically prevent me from getting out the door? Just try it!"

"All right," Tony told me. "If that's what it takes. I can do that."
I started to try to get around him when Tony grabbed me, literally lifted me off my feet and started for the stairs.

"What do you think you're doing! Let me down!" I think I'd started crying again, though.

"No," he said, in a softer voice, right against my cheek. "I'm taking you upstairs. You're not leaving. I love you, Gen, and I will not let you go."
It's still early in the morning, still dark. I'm standing here watching Tony sleep, one of my favorite things in the world to do. Except for that brief exchange when he first came back tonight, he didn't do any more talking, so I don't know what happened. But if he stays away from MJ, it doesn't matter what happened.

I'm not going to leave. The pieces don't fit together yet, but I'm not leaving him. I made a big circle on the calendar downstairs a few minutes ago -- I'm going to marry this man, and I'm not going to wait to do it.

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#17thecaringcatMar 10, 2007

PLEASE make more! this story is excellent!\:rah\:

#18lilqueennbriMar 12, 2007

Your series is so great. I enjoy it a lot. I hope you make a second part to it. If there was still ratings I would give you a 5.0. Although MJ's aproach was jacked up I kind of agree with her, you got to fight for your man. I also like how Tony fought for her by not letting her go, that was real sweet.\:D And I liked that you gave everyone a chance to say their side of the story. One last thing, in one of the last chapters Ginny stated that she was a virgin. Is she still? Ill be looking out on the next installment. Hope its soon.\:D

#19lilqueennbriMar 12, 2007

sry I ment another part when I I sayed second\:D

#20chardonnayonedgeMar 13, 2007

This story is great! Keep it up. For the blurriness...have you gone under the camera settings and adjusted it to the highest and largest? Other than that...I don't know. Any one else?

#21KismynameMar 27, 2007

I absolutely love this series! \:rah\:

#22LlyrielMay 18, 2007

It's fantastic how you pull it off each time. You say Decorgal is your picasso, but I think you're beyond her abilities - story-wise. Decorgal still rawks at filming & writing scripts, but your stories reach 10 000 times more into my heart. I like and dislike MJ at the same time. I think she doesn't mean it too badly - I think she is testing Ginny to see if she truly is good for Tony. After all, if Ginny can't turn her man away from distractions by being even better than them then... well.. Tony might get distracted. LOL. But I also think MJ is going the wrong way about it and that she probably has had too much vitamin C being as arrogant and having a totally inflated ego the way she does. I like Ginny, but I don't like her jealousy. She is being unreasonable, I think. She should trust that Tony will never betray her, he's just not that kind of guy. Can she really marry someone she doesn't trust? Tony shouldn't marry a girl that doesn't trust him. Look forward to the next one!!

#23Downtimegirl91Jun 24, 2007

oh my god she's so beautiful and your story ,too.great work...the story is amazing!!!\:rah\: \:wub\: love it

#24Jul 7, 2007

Wow, I absolutely love this. Don cracks me up.

#25ZayuryNov 26, 2007

\:rah\: Wow! The plot thickens! Gabe looks so cute as a teen, OMG, it's hard to believe what a gorgeous hunk he is going to become! AWESOME story! \:wub\: \:rah\:

#26KenvjoFeb 25, 2008

Excellent as usual! On to the next chapter\:rah\:

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