Mt Challenge - Jill of all Trades
Published Aug 11, 2007

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"Pardon me?" ... "Yes, I'm Penny Dollar, and you are?" ... "Oh so pleased to meet you Mystery Sim, you on your way up town?" ... "Oh he did, well he's right, it is a very nice vegtable stand." ... "Sure, fruit too." ... "No, no, well, not anymore, I used to have a business in this building, lived here as well, but life's challenges change as you well know, and my life has taken on it's own story, as many seem to do around here." ... "Well yes, I suppose I could, if you really want to hear it." ...

"Pardon me?" ... "Yes, I'm Penny Dollar, and you are?" ... "Oh so pleased to meet you Mystery Sim, you on your way up town?" ... "Oh he did, well he's right, it is a very nice vegtable stand." ... "Sure, fruit too." ... "No, no, well, not anymore, I used to have a business in this building, lived here as well, but life's challenges change as you well know, and my life has taken on it's own story, as many seem to do around here." ... "Well yes, I suppose I could, if you really want to hear it." ... "I ended up doing ok in this location, had a nice little shop, but it was a very rough beginning. When I first settled here, I was fresh out of High School, no family, and no simoleans." ... "Oh, because I had a friend who lived here." ... "Jack Hammer, have you met him?" ... "Well, he's engaged to Bella Board, her family owns the grocery, Jack owns Classic Toys, he sold Perfect Pets, anyway, he and I went to different High Schools together." ... "Hahaha, well I mean, he went to a Private school, I went to public school." ... "In a park over in Pleasantview." ... "We became friends over time, we were both alone so it was easy." ... "Yes, nice to have someone to talk to about.... well, stuff." ... "Anyway, after High School Jack went off to College, and I moved to this lovely little town he called home." ... "Oh, I don't know about brave, but it was rough." ... "I found this building, had to convince the town council to let me rent it." ... "They were going to demolish it. That's why I'm here today, to make sure there isn't anything we left behind." ... "They are still going to destroy it." ... "It's a very old building, it was when I first rented it, that's one of the reasons I got such a decent rent for so long." ... "Yes, I am a bit sad to see it go, we are like old friends, but she deserves a rest now. hahaha." ... "I taught myself everything I wanted to know right here within these walls. From robotics, to toy making, to beautiful flower arrangements, my favorite." ... "Oh, I faced so many challenges here." ... "Now I have part of the silver linning of lifes challenges completed, I can sell just about anything to just about anyone, I can restock shelves as fast as the best stockers anywhere, and I can make the cash register sing a pretty song. Please do not take me as a braggart, all I say is true, and now I have also learned how to be proud of my accomplisments, no matter if they are large or small ones." ... "I did give up robotics however." ... "Well, this gentleman in town, Mr Heinz Einstein, you know him?" ... "Nice man, so sweet, well, he was in my shop, when I still had it here, you can't imagine his story." ... "Right, I guess most folks in simworld have heard of alien babies by now, did you hear about that robot of his?" ... "You did, well, that's why I got away from robotics, bit to much IBIBIBI turning on him like that." ... "No, he destroyed it, thats what he told me that day, turned it into scrap, long gone now." ... "There are just so many stories in this town." ... "Hahaha, ok, ok, my story, lets see now, I was doing a lot better, my friend Jack and his High School sweetheart got engaged while they were in college." ... "Oh I adore her, we have become the best of friends, course it doesn't hurt that they introduced me to Bella's very cute twin brother." ... "Yep that's him, and he did have a thing for Kaylynn for awhile, she's also the same woman who created problems for Daniel and Mary Sue Pleasant over there in Pleasantview, so it's no wonder a lot of folks were a bit worried where it may lead." ... "I guess after he met me things started to change, I have never met Kaylynn, but I can't imagine she's too happy with me." ... "Bill and I are engaged now, he helped me through some tough times." ... "This place got broke into one night, and the thief got away." ... "No he didn't get anything, but it just feels so different here now." ... "Yes, it is one of the reasons, "I couldn't