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The Parker Family
Published Mar 16, 2008

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Garage Doors and Headlights
Part V: The Time Has Come

Sorry it's taken so long, I've been really busy lately.
*Note: Written by an aspiring author.*

Garage Doors and Headlights
Part V: The Time Has Come

Sorry it's taken so long, I've been really busy lately.
*Note: Written by an aspiring author.*
By November, I'd grown used to Marla's not contacting me for several weeks, followed by a memorable and passionate personal encounter. On the sixth, when my cell went off at 3am, I thought something seemed off.
"Sawyer?" The voice asked franticly.
"Yeah," I replied drowsily, "Who is this?"
"It's me, Rose....Marla's roommate," the voice answered, sounding paniced and rushed, "Look, I don't have much time, but it's really important, please come by as soon as you can. It'd mean a lot to Marla....." The line went dead.
I wasn't sure what to do. It sounded really urgent. I barely recognized Rose's voice. What was wrong with Marla? Why didn't she call, instead of Rose? She said it was important. Right then, all I knew was I wanted desperately to ditch school tomorrow and find out.
In the morning, all I'd come up with was to pretend to be sick.
"Dad," I groaned, "I don't feel to good."
My Dad's face looked rather serious. "Are you ok?" he inquired with concern.
"I don't know," I responded.
"Sawyer," He said calmly, "You don't miss school often. Stay home today and rest. Get better."
"Ok, thanks," I nodded.
As, soon as he and Claire were gone, I got dressed and drove to Marla's as quickly as I could.
The garage door was already open. Rose embraced me as soon as I stepped inside.
"I'm so happy to see you," she whispered, her voice was heavy with grattitude.
I shrugged, "It's no problem," I was lying, "I had nothing else to do, anyway."
"Oh. Good," Rose smiled, "You see, Marla's really sick rigt now, and I don't want to leave her on her own."
I was rather puzzled, "Oh, that sucks."
"Yeah," Rose sighed, "But food and stuff doesn't really pay for itself. I've gotta work, I've already got my boss to delay my shift. So I was kinda hoping that you could stay here and take care of Marla, while I was gone..." she looked nervously at her shoes.
"Sure," I smiled, "No problem." These lies were digging a deeper and deeper pit.
"Thanks, I apperciate it."
Rose suddenly looked scared, "You do know that it'll be a couple hours, at least, right? I mean, I don't want your folks to get mad, or anything."
"No," I flubbed, "It's cool. My Dad told me to do whatever."
"Ok," she smirked, "Great. I'm gonna go change and then I'll be outta here. Thank you, so much. Marla is over there." She guestured towards the couch and slunk into the bathroom.
Marla was sleeping, on the beater old sofa. She looked so pale and skinny, curled up in just a blue plaid shirt and her underwear. The dark-haired girl was shivering a little. I felt sorry for her, the garage was so cold and the the couch wasn't comforable at all. Poor girl, this was how she lived, how she'd always lived. It was only a few minutes, before Rose was back, in a skimpy black outfit and high-heeled boots.
"Thanks a million, Sawyer. I owe you one. Here," she shoved a scrap of paper into my hand, "This is my cell number, call if you need anything."
"Uh...thanks," I managed awkwardly, "Aren't you going to be cold? It's supposed to snow today."
"Nah," Rose shrugged, "I'll be fine. I'll see you in a bit." And with those words, before I could respond, she was gone.
The garage didn't have any central heating, and it was freezing inside, even after I closed the door, so I half-dragged, half-carried Marla over to the bed and put her in it. I lay down, with her and waited almost two hours for her to wake up. Marla sat up and opened her beautiful, leafy-green eyes."Hi?" she managed drowisly, "What are you doing here?"
I smiled, she was her usual inquisitve self, despite being super sick. "I'm here to take care of you, while Rose is at work."
Marla smiled faintly, "Now isn't that sweet, I can take care of myself," my face fell, "But I'm happy you're here." The words were simple, but the inflection made it clear that Marla meant them sincerely.
I leaned over and kissed her.
Marla pushed me away. "Oh, crap, I'm gonna be sick." The green-eyed girl stood up abruptly and ducked into the bathroom.
She was audibly sick. I felt awful. I hoped she felt better soon, and that I hadn't caught whatever it was she had.
I studied the painting on her easel. It wasn't very far along, but it looked like it was going to be incredible.
After that, we sat at the table and I made her drink some Gaderade. Niether of us really said much. It was overall, really awkward. I didn't know what to say, so I studied the drawings on the wall behind her. The eye was very disturbing, I felt like it was watching me. Then we sat on the sofa, for a long time. Marla's entire body was shaking. She cried, a lot and got sick a couple times. I still coundn't think of anything to say. I didn't know what to, either. So I just, put my arm around her and held back her hair. Then, finally, after and awkward eturnity, Rose came back. She was talking to someone, on the phone. The skinny blonde looked grim.
"Damn it, Brad," there was a pause, "Alright, fine," she sounded really angry, "You'd better pay me double....alright. Ok. I'll be there in 30." Rose hung up. "That prick," she muttered under her breath.
Rose glanced at me, her gaze was piercing. "Sawyer, I need to talk to you in private," she cocked her head towards the bathroom.
I followed Rose into the filthy bathroom. She closed her door and locked it.
"Sawyer, can you stay for a few more hours?" the blonde sighed with distress, "My boss is being a dick. Somebody called in sick and he wants me to cover fo them. But I'd be getting double pay and I really need it."
I didn't know what to say. It was almost 4:30. Dad would be home soon and he'd be expecting me.
Rose sighed and stared at the ground. "I understand if you need to go." Tears were welling up in her amber-green eyes.
"No," I lied, "I can stay. No problem. Go back to work, if you need to."
"Thank you," she sighed, "I'm really sorry to do this to you."
"It's not a problem." I hoped she believed me. In truth, I was as good as dead, when my father found out.
Rose did believe me though, and she went back to work.
When, I got back, Marla had taken the plaid shirt off. She was laying on a striped blanket, listening to music, with a couple beers nearby.
"Sawyer," she smiled, "Come join me."
I lay down beside her. I'd never noticed before, that she had a tattoo on her right arm.
I pointed at it, "Is that new?"
"Yeah," she rasped, "Do you like it?"
I smiled, "Uh...well, yes. It suits you."
I opened the beers and we started drinking.
After a few, Marla was getting sleepy. She sunk down, beside me.
"Sawyer?" she asked.
"I love you...I real-really do...." she slurred.
I was shocked. I didn't know what to say. It was the second time she'd said it. It still felt weird.
"Yeah. Mar, I love you, too." I replied, softly.
But, by then, she was already asleep.

Thank you for reading my story. I hoped you enjoyed it. Please comment if you liked it.


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civetinjaApr 11, 2008

Thanks for sharing !\:\)

electrocutingApr 9, 2008

coool story \:D

love-martaMar 21, 2008

good story can't wait for the next one\:rah\:

christineannxMar 20, 2008

omg omg u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooo gd i luv ur story's and im sad about the girl ahving 2 live in a garage maby sawyer colud take her home and get her warmed up?.xxxx\:wub\:

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