Dirty Little Secret
Published Jan 27, 2021

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Geoffrey and Lydia Wallace were wealthy Sims. In fact, they had all the best things that simoleons can buy, including foreign sports cars, a ski retreat in the mountains, a beach house on the shore, designer clothes and had been the first in town to convert an old office building into a contemporary urban dwelling. But for all their wealth, something was missing.

Geoffrey and Lydia Wallace were wealthy Sims. In fact, they had all the best things that simoleons can buy, including foreign sports cars, a ski retreat in the mountains, a beach house on the shore, designer clothes and had been the first in town to convert an old office building into a contemporary urban dwelling. But for all their wealth, something was missing. Lydia couldn't put her well-manicured finger on it. She had her highlights retouched and her legs waxed weekly at the finest spa in the city. She had a team visit her home for manicures and pedicures. She played tennis every Tuesday at the club and had lunch on Thursdays with Mimi VanTine. Likewise, Geoffrey also couldn't identify what was lacking in their lives. After all, he was the youngest senior partner in the history of his law firm. He played golf every Wednesday with the partners and sometimes on Fridays with clients. He took his wife to the islands each winter and bought her diamonds on birthdays and anniversaries. Then, one afternoon, while Lydia was ordering her new spring wardrobe directly from the designer (who was a close, personal friend), she looked out the window and saw a young woman walk past holding a baby. Like a ton of bricks it hit her; Lydia realized what was missing. "Geoffrey!" she exclaimed. "We need a nanny! Everyone else has one and we'll be social outcasts without one!"

"But Lydia, we don't have a child." Geoffrey pointed out.

"Then we must get one!" Lydia insisted as she picked up the phone to call Mimi VanTine, so she could find out where to buy the very best layette for her future child. "As soon as possible!"
Geoffrey, of course, was thrilled to oblige. But as the months passed, conventional methods weren't working. Lydia was growing more and more desperate by the day. How could she keep up with the Joneses if she didn't have a nanny? Preferably a Scandinavian au pair. Or perhaps a no frills British nanny like the ones on television. She consoled herself with a new pair of Manolo Blahniks, but the thrill wore off as soon as they arrived. Geoffrey and Lydia went to the doctor who, after running a battery of tests, informed them that they would never be able to conceive a child. Lydia was inconsolable. Her dreams of having a nanny were slipping away.

"But darling." Geoffrey pointed out. "We can just adopt like Angelina and Brad."

"That's brilliant!" Lydia agreed, excitedly. "Then I won't have to go through all that icky childbirth stuff or get stretch marks!"

So it was settled. They'd phone the adoption agency in the morning.
That evening, while Lydia was calling all her friends to tell them about her traumatic day at the doctor's office, Geoffrey went outside to do some stargazing. He didn't know what he was looking at; he only knew it was the most expensive telescope simoleons could buy. And he didn't mind watching Mimi VanTine undressing, either. Suddenly a flash of light appeared in the sky. Geoffrey couldn't believe his eyes. An alien spacecraft was hovering above his house! He was about to call Lydia outside to see it, when a bright beam of light pierced the night sky and Geoffrey felt himself being pulled upward toward the spacecraft.

"Help! Lydia! Anyone! Help!" he screamed, but his wife couldn't hear him over the sound of her own voice, as she and Mimi VanTine discussed which was the best Scandinavian country for au pairs.
And then Geoffrey was gone. She was so absorbed in finding a decorator for the nursery that three days passed before Lydia realized her husband wasn't there. But at just the moment she decided it was time to panic, he fell from the sky, landing in a heap at the curb. "Geoffrey!" she exclaimed, as he staggered to his feet. "Get in here at once! You're a mess! What will the neighbors say? Have you been drinking?!" Geoffrey tried to tell his wife what had happened to him aboard the alien craft. He told her about the green-skinned aliens who had poked and probed him in places that still made him blush. But Lydia didn't believe him.

"You HAVE been drinking!" she accused.
The next morning, while Lydia was playing an early morning game of tennis at the club, Geoffrey felt nauseous. Afraid he'd caught an alien virus, he took the day off work. When his abdomen expanded, he panicked and rushed to see the doctor. "This is the strangest thing I've ever seen in all my years of practicing medicine." the doctor said. "But you, Mr. Wallace, are pregnant."

Geoffrey was stunned. Pregnant? Him? If anyone at work... no, if anyone at all... knew he was pregnant, he'd be a laughingstock. "I'll have to take a leave of absence."
He was surprised at how enthusiastic Lydia was when he told her the news. She immediately hired the Danish nanny she'd interviewed while Geoffrey had been "away". She didn't like to believe her husband had been abducted. Alien abductions were only for rednecks. Two days later, Geoffrey went into labor. Although they were shocked that his pregnancy progressed so rapidly, Lydia awaited eagerly for her husband to give birth. But their expressions turned to pure horror when they saw the baby. It was green. "W-Wh-What is THAT?" Lydia stammered.

