The Stephens Family Nightmare. Pt. 1
Published Jan 18, 2021

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"Hey there! My name is Lillian Stephens, and don't let the title scare you, my story isn't very scary. My husband's name is Lucas, and please don't say anything about this picture....I hate it!"

"Hey there! My name is Lillian Stephens, and don't let the title scare you, my story isn't very scary. My husband's name is Lucas, and please don't say anything about this picture....I hate it!" "We moved here to Strangetown, well, because I wanted to come face to face with REAL aliens! None yet. I wouldn't say we're rich but, we do have a fairly large home in middle of nowhere." "One night when I was heading up to bed, Lucas told me he would be up in an hour. I think he wanted to look through the telescope. He's had it since he was 10." "Many hours passed as I read in bed, also looking up at the stars because my bed is outside and it never rains in Strangetown." "Lucas never went to bed. He was up all night." "The day quickly flew by, and again I went to bed first, while he watched Monday Night Football." "Five days after my husband started this obsession with the telescope, I fell asleep on the couch. That's when the most extraordinary thing happened to him." "I missed the entire abduction. I slept right through it." ... "Then he was gone." "I heard a buzzing noise, and ran outside. Up in the sky was....well, I think it was a UFO." "I saw a body fall out of the UFO, Lucas. Lucas was staggering, just trying to get back up." "I ran to him and gave him a huge hug. We both looked up and saw the UFO float of into the sky."

"Honey, that was an ALIEN SHIP!" he told me.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"I'm serious." he said, looking down at the ground.

"Lucky!" I muttered. "I wish I had been abducted."
"Something odd happened, and my husband's stomach became larger in the blink of an eye." "A day later, he felt pain. He was pregnant." "Our baby was green, but she was so adorable! We named her Ala, because that is short for the Greek war godess, Alala." "I was so thrilled. I always wanted a child and I've always wanted to meet aliens, but doing both at the same time was even better!" "She was an adorable little baby, she had brown eyes like her father. I thought all Aliens had oily black eyes." "Before I knew it, it was Ala's birthday." "Then she turned to a toddler and she was even cuter!" "It didn't take very long for her to learn how to walk, talk and use the potty." "One day, when I was cleaning the playroom, I found bite marks on the doll's feet. I think I know who did it!" "Once upon a time, a King and a Queen wanted a child. The fairies listened to their plea for children, and decided to grant their wish, for a child would continue the family rule. The Fairies sent down a child in flying chariot ...... ...... ....... and they lived happily ever after." ... "Isn't this sweet?" "It was soon her birthday, and grew into a adorable girl" "Hi, I'm Ala , I think my mommy has talked to you about me. I can't wait to go to school, I'm a little scared though." "I may be a big girl, but I can still love my stuffed Woodstock" "Good thing Mom and Daddy were sleeping!" "I may be a Big Girl, but still I love my favorite stories like 'Make way for ducklings' and 'I'll love you forever.'" "Hey wait a second! Why are there teeth marks on my doll?" "Haha, this is my favorite family picture! Look at Mommy picking her nose! "Not again, oh what has my husband done?" "Is it another Alien?"I whispered.

"I'm not cetain. Will you be mad if it is an Alien?" He asked.

"Never." I replied.
"Honey," I asked "Would you want the baby to be a girl or a boy?"

"A girl" He whispered "so Ala will have a sister to love and to play with."

"Names?" I asked.

"Orion, if the baby is a boy." He said "If the baby is a girl I'll name her... Adhara. Adhara was a star I would always look for through my telescope, and Adhara was one of the brightest stars. "
" We named him Orion for the Hunter high in the sky. He looks like his father, except for the green skin of course." "Mommy! He's so Adorable!" "It was soon his birthday, and transitioned into an adorable toddler" "This is Orion." " Orion also quickly learned how to walk, talk, and go potty." "I think my brother likes playing with my castle, I'll let him play with it anytime he wants!" ... "Good Night Orion." I whispered.

"Momma." He said and fell asleep.
Dear Diary,
Today is Sunday the 15th of August, the last day of Summer Vacation. Tommorow, I start 6th grade in a new school, I think it was called Oasis Middle School. I want to go back to my friends, who all went to different middle schools.

~To Be Continued~


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EmeraldPlayerDec 8, 2014

That's such a sweet story. Poor Lucas. And Lillian is so broadminded and supportive.

spacemouseJul 4, 2007

Very nice story. Thanks for sharing. \:\)

Mar 15, 2007

Awww, very cute. \:wub\: I love how the younger PRDgirl wrote a sims story, too!
I have an alien baby named Orion in my game, too! Looking forward to Part II. \:rah\:

civetinjaJan 13, 2007

Thanks !!\:\)

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