Cheers...To New Beginnings: Chapter 10
Published Dec 14, 2015

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Hey guys...I can't believe I have made it to chapter 10 for this story, and I am just glad that you guys like it so I just want to thank you for reading my story so far.

So shall we see what these lot are up to?

Hey guys...I can't believe I have made it to chapter 10 for this story, and I am just glad that you guys like it so I just want to thank you for reading my story so far.

So shall we see what these lot are up to?
5..4..3..2..1..HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Those who loved fireworks were all at Van Allen Street bringing in the New Year as they watched the beautiful firework display; some kissed, some hugged and a lot of them sang and danced to the lovely song 'Auld Lang Syne'.

It was a beautiful start to the new year...let's hope it continues throughout the year!
And so far it was; it was a very important day for Jules and Garret as they were soon to become husband and wife. All those who were important to them attended the special day except for Jules' family who are abroad, but I'm sure she'll think of something that she could do to celebrate with them.

At nine-thirty in the morning everyone was at City Hall preparing to witness the nuptials of their dear friends Garret and Jules; roughly twenty minutes later the ceremony was complete and they were all outside taking pictures before they headed to Garret's restaurant and bar to celebrate!
Gabriella: Welcome to the club Mrs Roberts-Jones!

Jules: Thank you…it's about time isn't it?

Gabriella: It is indeed; congratulations girl! *hugging*

Jules: Thank you.

Gabriella: So how do you feel? Where are you gonna go on your honeymoon?

Jules: I feel good; we're gonna go to where we got engaged!

Gabriella: China aww; for how long?

Jules: Just a week!
Gabriella: That's nice, I'm gonna miss you though.

Jules: Our chats can wait a week, I just hope I don't miss your birth while I'm gone!

Gabriella: Well I hope not; I've got seven weeks left...though certain things are starting to take effect, I would like to at least be close to doing the full term. Before Jules could reply Aaliyah came in on the conversation; rather than taking part she changed the topic instead.

Aaliyah: Hey ladies; congratulations Mrs Jones! *hugging Jules*

Jules: Thank you Aaliyah.

Aaliyah: You look beautiful!

Jules: *blushing* Thank you.

Gabriella: Guess where the newlyweds are going for their honeymoon!
Aaliyah: Where?

Jules: Shang Simla!

Aaliyah: Shang Simla, Shang Simla...oh China; where you two got engaged? Oh how nice...when ya going?

Jules: We're flying out this evening!

Aaliyah: Well lucky you!

The rest of the day was lovey; they ate, they drank until an hour before Jules and Garrets flight when they had to start making their way to the airport; their guests soon left afterwards.
- 13th January 2022 -

It's been over a week since Garret and Jules returned home from their superb honeymoon, so as Malik is off on Thursdays the guys met up at Trey's house to play some poker...

Michael: I feel it's been ages since I've been here!

Malik: It's been ages since we've played poker!

Trey: Let's not worry about the past gentlemen...let's enjoy the future!

Garret: I will drink to that! The men all came over to the table with their beverages to play some poker.
Malik: So...Garret-

Garret: Yeah.

Malik: How was the honeymoon?

Trey: Yeah man!

Garret: Oh it was fantastic...the snow…the views...the memories-

Malik: The non-stop lovemaking! Malik added.

Garret: That too; it was...amazing! The other men chuckled.

Malik: Well I'm glad you enjoyed it man; it is a great experience being away from home with your wife and not having to worry about anything!

Michael: It is a great experience...when me and Ade went to Isla Paradiso it was brilliant!

Garret: So now it's your turn Trey...Michael is almost there; what about you?
Michael: Well I doubt I'll be getting married anytime soon boys!

Trey: Me too.

Malik: You know, for the length of time that I've known you I have never seen you be serious with a girl!

Trey: That's 'cause I wasn't into all that; I was more focused on my career!

Garret: I'm hearing past tenses; "You wasn't into that!" What's changed?

Trey: Well if you nosy asses need to know...I've been seeing this girl for a few months now!

Michael: Who? Have we seen her around?
Trey: You might of…

Michael: So who is it?

Trey: This girl I met when we were in LA...

Malik: So how have we seen her around?

Trey: She lives here!

Malik: Oh my's not one of Gabby's friends is it? No offense but I could barely deal with him and Adrienne when they broke up, I don't think I could take being in the middle one of our friends problems!

Trey: You won't have to worry about none of that...I promise!

Michael: So who is it then, it can't be Virginia or Jules or better not be Ade!
Trey: Course Not! I wouldn't do you like that man!

