Times Change...Even In Farmville: Part 9
Published Oct 3, 2007

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Welcome to part nine of "Times Change...Only In Farmville". Okay so threatening to eat your babies was a pretty empty threat in the last part so I'll just cut to it and say, please read the previous parts in order to avoid confusion. If you get confused because you've not read a previous part and then ask about it, consider your children well and truly eaten...your pets too..yeah. Anyway..onwards with the story.

If you haven't guessed already, it's Chris again! A couple of weeks had passed since we managed to get over a near disaster when Arch's dad briefly scared him into believing he was right. Louisa managed to persuade Mr. Emmett to un-ground him but we still had to sneak around a bit.

Welcome to part nine of "Times Change...Only In Farmville". Okay so threatening to eat your babies was a pretty empty threat in the last part so I'll just cut to it and say, please read the previous parts in order to avoid confusion. If you get confused because you've not read a previous part and then ask about it, consider your children well and truly eaten...your pets too..yeah. Anyway..onwards with the story.

If you haven't guessed already, it's Chris again! A couple of weeks had passed since we managed to get over a near disaster when Arch's dad briefly scared him into believing he was right. Louisa managed to persuade Mr. Emmett to un-ground him but we still had to sneak around a bit.
"I can't believe our talk actually passed!" I laughed.
"I know...I made most of my part up on the spot!" Arch grinned.

School had finished an hour ago but we were yet to go home. "After-school studying"... Louisa was pretty acomplished at pulling the wool over Mr. Emmett's eyes. It had been a couple of weeks since he found out about us and although things had calmed down slightly, it was still pretty difficult to get any time with Arch.
"I guess I'd better go now", Arch sighed, getting to his feet.
"Aren't you coming to our's for Brad's birthday?" I asked.
"I wish I could...Dad isn't too happy with him either. He knew about us and didn't say anything so he's almost as bad in his opinion."
"Maybe we were just "studying" really hard..."
"He won't buy it," he said, looking defeated.
"I guess I'll see you tomorrow." I said as I pulled him into a hug.
"Yeah...I love you too by the way..."He murmured.
"Huh?" I could feel his face growing hot next to mine.
"Well...the other week when you were telling me my Dad was wrong, you said you loved me", he said, pulling away and looking flushed.
"Oh..yeah." I replied, just remembering.
"You weren't just saying it were you?"
"I really meant it!" I smiled, telling both Arch and myself.
"Ah..well..great! I'd better go now." Arch said, obviously trying not to look too pleased with himself.

Although he was walking away as quickly as possible, I could see the massive smile on his face.
Mum had planned to make quite a big deal out of Brad's birthday but he discovered her plans and admitted that he wanted nothing more than one last party like the ones we had as children. Although there was a bit of moaning(on Mum's part), Brad got his small party and Gill and Susan came over to help celebrate. Susan had had her birthday the week before and was looking forward to Brad catching up. Knowing how Brad's mind works, I doubt anyone would have wanted to know what he wished for.... There's more than a good chance that this was along the lines of his wish... Everyone was in good spirits during the party. It was a bit odd without Arch since we had been joined at the hip recently but it was Brad's day and I was happy to see him having a great time. Dad seemed to have dropped the idea of Gill and I getting together which was a relief for us both! Dad turned to me while everyone was busy eating and cleared his throat, causing me to look round at him. I could see Brad glancing over too out of the corner of my eye.

"Where's your other friend....that boy, what's his name again?" He asked.
"Arch?" I replied.
"Yeah that's the one. Thought he'd be here."
"His parents are um...pretty hard on him with studying and stuff...he wasn't allowed."
"You don't seem to have much studying to do."
"I...well I don't. They're really strict on him."
"Fair enough. Seems like a new thing though."

I pretended not to hear Dad and started eating again. It seemed to work but he had made me feel uneasy. It was pretty much impossible but it was as if he suspected something was up and I wasn't ready for that.
Everyone left around midnight so Brad and I helped with the dishes so Mum could get some sleep. Everyone headed for their beds but I didn't feel much like sleeping. I would have to come clean sooner or later and the thought of it was like a constant weight on my mind. I sat thinking about the possible outcomes ranging from the bad to the terrible. I really had no idea how it would turn out and it was a horrible feeling. "Chris?"

I turned round to see that Brad had sat down in the chair beside me. I hadn't even noticed him.

