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The Other Woman V
Published Sep 25, 2019

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Part 5

Part 5 Nova: Okay. She likes to be put to bed by her favorite book "Goodnight Sim". And her snacks are individually bagged in the refrigerator with the time of when to feed them to her. I have all the emergency contacts on the desk and if you can't get ahold of me, call Dj and she can help.
Manuel: Nova. It will be fine. I can handle it.
Nova: But this is your first time alone with her and I don't know if she has been used to you yet.
Manuel (to Kiya): We are going to have fun while mommy is gone?
Kiya: Fun Daddy!
Manuel: Exactly. And we will listen to all mommy rules right.
Kiya: No!
Manuel: Well you heard it.
Nova: Manuel.
Manuel: Do not worry. I have the numbers if anything goes wrong. Now have a good day at work.
Manuel walked Nova to the door and closed it shut as soon as she passed the threshold.
Manuel: Now daddy is going to need your help. Let's call it operation get mommy back.
Kiya: Mommy back.
Manuel: Right. I'm going to get my family back and my little darling girl is going to help me.
Kiya: Help?
Manuel: Right (kissing her on the cheek)
Everyday Manuel arrived at the apartment early to make breakfast for Nova before she left for work. If she didn't have time to eat, he made sure to bag it for her to eat. She was getting used to him being there so much it seemed to fit.
Manuel adored his little girl. He was determined to make up for the years he lost with her. He spoiled her with gifts and taking her to as many places as he could. They spent so much time doing activities they were nearly tired by the time they reached home. But he always made sure he was in time to cook dinner for them. He'd also leave a plate for Nova when she arrived home from working late.
Nova walked in the apartment quietly. She knew it was late and she was afraid of waking up everyone else. She didn't see Manuel on the couch or Kiya in her bed. She peeked in her room and saw both of them lying on her bed. Both looked peaceful. She tiptoed in the room making sure she would disturb Kiya who was holding tightly to Manuel's shirt. Nova (whispering): Manuel.....Manuel.....Manuel
Manuel (still sleeping): Hmm
Nova: I'm home now. We can put Kiya to bed so you can go home.
Manuel (mumbling): Everything's fine. Dinner in the oven.
Nova: No. That's not what I said. You (sighs) forget it.
Manuel finally woke hours later. Worried he tried to get up but realized Kiya was still snuggled under him. There was a small note laid next to him.
[I'm letting you two sleep in the bed tonight. You looked too cute to disturb. Thank you again for dinner. It was delicious. ]

Manuel: She thinks we're cute.
He kisses Kiya on the head and goes back to sleep.
Dj: So you let him sleepover?
Nova: Not with me. I was on the couch.
Dj: So tell me how it's been playing house for the past weeks.
Nova: Again, we are not playing house.
Dj: He's with Kiya so you can go to work. Makes your breakfast and dinner when you get home. Cleans the house and makes sure everyone is taken care of. Sounds like house to me.
Nova: You're looking too much into it. He's helping me take care of Kiya so I can work. I don't have to pay a babysitter extra for the late hours. I don't have to bother you. And he gets to spend time with his daughter.
Dj: Who you didn't want him to see in the first place.
Nova: So I changed my mind. I can do that.
Dj: Don't get mad. I'm just stating the facts.
Nova: I know it doesn't seem right but when has anything ever been easy.
Dj: I'm not against what you're doing. I just want you to be true to yourself. Be honest. It's good having him around again?
Nova: It's good for Kiya.
Dj: And you don't have any feelings for him anymore? That's why it was so easy for you to agree in the first place.
Nova: I am fine Dj. I appreciate you being worried and all. But I am over him. He has someone back home and he is just spending time with Kiya till he goes back. I'm grateful for the time he is spending and hopefully, he will keep in touch with her when he is gone.
Dj: You don't have to convince me, Nova. I'm rooting for you. All three of you.
Nova: Well I better go. He has something planned for us tonight.
Kelly: Nova left already.
Dj: Yep.
Kelly: So what was it about this time?
Dj: The poor girls in love again.
Kelly: With Mr. Big.
Dj: Yep.
Dj: I just hope they do not hurt each other this time. Days later...

Manuel is busy in the kitchen making dinner when Nova gets home.
Manuel: Earlier than usual?
Nova: We got out on good behavior.
Manuel: Well you are just in time for something special.
The three of them sat at the table and ate dinner. Nova's eyes sparkled with the first bite.
Nova: This is good.
Manuel: It's a family recipe. One of my nannies showed me how to make it.
Nova: Well this is wonderful. You have to make it again.
Manuel: How about you Kiya? Do you like it?
Kiya's face was covered in sauce.
Manuel: How was work today?
Nova: Only a few more days and the festival will be here. I'm just glad we're still making sales since most of the crew have been working on prep work. And once everything is done I will be looking forward to a two week paid vacation.
Manuel: Any plans for the vacation?
Nova: Not yet. But more than likely, I'll just be taking it easy. After working nonstop, anything will be a vacation.
Manuel: You can always visit me.
Nova laughed.
Nova: Thanks for the invite but I don't want to be a bother.
Manuel: It won't be. Kiyah's never been to my home. It will be great for her and relaxing for you.
Nova: I'll think about it.
Manuel looked over to Kiya and gave her a wink.
They continued eating. The rain was tapping harder on the apartment window.
Manuel: Looks like it's going to get worse.
Nova: You can stay a little while longer....until the rain stops...if..if you want to.
Manuel: Do you want me to?
Nova: It''s up to you.
Manuel: Do you want me to stay a little longer Kiya?
Kiya: Yeah!
Shortly after putting Kiya to bed, Manuel joined Nova on the couch.
Manuel: Thanks for inviting me to stay longer.
Nova: The weather was getting worse. I didn't want anything to happen to you on your way back.
Manuel: Right. So what are you watching?
Nova: Nothing really.
Nova began rubbing her neck.
Manuel: Are you alright?
Nova (wincing): Yea. Just a little sore from all the lifting and moving.
Manuel: Allow me.
Nova: No. Don't worry. I'm fine.

