Aurora High- Episode 2.1:Summer Paradise
Published Mar 7, 2015

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Quick Recap:
Peony being the new girl had to undergo an initiation held by the group-- being the only people she will be spending her Senior Year she did not decline. Sei being turned down for the first time declared that he will have her no matter what so he planned to kiss her but it backfired.

Pictures will look pixelated due my re-sizer. I'm terribly sorry for this :/

Anyhow, I present Episode 2!
Hope you guys enjoy it :3

Quick Recap:
Peony being the new girl had to undergo an initiation held by the group-- being the only people she will be spending her Senior Year she did not decline. Sei being turned down for the first time declared that he will have her no matter what so he planned to kiss her but it backfired.

Pictures will look pixelated due my re-sizer. I'm terribly sorry for this :/

Anyhow, I present Episode 2!
Hope you guys enjoy it :3

"So why you called us for a meeting? Is this about what I did last week?" Sei being defensive and obviously guilty

Summer face palmed

"Dude, its her birthday tomorrow" Kai retorted

"HAHAHA! Sei you nut head! You never forget Summer's birthday every year, suddenly you forget it this year! Seems like you are too distracted!" Rika looking at Peony laughing

Peony sighed

"Summer's party seem to be fun that you guys always look forward to it" Poeny look like a lost puppy.

"Well as a matter of fact, Summer's party is always unforgettable" Kai explained

"Ohh that's way you guys always look forward to it, and OMG! I get spend it with you guys this year!" Peony suddenly became excited

"YES P! It'll be so fun!" Rika overly excited as well
"So where are we celebrating this year? Lucky Palms? Hidden Springs? Bridgeport?" Rika asked

"Neither of those. We going Isla Paradiso" Summer stated

"2 summer's ago we went to Sunlit Tides now Isla Paradiso! This is going to be epic!" Kai jumping for joy

"Oooh hella nice! Think about the ladies in swimsuits Kai!" Sei added

"We should talk about our plans in private" Kai and Sei giggled

Peony and Rika looked at Kai and Sei in disbelief

"Ugh boys!" Peony, Summer and Rika said in unison

"Oh ya where's Spencer?" Peony wondered
"Well she went ahead to check the place" Summer scratching her head

"That explains why I did not saw her in school today" Sei said

"Anyway, we all should head to bed we will leave first thing in the morning" Summer walked out the they all followed

"This is guys!" Summer said in excitement

"Weeee! Happy Birthday Summer!!" They all greeted her

"Now let's get this party started!" Sei added
"Welcome to Summer's Paradise!" Summer added

"O-M-G!" Rika and Peony screamed

"You guys are finally here!" Spencer greeted
"This place is hella nice Summer!" Rika stated

"Summer owns this place and that not all-- she was the one who designed this specific resort that is why it is called Summer's Paradise!" Spencer bragging for her best friend

"Hands down to you Summer! You nailed it!" Sei approved

"Ooooh! Wow you are totally the best summer! A genius indeed!" Rika complimented

"Oh you guys stop it you making my head big" Summer and the rest of the gang laughed
"What amenities does this place have Summer?" Rika asked

"Let's see.. Spa, Water Sports, Pool Bar, Different types of buffet, and a Photo booth" Summer replied

"Did you hear that sis! Water sports!" Kai blurted

"You just read my mind! But first Photo booth!" Rika ordered

"Meh you two having your own world again" Spencer rolled her eyes

"It's nothing new" Sei added

"Have fun you two" Peony smiled
"Okay people you heard her, we going to the Photo booth! See ya'll in a bit!" Kai stood up

"You guys should remember this is a group outing!" Spencer blurted

"Twins gotta stick together and I don't expect anyone of you to understand. Laters!" Kai smirked then followed his sister "Hey Riks wait up!"

It was silent for a minute

"You just killed the good vibe Spencer, wow." Sei said sarcastically

Spencer just rolled her eyes

"I personally think just let them be, they'll be back and have fun with us" Peony looking at the bright side

"You are right P, let's enjoy ourselves as well!" Summer suggested

"But it looks like Spencer already had some enjoyment while we were away, I mean look at her tan! So much for your group outing drama" Sei being sarcastically rude this time
"Woah! You guys I said enjoy not bicker!" Summer making a point

"See! This is exactly why I broke up with you! Always ALWAYS starting drama and VERY inconsiderate. Glad we're freakin' over." Sei angrily blurted

"Tss. Whatever!" Spencer rolled her eyes

Summer just watched the two bicker.

"You are a jerk Seige" Peony stated

Seige just gave Spencer a sharp look making her feel that its her fault.