"It's okay, they're sleeping. I waited until I heard Dad's snoring!" He laughed. "Coming to bed?"
"Nah I don't really feel like it." I told him.
"Fair enough. I guess Arch wasn't allowed over for other reasons right?" He asked.
"I suppose you could say that..."
"Don't worry. It might seem like a while but soon enough, Arch will be old enough to ignore his dad."
"I know but that's not it."
"Go on...if you don't tell me, I'll destroy that rock-hard hair of yours!" He grinned.
"Well....I'll need to tell them at some point won't I?"
"Who do you think? Mum and Dad!"
"Aah yeah, sorry."
"I really don't think this will work out well...."
"Well you never know. I mean I'm cool with it after scaring Arch off and beating the crap out of you!"
"Yeah but you're you. Mum and Dad have all these ideas about how I'll get married and have kids and make them proud. I'm a screw-up!"
"Don't ever call yourself that! You've got a good brain up there and I claimed that title ages ago."
"A good brain isn't enough to them if I'm not going to pass it on."
"I'm not going to argue with you. I might have to go puke after saying this but just so you know, I'm more than proud of you. You're one of the strongest, smartest people I know."
"You don't know many people!" I laughed.
"Just take a compliment and get yourself to bed before I have to put you over my shoulder and carry you."
"You're not that much bigger..."
"I'll always be bigger and you just remember that." He whispered.
"Whatever." I laughed.
"Bed! Stop stalling!"
"Arch is right, you do look dead, Chris!" Exclaimed Gill.
"Thanks...I feel just fantastic." I groaned, cradling my head.
"How long did Brad's party go on for?" Arch asked.
"Only until midnight. We have a lightweight on our hands!" Gill laughed.
"Heey I was up helping tidy up after you left and then I was talking to Brad for a while." I protested.
"Sure you were, lightweight!" She laughed. "Anyway, I'm going to annoy the stunted ones. I'll leave you guys to it."
"Sorry I couldn't make it." Arch sighed.
"It's fine. Pretty soon we'll have all the time in the world and get sick of each other!" I laughed.
"You think so?" He asked.
"Of course!" I smiled.
"I could never get sick of you." He muttered, glancing downwards."
"I didn't mean it like that."
"Sorry...I just miss you. I mean I see you in school but it's not the same."
"I know. It's only for now though right?"
"Yeah...look at me killing the mood! So did anyone miss me?" He said, putting on a smile.
"Actually yeah. My Dad noticed you weren't there. Didn't seem to buy my strict parent excuse. He seemed to suspect something."
"Lighten up, we've been really careful! He probably just thinks we've fallen out or something."
"I guess... we should head back into class now. Lunch is about over."
"I trust that you'll all have finished your English folios then since you're all hard at work talking." said Ms. Steele, appearing out of nowhere.
"I handed mine in last week!" I moaned.
"Yes and I appreciate your handing it in early."
"Geek!" Coughed Gill.
"Maybe you should take a leaf out of the 'geek's book, Gillian." Ms. Steele replied.
"Got you there, Gill!" I laughed.
"Anyway," she continued, "I'd really appreciate it if you handed in your work before leaving, unlike Susan. Especially if you want to go to college."
"Why did you bother, Chris?" Arch said , nudging my arm.
"I won't ask either of you again but I expect you both to have it handed in within the next week or two."
"You know, she still has that evil stepmother thing going on!" Gill muttered as Ms. Steele went over to the other table.
"I know, isn't she great?" said Arch, quite clearly in awe.
"Well she does scare you into getting your work done. Even Gill!" I laughed.
"What's that meant to mean?" She scowled.
"Well everyone knows you get selective creative block whenever you can't be bothered."
"Oh very good, Chris.."
"I should use that one!" Arch laughed.
Class couldn't end soon enough. We were all ready to just go home and and vegetate. However, Ms. Steele had other ideas for me.

