Carolines present.
Published Jan 2, 2008

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Carolines present.

Carolines present. Caroline Goodie got this beautiful house from her Fiance Jamie for christmas. He had managed to save enough money to buy it outright as he earned good money working away from home. The house was called Blue Heaven which was apt because she was blue without him and it was heaven when he was home.Caroline was to move in while Jamie was away and get the place ready, she was to meet the agent to pick up the keys at the house. When she arrived at the house, guess what? no agent. The removal men put all her furniture on the street and left, they had a two hundred mile run home so Caroline could'nt blame them but she was fed up and tired. Eventually the agent showed up and Caroline insisted he got some help and put the stuff in the house or she would sue him if it rained and ruined her beautiful things. As soon as they left she fell asleep on the sofa, she was so tired she didnt make it to bed. By the time she woke up it was late morning and she was starving hungry. she had a long day ahead of her, ordering groceries, getting all her bits and pieces put away and ringing the hospital to see what time they wanted her in work. She was a nurse and had managed to get a transfer to Heatherville Hospital. Jamie would be home in a couple of days and she wanted to give him a lovely smoothly run home when he got here. Jamie arrived at the weekend and it was great to see him, he loved the way she had done the house up. Caroline wanred him to work local so she could see him everyday, but he insisted he keep earning the high wage until after the wedding, then and only then would he concider it. He wanted to get further up the corperate ladder, the gaming industry was fast moving with the technology that was out there now and he had to keep up and get ahead. He was working on a game called Sims 3 and it was coming together really well, he knew it was going to be a smash hit when it was released, then he would be rich. In the meantime it was nice to relax with his girl and plan for their wedding, if you can call that relaxing. They had been going out for three years now and it was time to finally be together. Jamie wanted to start a family pretty soon so he would be young enough to have the energy to play with them and do the things his parents had'nt been able to do. They had been older when they had him and had both died when he grew up, with no siblings he decided one child would'nt be enough. Caroline was thinking about Jamie, she missed him while he was away, she had her job to keep her busy but the nights were long. She loved the idea of being a mum but being orphaned at a young age meant she didnt know a lot about her parents. She was bought up by an old Aunt who had been wonderful to her but had Died before she came here to start a new life. Her urge to travel had been realised and she travelled across America and europ. she met Jamie in France on a stop over to England and went on a couple of dates with him. When she arrived in London she got a job in the hospital with nurses quarters so she didnt have massive rent bills to pay. Jamie came to visit and they went out on trips to the zoo, cinemas, dinners, Art galleries and boat trips on the Thames. It was a real whirlwind romance and they adored being together. Jamie said it would be good if she had her own place but she could'nt afford it and to be honest, with him away a lot there did'nt seem to be much point. Well, enough daydreaming for now, its time for work. Caroline was on call with the paramedic team tonight and enjoyed the odd and sometimes false calls they were called to. An old woman fell and broke her hip, a small boy fell of his bed and cut his head and a woman giving birth in her living room, there was certainly variety on this job, it was better than doing the wards and handing out pills and bedpans all night. When she got back from work, Jamie was home with a good breakfast of egg and bacon ready for her. Caroline was happy but exhausted, so she ate, had a shower and crashed out for a couple of hours while Jamie arranged with there frinds to come to their little wedding at the house. They had'nt been here long, so there was'nt many people they knew well enough. Jamie was suprised that Caroline had'nt chosen a cinderella type dress, but she had told him that she loved this cinderellemouse creation so much, she had to have it. Jake and Mori agreed it was a beautiful dress and she looked stunning. It was freezing outside but they never felt the cold and it was soon time to go indoors cut the cake and drink champagne. They danced the night away and their friends eventually left, they could'nt wait to be alone. They must have been the happiest couple in the world that night. Jamie took Caroline to Italy for their honeymoon. The food was wonderful, they took romantic walks along the beach and spent a lot of the time in there hotel room, the room service was fast and they ate and played all week. He had a suprise for Caroline too, he told her the game had gone into production and he could settle near home to work now. Caroline was delighted with the news. It was good at home now because they could spend the evenings together, playing chess, watching movies and going out for meals. They even went shopping together, that was new to Caroline, she usually done all that stuff while he was away. Caroline had some news for Jamie this time, she told him she was pregnant and that he might want to do up the small room as a nursery. They had ideas already but Jamie wanted to put his stamp on it by choosing the colours. Caroline had laughed and told him to go for it. The nursery was done and the baby was due anytime now, they could'nt wait for the big day which came in the middle of the night as happens often. Their son Bradley was born at 3am and he had his mothers blue eyes. Jamie was so happy to be around to bath and feed his son, he told Bradley that he would have a brother or sister one day, thinking back on his own childhood he knew it was the right thing to do. He would'nt let him be an only child. By the time Bradley was ready to start school the next baby was on the way and he was looking forward to having another child in the house although he knew the baby would take a lot of looking after, he had promised to help out too. Daniel arrived at 2am on the last day of spring, he had his mums blue eyes and Dads hair colour just like his big brother, but he was different in one way, he cried a lot, day and