But he didn't listen. His hands were gentle and strong as he kneaded her shoulders. She tried to moan to herself but every few moments she couldn't help allowing the sounds to release from her mouth.
They watched movies until the late hours, falling asleep on the couch. Manuel woke in the middle of the night realizing that he was still in her apartment. He tried to raise up but felt Nova nestle more into his body. It felt familiar. Like all the other times before when they were together. He held her close and kissed her forehead.

Manuel: I still love you.
The morning light showed through the living room window. Nova was the first to wake up. She rubbed her eyes and saw that she was laying on top of a sleeping Manuel.
Nova (whispering): Manuel, Manuel....wake up.

She touched his face. There was a calmness in his expression. She rubbed the side of his face, remembering how it felt once before. It felt the same. And although she didn't want to, she began to remember again.
She remembered all the moments they spent together years ago. How he made it so easy to be with him. How he made her anxious every day they were with each other and hopeful when they were apart. And now that he was back in her life, she saw the same expression in Kiya when she saw her daddy. She saw a lot of him in their daughter. And she was happy that they could be together, even for a short time. But her smile disappeared when she realized that his time here would be short. He would be leaving soon just as he had before. This time she wasn't going to be blindsided by him again. She was going to prepare herself to not be hurt as she was those years ago. He was leaving them again. This time for his wife. Nova: I can't believe you won her that huge bear at the festival. You spoil her too much.
Manuel: I have to. She's my baby girl. Isn't that what fathers are supposed to do.
Nova: I guess.
Manuel: So have you made plans for your vacation next week.
Nova: No. I think I'll just save money and spend time here.
Manuel: My offer still stands.
Nova: We've been over this. I don't think it would be right for us to be there.
Manuel: You have talked about it. But you still never said why. Kiya needs to know where she is from. The other half of her.
Nova: I understand but maybe another time.
Manuel: When?
Nova: I don't know.
Manuel: Are you afraid to travel? Didn't you say you always wanted to cross the ocean? This is your chance.
Nova: But us being there. Won't that cause tension between you and your wife?
Manuel: I'm not married Nova.
Nova: You're not.
Manuel: No. I never married her. I called off the engagement.
Nova: When? Why? Wait I don't want to know.
Manuel: I think I need to clear some things up between us.
Nova: Nope. I don't need to know. You and I are not together and so it's none of my business.
Manuel: But.
Nova: No.
Nova: I've told myself that we are fine as we are now. Two parents raising a beautiful little girl. And anything more than this will just complicate things. And now that we have someone else to worry about I don't want Kiya to be stuck in the middle of it. Manuel: Is that how you really feel Nova.
Nova: Yes...yes it is.
Manuel: Will you at least think about letting Kiya see me for the next few weeks? I'd really like to spend as much time with her as possible.
Nova: I still don't know at this point. But I will think about it.
As it was getting late Manuel hugged Kiya goodbye.
Manuel: I'll be leaving in a few days. I'll miss you.
Kiya: Bye Daddy. Come back.
Manuel: I'll try.
Nova tried to look away at the beautiful father-daughter moment.
Later on that night Nova sat at her computer to finish the rest of her report for work. An email was sent to her. She opened it and found two airline tickets vouchers

"Please reconsider. I'll miss you both. Love Manuel".

Nova stared at the tickets. Why was she so afraid? This would all be for Kiya, right? Being raised in a large family, she believed in their strong bond. It has been difficult these past years raising Kiya by herself. So why would she deny him the right to spend time with her? I mean Kiya.
Days later, Nova and Kiya boarded a plane to the Island. It was a long flight. In order to get to the Island, they had to board a smaller plane because there was no closer airport. Once on the Island, the mother and daughter were greeted by the Ashute's driver and taken to Manuel's home.
Nova: I thought he would be here to meet us.
Driver: He would have been miss, but he has been busy getting the home ready.
Nova: Ready?
Driver: Yes, for your arrival. He wanted to make sure everything was in order.
The home was deep in the middle of the island. Nova could not believe how beautiful everything looked. It was just as Manuel described years ago when they were dating. The vehicle stopped in front of the house, and Nova took Kiya as she walked towards the front of the building. Manuel came from inside the house to greet them.
Manuel: I hope the ride was okay.
Nova: It was. You have a really nice home.
Manuel: Wait until you see the inside. Come with me.
Manuel: And here is Kiya's room. I decorated it myself. I hope she likes it.
Kiya pushed her way out of her mother's arms and walked to the castle at the end of the room.
Nova: I think you have found your answer.
Manuel: While she is occupied, let me show you your room.
Nova: It's wonderful.
Manuel: This is room has the best view. It's my room.
Nova: And where will you sleep?
Manuel: In one of the guest rooms. I wanted to make sure that you would not be too far away from Kiya. My room is down the hall. I also have hired a nanny so you can take an actual vacation and relax while you are here.
Nova: That won't be necessary.
Manuel: I know. But I want to. It is getting late and I won't keep you any longer. Get some sleep and I will tend to Kiya.
Manuel left and the room became silent. After unpacking her luggage, Nova walked to the balcony. Manuel was right, the view was wonderful. She took a long sigh.
Nova: Just two weeks. This is all for Kiya. You can do this.

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Bo0GeRBELLNov 20, 2019

It went by so quickly! You have a gift for storytelling!! \:rah\:

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