Another Life - Chapter 5
Published Jul 30, 2012

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Chapter 5 YAY :3

Chapter 5 YAY :3 I fumbled in my pocket for my keys, the moon lighting up the empty sky, I took a deep breath inhaling the night air before unlocking the front door. It opened with a reluctant groan I stepped through flicking on the light. I walked over to the oven grabbing a frying pan I cracked two eggs into the pan, My stomach rumbled angrily as the smell of the cooking eggs filled my nostrils. I slid the eggs onto a plate they made a sikening squelch as they hit the china. I took my plate and sat outside the sun rising quickly over the hills, Erin would be home soon and I had to get her ready to meet Nick. Before I knew it it was 4:30 the sky was already dark where the sun was setting, My mobile buzzed impatiently in my purse.
"Hello?" I asked the line crackled for a few moments but there was no voice "Hello?" I asked again waiting for a response.
"Luci its Kai." I rolled my eyes anger bubbling in my viens.
"Kai I don't want to talk to you."
I clicked the glowing red button my eyes lingering on the screen for a moment expecting him to call back but the screen stayed black. I slid it back into my purse quickly grabbing my car keys. I sighed taking Erin's hand.
"Come on." I smiled pulling her out the door.
I watched as the sun began to set over the ocean we pulled into the car park, Nick was stood waiting for us the sky by the beach still bright as the sun slowly sunk into the ocean.
"Come on Erin." I smiled jumping out of the car. She squealed excitedly unbuckling her seat and slipping out of the car.
"Hey Nick." I smiled holding Erin close to my chest. Nick looked at me nervous beads of sweat trailing down his neck.
"Oh Luci she looks just like you." He breathed reaching out to touch her I looked at him shaking my head.
"No Nick she looks like you." He smiled softly at me his smile touching his eyes "Here hold her." I said passing Erin too him, He pulled her close smelling her hair holding her tight I always knew nick would be a good dad.
"Erin I ..." He trailed off I shook my head at him I didn't want him to say anything else he broke my heart once he wouldn't get the chance to do it again.
"Don't Nick."
I walked to the shore line watching as the waves lapped hungrily at the sand. I smoothed out my dress I could feel Nicks eyes on me, Watching my every move if it was anyone else I would feel uncomfortable but deep in my heart I still loved and trusted Nick more than anything. Nick began to walk towards me the sand crunching under his weight he stopped just before me. "Luci I love you ... I hope you know that." He breathed I stood silent I had to take a moment I couldn't tell him I felt the same way. Its best for Erin for us not to be together just in case he left again. I took a calming breath and turned to look at him "Nick I felt that way too ... Once but now my daughter is the only person I need in my life right now." His eyes filled with disappointment at my lies, but I think he knew that something like this might have happened.
"Luci do you think Erin could stay with me tonight?" He asked quietly I studied him carefully "I have missed so much already." I took a moment and nodded softly.
"Call me tomorrow about dropping her off." He broke out into a smile I could tell her wanted to hug me but he held back because of what had just been said.
When I arrived home the lights were on I stepped in the door cautiously hoping that I had forgotten to turn the lights off.
"Hello Luci." Smiled Kai he was sat at a table a lobster dinner sat steaming in front of the empty seat, I froze anger filled my body he was in my house, I clenched my fists ready to scream at him when he jumped up out of his seat "Let me explain!" He cried putting his hands up to calm me. I walked over to him cautiously hoping that he wasn't about to kill me.
He pulled me close to him his breath warm on my face, I melted in his arms I couldn't even remember what I was angry about anymore.
"I missed you." He grinned kissing my lips softly I looked at him hypnotized my legs felt like jelly.
"I ... I um." I stammered as he stroked my bare skin every touch setting my skin on fire my cheeks flushing.
"Oh Luci." His lips brushed past my ear lobe my body shaking with excitement wishing he would kiss me again.
"I'm sorry Luci." He said sadly looking into my eyes his hair falling perfectly around his face. My senses started to come back to me the foggy curtain that had been stopping me from thinking clearly began to fade and I could finally think, Everything came flooding back to me. The anger he had managed to keep at bay hit me like a train. I shoved him away from me my body shaking. I looked at him in disgust it took all my strength not to hit him "Go on give me your excuse." I seethed my teeth digging into my lips as I kept myself from screaming at him.
