Catch me - Chapter 11
Published Jul 21, 2015

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Chapter 11.

Chapter 11. Chloe gazed at Martin's 'guy next-door look' to Iñigos 'ruggedly handsome' appearance. Both men were so opposite in their looks and attitude.

Martin was a good looking guy. He had straight long blond hair, arresting blue eyes and a bit slender jaw line. Although he was really cute he didn't seem to know it. He always thought that he was plain-looking like any other ordinary men.

He dressed casually, and although he didn't try to stand out in a crowd or be the center of attention, but he still shone. A side from his form, he had a very impressive attitude. He was so sweet, charming, very wholesome and unassumin. He was also very sincere, confident and rarely arrogant.
His laugh or smiles made Chloe feel instantly happier. She felt so secured and comfortable with him. She could tell him almost anything and he would listen earnestly. He was very patient, loving and caring. Definitely, every girl's dream of having as her man.

About their relationship, Martin seemed quite casual about it, they didn't go to fast. They wanted to do everything, slowly but surely. They both experienced a traumatic break up, therefore they agreed to establish love, respect and trust as the foundation of their relationship before taking it to the next level.
On the other hand, Iñigo was opposite of Martin, in appearance and attitude. Iñigo had a striking chiseled facial features; strong jaw, well-sculpted nose, thin lips and eyes in a shade of blue-gray. His hair was a bit messy because he kept running his hand through it. His facial hair made him look rough and very manly.

Every since he was a child, Iñigo knew he was very attractive and appealing to the opposite sex. He couldn't do anything about it, because it ran in the genes of the Monteiro men. But he never used it as a weapon or considered it as an advantage against anyone.

Iñigo was the type of man who didn't mind getting his hands dirty, especially with the nature of his work as an Engineer. He was used to working in the field, and supervising his men. Despite his outdoor activities, he was properly-groomed, clean and physically fit. He always looked good in any typ of clothes he wore, from formal wear to casual blue faded jeans to.... no clothes. Chloe thought.

Iñigo's displayed confidence, success and dominance. He exuded an air of danger and unpredictability that anyone would fear crossing him, especially his enemies. He had very expressive eyes. It would speak for him. He had a range of 'looks' that spoke volumes. When he walked in, the room seemed to shrink. No space was large enough to contain him.
His fearless, protective and compassionate manner felt like coming home every time she was with him, he took all her worries away. He made her feel safe, no matter what would happen in her life, she knew that he would sweep her of her feet and save her like his princess. He was the only one who knew her well enough, when to defend and stand up for her, and when to let her fight her own battles. She knew he would always be at her back.

Chloe's relationship with Iñigo was breathtakingly fast. They were so hot for each other that everytime they were together, they ignited and turned to flames. Their sweet kisses fuelled with uncontrollable desire for each other, the burn of passion, the need turned to carnal cravings, like a fever... a thirst that couldn't be quenched.

"Hello love." Martin hugged Chloe so tightly and lifted her off her feet. "Oh God, I missed you."
He kissed her lips lingeringly, and angled his lips to deepen their kiss.

Chloe pushed Martin slowly, before he could deepen the kiss. "I missed you too. I... I'm surprised seeing you here so soon."
Martin smiled at her. "I have a persistent client in Oregon. An old lady, she wanted me to paint a portrait for her husband."

"OH! You're leaving so soon?"
"Yes, tomorrow."

Martin laughed and pulled her back in his arms. He tried to kiss her lips again, but she averted her face and his kiss landed on her cheek. He goaned and rained kisses on her cheek, while his eyes peered at Iñigo. He was observing Iñigo's reaction.

"Martin, wait.. I... I want you to meet Iñigo." She said and pulled away from him. Her eyes suddenly locked with Iñigo's gloomy eyes.
"We've already introduced ourselves." Martin answered briskly.

"You did?" Her eyes focused at Iñigo's. His eyes mirrored what he truly felt. She saw the hurt... regret and misery. She felt so uneasy and wanted to escape where she was at that moment. It hurt ser seeing the agony in his eyes.
"Iñigo..." Chloe said and moved towards Iñigo.

But Iñigo raised a hand, stopping her. Her eyes were full of sympathy. He hated sympathy, it was just a sycophancy of pity, he thought. He needed her love, not sympathy or pity! He shook his head slowly and left them without a word.
Martin moved behind Chloe the moment Iñigo left. "He is not yet over you."

She turned to him and grinned. "What do you mean?"

