Sim Model Search Pt. 4
Published Aug 9, 2007

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( 9:45 a.m.)
Janet and I re entered the room after a long debate over which girl should leave. I addressed the girls, who waited nervously to hear our decision. "Ladies, I want you to know that we took all of your work into consideration and went back and forth on two of you for a long time. Gia and Amber will you please stand."

( 9:45 a.m.)
Janet and I re entered the room after a long debate over which girl should leave. I addressed the girls, who waited nervously to hear our decision. "Ladies, I want you to know that we took all of your work into consideration and went back and forth on two of you for a long time. Gia and Amber will you please stand."
The two girls stood and gave each other a good luck smile before positioning themselves to face the judges. "This was an extremely hard choice to make, Gia you've had a couple of great photos and then some ok photos but you haven't been consistent. Amber your photos have gone from alright to nice, you're definately improving with each photo but is the level of improvement enough to be a supermodel. I was ready to let you both go today and concentrate my time on the two ladies who have been consistant with every task given them but Gia you can thank Janet this week because of her you will be staying." Gia couldn't help but show her excitment that she was staying after being told she was almost out. Amber couldn't hide her disappointment and began crying in front of every one. Gia calmed herself down long enough to say bye Amber. Out of all the girls in the house they had become the closes and she really didn't want to see her go. After Amber packed she made her way to the departure room. "I don't even know how to answer that question. How do I feel about going home, about losing the opportunity to sign with D Gilbert Modeling Agency and continue to learn from Debbye and Ms Spight........ I feel heart broken. I can't even breathe right now I'm so disappointed in myself...... I'm happy they didn't send Gia home too. She's been my best friend here and I think she has a lot of potential. If I couldn't win I hope she does. But I really hate to be leaving." All the girls watched as Amber left the house. All saden by her leaving. She was kind to them all and would be missed. After I let the girls say their final goodbyes to Amber I called them back into the room to talk to them. "Ladies, if you haven't felt like this was a competiton before you will after the events planned for the next several days. You've been having two seperate photos that we use for judging. Now we have three photo shoots that we will send you on. All I can say at the moment is that every shoot will be about capturing emotion or movement. So if you haven't been in the mirror praticing emotion you need to start. If you don't know how to be pretty at all times you need to learn. You have to be aware of where the camera is always, no more wasting roll after roll to get the perfect shot. We will judge what you give us with the amount of film given. We leave in half an hour for the first photo shoot. So get ready." (6:00 p.m.)
The first photo shoot was a winter shoot. They modeled outerwear but the added bonus was it was on ice skates. After the photo shoot was over the girls were exhausted and waited patiently to leave.
(1:00 p.m.)
Janet and I walked into the house the next day to find the girls studying. They were surprised to see us with a man in the house.
Janet explained our reason for being there. "I want to introduce you to some one I have worked with for years. This is Marco, he owns Styles By Marco. When its time to clean up a models look or change their image Marco is everyones first choice which is why we called him today. Yes ladies you are getting make overs." Frankie was the first one to go. Marco listened to our vision for her and proceeded to do what he does best. Frankie was a little hesitant at how eager Marco was to grab his sissors....... But was completely amazed at the out come. "That color is amazing on you, your hair is beautiful." Nikki gushed when Frankie entered the room to tell her that she was next. After seeing how great Frankie's hair turned out Nikkie was eager to see what they would do to her. Marco revealed the cut to her before Janet colored her hair and she broke down crying. We gave her a few minutes to pull herself together before dying her hair and she was still unhappy when Janet let her look in the mirror. Marco began adding the extentions to Gia's hair after Nikki left the room still on the verge of tears. After Marco was finished Janet colored Gia's hair and she was very pleased with the end result. (10:00 p.m.)
"We think it looks great, you make one hot blonde." Frankie said trying to console Nikki. "I love the cut Nikkie, you just gotta get use to it, you look great." Gia added. "I look stupid, why did they have to cut all my hair off, they didn't cut yours off." Nikki cried. "They did cut mine." Frankie protested. "Not all of it, I look like a boy." "You're being silly, you're going to let a fabulous hair cut send you home Nikki snap out of it." Gia added before her and Frankie left Nikki alone to continue feeling sorry for herself.
"Can you believe her, She cried in front of Marco too, that's like an insult to a stylist." Frankie said to Gia. "I would understand her actting like this if her hair was messed up but that cut and color looks really good on her." Gia added. "After what happened with Cookie talking back you would think she would try and control her emotions a little more." responded Frankie "Well I would rather her go home than me so if she lets this cut mess up her pictures then oh well. I know I want to be here, so if they had decided to shave my head bald, I would have smiled and rocked it." Gia lauged. "She's still crying about her hair cut, I wanted to smack her when she insulted Marco like that." Janet whispered to me not wanting the girls to hear us talking about one of them. "I saw your face, I thought I was goig to have pull your butt off her." I laughed "I'm going to sit her down and talk to her about it tomorrow, if I talk to her tonight you still might." Janet replied jokingly. (3:00 p.m.)
After Nikki was finished with wardrop and waiting to take her Rock Star photo Janet pulled her aside so they could talk. "You crying like that yesterday in front of the stylist was very rude to say the least. I understand you being shocked to see how much hair we cut off but you never make some one who you may need to work with in the future feel like you hated their creation. Marco will never want to work with you again, you do realize that don't you. He could even call up other people and say don't work with that model Nikki Frank she's rude, she's not appreciative I gave her a free cut and she cried like I ruined her career."
