The legend of Arash - Chapter 2
Published Apr 10, 2007

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Hi everyone! Sorry for the long wait. I already uploaded this chapter several times, but I've had technical difficulties in the site, so I hope this time, the upload is successful.

Also, I want to give a special thanks to the amazing Alyosha, who was generous enough to accept my request and build the amazing lot you see in the background. :D

And without further delay, I give you 2nd chapter of "The legend of Arash". So here we go...

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long wait. I already uploaded this chapter several times, but I've had technical difficulties in the site, so I hope this time, the upload is successful.

Also, I want to give a special thanks to the amazing Alyosha, who was generous enough to accept my request and build the amazing lot you see in the background. :D

And without further delay, I give you 2nd chapter of "The legend of Arash". So here we go...
In our last chapter, Lady Gaia was left crying in her cell. The Durgas, evil robots under the command of Lord Theseus, had kidnapped her so she could attract Captain Phoenix and his team into a trap. Meanwhile, our heroes were listening intently to Medea, hoping that any relevant information she might give would allow them to rescue their leader. They knew Lady Gaia was probably still in that system, but it could be impossible to track her down without any clues. "Captain, if the Durgas came in a small spaceship as Medea is saying, that doesn't necessarily mean anything." said Crystal in a frustrated tone. "The ship could belong to a small fleet... for all we know they could be long gone by now!"

"Something tells me they are still on this planet," said Captain Phoenix "we didn't detect any fleet nearby when we came and the Durgas didn't kill Medea for a reason... they want to be found."
"I remember Lady Gaia mentioning once that there are a few biotech complexes in this area, so I think we should start with that before we search the other planets in this system" said Captain Phoenix. "Lieutenant Raiden, I want you and Lieutenant Aella to look out for Medea while the rest of us explore this moon."

"Yes, Captain!" Raiden and Aella said simultaneously.
Crystal and Gunnar followed Captain Phoenix back to their ship, leaving Aella and Raiden behind.

"Well, at least I'm not going to just stand here like Aella and Raiden" Crystal thought to herself. "I just hope we can find Lady Gaia in time..."
Aella tried to console Medea, who couldn't stop crying. Truth was, Medea felt guilty for allowing her leader to be taken away like that, without a fight. She had just stood there watching, without being able to stop the Durgas.

"She'll be alright... don't worry Medea, they'll find her" said Raiden, trying to sound confident.
Our heroes soon found the biotech complexes Lady Gaia had mentioned. After a few hours investigating every building in the area, they arrived at the last facility. To their surprise, they found their mysterious host was already expecting them. Captain Phoenix recognised him immediately. Lord Baal had been his instructor when he joined the academy many years ago. It was amazing how he had not aged at all. "Welcome, Captain Phoenix" said Lord Baal "I find it most unfortunate that we only seem to meet in times of war. My people told me you were investigating this area. What can I do for you?"

Captain Pheonix thoguht Lord Baal's young appearance was very disturbing. But he trusted his old instructor; in fact, Lord Baal had saved his life more than once, so maybe he could help them.
"Lord Baal, I'm sorry to disturb you at this hour" said Captain Phoenix, feeling he was a young soldier again. "I regret to inform you that our leader, Lady Gaia, was taken away by the Durgas just a few hours ago. We are looking for clues to discover where she is." After listening carefully to Captain Pheonix, Lord Baal turned his back on him.

"Captain Phoenix, I agree with you... Lady Gaia is probably still on this planet," Lord Baal said "but I do not advise you to go look for her unprepared. This sounds like a trap..."

"So, are you suggesting we let her die, then?" Captain Phoenix couldn't help feeling a bit irritated with his indifference.
"No," Lord Baal said, facing him again "but it's foolish to go look for someone unprepared. If Lord Theseus wanted her killed, she would be already dead. So I advise you to stay the night and clear your thoughts. Tomorrow I have something important to show you." Lord Baal left the room, leaving Captain Pheonix pondering his words. If Lady Gaia died because he could not rescue her in time, he would never be able to forgive himself. Meanwhile, back at Lord Theseus dungeon...