"Chris could you wait behind a few minutes?" She said.
"I'll get you outside." Arch said, glancing over.
"Don't worry, you haven't done anything wrong." She smiled, seeing my expression.
"What did I do right then?" I asked, feeling confused.
"Why don't you want to go to college, Chris?" She frowned.
"'s just no one in my family have really gone for that. We tend to just stick to what's on offer locally."
"If that's what you really want, no one is stopping you. I think it would be a waste though."
"I don't want to do it but it's just what's expected I suppose. How could I afford college anyway?"
"Chris, your English work is brilliant, you've passed every test put in front you you. There's funding for talented students studying at Oakview college, to name one possiblity."
"That's where Gill and Arch are going."
"There you go, you wouldn't even be alone!"
"I don't know...I'm not sure if I'm good enough."
"You are. I'm telling you. Please consider it, they'll be taking applications in soon."
"I guess I should. If you think I'm good enough..."
"Chris, I know you are. You'll have alot more freedom away from this stuffy village too." She said, with a smile.
"When you put it like that!"
"I knew that would help!" She laughed. "Really think about it though."
"Thanks, I will." I said, turning to go.
"Oh and Chris?"
"See that window over there? I can see the round back of the shed from it. Just be careful.
"Oh...thanks. I'd better get going." I said, feeling my face turn redder by the second.
I found Arch waiting outside on the swings.

"Watch your time, Arch. Doesn't your dad expect you home?"
"Extra studying!" He laughed. "So what did she want?"
"Well she wants me to consider going to college." I told him.
"That's all well and good but how would you afford it? No offence." He replied.
"None taken. Some colleges fund it if you're good enough. Ms. Steele says Oakview do it."
"It would be great if you could go there with us but don't you have to be amazing to get funding?"
"She seems to think I'd get it without any problems."
"Well that's settled then, you're coming to college with us!"
"I might not get in though and I need to say to my parents about it first. Brad and I were just expected to carry on running the farm."
"There's more to life than farming, Chris. It would be great if we could all go to college together though."
"It would. I have to admit, I'm a bit sick of this place."
"There you go then. I'd better get home now." He sighed.
"Pleeease consider college! For me!" Arch pleaded, grabbing my waist.
"Fiiiine! I need to get in first though."
"You will. It's going to be so much fun!"
"Yeah...I'll tell the parents about it tonight then. They can still use Brad as a farm-slave."
"Great! I'll see you tomorrow then." He grinned.
As I aproached the front door, I heard arguing coming from inside. I stopped briefly to listen.

"Of course I care, it affects all of us!" I heard Mum say.
"I just didn't feel that you had to know right now." Brad replied to her.
"Of course we needed to know, especially something as big as this!"

I started to feel anxious. Brad wouldn't have told them. He couldn't have. How could they have found out? My heart started racing. I would have to bite the bullet. It was then or never.
At first they didn't even notice that I was there. I cleared my throat and waited for it.

"Chris! Finally someone who might just congratulate me instead of going mental!" Said Brad, drawing daggers at our parents.
"Huh?" I honestly had no idea what was going on but my heart was still fast.
"I've been offered a job in the town, transporting produce to the supermarket. It comes with a house and a truck and I'd be in and out of here on deliveries so I'd never be far away."
"That's great, Brad!" I said, breathing a small sigh of relief. "What's the problem then?"
"Apparently it's written in the rules of this family that we're never to leave." He snapped.
"It's just very sudden," said Mum, forcing herself to be calm,"We expected Chris to move on eventually but not you."
"So I'm meant to stay here forever?" Brad glared at her.
"That's not what we're saying. We've barely spent a day without either of you. To suddenly hear that you'll be moving out of the village...well it's pretty hard to take." she sighed.
"We're not angry at you," she continued, "it'll just be hard seeing either of you leave.
"Well you've still got Chris for a while!" Said Brad, smiling for the first time since I came home.
"Don't tell me you're going into partnership with him!" Dad laughed.
"No...but I'm applying to college" I said it quickly, hoping that it wouldn't hit as hard that way.
"You're WHAT?" Mum shouted.
"Ms. Steele said it would be a waste not to. You wouldn't even have to pay, some colleges give funding to gifted students."
"And you're a gifted student?" She laughed.
"Well according to Ms. Steele, yes I am. I'd believe her over you any day when it comes to my writing abilities."
"Let's not get angry again..."Dad sighed but Mum was already out of her seat and looking furious.
"Go to college! Don't come crawling back here when you don't get a job at the end of it though!" She yelled.
When Mum left, Dad stood up and made his way over towards me. I braced myself for the inevitable lecture on causing problems in the family but he was smiling.

"Do you really want to go to college?" He asked.
"Yeah I do!" I smiled back, feeling relieved.
"You'd better start preparing yourself then. If your teacher is sure that you'll get this funding then get your work together and send it in early. Nothing like a good impression."
"What about Mum?" I asked.
"She'll calm down eventually. Two of you leaving so close together is a bit much for her to take though.
When Dad left to try to calm Mum down, I asked Brad more about his job.