She heaved a sigh. "Martin, I have you now. Iñigo and I were over, five years go."
"I know." Martin pulled her back in his arms and caressed her spine up and down, calming her nerves. He was bothered by Chloe's reaction when she stepped out of the elevator. She had mixed emotions. She was happy, but worried, and conscious of Iñigo Monteiro in the same room with them. And that moment, when she went closer to Iñigo, there was something on it that both of them only understood.
He groaned.

"I said. CANCEL. THE. DINNER." Iñigo snarled at Brenda, emphasizing each words.

"I heard you the first time, Mr. Monteiro. But please, please... You can't do that. You cancelled it too late. We already set up everything. We are done with the decorations and the food is ready to servce. We prepared everything the whole day." Brenda reasoned out, facing Iñigo squarely.

"I will still pay you for it, okay?" Iñigo said and about to turn when Brenda cornered him.
"This is not about money. We dream of catering you hotel, an opportunity for us to expand, to cater Class A clients. Please, can you at least taste the food?"

"I lost my appetite."

"Oh... Who's going to eat the food?"
He rolled his eyes and gritted his teeth. "You, your assistants, the dogs, I really don't care. Pack everything and go."

"No,no,no. You can't do this to me Mr. Monteiro... I mean... me and my assistants made extra effort on this... very very extra effort. This is a big deal for us, a big brak for my catering business! You can't just cancel this. Oh... Mr. Monteiro, for old time's sake, we've been friends before right?" She was trailing behind Iñigo, who was walking towards the men's bathroom.
Friends? Iñigo asked himself. Acquaintance, maybe. He assessed the Brenda he met five years go, and the Brenda who was standing in front of him now. Very different. She was dressed like a centerfold model before with heavy makeup, and now in a chef uniform. Her hair in a bun and her face was almost free of any makeup. He shook his head and breathed heavily.

"Brenda, Chloe's boyfriend arrived. I can't possibly force her to eat dinner with me now."
"Chloe's boyfriend?"

"Yes. She has a boyfriend."

"I thought you were back together." She said with a frown.
"I wish. I tried to win her heart again by courting her again, you know... starting with a romantic dinner... But she seemed to love somebody else now."

"Oh, that's too bad." She pouted and gave him a very sad look.

"I love her so much. I would do anything and everything to have her back in my life." He sighed and pushed the door open.
"Anything and everything?"

"Of course."

She tried to follow him inside but Iñigo stopped her with a piercing stare.

"Oh! Sorry. There's no sign here." She laughed and shrugged her shoulders. "But you know, I think she still loves you. You are her first love, and first love never dies."
Iñigo was glaring at her. "Don't believe everything your grandmother told you. Most of them are fictions." He said and closed the bathroom door.

Brenda was still waiting for Iñigo when he went out of the bathroom. He puckered his brows. "Brenda, just leave me alone. I don't feel like talking to anyone."

"Mr. Monterio. I would like to propose a deal." She said in a business-like manner.
"A deal? I don't discuss a business deal outside a men's bathroom. You can set up an appointment with my PA this week."

"Mr. Monteiro, please don't make this hard for me. I know you are a very busy person, but I want to help you too by offering you this deal."

"What deal?"
"I will help you getting you heart's desire, in exchange of catering the opening of this hotel." Brenda said ambitiously and lifted an eyebrown at the same time.

Iñigo shook his head. "No. Don't complicate things between Chloe and I. I already messed up. I don't want your help or anyone else. Just leave us alone." He said irrately, and strode towards the parking lot of the hotel, where his car was parked. He wanted to drive so fast, hoping to reduce the heartache he felt.
Brenda was still following him until they reached the parking area. "Just give it a try. We can help each other. Trust me."

"Pack everything and go home, Brenda. Besides, you can't handle our hotel's opening. We are inviting thousands of guests. We have world class chefs from different countries, who hare experts in international cuisine. You cannot compete with them!"

Brenda was silent for o moment and just stared at him. He stared back at her, and groaned. He felt guilty of being so rude to her. She was standing there, like a child who lost her teddy bear. Damn it. He forgot, she was once an actress.
"I'm sorry Brenda. I guess this is goodbye."

"Okay, I understand." She sighed and lifted her shoulders. "I won't have the opportunity of catering a world class five star hotel... and you, you won't get you're heart's desire. So, you will be loveless, sad and miserable. Too bad, you will grow old and very lonely Mr. Monteiro."

He groaned and said. "Okay, fine. We have a deal." He closed the door to the car and went back in to the hotel.

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