"I didn't think of it like that, I do like the cut. I didn't mean to offend him. It just took me so long to grow my hair out to see it gone was emotional but I never said it was ugly." "You need to call Marco and apologize but put every thing out of your mind so you can nail this photo shoot." "I will call him thank you for talking to me Ms. Spight I'm so sorry about how I behaved." (11:30 p.m.)
After the photo shoot Gia found Nikki sitting alone in the garden. "Why are you out here by yourself?" "I tried to call Marco to apologize because Janet said he could black list me but he's not taking my calls. You think he would really tell other hair stylist not to work with me." "Its possible, every body in this business live or die by their reputation. You just gotta keep trying to call, but hey we're nobody's right why would he waste his time doing that. He was just doing Ms Spight a favor by coming here. I'm sure he doesn't even remember our names." "I hope you're right." "It's cold out here, I'm going in you coming." "In a minute." Nikki answered.
She sat outside trying to figure out if Janet was only trying to scare her or if she really had something to worry about. She hoped her photo's from tonight turned out ok and that her actions wouldn't get her eliminated from the competition. "Guess what?" Gia said to Frankie after coming in from the cold talking to Nikki. "What's up?" "Apparently Janet told Nikki that her out burst last night offended Marco and he could put out the word that she's a pain to work with." "NO. You think he said something." "I don't know, I told Nikki that he wouldn't waste his time, its not like she's won the competiton yet, why make a phone call about a girl who may never model in his city. But the thought has gotten her pretty shook up." "I wonder how she did on her photo shoot." "Or if she'll get it together for tomorrows." (9:30 a.m.)
The next morning since the photo shoot was in the afternoon Janet and I joined the girls for breakfast. During breakfast I explained about the shoot. I informed the girls they would have to prepare theirself for an emotional shoot. The girls tried to figure out what I meant but I told them they wouldn't know until they got to the set. "Have a great shoot today ladies and we'll see you tomorrow morning for eliminations."
(8:00 a.m.)
The girls entered the room together the next morning, the fact that it would be the end of the road for one more girl weighed heavily on their hearts.
I let the girls take their seats before addressing them. "We all know why we're here so lets get started. First we have Frankie's ice skating photo." "The goal was to capture a pretty, natual, motion shot. Your face was doing alot of crazy things in your turns but this is good picture." Janet explained. "Next is your Rock Star after the make over shot." I stated before revealing the next picture on the screen. "The darker hair really works on you. It's still a soft picture I was expected more of a harder edge but its nice." Janet said. "And last is from your emotions photo shoot." I added. "It's breath taking, you were able to take the direction of the photographer well. He said he had captured what he was looking for with in the first five shots you didn't even need the rest of your film." I gushed. "How do you feel seeing the transformation from a blonde to what you see here." Janet asked. "I can't beleve how different I look. I look in the mirror and I can't even remember how I looked as a blonde, this feels right, it feels like me, and It looks good in the pictures so I'm very happy." "Next up is Gia's iceskating photo." "You had trouble controling your mouth in mostly every shot. You'd go into the turn and your mouth would become harsh but he finally pulled out a natural looking photo." Janet explained. "Now for your Rock Star shot." "Lightening your hair, made all your features open up. The firery red is a great color for your skin tone." Janet criticed. "Your emotions photo is next." "It looks very real, like you are really going through something tramatic you sold it in your eyes and with the pained expression on your face. I would have preferred softer but it has alot of emotion." Janet declared. "What do you think of your transformation." I asked wanting to give each girl a chance to say what was on their mind. "I have loved every minute of it. Who wouldn't love longer thicker hair. But not only that I have learned so much through everything you've had us do. There was a lesson in every photo shoot and I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn." "You're very welcome. Now Nikki we have your skating photo." "The direction given was to capture motion, the photographer wanted you to spin, turn, skate faster, give him something. You gave us a pretty picture with no motion. You let your fear of falling keep you from completely the task. Yes, you only had a few film to nail a pretty and natual picture. Yes, you gave us a pretty picture. Probably the prettiest of the three but No, you didn't follow directions and a photographer will give up before he will beg and beg you to do what he asked. Next is your Rock Star photo after the make over that had you in tears." "Short, blond with redish highlights it opened up your eyes and now you can see those beautiful cheekbones. Who knew those checkbones looked like that." Janet exclaimed. "Last is your emotions photo." "You have this beautiful long neck that we never noticed before and you followed directions to the tee. You had several photos to choose from some were softer, some were more pained. You did a good job." "How was this week for you." I asked. "The last photo says it all it was emotional. I love the make over and how it looks in photos, I realize I didn't behave very professionally during the make over and that I didn't do what I needed at the first photo shoot. I am my own worse enemy and if I get out of my own way I do well, this week has showed me that." "This is going to be the hardest decision that we ever had to make, who do we send home this week. Gia who came close to going home last week but delivered three great photos this week. Frankie who has been consistant through out the entire competition but even after a dramatic make over is still delivering soft pictures. Or Nikki who has had a near break down this week. Each of you have so much potential but we all know in the end there can only be one winner. Remain here while Janet and I deliberate."

