Cheers...To New Beginnings: Chapter 7
Published Mar 20, 2015

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Hey my fellow readers; the weddings over, the honeymoon in the Maldives has ended though the phase continues in Miami; back to reality! Now quite a bit has happened in June so now it's time to find out how life has been now that their mind has been free from all the wedding stuff! Let's begin!

Hey my fellow readers; the weddings over, the honeymoon in the Maldives has ended though the phase continues in Miami; back to reality! Now quite a bit has happened in June so now it's time to find out how life has been now that their mind has been free from all the wedding stuff! Let's begin! - 13th July 2021 -

It's been three weeks since their whirlwind of a honeymoon where they have been adjusting to their marital life; (though nothing has changed much) the only thing that has changed is their last name and the fact that Gabriella is pregnant!
Malik happily followed Gabriella to her hospital appointment where they were very cautious yet casual though they knew the pap’s would somehow see them and make a story out of things, but in the meantime their main focus was on the baby that was growing inside Gabriella.

It was an informative appointment for them both where in the end found out that the baby is doing very well in which they were both satisfied with.
Though they had seven more weeks until their next check-up, they had to be very patient and quiet with their exciting news though it has been harder than Gabriella thought now that they are back home and closer to their friends!

However, so far they have been good as they haven't slipped up yet; but other than then dealing with the impending baby announcement that is constantly on their mind, they haven't seen their friends much as all parties have been quite preoccupied with their own lives.

So Gabriella and Malik invited some of them over for dinner on Sunday at the beach house where they will be staying for the summer.
- Sunday Evening -

Gabby and Malik invited Jules, Garret, Adrienne, Michael, Aaliyah and Trey over where they had a lovely meal which was grilled salmon and for dessert was key lime pie made by their housekeeper named Gayle.

They caught up with some things that happened to them at work, but nothing too personal; they left those conversations for when the boys and the girls split and had their own private conversations. Malik and the boys went into the living room to play pool and the girls brought some drinks with them into the conservatory.
Adrienne: was the honeymoon?

Gabriella: We told you guys, it was fantastic!

Aaliyah: I think Adrienne wants more details like the rest of us!

Gabriella: You guys are too much you know that?

Aaliyah: And that's why you love us so!

Gabriella: I do love you guys; I love you guys so much!

Jules: *with a curious look on her face* How much did you drink tonight?

Gabriella: Just one! She lied; she was drinking sparkling water and added some colour to her drink to make it seem as if she was drinking alcohol. You guys just mean a lot to me that's all! Can't a girl tell her best friends that she loves them?
Adrienne: I guess but, why are you so sentimental as if we're not going to see you again or something?

Gabriella: You guys are stuck with me okay; I'm not going anywhere!

Aaliyah: Well then you can tell us about your honeymoon? Were you two at it like dogs on heat?

Gabriella: Oh my gosh Aaliyah!

Aaliyah: What? You two came back with a glow; I won't be surprised if you soon tell us that you're pregnant!

Michael: So how was it man? Did you two even leave the hotel room?

Malik: A married man never kisses an' tells!

Trey: Oh come on man! Don't leave us hanging!

Michael: Yeah! All you two said about it is that it was 'fantastic'!

Malik: 'Cause it was fantastic! Yeah we did spend many nights in the hotel room..if you know what I mean; we also ordered room service and watched movies!

Michael: Yeah while you two were under the sheets showing your wife how much you appreciate her!

Malik: I wasn't the only one! The boys cheered him on. Get ready Mr. Jones 'cause your time will be coming soon!

Garret: And I look forward to it!
Jules: So other than spending quite some time in the hotel room, what else did you do? Did you at least go to the beach?

Gabriella: Yes; we were there for eight days! You think I would be in a beautiful place like that for so long and not take advantage of it?

Jules: That's what I'm saying!

Adrienne: So what did you two do then? Couples massages..long walks on the beach!

Gabriella: Well we did do that actually..but we did other exciting stuff too!

Aaliyah: Like?

Gabriella: We went for a boat ride, we did windsurfing...we relaxed on the beach enjoying the beautiful tropical drinks that were available! We even went diving and found some interesting stuff!

Adrienne: Did you bring us back anything?
Gabriella: We were on our honeymoon; the last thing that I was thinking about was souvenirs!..I'm kidding; but I do have lots of pics so that can also be my gift to you!

Aaliyah: Oh how nice! Gabriella cheekily smiled.