"I don't know." Geoffrey replied. "But we must get rid of it. Call Childrens Services."

"No!" Lydia exclaimed. "We would never be able to show our faces again if anyone ever found out we had a... a... whatever that thing is... taken by Childrens Services. No. We'll have the nanny raise it. After all, that's what nannies do."

Lydia called for the young Danish woman.
Geoffrey and Lydia held their breaths, hoping the ugly green alien being wouldn't frighten the new nanny away, but she didn't even seem to notice. She picked up the baby and cuddled it against her, cooing softly in its ear. It was decided that the Wallaces would proceed with the adoption they'd planned before Geoffrey's unfortunate "journey". They would hire another nanny -- the English one that Lydia now clamed had been her first choice all along -- to care for the adopted child. And the Danish nanny (whom the Wallaces never called by her proper name of Anneke) would raise the green one... who would never, ever be seen in public. The next day, Childrens Services arrived with a baby girl, who Lydia christened Emma. After all, the baby name books all said it was the most popular girl's name in the country. And Lydia would never settle for anything but the best. Before she was even old enough to play, baby Emma received heaps of toys. She was strolled all over town in her carriage by her English nanny. And whenever they had friends over, Lydia brought the nanny...erm... the baby... out to meet the guests. The alien baby, on the other hand, had little in the way of creature comforts. Her crib was tucked into a corner of Anneke's efficiency suite on the top floor of the house. But what the baby lacked in material possessions, was more than made up for in love. The young nanny made sure her every need was met. With their dirty little secret hidden in the attic, life was again perfect for Geoffrey and Lydia Wallace. Having a child barely made a dent in their daily schedules, except that Lydia added a "play date" for baby Emma every Monday afternoon at the park, so Lydia and her nanny could be seen by the other women and their nannies. Life was no so perfect, however, for Anneke. Although she loved caring for the toddler she'd begun calling Semine, she was often lonely. She had little time to meet other people her own age. Nor was she invited to the play date in the park. And when she had time off, she went shopping at the thrift store for things for Semine. With her pocket change, she managed to find a few Lego bricks for the little girl. With Anneke's love and attention, Semine grew into a sweet little girl who loved to giggle, especially when tickled. She loved to try new foods and rarely cried. Despite having all the advantages in the world, Emma had all the indications of becoming a spoiled brat. As a toddler, her mother spoke for her, so Emma refused to speak. She refused to walk, although she knew how. Every morning Emma screamed at the top of her lungs until her nanny fetched her from her crib. And on her fifth birthday, Emma threw a temper tantrum, smashing the dollhouse she'd only just opened. After her lavish party -- complete with ponies, clowns and all the children from the neighborhood in attendance -- it was time for Emma to start Kindergarten. There was a waiting list for the ultra-exclusive Canterbury School, but Emma's name had been on the list since birth. But because Lydia and Geoffrey did not want anyone to know about the alien child, it was decided that Anneke would teach her at home. So each day, the young woman sat aside a period of time for schoolwork. Semine, Anneke quickly discovered, was a very intelligent child who was eager to learn. "Anneke, are you my mommy?" Semine asked one day, as the nanny read her a story.

"No, sweetheart." the young woman replied. "I am your nanny."

"Do I have a mommy and daddy?" the green-skinned child asked.

"Yes." Anneke replied. "But your parents hired me to take care of you when you were just a tiny baby."

"Why?" the child asked.
As she looked down at Semine's expectant face, Anneke didn't want to have to tell the child that her parents were ashamed of her green skin. But she did not believe in telling lies.

"They didn't want a green-skinned baby. They wanted a baby whose skin color is the same as theirs." Anneke admitted.
The tears that filled the little girl's eyes nearly broke Anneke's heart.

"Do they love me?" Semine asked.

Anneke shook her head sadly.

"I don't know." she replied. "They have never taken the time to even get to know you."

The tears spilled down Semine's cheeks as she sobbed into her hands.
"Semine, let me tell you a story." Anneke said, sitting down on the couch and pulling the little girl up beside her. "When I first started caring for you as a baby, you didn't even have a name. So I decided to call you Semine, because where I come from, Semine is the name of the goddess of the sun and the moon and the star. She is very kind and very brave, just like you."

"She is?" Semine asked, her blue eyes wide.

"Yes." Anneke replied. "And just like you, Semine comes from the heavens."

"I come from the heavens?" the little girl breathed in awe.

