Samantha's Arrangement Chapter 3
Published Mar 24, 2008

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Falling in love with Blaze wasn't something I thought I could do at first. I accepted our engagement under pressure from my family, and I guess a little from him. In the end, the more time I spent with him, the closer we became and the more I realized that I was actually falling in love.

Falling in love with Blaze wasn't something I thought I could do at first. I accepted our engagement under pressure from my family, and I guess a little from him. In the end, the more time I spent with him, the closer we became and the more I realized that I was actually falling in love. It wasn't long after we finalized all of the plans for our wedding that we packed our bags and headed off to Steinhurst College together. That's where most of the college kids from Alphalville went for a higher education before getting officially joined.

Blaze and his family said most people go here because Steinhurst was set up a lot like Alphalville. They catered to students with arranged marriages.

"'ve had that ring on your finger for a couple of weeks now. Ever since we moved to Steinhurst. How does it feel?" Blaze asked me one night after we had settled in.
"You mean how does it feel to be arranged to Blaze Siew the hottest guy at Steinhurst?" I teased.

Thowing his head back in a belly laugh he replied, "Yeah right, you flatter me too much Mrs. Samantha Siew..soon-to-be." I stuck out my tounge, making a face at the sound of what my name would change to.

He laughed again, "Well...I'm not going to be Mr. Blaze Andersen if that's what you're thinking," he winked making me laugh again.
"We are supposed to be getting a couple new roomies tonight. I wonder if they've gotten here yet," said Blaze after winking at me again.

Blaze was the "house master". At least that's what they called the student in charge of each of the buildings at Steinhurst. He was the "go-to-guy" for anything the students might need while living here. Greeting new residents was part of his job.
"Hey, I'm the student you need to be worrying about right master," I grinned again. It was just so much fun to tease him. "Hmm I see...and what can I do for you Samantha?" He chuckled.

"I'll show you..."
Squeezing his hand and pulling him close I met his lips. I still couldn't get over the soft yet hungry way that he kissed me.

After he pulled himself away he smiled and slipped out the door with a wink and a soft, "See ya later babe."
After he left I smiled and sat down at the desk to do some more studying.

"Hey, are you new here too?" I heard someone greet me, "Sorry I didn't mean to break your concentration."

I looked up from my history book, "Hi, no sorry I've been here for a couple of weeks. Are you one of the new students moving in tonight?" I stood up and shook his hand.
"Yeah, I'm from Alphalville. My fiance is moving here in a few days. She's always packing too much," he laughed, "It's taking her and her parents more than two days to move it all down here." He looked around the room, "Oh sorry, I'm Gary. You are?"
"Samantha," I answered.
"Is that long for Sam or Sammie?" he winked.
"Um, sorry no...I guess no one's ever called me that," I blushed.
"Well, now someone does," he smiled again, "so Sammie, how about a tour?"
I smiled and nodded at him to follow me.
Gary and I got to know each other over the next few days before his fiance arrived. I showed him around and introduced him to all the new friends I had made. Blaze was glad I was taking Gary under my wing, it took some weight off of his shoulders.

It wasn't long before Gary and I were hanging out almost every night. He had a fondness for pillow fights.
"Heh, I swear...we're gonna destroy every pillow in this place if we keep this up," Gary chuckled, "Why don't you just surrender so we don't have to sacrafice another bunch of ducks."

Laughing back I said, "Never! I'll start hitting you with the couch cushins if I have to!"
"YAAAA!" I swung the pillow over my head and Hit Gary across the face before collapsing in a pile of laughter and feathers. "You got me really good there...I think we'll have to declare you the winner," Gary said between gasps of breath.
"Heh, I guess you'd better get back to your history book. I've been keeping you from it for quite a while tonight," he smiled, "You're the only person I know that reads thier textbook before the term has even started."

"And Let me guess, you're the type who doesn't even read your textbook during the term," I shot back with a giggle.

"Heh, yeah. Something like that," he said after putting down his pillow, ", I guess it'll be dinner time soon."
"Yeah, I guess so," I said grabbing my books and wondering why he was looking at me like that.

"Sammie," he stepped closer to me, making me back up against the bookcase, "I've never really met anyone like you."

"Gary, um...I'm engaged to.." but he didn't let me finish...
He leaned toward me, placing his hand on my face. I put up my hands to push him away. "What are you doing?!" I screeched. Grabbing onto me he harshly smothered me with his kiss.

"Please, please stop!" I managed to squeek out.
I pushed him away hard, "Look...don't you have your own arrangement? How could you do this to her?"