Malik: I think I know who it is...It's either Gabriella's friend Sharlotte or her I right?

Trey: Yeah it's Sharlotte.

Garret: Sharlotte, the one with the pink hair or the orangish hair?

Trey: Pink!

Malik: Look I'm happy that you're with someone dude, but did you have to choose her?

Trey: I didn't plan for this to happen, we bumped into each other in the lobby of the hotel and we hanged out like the next evening after the shower! Why?

Malik: ...
Trey: What? Has she done something?

Garret: She's just too much sometimes; she's loud...

Malik looked at him in surprise, he didn't realise he wasn't the only one who did not take a liking to her)

Trey: What do you mean she's loud! We've been seeing each other since then and the only time she's loud is when I've got something to do with it! The boys laughed.

Malik: Maybe that's screamed it out of her until she had nothing left to scream about!

Michael: My man! Good for you; I think they have a 'problem' with Sharlotte because she's quite young and likes to party!

Garret: She does not act mature like you do for your age!

Trey: Well I like her and that's all that matters so…yeah.
Malik: We're happy for you man, don't get us wrong!

Garret: Yeah...good luck man; we wish you all the best!

Trey: Thanks.

- Jules & Garrets Place -

When the boys were making arrangements to play poker at Trey's place, the girls thought it would be nice to catch up also, so Gabriella, Aaliyah, Rita and Virginia all went to Jules' place in the evening for drinks; obviously Gabby wasn't going to drink any alcohol.
Aaliyah: So you know we’re all here to find out how the honeymoon went!

Gabriella: This feels like Deja vu, but this time I'm not the one answering all the questions!

Jules: Be nice to me!

Gabriella: *looking at Aaliyah* What was it that you asked me when I came back from my honeymoon? Something about...two dogs on heat!

Aaliyah: Oh...I remember... *changing her tone of voice* so Jules, were you two at it like two dogs on heat?

Jules: *looking embarrassed* Oh my gosh...alright, let me just answer the question 'cause I know you guys won't give up... *looking at Rita & Virginia* Sorry about this ladies!
Rita: It's okay, I'm actually curious myself because I can remember my honeymoon very well!

Gabriella: So tell us then? How was it?

Jules: It was wonderful...and yes we were at it a lot!...Other than the intimate moments of the honeymoon we had a great time together revisiting some sites that we went to plus some new ones!

Virginia: Did you go to where he proposed to you?

Jules: Yeah we did; it looks completely different with the snow...let me show you the pictures! She went to get her iPad and showed them all of the photos that she took on her honeymoon.
- After Looking At The Hundreds Of Photo’s Jules Took -

Jules: So enough about my honeymoon, how have you been Virginia?

Gabriella: Yeah, I feel like I haven't seen you since the shower! Are you still seeing that lady...Kaitlin?

Virginia: Yeah we're still seeing each other…we spent Christmas together!

Jules: I heard you also spent thanksgiving with her in New York; how was that?

Virginia: Oh it was lovely; it was snowing there too! They had a chat about her holidays with Kaitlin for about five minutes where they then changed the subject.

Gabriella: What about you Rita, how's work been?

Rita: Busy...but good, I enjoy what I do so it isn't too bad!

Aaliyah: Are we gonna see the brilliant work from Rita any time soon?
Rita: Well after what happened at my last exhibit I doubt anyone would want to come, but I haven't really painted much recently...I think I might do something this weekend, we'll see!

Gabriella: And what about your work with my mother-in-law and my ex fiancé? How's that coming along?

Jules: Oh yeah I forgot about that!

Rita: Yeah it's going good; we're actually planning a fundraiser to get our idea out there and to attract some investors!

Virginia: When's that happening?
Rita: In April.

Gabriella: Well I hope I look somewhat decent after I have my babies...I know I said I want to be spending time with my babies, but if I've got time I will be working out! I've ordered that waist trainer thing so it is ready and waiting for me!

Jules: Honestly Gab's.

Gabriella: What! I am not going to an upper class do, where there are going to be photographers taking pictures of me when I am probably not feeling one hundred percent; a trip to the grocery store fine, but nope...sorry I can't do it!

Aaliyah: My goodness Gabby, you haven't even had the twins yet!

Gabriella: I know...I love my pregnancy curves, but when I am no longer pregnant it is time for them to go.

Aaliyah: Well you've got how many weeks left so you might as well enjoy them while you can!
Gabriella: Almost 4 more weeks and these babies will be here!