"Yes, you do." the nanny replied. "That's part of what makes you so very special. Your parents just don't understand that you are a gift from the sun and the moon and the stars."

Semine was quiet as she wiped her tears.

"Do you love me?" she asked.

"Oh yes, sweetie." Anneke replied, snuggling the little girl close. "I love you very, very much."
One day while Semine was baking a muffin in the toy oven Anneke had found at a yard sale, a strange man came into their room. He recoiled at the sight of her.

"Where is your nanny?" he asked.

"She's having a rest. " Semine replied, pointing to the bed where Anneke was napping.
Anneke awoke to fine Geoffrey Wallace beside her bed. He'd never visited the third floor before. She saw him only on payday in his office, when he gave her an envelope full of cash to cover her pay and living expenses for Semine.

"Mr. Wallace, what are you doing here?" she asked.

"I only see you on Friday afternoons for a few minutes." he said. "But I think about you all the time. I can't get you out of my head. I must have you!"
He made a lunge for her, trying to kiss her, but Anneke pushed him off and scrambled to her feet.

"What do you think you're doing?" she demanded.

"You are my employee." Geoffrey said angrily. "And if you'd like to remain as such... well, then I hope you'll be a little more... receptive... to my affections."

"I won't." Anneke retorted.

"Then you are fired." Geoffrey replied. "Pack your things immediately and be gone."

"But what about Semine?" the nanny asked, her voice thick with tears of concern.

"Who?" her employer asked.

"Your child!" she spat.

"Oh, that." Geoffrey replied, shrugging. "I guess you should have thought about that before you turned me down."
"Please don't send Anneke away." Semine begged, having witnessed the entire exchange.

Geoffrey ignored her, pressing a 1000 simoleon bill into the nanny's hand.

"Let's make sure no one finds out about our little secret." he said.

Anneke leaned down and hugged the little green girl tightly.

"Be a good girl, Semine." she whispered. "Keep reading, brush your teeth and don't forget that I love you very much."
When she reached the curb, Anneke opened the mailbox and put the 1000 simoleon bill inside. Although it was more than enough to get her into a new apartment, she didn't want Geoffrey Wallace's blackmail money. In fact, she had no intention of keeping his secret at all. Anneke went directly to the Childrens Services office, where she was greeted by a social worker named Amy Nelson.

"I want to report a case of child neglect." she said.
"I'm sorry I didn't report it sooner, but I needed the money." Anneke admitted, after she'd told Amy the whole story. "And, well, I love that little girl. But I'm worried sick about her. Mr. Wallace told me they would hire another nanny, but until they do, I'm afraid she's all alone and scared."

"We'll investigate this right away." Amy assured her.
Amy Nelson wasted no time driving over to the Wallaces' home. She introduced herself when Lydia answered the door.

"I'm here to see the child who lives on the third floor." Amy said.

"Child on the third floor? I have no idea what you're talking about." Lydia replied. "Our third floor is nothing more than a storage room."

"Then you'll have no problem with me just going up to have a look around." Amy said, heading into the house toward the stairs.
"You can't go up there!" Lydia protested. "This is private property!"

"I have the authority to investigate any claim of abuse or neglect." Amy replied. "So I can and I am going upstairs, Mrs. Wallace."

"Abuse!" Lydia exclaimed. "That's insane! I'm calling my husband!"
When she reached the third floor, Amy opened a door, revealing the alien child Anneke had described in detail. The little girl was eating the kind of muffin that was baked in a child's toy oven. "Hello Semine." Amy greeted, her voice soft. "My name is Amy and I'm here to make sure you're being cared for properly. Are you okay?"

"She's fine." Lydia insisted, rushing up beind the social worker. "See for yourself. She's happily baking muffins like a normal little girl."

"I'm speaking to the child." Amy said.

"I did my schoolwork like Anneke said I should." the child offered. "Then I watched TV, but just a little bit because Anneke only lets me watch for 30 minutes. And then I got a little bit hungry, so I cooked a muffin. Do you know when I will have dinner? Because it's past the time that Anneke always makes dinner."
"Don't be silly, darling." Lydia giggled nervously. "Of course you know that Mommy and Daddy will call you when it's time for dinner."

The alien child looked up at Lydia and Amy could see no recognition register on the child's face.

"Semine, do you know who this lady is?" Amy asked.

"No." the green-skinned little girl shook her head. "But this morning my daddy came up here. He tried to kiss Anneke and when she told him no, he told her to go away."

"Surely you don't believe her!" Lydia burst out. "She's just a child with an overactive imagination."