"Kai printing is almost done, can you tell them we're off to do snorkeling next. Also, I think I heard Sei raging at Spencer again" Rika said

"Yeah sure. Well they've been like that ever since they started dating before"

"That is why its better not to date someone on the group. You know what I mean Kai"

"Yeah.." Kai nodded then went back to the gang
"Dang the aura here sucks! Good thing Rika and I are going to do some snorkeling. Just wanted you guys to know." Kai informed

"At least some of us are actually enjoying" Sei obviously bummed

"Just enjoy dude! Don't let the negative vibes get to you" Kai smirked then looked at Spencer

"What's that supposed to mean Kai? Ugh. You guys are jerks!" Spencer retorted

"I was kidding and humoring my cousin haha!" Kai replied

"Can we stop being cousins? I wanna be part of "The twin fun" you guys always have! Damn take me in and let's be triplets!" Sei joked

Kai, Peony, Sei and Summer laughed

"Kaiiiiiii Let's go!" Rika shouted from afar

"Well. Twin fun starts now! Laters! Kai sauntered off
"Maybe we should all sign up for that Twin fun thing!" Summer added and continued laughing

"Now that Spencer is good vibes! Learn some tricks from Kai." Sei pointed out to Spencer

"Just stop it Sei." Spencer annoying replied

"I'm going to check the view by the beach, I'll see ya guys around" Peony just stood and left.

The Twins set off their sailboat to start snorkeling. While Peony just sat by the pool area and enjoy the wonderful view. "Hey there beautiful" Sei sincerely greeted

"And poof relaxation ruined" Poeny frankly replied
"If you are going to sit down next to me I will leave" Peony threatened

"Jeez Peony you hate me too much" Sei sat down anyway

"Yes, I hate you very much"
"How about this, just go on a date with me and If I don't make you smile the whole entire date, I will leave you alone for good" Sei negotiated

"You will never talk to me and follow me around?"

"Well I will try not to and I can tell Kai to stop me" Sei reassured
"Sure then but we must make a contract. We need to have a witness so you don't have any excuses" Peony agreed

"Oh wow! Seriously?!" Sei smiled like a complete retard

"Do you think I would agree to it If I know I will lose?" Peony asked

"HA! Over confident I see!" Sei teased

"Look who's talking. haha!" Peony sarcastically replied
"But If I make you smile, smirk or giggle you'll agree to go out with me again" Sei stood up

"Okay then! I know I will have to last laugh here. Now go and plan this special date you have in mind"

Sei started walking away

"Oh yeah.. your long hair is so pretty." walked away slowly looking down
He likes my long hair I see.. but yeah..I can't wait to see the look on his face when his own plan backfires.This will be my revenge... "Hey dude, I'll get your best seller" Sei ordered

"Coming Sir"

"Dang, she's the only girl I had difficulty with" Sei sighed
"It means she's different from the past girls you dated" The bartender replied and served his drink

"Yeah she really is different, she's tough almost heartless. Other girls always cling to me and follow me around while she's the opposite"

"Girls like that rarely come around these days"

"You really think so?"

"Makes me wanna have her more"

"Good luck Sir"

Going back to Summer and Spencer

"So far, its only the Spa I haven't tried." Spencer said

"I know you need some massage, let's go my bestie!" Summer grabbed Spencer's arm and went to the massage table
"Yes, I really do need this!" Spencer moaned

"Sei was being a pain, I know you only said that to Kai so you know.. we can have some alone time"

"Exactly! He just cannot read between the lines! What an airhead!"

"Ya an airhead you still love!" Summer joked
"This isn't about me Summer, it's about you and Kai" Spencer pointed

"I know.." summer moaned

"When Sei and I was still together, he told me that Kai likes you"

"You did told me that but I don't know.. He's too busy with his twin.. like they only wanted to be in their own world forever! I cant compete with that." Summer sulked

"Just try telling him what you feel, I mean you will never know til' you try right?"

"You.. are the best Spencer!"

"I know I am!"

"But I still feel bad about you and Sei earlier."

"Don't worry about that, I want you happy that's why I had to say it like that"

"I love you my Spencer!!!"
"You found anything fancy Kai?"

"Hrm, nothing really. Fishes look awesome though"

"Oh you said it brother!"
"Come here Riks its so cool! Its a school of clownfish!"

"On my way!"

"Careful though you might scare them away"

"I saw Sei come up to you earlier" Spencer started

"Well.. I tried to shoo him off. But you know him, too stubborn to handle"

"You got that right"

"I cant believe you actually fell inlove with that guy"

"He's actually very sweet and caring"

"I only see him as someone pushy and arrogant"

"That's his outer shell, everyone's used to it."

"Well I'm not and I cant tolerate that behavior. He's acting like a spoiled little kid"

Spencer and Peony laughed it off

"Speak of the devil" Spencer greeted

"I see you girls are talking about me" Sei replied

"I hope you said something good about me Spence" Sei continued

"Nothing good to say about you." Spencer teased

Peony giggled in agreement

"Wow seriously? After what I made you feel before Spencer? What a bitter ex-girlfriend"

Spencer smiled
"You two are seriously joking around now?"