Jules: Have you two got everything sorted?

Gabriella: Not really, we have to choose a doctor for them, we need to take an infant CPR class; I need to take a breastfeeding class-

Aaliyah: You're going to breastfeed both of them?

Gabriella: Yup!

Aaliyah: Good on you!

Gabriella: Thank you.

Virginia: Is that all you two have left to do?
Gabriella: I wish, my hospital bag still needs packing and we still need to decide who we are going to choose to be the twins Godparents!

Rita: Well you better get to it because you don't have long girl!

Gabriella: You're telling me!

There was a lot that Gabriella and Malik had to do before their babies arrive in a couple of weeks and they managed to get most of them things done!
They took the infant CPR class and Gabriella did the breastfeeding classes in between her weekly visits to see her doctor for her check-ups, Malik even managed to help Gabriella one day to pack the hospital bag. Now all they had left to do was to make their decision on whether to choose one of the new candidates or to have one of their family doctors and to make their decision on who the Godparents will be!

There was a lot of thinking to do!
- 10 Days Later (23rd January 2022)

Today was an interesting day; today Gabriella has been pregnant for nine months exactly and it is also her birthday! Gabriella has been receiving many birthday wishes while being taken cared by her hubby.

Malik: So what do you want to do for your birthday?

Gabriella: I don't know babe, you've asked me this for the whole month and I just don't know what to do...If I wasn't pregnant I would probably hang out with the girls in the evening and do something with you during the day-

Malik: I would've taken you away for your birthday!

Gabriella: Really? Where would you have taken me?

Malik: I dunno...Paris maybe!
Gabriella: Ooo, nice...I can't believe nine months ago I became pregnant!

Malik: And I can't believe you kept it from me for so long!

Gabriella: I wanted to wait until I was in the clear!

Malik: And that was a long time that we had to wait to tell everybody!

Gabriella: I know...I meant well! *the door knocks then opens*

Giselle: Morning! Happy birthday sweetheart! She went and kissed her daughter on her forehead before taking a seat on the bed.

Gabriella: Thanks mum!

Giselle: So what are your plans for today?
Malik: She doesn't have a clue Mrs E!

Giselle: Well why don't you go to the spa or something? Spend the day there, relax and unwind, and then later on you two could go out to eat or something!

Gabriella: That does sound know there is one thing that I haven't done in a long time that I would love to do again!

Malik: What's that?

Gabriella: To go to the cinema!

Malik: I can make that happen! You and your mum can spend the day at the spa and then we can have something to eat and then got and watch a movie!

Gabriella: Can we?

Malik: It's your birthday babe, you can do whatever you want!
Gabriella: But what about your game? Don't you want your lucky charm to be there!

Malik: *he chuckles* Well how about two stay at the spa and finish before three so you can come to my game, then we can go out to eat and then watch a movie!

And this is exactly what she did; Giselle went to make reservations and soon after her breakfast she went and got ready for their day at the spa! Malik went to see what films were are showing in at the cinema and when he found one that they could watch, unfortunately it was sold out.

He had to work something out.
By two, Gabriella and her mother were all pampered out and making their way home to get changed; they had about an hour to get ready and leave to make it to the game on time which they were able to achieve, just like how his team was able to win today's game!

On a celebratory note they returned home to change once again for their evening out on the town; Giselle left them to it so they could have some alone time for the rest of Gabriella's birthday. They made their way to their favourite restaurant.
- At The Restaurant -

Malik: So I have some bad news...

Gabriella: What? *she pauses* Are you being transferred?

Malik: No, no...God forbid...the movie that we were going to see has sold out, so unfortunately you won't have that cinema experience today.

Gabriella: Oh...that's okay, I had a great day anyway!

Malik: But I know somewhere else where we can go?

Gabriella: Where?

After their meal Malik took her to the other place he knew about which was somewhere that Gabriella was already familiar with.
Gabriella: *smiling in the car* Are we really going to the other house?

Malik: There is a fully capable home cinema in that house that's currently unused and is available for the next screening!

Gabriella: ...Can we stay there for the night?

Malik: Of course we can! It's our house! Gabriella smiled at that comment as she turned away from looking at her husband, and looked outside until they arrived at the house.

Upon arrival Gabriella went to choose a movie as she got comfortable in the home cinema while Malik was in the kitchen getting a few snacks in case one of them gets peckish, and before you knew it the film had started and Gabriella was asleep halfway in!
- The Next Morning -

Gabriella woke up bright and early while Malik was still fast asleep; she went downstairs to make some breakfast.