"Yes, Mrs. Wallace, I do believe her." Amy replied. "And I'm taking her with me."
Semine was frightened, but she followed Amy to the Childrens Services van. She had spent her entire life on the third floor of the house, looking longingly at the outside world through the window. But now that she was outside, she had no idea what was going to happen to her. And she missed Anneke terribly. Amy took the child to her office, where she gave Semine a sandwich and some juice.

"Now, Semine, I'd like you to tell me about your life." she said, after the little girl had eaten. "As much as you can remember. Tell me about the places you went and the people you met."

"I didn't go anywhere." Semine said. "Anneke and I stayed in our room. She played with me and taught me how to read and made my food and took care of me when I didn't feel good. And on my birthday, she even made me a cake with candles on it!"

"But what about your mommy and daddy and sister?" Amy asked. "Did they play with you, too?"

"I have a sister?" Semine asked in wonderment.
After their chat, Amy tucked an exhausted Semine into bed in the transitional housing wing of Childrens Services, then went to her desk to type her report. The child clearly had no recollection of having spent any time with Geoffrey or Lydia Wallace. She had not recognized the woman as her mother. Nor had she known about her sister. While there was no evidence of abuse -- Anneke Eriksen had seen to it that Semine was well cared for -- there was abundant evidence that her birth family had grossly neglected the child. She recommended Semine be permanently removed from the home and placed in the adoption system. She'd just sent the report to her supervisor when a very angry Geoffrey Wallace stormed into the office.

"You had no right coming into our home without a warrant." he raged.

"As an officer of the court, you should know better, Mr. Wallace." Amy replied calmly. "According to Sim law, I have a duty to remove a child from an environment in which that child is being abused or neglected."

"We have never abused any child!" Geoffrey shouted.

"That is true." Amy replied. "In order to abuse a child, you'd have to have contact with that child. But you and your wife had no contact whatsoever with your alien child."
Geoffrey Wallace pulled out his wallet and began peeling bill after bill from a thick wad.

"How much will it take to keep this quiet?" he asked.

"I beg your pardon?" Amy asked indignantly. "Are you suggesting you can buy your way out of this, Mr. Wallace?"

"Everyone has a price." the man replied. "I'd be willing to bet you don't make much money as a social worker. Consider it an income supplement."

"Mr. Wallace, you are very lucky we only took ONE child from your home todya." Amy said. "Your behavior indicates that perhaps your other child isn't being raised in a healthy environment either. Now I suggest you put your wallet away and go home before you lose BOTH children."
When she returned to her computer, Amy found the preliminary paperwork for a family that was a perfect match for the newest child in the adoption system. As she read over the application, she smiled to herself. Indeed, this was the perfect home for Semine. When Semine woke, Amy Nelson was sitting beside her bed. The social worker helped her wash and dress, then took her to the office.

"I know yesterday was very scary for you." Amy said. "And I bet you're wondering what will happen to you now."

The little girl nodded.

"We have decided that you will not go back to live with your parents." Amy told her.

Semine was relieved. Even though she'd only seen the man and the lady one time, they had both been angry and mean.

"Most children go to a place called an orphanage until we can find them the very best forever home." Amy explained. "But I have already found a home that is a perfect fit for you."
Semine's eyes filled with tears. She didn't want a new family. She wanted Anneke back. But Anneke had told her to be a good girl, so she didn't say it out loud. She only thought it in her head. Then she remembered that Anneke would want her to be brave like Semine the goddess of the sun and the moon and the stars, so she wiped her tears.

"You get to choose, sweetie." Amy said. "If you don't want to go live with this new family, I'm not going to make you go. But I hope you will keep an open mind."

Semine was anxious as she waited for her new family to arrive.
Her eyes opened wide in shock when the door to Childrens Services opened and Semine's heart was filled with joy. "Anneke!" she exclaimed, launching herself at the young woman, who hugged her fiercely. "I missed you!"

"I missed you, too, baby." Anneke replied, her throat clogged with tears.

"Are YOU going to be my new mommy?" the little girl asked.

Anneke nodded.

"If you want me to be." she replied.

"Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!" Semine cried. "And can I call you Mommy?"

"You sure can, sweetheart." Anneke answered, as she signed the adoption form.
That night, as Anneke tucked her new daughter into bed, the sleepy little girl yawned, "Mommy, tell me again about my name."

"When I first started caring for you as a baby, you didn't even have a name. So I decided to call you Semine, because where I come from, Semine is the name of the goddess of the sun and the moon and the stars." Anneke told her. "She is very kind and very brave, just like you. And because she is a goddess, Semine comes from the heavens."

"Just like me?" the little girl asked, her voice growing faint as she began drifting off to sleep.

"Yes, just like you." Anneke whispered, stroking Semine's soft black hair. "And you are my gift... from the sun and the moon and the stars."

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