Adrienne: Well you guys were quite active!

Gabriella: I know right! One day almost was the worst day of my life though!

Jules: Why, what happened?
Malik: After our boat ride we hired two windsurfs and went windsurfing! So I went first and things were going great; I had a good speed and my control was quite good but when I decided to turn again- I don't know how it happened but all I could remember was me being up in the air just before I fell into the water beside the windsurf.

Trey: Damn!

Malik: I know right! Gabby didn't notice as she was swimming away at the time but when she did she knew that something had happened as she couldn't see me or the windsurf!

Garret: So what happened afterwards? How are you still here today?

Malik: I was in pain but I wasn't so injured that I needed to go to hospital; I did see a doctor and he said that I would be alright as long as I get some rest which I knew that wasn't going to be easy.

Michael: Why?

Malik: Because Gabby was really in the mood for the whole week that we were there! Except for that day though..
Jules: Well at least he is okay and that it wasn't anything serious!

Gabriella: I know! I thanked God that day because it would have been a nightmare; especially 'cause it was on our honeymoon!

Aaliyah: You need to thank God every day for that; he was very lucky indeed!

Gabriella: I do trust me! I'm just glad that we’re home safe and are as healthy as ever!

Aaliyah: So now that you've married your true love, when is there going to be a baby in a baby carriage? Gabriella nervously laughed while trying to think of something to say.

Adrienne: Well I won't be surprised if she's not already pregnant after those long and lustful eight days!

Gabriella: I could say the same for you since getting back with Michael!
Adrienne: Yeah but we are being careful; we are not a normal couple like you! I am just getting used to being in a relationship, I don't need a baby to send me to a therapist thanks 'cause I would need a lot of therapy!

Gabriella: Oh come on Ade. having a baby does not make it the end of the world.

Adrienne: Maybe not for you but it would for me! For now at least..but I have no interest in having a baby! Daron is enough and he's not even my baby!

Aaliyah: Are you ready to have a baby?

Gabriella: ..I think I am! I've always wanted to have one and I guess this is a good time to become a mother!

Adrienne: How many would you like to have?

Gabriella: Two..maybe three!

Adrienne: So if anything happened to Amy and Derek you would be taking care of six children all together?
Gabriella: If it came to that then yes! But I'm not sure if I'm even Abigail's Godmother as they haven't asked me to!

Jules once again was in another world; the moment they spoke about babies was the moment when a thought came to her. A thought that could change everything! "Oh.. my..gosh. Am I pregnant?" She thought to herself.

If she was pregnant the baby wasn't going to be Garrets as they have only started to be intimate with each other from the wedding! She was freaking out on the inside but was calm on the outside as she did not want to them to know; they don't even know about what's been going on with her and Garret since around the beginning of the year!
So to keep her from losing her mind, very early the next morning she threw on her 'incognito clothing' and went to the grocery store to pick up a few pregnancy tests! This was something that could be life-threatening in her perspective as she would not know what to say and how to say that she cheated on him not too long after making up!

When she got back home Garret was still sleeping, but knowing the time when he wakes up Jules did not have too much time! So she quickly but quietly went upstairs and locked herself in their bathroom and took the test.
*A Few Minutes Later*

After waiting for a few minutes that felt like a lifetime, it was time for her to look; she picked up the stick and looked at it. "I'm not pregnant!" But she still did not understand why she missed her period; she looked at the other two and it said the same thing!

*the door handle shakes*

Garret: Jules are you in there? Getting up from the floor and quickly hiding the pregnancy tests she answered.

Jules: Yeah.. She opened the door and came out.

Garret: You was awfully quiet in there, I wasn't sure if it was you or if someone had broken in!

Jules: It was me!..I was just peeing..and daydreaming!

Garret: *smiling as he scratched his head* Okay, well sorry for disturbing your daydreaming!

Jules: *going into the walk-in closet* That's okay!
Jules was not a hundred percent pleased with this answer; she was glad that she was not pregnant but not fully satisfied that everything was going to be okay. So she booked an appointment to find out if there was anything wrong with her.

During the appointment Jules found out that she had a miscarriage! And finding out this, she did remember going through a very heavy one though it did not last as long as her normal ones, but that didn't matter as much as finding out that she was pregnant and pregnant for Steven!
So after reconnecting with her fiancé, Jules was now in a situation that could ruin everything!

It seems like it is a time for reconnecting as Rita and Virginia seem to be getting along and making up for lost time!