"She was not my fiancée she was my sister she was just joking." He said a smile tugging at his lips. I looked him over not ready to accept this yet he needed to answer some questions first before I would believe that.
"Why didn't you say that at the beach?" I asked letting my hands fall to my sides my defenses slipping away before I even knew it was happening.
"I didn't think you were going to run." He said simply, I paused feeling tears slipping down my cheeks.
"Oh don't cry." He wrapped his arms around me pulling me close to him, His hand running up and down my back, I cried into his shoulder feeling like a fool, I ran away never let him explain if he had a fiancée someone would have known.
"I'm sorry."I whispered taking a deep breath not wanting to let go of him.
"Lets eat." He gestured to the meal on the table, I smiled meekly at him sliding into the chair.
As we sat eating I knew that I had made a huge mistake falling in love with Kai as fast as I did. I watched as he cracked the shell of his lobster a small smile on my face.
"Are you going to stair at me all night?" I dropped my fork on to the plate my cheeks filling with colour.
"I'm sorry I didn't know you could see me." He smiled softly at me as he pushed a forkful of lobster into his mouth.
"Luci I really like you." He said softly placing his fork down onto his plate, I blinked at him stunned.
"I know Kai." I said evasively I couldn't let him know my feelings towards him yet I wasn't ready for that.
"Luci..." He started I looked up at him expectantly waiting for what he had to say but he just smiled and finished off his Lobster.
"Your a good cook." I commented awkwardly as the tension in the room began to build, He nodded absentmindedly fiddling with his lobster shell.
"Thanks." He pushed his chair out and stood looking at me intently.
I stared back, He pushed his chair in softly his eyes never leaving mine "Luci I have been thinking about this for a while, I had plenty of time while we were not communicating." He smiled painfully, I looked down ashamed. He took a few steps towards me my heart skipped a beat, I wanted to reach out and touch him.
"Kai we shouldn't." I whispered, he put a finger to his lips offering his hand to me, I took it my body buzzing from the contact I smiled softly at him as he pulled me close to him.
He lifted our hands to my face stroking his thumb gently across my cheek a wistful smile passed across his lips.
"Luci I love you so much, I know we haven't exactly been together very long and you have Erin to think about but its true and I can't hide it from you any longer just in case I loose you I don't want any regrets." His words were rushed I could tell he had been thinking about what he wanted to say for a while but it didn't come out quite right.
"Oh Kai." I breathed leaning in to kiss him.
"Wait one second." He smiled mischievously dodging my kiss, I looked at him confused and offended by his rejection. He knelt on the ground turning away from me "Kai are you ok?" I asked his huddled form hoping that he wasn't about to fall over dead.
"Oh Luci I love you." He murmured shaking his head softly dread filled the pit of my stomach. Every possible scenario filled my head by the time he started to turn around I had convinced myself that he was going to leave me.
"Marry me beatuiful luci." He grinned a box firmly grasped in his hands, I looked down dumbfounded my brain trying to comprehend what he had just asked me.
"Oh Kai." I whispered lost for words, He smiled expectantly at me as he opened the box.
"Oh my god." My hands automatically flew to my face in shock, the diamond glittered softly in the dim light. Tears began to roll down my cheeks he snapped the box shut looking at me in concern.
"Oh Luci i'm sorry." He breathed wrapping his arms around me, I sobbed into his shoulder I felt safe here. I lent back looking him in the eyes he gave me a pained smile trying to hide that he was hurt. I panicked realizing what he must think.
"Yes." I murmured kissing him on the lips, He looked at me confused gently wiping tears out of my eyes.
"Why are you crying?"
"I'm happy." I smiled kissing him again, He crushed me against his chest grinning from ear to ear.
"Oh Luci I love you."
I spent the next few months planning the wedding looking through every single wedding magazine and book ever made, Kai was little help other than offering to pay for everything because he wanted to treat me but it was better that way, He didn't know anything about wedding planning he was a man after all. I spent more time than I would have liked driving in and out of town for dress fittings, wine tasters and cake tastings. There is only so much that one woman can take and as usual Kai was no help. That morning though I was wishing that I had more time, The makeup artist and hairdresser had left leaving me alone with my reflection. I looked myself over critically picking out every flaw and blowing it out of proportion a last ditch attempt to take my mind off of the wedding. I swallowed hard pushing a stray hair behind my ear.
