Jinny Cass
Published Aug 30, 2007

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When Jinny moved to Hopeville she was dreaming of what all girls dreamed of,she wanted to marry a nice man and have some kids,she had been an only child and when her parents were killed in a plane crash all she wanted was a family of her own.

When Jinny moved to Hopeville she was dreaming of what all girls dreamed of,she wanted to marry a nice man and have some kids,she had been an only child and when her parents were killed in a plane crash all she wanted was a family of her own. Jinny Cass didnt think she was good looking,with her short red hair and glasses. She had plenty of friends but no one ever did more than chat,go shopping and have fun with her,she was starting to think she must be unatractive, Jinny always thought of herself as plain, all she could do was enjoy being single and get on with her medical career. Jinny hung out with her friends,they talked about work and the latest movie. Cynthia told her a new man had moved to the area,his name was jack and he was very dishy. Jinny told her she was sure this Jack guy wouldnt be able to resist her because all the guys fancied Cynthia. At about 2am Jinny said goodnight to her friends, she had to be up early for work,she would never get that promotion if she didnt rest. They made a date to all go to the cinema at the weekend beacause they all had time off work. Jinny didnt sleep well that night and when she did drop off all she could dream about was the new guy and if Cynthia would get to go out with him. She dreamed about a new guy for herself,you can get whar you want in dreams. |Next morning her friend Mary came for breakfast before work and Jinny told her about her dream,joking that she new she wouldnt really stand a chance because men didnt see her that way' Mary told her its because she is such a tomboy,you should get some make up on and change your look,then they might stop treating you like one of the guys. It was getting a regular thing now for the girls to come round after work but Jinny was getting restless, she didnt want to talk to girls all night,she had other things to do. So when everyone had left she got down to some study,she really had to pass the tes later in the week,she wanted the next promotion. Then it would be the weekend and she could go out and have some fun. We all went skating,no one was very good at it except Cynthia who charged around until she knocked us over. still,it was a laugh and we went to the cinema and had popcorn and hotdogs.Later though i just needed to have some peace,so i took off in a taxi. I went to the seaside cafe for a while but some guy started chatting to me and he made it obvious he was interested in me, i was flattered but he wasnt my type. I was just about to go home for the night when a guy came over and asked if i was a friend of cynthia. I said i was and asked who he was. He told me he was Jack. He said he had seen me around and had been hoping to get the chance to meet. I couldnt undersand why, perhaps he wanted to find out more about Cynthia. After a bit of a chat i said goodbye and went home. Jack rang every day after that,He always cheered me up when i was down and we were becoming good friends,but....i wanted more than that. I decided it was time for a makeover and to ask him round for a meal,then i would show people i could be something other than a tomboy. Jinny saw a dress she really liked and tried it on,wow i have legs she said to herself,i think i will get this one. She paid for her dress ,the shop girl was a bit slow and Jinny would be late for her hair appointment if she didnt hurry. On the way to get her hair done she bumped into Cynthia with a man. Cynthia introduced Tony as her friend but while he went to the shops Cynthia told her this was the man she wanted and she was going to get him. Jinny asked her about Jack, Cynthia explained that Jack was nice to look at but didnt have enough money,so we just stayed friends. Jinny told her he was coming for dinner tonight,Cynthia said "Go for it girl" and went of smiling,she knew those two would be good together. Jenny went home and got ready,she was happy with what she saw in the mirror, she wasnt so bad after all. After listening to Jinny talking about Cynthia and him, he explained he only made friends with her to get to meet Jinny, she could hardly believe it,he wanted her all along. Jack told her he loved her hair,he always liked reds. He also told her liked her as she was before,she would always be beautiful to him. Jinny was so happy she leapt into his arms and he hugged her tight. Jack asked Jinny to move in with him but she wanted to stay here, there was more room and a nursery,so he agreed to move in with her. When Jinny finished her workout that evening,Jack asked her to get engaged,he wanted to marry her her so much,she could hardly wait for the wedding herself. They started kissing and ended up on the bed,No i cant do this said JinnyWe must wait until were married. I love you so much but i want this to be special. Jack agreed to wait although it was driving him nuts. They decided to marry in the snow under the night sky,even the snowmen were was a cold crisp night but they were warm inside. Everyone clapped,Jinny had turned out so beautiful but she was still thier pal. The car came to take them on the honeymoon. At last, its the first day of the rest of our lives.


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maxi kingMar 2, 2009

<p>\:wub\:sweet story!\:wub\:</p>

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Good story ! \:\)

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