They have been hanging out any opportunity they get, whether it's hanging out at the beach or going out to eat or even dragging Virginia out to the club! They were both glad about their rekindled friendship and they were sure to make a better effort in keeping their friendship good.
- 23rd July 2021 -

On Friday Rita and Virginia were hanging out somewhere more familiar to the both of them which was Virginia's place; they were relaxing at the back as they gossiped away like a couple of teenagers, but their chatter came to a halt when the doorbell rang.

Virginia: Just a sec Rita, lemme see who this is!

Rita: Okey dokey!
Virginia didn't even look through the glass to see who it was as she was distracted about what she was thinking about and when she opened the door she was quite surprised!

Kaitlin: Surprise!

Virginia: *in a high-pitched tone* What are you doing here? I thought you were in New York!

Kaitlin: I was and I got time off from work, so I thought I'd come down to Roaring Heights and spend my holiday with you! Yay!

Virginia: Yay! She nervously responded.

Kaitlin: Are you not happy that I'm here?
Virginia: Of course I am! She went to give her a hug and a kiss.

Kaitlin: Are you sure? I don't want to be a burden!

Virginia: You're not going to be a burden! Come. And Kaitlin picked up her suitcase and brought it in and left it by the side of the stairs, then followed Virginia to the back of the house; she wondered why.
Rita: *on the phone* Yeah I'll see you on Monday and we can discuss this further alright? Uhuh..okay..bye! Hi Kaitlin! I didn't know you were in town..again!

Kaitlin: I just arrived! I wanted to surprise Virginia but I think I am more surprised than anything; I didn't know you two were hanging out again!

Virginia: Err yeah! It happened after the bachelorette party!

Kaitlin: I see!

Rita: Let's sit! And they went and sat down; Kaitlin of course sat next to Virginia.
But the conversation gradually turned from a three-way conversation into a two-way one which left Kaitlin feeling like the third wheel. She did not like this and she did not know why Virginia did not tell her about becoming friends with Rita again!

When Kaitlin could not handle being ignored any more, she excused herself and went inside to unpack some of her things. She just hoped that Rita would leave soon so she and Virginia could spend some time together.
But that didn't happen; Rita and Virginia were hanging out almost every day, Kaitlin came to some of their outings but after a while she was once again feeling like a third wheel, so she either did her own thing or hanged out around the house.

It was annoying her so much because she came all the way from New York to spend the week with her girlfriend, though she has been it hasn't been the quality time that she had wanted because Rita was always in the way.
- 27th July 2021 -

In the morning for once on her trip, she was able to have kind of a late morning in bed with Virginia; it was probably the longest amount of time that they have had together alone! And seeing that Virginia was in no rush to dash of with Rita, she took the opportunity to do something with her.

Kaitlin: So I was thinking, I was kinda hoping for us to do something together that will be so much fun!

Virginia: Yeah..

Kaitlin: Well as you know that I have a love for horses, I thought today we could go horse-riding! How does that sound?..I could teach you almost everything I know!

Virginia: That sounds great!

Kaitlin: Yeah! You will have so much fun trust me!

Virginia: But I can't go today.
Kaitlin: Why not? Don't tell me you're going out with Rita again!

Virginia: I told her that I would go to this art gallery with her; it's for her job!

Kaitlin: So then why can't she go with one of her colleagues?

Virginia: Because it is not something that her job requested for her to do, it's something that she personally wants to do and she asked her friend to come!..I promise we will get to go horse-riding before you go home on Thursday but I can't do it today..sorry. Virginia got off the bed and went into the bathroom to get washed.

Kaitlin: It's okay. She answered even though Virginia wouldn't hear her.
Up to the time when Rita rang the doorbell, Kaitlin was pretending that she was okay though she wasn't.

Virginia: That must be Rita; could you get it for me?

Kaitlin: Sure! If she could she would've left her outside but she wasn't that cruel.

*Opening the door*

Rita: Hey Kaitlin!

Kaitlin: Hi Rita..come in!

Rita: Thanks!..Is err Virginia ready?

Kaitlin: She's just finishing off a few things!

Rita: Okay.
They remained in the hallway in silence while they waited for Virginia..but a thought popped up in Kaitlin's head.

Kaitlin: Rita.

Rita: Uhuh?

Kaitlin: I know you and Virginia are very close and everything and I have no problem with's just..

Rita: What is it?

Kaitlin: I came here to spend the week with Virginia and that has hardly happened because she's always out with you and I'm going home in two days!