"So where is it you're going?" I asked.
"Well the house is just on the outskirts of Wudborough. Might have to get you to give me a tour!" He grinned.
"Damn you! I had almost forgotten about that" I laughed, remembering my ill-fated trip with Arch.
"Yeah it's a two bedroom house. You're welcome to come and use the other bedroom whenever you like until Susan decides to turn it into a nursery." He rolled his eyes.
"You're moving in with her?"
"Yeah, she knew already. I'm really sorry I didn't tell you. I knew you'd be fine about it so I wanted to get mum and dad out of the way first."
"Probably a good idea. That's great though!"
"Not as great as college! When did you decide on this one?" He smiled.
"Well...when I heard that the college Arch was going to could fund me." I laughed.
"As good a reason as any! Oral examination is a big part of the course then?"
"No it's mostly writing....shut up Brad!"
I went to school early the next day to tell Ms. Steele that I had decided to go ahead and apply for college.

"You're up bright and early, Chris! Did you think about what I said?" She asked.
"Yeah I did. I'm going to apply for college. My mum wasn't too happy but everyone else thinks I should." I told her.
"It's not what everyone else wants, it's what you want."
"I do want it. It'll get me away from here for sure!" I laughed.
"That's true. I can see why someone like you would want to get away from a tired place like this. You'll get to meet more likeminded people at college but you still need to be careful."
"I know....thanks."
"You're welcome. I've got a few Oakview applications here. You've got a while before class starts so I'll give you one just now and I'll post it for you this afternoon with some of your work."
Once I had finished my application, I realised I still had a few minutes before class so I went outside to find Gill and Arch.

"Hey you." Arch smiled as I sat down.
"Oh I wondered where you were!" Said Gill.
"I was filling out an application." I told them.
"I knew you'd go for it!" Arch cheered.
"Go for what? What did I miss?" Said Gill, raising an eyebrow.
"Chris is applying for Oakview!" Arch told her.
"Yeah I am."
"Wow really? I thought you were trapped forever in farmy doom! We're going to have loads of fun!"
"There's Ms. Steele," said Arch, glancing at the doors, "we'd better go in."
"Right!" Said Ms. Steele, adressing the class. "I'm going to put Chris, Gillian and Archer on the computers for this session since they're basically finishing their work for submission. As for the rest of you, you'll be carrying on with the maths excersise you were doing yesterday but didn't finish for chatting."

She was greeted by the sounds of distinct outrage coming from the twins and Paige as they were given their workbooks.

"You can moan all you like but you'll be doing this until it's finished."
"God these machines suck!" Gill moaned as she waited for the word processor to load.
"So it's essays for us. What are you doing Chris?"
"I might look up the college and see what it's like." I replied.
"Hey if you get into college, which you totally will, we could all go on holiday together before it starts!" Gill suggested.
"That's a great idea!" Arch grinned. "I'd better tell my mum so we can get round dad."
"You could just tell him Gill's a raging homophobe!" I laughed.
"Heey why me?"
"Well it wouldn't quite work with Arch or me... How would I afford it though?"
"I'll pay for the both of us. I can afford it." Arch said.
"No you won't! I can't let you do that..." I groaned, knowing he would anyway.
"You can't stop me!" He smirked.
"I can just not go."
"Then I'll have wasted all this money on a ticket which I'll buy anyway even if you do refuse to go."
"I hate you, Arch."
"I hate you more!" He grinned.
"And I hate you both." Gill snapped. "Let me get on with thise essay."
"Get Miss Menopause." Arch whispered.
"I heard that and will kill you later."
"Oi! Stop feeling up his leg for one second and look over here!" Gill shouted.
"And you'll be wanting what?" I asked her.

We decided to go to the park after school since it was such a nice day. Gill was obviously still stressed after not getting her essay finished but Arch and I were pretty confident about having finished our work which annoyed her even more.

"Did you have a look at any holiday destinations when you were online?" She asked.
"Do I look like I know how to work those sites? I laughed as Arch jokingly tried to bite my ear.
"Point taken. God are you two in heat or something?"
"You're just jealous. Maybe I should invite Javier with us for you to play with." I grinned at her.
"How did you...what makes you think I like him? You wouldn't dare!"
"Yeah. I would."
Brad was the only one in the house when I arrived home. Dad was still out working and I can only guess where mum was.