Backing off he said, "Well...yeah, I'm engaged to Angie, but she doesn't care if I find someone else attactive. I've really grown attached to you Sammie, I know you feel something for me." He stepped towards me again.

I ducked past him and ran to my room locking the door. I couldn't believe that someone could act like that. Wasn't this whole arranged marriage thing supposed to be a permanent commitment? I couldn't stop the tears.
That same day was mine and Blaze's turn to cook dinner. I didn't know how to bring up what had just happend with Gary so I just decided to let it go and hope that I had made myself clear to him that I wasn't interested.

"Samantha, I'm so glad you've been helping me out with this House master thing. You and Gary seem to be getting real close," Blaze said while stirring the spagetti sauce.

"Yes, um..I guess we have been spending a lot of time together," I responded, trying not to let my voice show how much I didn't want to talk about him.

He turned from the sauce and looked at me, "Samantha, what's the matter?"

So much for forgetting about it, I thought, "I didn't want to worry you I guess, but..."
He had turned back to the sauce, "What happend? Did he say something to you?"

"Blaze...he kissed me," I said putting the pan I was holding on the counter, "I tried to stop him but.."

Blaze grabbed my hand and after turning off the stove dragged me into the study next door.
"What the heck happend Samantha? Are you okay?!" He demanded. It was really hard to read his face at the moment. He looked angry, concerned, curious, and really sad all in one expression.

"I don't know...I'm sorry Blaze," I squeaked out, "We were just talking, you know, Just hanging out. He was new here, I just wanted to be friendly."

"So you kissed him? That's a little bit more than being friendly!" he shouted.
"Blaze, I didn't kiss him. He backed me against the wall. HE kissed me!" I shouted back. Blaze paced back and forth around the room. I had never seen him like this before, and he hadn't shouted at me like this since the day we first met, "I'm sorry, I guess, I don't know.."

Finally he came back over to me, took a deep breath and said, "Samantha, I'm sorry I yelled at you. It's just that, well, I guess I can get a little jealous when I feel like I've been cheated," he looked me in the eyes, "I never told you this, but Laura almost threw away our contract for another guy," He shook his head, "I suppose I wasn't good enough for her anymore. It was a couple of weeks before the fire, she had even gone to the city council to have our contract revoked."

"Blaze..." I took his hand.
Shaking his head again, he continued, "I didn't find out until after she was dead. I couldn't believe..." he looked away, trying to hide the tears in his eyes. Blaze turned and slumped down on the couch buring his head in his hands, "I just couldn't figure out what I had done wrong. Why she'd just up and leave me like that. I don't even know if she was going to tell me or just let me figure it out on my own." I sat on the couch next to him, " couldn't have done anything that would have made her do that."

"What is it about me that drives away perfect women? Why does everyone I love leave me for some other guy?" He stared back down at his lap letting the tears fall.
I wrapped my arms around him pulling him over to me, "Blaze, please understand that I don't want to leave you and no amount of attention from Gary or any other guy could make me back out on the committment I've made to you,"
I looked away from his desperate eyes, "Blaze, these past few years we've spent together really have been the best of my life. I really didn't expect to fall in love with you...and well I really have. I can't imagine life without you now. I'm sorry that I'm not what you expected for a fiance when you were growing up...but..." He lifted my chin so I would look in his eyes, "Samantha, you've never said that you loved me before," his eyes twinkled as he paused for a moment, "you're right, you aren't what I expected, you are so much better than anything I could have ever dreamed of. I've fallen in love with you too." He pulled me into a deep embrace and whispered, "please don't ever think that I'm dissapointed in you or in this arrangement." I melted into his arms and a feeling of complete belonging washed over me as I breathed into his ear, "I love you Blaze,"

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#21LillyKPMar 25, 2008

I'm happy to see a new chanpter is develuping.

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#23jaundyce61Mar 27, 2008

Very good, I liked it!\:\)

#24erdbeerelfeMar 27, 2008

cant wait to read more, moore MOOORREEE!!!

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#26ssinfritzApr 1, 2008

finally!!i have been waiting for this!!!!\:rah\: \:rah\:

#27mimi0892Apr 10, 2008

I think Gary added a great twist to your story!\:rah\:

#28Frog_man05Apr 12, 2008

It would be bad if she left for Gary. Than came back in a big dramatic... Thingy... Anyway love this chapter!\:wub\: \:rah\:

#29civetinjaApr 17, 2008

Great story !Thanks for sharing !\:\)

#30halfasian751VIPJun 16, 2008

\:cool\: \:P boy Gary is a jerk! Good story!!

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