"I can't believe he wants me." I murmured as I walked away from the mirror.
The wind blew gently through my hair as I stepped carefully down the steps to the beach. Everyone stood talking among themselves, Kai was pacing up and down the beach nervously a small smile painted itself on my lips I began to relax. I loved him so much I knew what I was doing. I passed his sister talking to my cousin James, he caught my eye as I passed him he waved frantically at me causing Leah to look up, She eyed me critically before nodding approvingly at me. "Oh Luci!" Cried Kai wrapping his arms around me, everyone stood around us the Vicar called everyone to order as me and Kai stepped apart. The vicar began the ceremony I didn't listen to the first bit I just grinned at Kai taking in every inch of his face I wanted to remember this forever. His eyes crinkled at the corners when he smiled back at me. I zoned back in just as Kai started his vows, we had decided on writing out own and Kai looked like he was going to throw up because he was so nervouse.
"Luci the first time I laid eyes on your writing I knew I needed to meet you, You were honest with a bunch of strangers and I could tell that even though you had been hurt you had survived through it and come out a better person and a stronger mother. You are an amazing woman and I am blessed to have you in my life, I will love you now and forever Luci." I grinned him my cheeks heating up.
"It's your turn Luci" Smiled the Vicar I nodded at him taking a deep breath I straightened out my dress. "We have had our ups and downs Kai, I met you out of curiosity I had never dreamed that I would fall in love with you, You are great with Erin your kind caring and even after I was an idiot you did something huge to make up for everything. You are a good man and any woman would be lucky to have you. I'm just glad that it was me that beat them too it. I love you Kai and I hope we spend the rest of our lives together." I tilted my head to the side gently smiling softly at him. As the vicar ended the cerimony I saw Nick, Erin was sat in the sand next to him quietly watching. Nick nodded at me trying to force a smile but it didn't work he just looked sad. I turned my attention back to Kai.
"you may now kiss the bride." The Vicar announced.
Kai wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him, Our lips touched softly at first but it wasn't long before I had lost myself in him my hands running through his soft hair. He pulled away pecking me on the nose softly "Hello Mrs Cutler." He whispered. The sky was getting darker Kai had gone home early to clean up the house, I walked over to Nick smiling nervously at him "Hey." He nodded acknowledging my presence.
"Thanks for looking after Erin last night." I mumbled.
"Don't worry about it." He tried to smile again but I could tell he was upset about something.
"Nick are you ok?"
"I'm fine Luci, I just ... why did you marry him." I looked at him confused he was fine with all of this why did he choose today to object.
"I love him Nick." I stated crossing my arms over my chest defensively, He shook his head laughing.
"You don't love him, You love me and are trying to forget me." I looked at him in shock I could feel myself getting angry.
"Nick I don't love you anymore." I lied flexing my hands trying to stop myself from slapping him.
"Yes you do!" He insisted his eyes filling with sadness. I paused for a moment composing myself.
"No I don't Nick I stopped Loving you the moment you broke my heart!" I snapped.
He reached out to hug me I shoved him away angry "You had your chance Nick and you blew it deal with it." I scooped Erin up into my arms and strode of angry.
"LUCI! WAIT!" He yelled after me but I kept on walking fighting the tears every step.
I slammed the front door open placing Erin on the floor, Kai hurried over looking me over fear swam in his eyes.
"Are you ok?" He breathed holding my head in his hands, A tear escaped my eyes he wiped it away with his thumb.
"Oh Kai it was Nick." I whispered he looked at me concerned I looked away avoding his gaze.
"What about him." He asked his body tense, I looked at him carefully for a few seconds.
"He still loves me." I croaked tears spilling down my cheeks.
Finally did chapter 5! I hope you liked it :) It would be better if I had a proof reader but alas I am a one woman show.

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#1sofudgeaswellJul 31, 2012

I love this story!! I still don't trust Kai though! Btw if you need a proofreader, I could help you!!

#2fruitopiaVIPAug 1, 2012

I do not trust Kai and his "sister". Good story\:D

#3may-chowAug 3, 2012

@sofudgeaswell I may have to take you up on that offer \:\)

I don't know where I am taking the story yet but I don't trust Kai and I made him xD

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