"Hey college-geek, how was school?" He smiled.
"I don't even know if I'm going to college yet."
"Don't be so negative", he laughed, "you'll get the approval letter and I'll have been right all along!"
"I hope so....for college, not your smug face."
"You'll get both!"
"You have to do something big before you go though, got any ideas yet?" He asked.
"Well Gill and Arch think going on holiday is a good idea and Arch thinks he's paying for me. To be honest I feel a bit crap about that."
"Yeah that could be hard to explain as well. Hey I've got an idea!"
"What?" I said, eyeing him suspiciously.
"I could start my new job a few weeks later and Susan and I could come with you. Responsible adults...keeps the parents' minds at rest. I'd pay for you to congratulate you on getting into college! The company said I could get a few weeks to wort out the house."
"Mum and dad would be more worried about you than us! That could work though."
"Well it's settled then!"
"I have to get into college first..."
"You will. Sometimes I suprise myself with my own great ideas."
"Yeah it surprises me too when you say something that makes sense!"
"Very funny! Just remember I can still keep you in a headlock for hours."
"I can't believe one of my boys will be going to college" Mum cried, cutting off my breathing.
"I don't know if I'm going yet...Ms. Steele gets the email today."

Alot had changed in just over a week. Well Mum had went from being furious to extremely proud and overbearing. Well...that's alot for us. It means a much more pleasant existance!
"And I'll have to take you out to buy you new clothes and all the things you'll need as a student! It's so exciting!" She said, breathlessly.
"Muuum I can do that with Arch and Gill." I protested.
"Let her do it." Said Brad from the couch.
"Fine..if you want to."
"No..if you'd rather go with your friends, it's fine." She sniffed.
"I'd be more than happy to go with you." I sighed.
"Great! We'll need to do it this weekend!"
I found myself in school early yet again. Ms. Steele glanced up as I approached her, not even giving me a smile.

"Um..did the email arrive?" I asked, fearing the worst.
"No Chris, they didn't even send one out." She replied blankly.
"What? Why?" I felt like I had dissapointed everyone and realised I'd have to tell everyone I didn't get into college.
"They actually called a few minutes ago. I'm just off of the phone to them."
"What did they say? I'm not in am I?"
"That's why they phoned. They said your work was the best they had seen out of all of the applicants this year. They'll be happy to fund you. You'll get your letter soon I'm guessing"
"I had you going, didn't I?" She laughed. "I'm really proud of you. You should be too."
Seconds after I turned away from Ms. Steele, Arch and Gill came running up to me.

"So how did it go?" Gill asked, bouncing on the spot.
"I'm in! I cheered, taking in the huge smiles the faces of my friends.
"I'm so happy for you!" She said as she nearly choked me.
"This is going to be one good holiday!" Arch grinned.

...End of Part 9...

I'm so sorry this was so late! I'm also sorry for all the jumping ahead in time. There was so much I wanted to fit into this part and time has been tight with college and work. I hope you enjoyed it all the same. I'm determined to stick at this story so it will definately continue!

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#36dniseivyblazeNov 1, 2007

Hellfroze, I LOVE these stories, SO much! "Times Change.." is such an enthralling story, it's so sweet and very honest. It hits home well for me and I get lost in this. I *eagerly* await more. You are a Brilliant author! \:wub\:

#37123456789_1234Nov 17, 2007


#38alechanNov 26, 2007

wow! This is the first story i have fully read outside forums. A friend told me about it, I'm so glad she did. It's amazing! \:wub\: Thumbs up and 5.0 for a wonderful job!

#39simbaby51Dec 14, 2007

GREAT STORY!!! I love that you have taken on the controversial issue of being gay. You have made this story so great and you are truely making a statement the being gay is okay! I applaud you for all of your hard work and good luck with work and college. I hope to see more of this story soon!

#40lordeverglotJan 13, 2008

of course it's ok to be gay, wh i shouldn't hang around with some boy if he was gay? how stupid ideology, i met two gay girl on my holiday in Tunisie,and they are just FINE. Great story!!!!!!

#41qasertJan 13, 2008


#42donaldchJan 16, 2008


#43seelindarunJan 21, 2008

Another great chapter! I'm going to be so sad when it's over. \:\( \:wub\:

#44lab9132003Jul 4, 2008

great chapter\:D

#45arc1801Jul 14, 2008

\:P \:cool\: \:wub\:

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