"We argue most of the time but after that it goes away" Sei replied

"Fight and make ou--I mean make up" Spencer blushed

"That's past now Spence" Sei reminded

"Heyya guys!" Summer broke the silence

"Finally someone broke the awkwardness!" Peony was relieved

"This is rare.. seeing all three of you together.. It is awkward" Summer teased

"Just sit with us and relax, you need to calm down" Spencer teased back
"What you guys up to? Its just weird you know." Summer lauged

"Mr. Pushy here ruined the girl talk Spencer and I are having" Peony frankly said

"It's always me at fault Peony, I must be your favorite" Sei grinned

"Favorite person to hate you mean?" Peony smirked

"You two are hilarious!" Summer burst in laughter

"Yeah with this love/hate type of relationship, you guys would actually make a perfect couple" Spencer said trying to sound less sarcastic

"I knew it! It sounds oh so good coming from Spencer! She never lies!!" Sei smiling like an retard again

"I cant believe you Spencer, I thought you were on my side!" Peony complained

"Well I say what I see and feel, sorry honey" Spencer teased

"Guys, I gotta go!" Summer left the jacuzzi

"Do your best Summer!" Sei teased

"Where she going at?" Peony like a lost puppy

"You'll find out" Spencer and Sei said in unison
I hope this goes beautifully like the night sky tonight. "Hey there, looking for me?" Kai teased

"Actually, yeah.. I have been looking for you"

"Well I got your note..I'm here now... so?"
"I'm going head on here Kai you better listen because I wont say it again." Summer proposed

"Just tell me, haha!" Kai smirked

"I like you Kai.. I like you for a very long time now" Summer blushed
"The feeling is mutual Summer" Kai blushed

"Oh. I knew that"

"Then what the hell is this for?" Kai laughed

"Didn't you wanna confirm my feelings for you?" Summer pouted
"Come here you" Kai hugged Summer tightly.

Summer hugged him back.
"I was waiting for this day.. I was not ready before. Now I am." Summer assured Kai

Kai just smiled
The moment was perfect, the sound of the ocean was music to their ears, the smell of the salty ocean, the starry night sky, it is indeed a paradise. A Summer's Paradise.

They sealed this perfect by a kiss. A kiss that they both will never forget.
Kai pulled away.

"What's wrong?" Summer worried

"I'm not yet ready Summer" Kai trying to say the words out loud
Summer holding her anger in

"What about that perfect moment earlier? that is nothing to you?" Summer's voice cracked

Kai was silent
"It's everything to me Summer"

"You are lying! If its your everything you'll be with me" Summer looked away

"Don't cry Summer, I'm sorry."

Summer did not respond

"This is exactly the reason why I never told you what I feel. I am not ready to commit. I don't want to leave my sister behind"

"I see, so much for being "your everything" now thats trash talk" Summer sobbing

"If I commit you to you 90% of the time I won't be there beside you, you get the picture? It's going to be like we're not in a relationship, so its better not being in a relationship at this point." Kai explained

"Bullcrap, I say." Summer retorted

"What the hell?!" Kai raised his right eyebrow
"If I am your everything you will do whatever to be by my side, you should have told me your sister is your everything"

"She actually is. We are each other's everything. Apart we are just halves together we make it a whole."

"Wow. Precious" Summer walked out

Please tune in for Episode 2.2!

Hope you guys had fun :3

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#1freerealmsMar 11, 2015




PEONY YOU TOO I'M ON YOUR SIDE! DON'T FALL FOOOOR IIIIIIT! HE A PLAYER! Plus I think Spencer my start hatin if you two went out. She was hatin on u at the beginning and "Hell have no fury like a woman scorned" (this is a warning to Sei and Kai to. Don't forget it)

#2jumpgirl_64Mar 18, 2015

Great Chapter! That Sei is a persistent dog!
And as for those twins, I believe they need some time apart! Not in a bad way, they just need to have fun with other people!
I'll be waiting for more! \:rah\:

#3PrettysgiMar 24, 2015

Okay forgot to comment here so HERE I AM \:D First of all, I think Rika and Kai are being a bit rude leaving everyone alone to have their own fun. They're supossed to be a group, no one should be alone! Second, I laugh so much with Sei and Peony xd Her answers just break me lol. Although Sei is not nice to Spencer and I like her too, so I'm confused about him :/ AND WHAT DOES THAT MEAN THAT KAI'S NOT READYYY D''': NOOO PLEASE. I bet if Rika knew about their feelings she would talk to her brother to be with Summer \:\(

Gonna read 2.2 now! :3

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