seem to sleep at night afterwards so I tried to find solace in my flowers." ... "It helped a little, but fear can be such an overwhelming thing." ... "I tried all kinds of things, yoga, meditation, you name it, I tried it, I just couldn't seem to get back my peace of mind." ... "No pretty much just at night, but it was wearing me out. On top of that, I was exercising my heart out, I figured if I bulked up real good no thief would get one over on me again." ... "Well, no, not really, I was not in the right state of mind at all, so I wasn't getting the right benifits from my actions, basically I was working myself to death." ... "That's when my sweet Bill stepped in, told me he had no intention of marrying a ghost." ... "Made me laugh too, he helped me to take a real good look at things, then we got to talking about building a place over by Jack and Bella, and opening a business up town. Dreams really do come true here." "Achew," ... "Thank you, I seem to be trying to catch a bug today, I probably should be head'n home." ... "Ya know, if your heading up to The Vegtable Stand, you ought to check out Artistic Arts, it's on your way." ... "Beautiful art work, place is owned by Bo Bross, you heard of him?" ... "Well now, his is a story similar to mine." ... "Well, lets see, what I know, and others may know more, however, Mr. Bo Bross is an avid painter, but he was stuck in a dead-end job that he hated. His dreams were of one day selling his paintings in his own art gallery." ... "He was working as a field Scientist when he moved here. Then he also opened a small art gallery in his home." ... "Yes it was, but it taught him a lot about business." ... "Right again, it was all he had in his life at the time." ... "Well when the gallery started to show a small profit Bo hired Allyn Thomasen to work for him." ... "No, he was still working too hard, didn't have enough energy to even get much painting done, and he was so lonely, I know how that can feel." ... "Ya, I guess a lot of folks do." ... "I think he contemplated quiting his job for a long time, but it is hard to give up a sure fire income, especially when it's art that you are planning on supporting yourself with." ... "Oh sure, he saved simoleans everywhere and where ever he could." ... "Hahaha yes, just like I did in the beginning." ... "He became very good at a lot of things too." ... "No I never dated him, I kinda have a thing for red heads, and Allyn had big idea's from the moment she went to work for Bo." ... "He is kinda cute, and she sure thought so, and he isn't poor, he made decent simoleans as a scientist, and he did sell his family home so as to have the simoleans to start over here." ... "He wanted his art to support its self, then he wouldn't have to be a scientist any more." ... "Oh my stars, he was like putty in her hands in the beginning, lonely men can be." ... "I wonder that myself, but there are sims around here with a lot more simoleans than Bo has, so maybe not." ... "I don't know for sure, but Allyn didn't like the way she saw Bo looking at Mimi Imfurst, and she had already all but moved in with him, before any of us knew it, they were engaged." ... "No, Mimi has her eye on Franklin Mint. He needs a girlfriend too." ... "Yes Franklin is a friend of ours as well, he's part of the same college group as Bill, nice fella, beautiful little sister, Silver, I heard just the other day that she has become good friends with a new girl in town with real tough challenges in front of her." ... "Oh my, I really should be getting on my way, I need to stop by and let Bill know we do need to pick up some things here, we moved in such a hurry we left more than I thought. I also need to stop by my store sometime today to check in." ... "Yes, I opened my store, on Main Drive, where most the towns businesses are." ... "Penny Flowers." ... "Yes, flowers, but a few other things as well, vases and the like." ... "Ok, but just one more, since I did kinda tempt you with her, then I must go." ... "Silver's friend Miss Vera Looney had a perfect life she thought, until she lost both parents in tragic accidents." ... "I don't know how, I have never heard." ... "No problem ask a question whenever you want." ... "I do know that Vera's brother Roger blames her for their parents death, his aborted college career and having to sell their family home and move somewhere less expensive." ... "No it wasn't fair of him, and Miss Vera felt as if her whole world had collapsed." ... "She is deeply depressed, but it doesn't help that her brother is going all over