night. Jamie was working more from home now while Caroline was struggling to crawl up the career ladder, Jamie was already at the top but she wanted to prove she could get there too. And she was well on the way. She was tired though because Daniel kept them up all night with his crying. The Doctor said it was only collic, ONLY COLLIC! I bet he does'nt have any kids. Well at least that does'nt last for ever, he would grow out of it soon. Daniel was sleeping now but would be awake all night and Caroline needed to study or she would never get through her finals. everything was getting on top of her and she knew Jamie helped but it did'nt make her feel any better. On the warm nights she sat outside and read her medical books until Daniel, now a toddler followed her for a story. Caroline just knew it would take longer to reach the top, when she would have more time for the kids. In the morning she told Jamie to take the day off work, she had to do something. She was desperate now and was ready to scream and shout . so this was the only way, she went down to the hospital. Caroline went in to talk to Dr. Radcliffe. she told him her problems, she cried and felt stupid. The Dr, told her to use his office and PC so she could work undisturbed for a couple of hours, and he was happy for her to do that anytime, he saw she was going to make a great Doctor someday. That was the first night Daniel did'nt wake up and they all slept like babies. or like babies are supposed to.Both the boys had birthdays coming up. Bradley was going to high school and Daniel was just starting for the first time. Caroline invited the Headmaster to the double birthday party and both boys were accepted into private school, she was so proud. After the first day, Daniel asked Bradley what was going on with those boys at school, he had seen them standing close to his brother and it did'nt look friendly. Bradley told him they were just talking about stuff, but Daniel was'nt convinced. Daniels friend came home to tea and he was telling her about the boys at school, she informed him that the group of boys were known bullies and his brother should watch out. Daniel decided to talk to his brother again but he had already gone to bed, that was odd in itself. What could he do to help, he would'nt be much good against a gang of big boys. He thought he had better not tell his parents yet. Bradley was obviously trying to work things out for himself, he would just have to wait and see. Soon after, Bradley told his Dad that a boy at school was being bullied and asked what the "boy" should do. His Dad said this boy would have to front up to these boys or they would never stop until something bad happened. Jamie asked if there was anything he could do to help, but Bradley said he could'nt interfere or it may get worse. Dad does'nt understand really, Bradley wrote in his diary, how do you stand up to a gang of boys like them, it wasnt as easy as that. He did'nt know how. Bradley thought about when he was smaller and he used to have fun, Mum taught him how to catch a ball, he thought that was hard, he never dreampt that he would have to learn how to deal with bullies. This private school was not all it was cracked up to be, far from it. Saturday came at last, at least there was two days off school. Jamie asked if his friend had sorted out the bullying business yet. Bradley explained that the boy did'nt know what to do and kids just dont grow up knowing how to handle that sort of thing, we dont learn that in school, he thought. He said he had homework to do and went outside. Things got worse, they were even causing trouble at the weekends now, he had to do something. Why were they picking on him? he knew why, he was the boy from public school and was getting too big for his boots, they wanted him to go back where he came from. How come kids could be so cruel, it was'nt his fault he had to go there. Jamie had told Caroline what was going on, she could only give Bradley hugs and tell him he was doing well at school and that she was proud of him. she must not tell him she knew because he always wanted her to think the best of him. She was tempted to inform the school what was happening but that would mean fighting his battles for him, she would think about it and decide by Monday. The matter was taken out of her hands when Bradley went outside to look for Daniel, he had promised him a game of chess. That mongrol Josh from school was having a go at his little brother, Bradley saw red, how dare he pick on someone so small, he was shaking with a mixture of fear and anger. Bradley told Josh to get away from his brother or else, he was so mad. Josh wanted to know just what he thought he was going to do about it. Then *!**!* Bradley went crazy, he attacked Josh and gave him a taste of his own medicine, he did'nt know where the courage came from, it was just there. Josh was overpowered by Bradley, he did'nt know what hit him. Bradley told him to stay away from him and his brother in future or he would get some more, he told him to get away from his house and never come back, Josh was glad to leave. Daniel told Bradley he was his hero, Bradley told him it was not clever to fight but sometimes you had to , to gain some respect from Josh,s type, he would,nt get any trouble at school now he was sure. Daniel told his mum that a boy had bullied him outside, she was going to sort this out, there was enough of this going on. He told her what Bradley had done, he was so proud of his big brother. Caroline was pleased that it was sorted out now, she just hoped nothing more would come of it. Jamie was impressed with Bradley but confirmed that it was'nt good to fight, he also said it was good of him to look out for his brother, he never had one to keep an eye on him. Later when he and Caroline were relaxing, he told her she was a great Mother and she had brought the boys up well, she reminded him that he had played a big part in that as well, so Jamie had got his wish of having more than one child and it showed it was a good thing to do, where would Bradley have been without Daniel to teach him how to be strong, and where would Daniel have been without Bradley to help him...... I hope you enjoyed this little tale.

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goodie2shoesJun 23, 2013

This is still the sweetest story/present ever.

pinkbutterflies_84Dec 15, 2008

very nice story\:wub\:

eviJul 19, 2008

This was a really wonderful story! You write so good!\:rah\:

kat795May 10, 2008

\:D \:rah\: \:D

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