Thank you again for reading. This time I would like you to give me two names. I would like you to tell me who you want to see leave this week and who you would like to see win. It's almost over and I appreciate every one who has followed the story and helped me vote some one off each week. Thanks again.

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#1atangkiAug 10, 2007

I want Nikkie to win and Frankie to go. \:D I love Nikkie's makeover. \:D

#2Aug 10, 2007

Frankie to win, Nikki to go xD

#3ZayuryAug 10, 2007

\:rah\: WOW! Excellent chapter!! You are fantastic storyteller! I love the way you draw us in to each character's personality, great job! \:rah\: Frankie's color change looks awesome, I loved all her pics especially the emotional one! Gia looks great as a redhead and her pose in the iceskating photo was wonderful! Nikki looks fantastic with the blond hair and the short style! I loved the pose in her emotion shoot! Unfortunately, I think it was very unprofessional of her to act like that infront of the guest stylist! I vote Nikki to go. Choosing between Gia and Frankie is very hard they are both very pretty, but I think Frankie's photos and makeover were great, so I vote for Frankie to win! \:wub\: \:rah\:

#4RIDanceAug 10, 2007

I like Frankie and her dark hair! I love her shots; she should win. I'm not so fond of Nikki's.

#5Aug 11, 2007

good story idea!

#6emotionsrhighAug 12, 2007

i think Gia should go..although Nikki acted like a baby, Gia was a tattle tale and ran to gossip to Frankie..

#7spacemouseAug 14, 2007

Nikki should go \:\)

#8Eve70Aug 16, 2007

\:rah\: Another great chapter! I LOVE Frankie's new dark hair. Though I like Gia's personality, I think Frankie is the best model. So, Frankie should definitely stay. I wish both Frankie and Gia could win, that would be cool. Nikki is tantrum-prone and full of self-pity.\:cool\: \;\)

#9Frog_man05Aug 25, 2007

This was a good idea. I loved it!\:wub\:

#10civetinjaSep 17, 2007

Great story ! Thanks ! \:\)

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