town saying she has bipolar disorder. " ... "No, I think he just wants to have a convient excuse for her behavior instead of facing up to the truth. Roger's college friend, Ian Richy even offered to move in with them." ... "No, he doesn't believe it either, he told them he would move in to help out with finances, secretly he hoped he could help mend their rift. It seems Roger is the only one in town who can't see that Vera is trying." ... "Maybe he just doesn't want to. He might have to find the real reason he left college, or admit that Vera had nothing to do with their parent's death and he does not seem to want to go there." ... "Yes, yes it is, and on top of that he just doesn't seem to be a very nice man." ... "The way I hear it he always seems to start a fight with Vera, they can't even get through a meal without him blowing up at her." ... "Ian tries to offer as much support as he can to both of them, he wants to help them find their way back together, like families should be." ... "He has a chance with Vera, I'm not so sure about Roger, but I don't know him as well either." ... "Yes it is a good thing that Vera met Silver, she is from a wonderful family that will make her feel welcome and like she is a part of their family whenever they see each other." ... "Yes, Ian is very fond of Vera, and he does give her sound advice, he tried talking to her about her bevavior every chance he got." ... "To a degree I think it helped, but then Roger would show up with his disapproving scowl. Ian said it made him feel as if it was one step forward with Vera and then two steps backwards because of Rogers attitude." ... "Her bahavior was bad back then, she didn't care about school, she'd sneak out at night to whatever party was going on or whatever." ... "Why bother to ask permission, she would never have gotten it. You can't help but see her point, and then add onto that all the sadness going on with her at the time." ... "Well, when Roger caught her sneaking out one night with Kendall Collins, he was livid. Angrier than Vera had ever seen him before." ... "He forbade her from ever seeing Kendall again and then just stormed off." ... "Vera knew that the way she had been acting was wrong, she told Ian that was the night she started thinking about her folks in a different way, instead of just thinking of them as dead, she started thinking about how her actions would have made them feel." ... "Yes it was." ... "That very night she got back to her sewing, she knew it was a good way to save simoleans, she'd make Roger a new shirt and ask his forgiveness. She knew that she had to at least try to please her brother, it could only be good for her as well." ... Well Ian says he noticed the change in her right away, he had been sleeping when Roger blew up at her, so he wasn't sure why in the beginning, but he noticed, and he was so pleased for her, for himself as well." ... "No, Roger never seemed to, even after she got herself into private school Roger just never seemed to be able to get passed whatever his problem was." ... "Vera, with Miss Silver's encouragement, thinks only of scholarships lately and how many she can aquire so she can go to college." ... "She will never ask Roger for help, maybe he will see that he could have stayed in college and they would have survived then he can stop blamming Vera for his dropping out." ... "Now Ian, I have a feeling that he may just be in love with Miss Vera." ... "Well I have never seen him date anyone, yet he takes her where ever she wants to go, it just seems like maybe he has been waiting for her to grow up a little bit. Now that she has, and is about to take on the challenge of college, who knows what their stories may be." ... "We will have to finish that story another time if you'd like, but right now I have got to get on with my day before it gets away from me. It has been a real pleasure chatting with you, you are very easy to talk to. You have just a wonderful afternoon, hope to run into ya again sometime." ... "Oh, your welcome and thank you very much, see ya round, bye bye." ...

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#1onutika4uAug 12, 2007

nice story\:wub\:

#2Aug 12, 2007

Well done!\:rah\:

#3HanefcikAug 13, 2007

Nice story, thanks for sharing!

#4dealer_dayAug 13, 2007

great job, thanx for sharing with us \:rah\:

#5KismynameAug 14, 2007

I always enjoy reading your mt. challenge stories! \:D This was another good one! \:rah\:

#6spacemouseAug 17, 2007

Good story, well done. \:\)

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