When she was done and was sitting down eating, her mother FaceTimed her.

Giselle: Where are you guys, I never heard you two come in!

Gabriella: Oh we stayed at the other house for the night; Malik brought me here to watch a movie 'cause the film was sold out at the cinema!

Giselle: Well thank goodness you two are alright! I was getting worried!

Gabriella: No, no, we're fine!

Giselle: Are you sure? You don't sound so cheerful.
Gabriella: Because even though I had a lovely birthday and a beautiful sleep thanks to our spa day, there are still a lot of decisions to make!

Giselle: What about? The doctor thing?

Gabriella: That and who to have as our babies Godparents!

Giselle: Well me personally I don't understand why either one of you should choose your family doctors when they aren't even in the same city; just use the doctor that you see now and then whenever you are in LA you can use your doctor!

Gabriella: I guess that's true, and he used to be a Paediatrician!

Malik: *entering the kitchen* What's true? He kissed Gabriella.

Gabriella explained what they were just talking about.
Malik: Well I guess that could work.

Giselle: And then your next problem; I thought you were going to choose Michael and Leah to be the Godparents!

Gabriella: But are we sure about this?

Malik: Michael has been my best friend for a lifetime and from seeing how he is with Daron, I know that he will look after our kids very well!

Gabriella: And I feel the same way about Leah...Aaliyah would be good also, but she is career driven at the moment I don't think she'll be too happy with us leaving two babies for her to look after...and then Jules...Jules doesn't want to have children...I know that she would be good too, but I couldn't do that to her knowing how she feels.
And then Amy would be good also, but I wouldn't want to burden her with our twins when she has twins of her own plus Abigail and I don't think she is done having babies!

Giselle: Well to me it seems that you have made your decision!

Gabriella: Yeah…

Giselle: So what's the problem?

Gabriella: I feel guilty.

Giselle: Sweetheart, forget that feeling because you are thinking about your children's care if anything happens to the both of have to be smart and I think that Leah and Michael are a good choice!

Leah's children are all grown up except for Christopher, but I know she would be able to handle looking after three children; from what I have seen and know about Michael he seems like he could handle it also.
Gabriella: I guess we have our Godparents then!

Malik: Told ya! He kissed her on the cheek before taking his food to the dining room. So Gabriella and Malik have their Godparents and they have a doctor for their twins so for now all they had to do was wait for the big day to arrive.
- 14th February 2022 -

Valentine’s Day. That time of year when couple all over the world show their partners how they appreciate and love each other in the most extravagant ways; that's what our lovely couples were doing this year.

Adrienne and Michael had the house to themselves while Daron was spending the day with Auntie Karen; they spent the whole day in bed and then in the evening Michael took her to dinner, where later on he serenaded her in front of everybody; She got red but she loved it!
Jules and Garret had a nice day; they had breakfast in bed, a hot steam in their sauna, they watched a movie or two in their home cinema, then had a nice home cooked meal from none other than Garret himself. After letting their stomachs settle they then had a bubbly evening in the hot tub with a special drink Garret created. Sadly Virginia and Kaitlin could not be together on Valentine’s Day as Kaitlin had to be in New York for work and was not able to get some time off; Virginia thought that there was no point though it would have been nice to celebrate their first Valentines together.

So when they could (which was in the evening) they had a FaceTime date which was nice that they could see each other somehow thanks to technology!
Rita of course spent Valentine's Day alone, but it wasn't too bad as she was busy at work; in the evening she went to a bar nearby (not Garret's one this time) where she met someone and got to talking with them.

She was quite happy as she hasn't been chatted up in a while as she hasn't really been out much.
And finally, Valentine’s Day for Gabriella and Malik was lovely; this time round Gabriella made breakfast for him even though she was 39 weeks pregnant and exhausted, but she pushed through and pampered him for most of the day until Malik took over.

He pampered her in return with gifts, massages and lots and lots of loving even though her mother and aunt was in the house; he hired a chef to cook for them and Karma and Giselle ate elsewhere while Gabriella and Malik had a romantic dinner in the dining room.

After their starters and the main course…things were about to get really interesting!

Gabriella: Babe.

Malik: Yeah.

Gabriella: My water just broke!
And this is where I am going to end Part 1 of Chapter 10; yay she's in labour! Finally lol I have been waiting for this for months and it's finally about to happen, so stay tuned for part two where you'll hopefully be able to meet the new members of the Evans-Austen family!

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