"Are all the Durgas ready?" Lord Theseus asked. "I do not want any mistakes this time."

"Durgas are standing by, Lord Theseus" One of the robots replied.
Lady Gaia watched the Durgas leave with Lord Theseus. One of them turned his metallic face to look at her. She found it odd, somehow. Althought she knew they were only machines, she almost felt he was human. Back at the biotech facility, Captain Phoenix and his team were discussing what to do next.

Crystal and Gunnar were quite preplexed to see their Captain considering Lord Baal's advice.
"We can't just stay here sleeping while Lady Gaia is being held hostage somewhere!" Crystal said. "Captain, who is this Lord Baal, anyway? He can't be more experienced than us, why do you even listen to him?" "Lord Baal was my instructor, he is much older and wiser than you think" Captain Phoenix said. "I trust him with my life... and he does have a point. We're as good as dead if we are unprepared..." "But he looks so young!" Gunnar was stunned with this information. "Captain, are you sure about all this?"

"I'm sure, Lieutenant..." Captain Pheonix said. "I'm going to bed now... good night."
In his dungeon, Lord Theseus pondered if there were any flaws in his plan. He wanted to destroy the rebels once and for all. For years they had stood against him, but now that he had captured Lady Gaia, things were about to change... Lady Gaia remained in her cell, of course. Althought she was worried about Captain Phoenix and his team, something else was troubling her now. She couldn't forget that fleeting moment when the Durga looked at her. "Crystal, are you ok?" Gunnar asked, feeling worried. "You didn't eat anything since we came back from Chloris." Usually he just liked to tease her, but in times like these, he couldn't help showing how much he cared for her. "Yes, don't worry. I'm just don't understand why he trusts that Lord Baal so much. But I'm ok, really." Crystal said, feeling grateful for his concern. When he wasn't being a prat, Gunnar could be really sweet sometimes. "Listen, Captain Phoenix always made the right call and we have to trust him on this one too. Just..." And then, to her surprise, he hugged her. "I'll be here for you if you need me..." Gunnar whispered in her ear, trying to sound reassuring. He never told her he was worried too, worried that he could lose her in this mission. And that was something he couldn't live with. Meanwhile, Captain Phoenix entered his chamber, hoping he would clear his mind in the next few hours. He didn't even bother to take his clothes off. He was so tired, and yet, he couldn't stop thinking. What if Crystal and Gunnar were right? Should he have trusted his old instructor so much? And what did Lord Baal want to show him tomorrow that was so important? He tried to relax, sensing the hours go by as he looked at the glass ceiling. He just hoped he was making the right decision. (to be continued)

Credits: Custom content can be found in TSR (you can find this lot in Alyosha's profile!), Modthesims, Parsimonious, Reflexsims, Insimenator, Stylistsims and Sapphiresims2.

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#39TheaDidiaApr 23, 2007

Brilliant, again! It is so different from your first series; you are certainly very talented to be able to do things that are so different and both so well! \:D 5.0, as always!

#40RIDanceApr 25, 2007

great plot- brilliant characters!

#41scarlet_whiteApr 27, 2007

A beautiful sequel, glad it is all written now, I don't have to wait to see how it ends hehe

#42May 10, 2007

Nice story, estatica \:D another 5 stars \:rah\:

#43dianovaJun 24, 2007

The plot thickens. \:P cool!

#44OpheliaNivalJan 12, 2008

This is very exciting! You really get the reader thinking and wondering about the same things as the characters... I couldn't help but finding the relationship between Crystal and Gunnar incredibly sweet and adorable... \:wub\:

#45qvisnJan 28, 2008

Brilliant.\:rah\: \:D

#46hlspoetApr 1, 2008

Lovely set design, compelling writing and great characters. I'm reading the rest of this right now, couldn't stop if I wanted to! Thank you for putting such an interesting and beautiful story together.

#47Ultra-VioletJul 17, 2008

WOW very interesting.\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#48fabrizioammolloMar 7, 2009

<p>The story is so catchy... Great characters too, I like their doubts and their fears, those make them realistic.</p>

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