Rita: So what are you saying?

Kaitlin: What I am asking is if you could just..kinda back off so I can have some quality time with Virginia; I'm sure you understand!
Rita: Of course!..I guess I have been hogging her away from you..sorry about that!

Kaitlin: It's okay, I know you guys have a lot to catch up on, but I don't want this trip to be for nothing!

Rita: Yeah I understand..erm tell Virginia that something came up so I won't be going today; you have a nice day! Rita turned towards the door and let herself out; Kaitlin was pleased that it worked and with her victory she went into the kitchen where Virginia was to let her know the news.
Virginia: Thanks for getting the door; let Rita know I'll be ready in just a sec! She was washing the dishes and just about finished as she was cleaning the counter top nearby.

Kaitlin: Oh Rita just stopped by to say that she can't make it!

Virginia: *still cleaning the surface* What, why?

Kaitlin: She said something came up so she can't do it today.

Virginia: I guess my day is free then! Why don't we go and do some horse-riding then?

Kaitlin: That sounds nice, that's if you're still up for it!

Virginia: Yeah sure! I don't really want to stay in the house all day so let's go! And Kaitlin was very pleased with her spur of the moment plan!
- 29th July 2021 -

For the past two days Kaitlin and Virginia was having a good time, it was unfortunate that it was coming to an end as today she was returning home. While Kaitlin was packing her suitcase and getting ready to go to the airport, Virginia used that time to give Rita a call as she hadn't heard from her for a while.
Just as Kaitlin was bringing her stuff downstairs Virginia stopped her in her tracks; Virginia did not look too happy.

Kaitlin: What's the matter?

Virginia: *her voice rose* You told Rita to stay away from me!

Kaitlin: What are you talking about Virginia? She came the other day and said that she had to cancel, I passed on the message and that's it!

Virginia: I just spoke to Rita, Kaitlin and that is not what happened! You two were out there quite some time for her to just say that! Kaitlin was busted.

Kaitlin: So you are gonna believe her rather than your girlfriend?
Virginia: Don't do this Kaitlin!

Kaitlin: Okay fine! I asked her to back off for a bit so we could have some alone time! Is that a bad thing?

Virginia: Saying it like that yes!

Kaitlin: Okay I know shouldn't have said 'back off' but I didn't say it in an aggressive way!..I have been here for seven days and for two and a half of those days you spent them with me; those other five days was with Rita!

Virginia: But you came with us!

Kaitlin: Yeah and I felt like a third wheel! I was just in the background watching you two have fun while you ignored me!

Virginia: Kaitlin..
Kaitlin: Look I like you a lot but..knowing a bit about your past with her, I just don't know if I can trust you two being so close as you are!...Rita is a nice person and I know she means well, but it's just me!'s either me or her Virginia, it's up to you.

She picked up her suitcase and passed Virginia to get to the stairs, it was hard for her to do this but it had to be done.

Things seem to be heating up and not in a good way for Virginia, Rita and Kaitlin; I wonder how things are for Jules!
- A Week Prior -

Since her appointment at the doctors Jules felt that she had to tell Steven and let him know that whatever was going on between them was over, so as soon as she got out of the doctors surgery she tried to call him but there was no answer. Throughout the day she kept on calling him waiting for him to answer the phone.

And for the next day and a half she was still trying to get in contact with him whenever she could but nothing! That was until she had enough and went to his place to talk to him!
She knew that he did not need to know that she was pregnant, but he needed to know that their fling was over and that she had no interest in cheating on her fiancé any longer; to her this was going to make her feel some way better so he knew not to get in contact with her ever again!

But from seeing what she saw..I doubt that would ever happen.

She froze on the spot once she saw what she was witnessing on his doorstep; she did not know how to feel but she wasn't going to stand there any longer and watch, she was going to find out what that was all about!
Just as she was inches away from seeing who this woman was, they had entered the building, but Jules continued on anyway and when she got to the door Steven saw her about to ring the buzzer. So he came back outside to talk to her.

Jules: I have been calling you non-stop but no answer!

Steven: I know..but I couldn't answer-

Jules: And why is that Steven? Because you were hanging out with her? You got my interest and when you got what you wanted that was it?

Steven: I don't even want to discuss that right now though you were the one who left and never called me! And that woman is my fiancée! Jules was taken aback, but before she could say something his fiancée came back out.
Fiancée: Steven. Who's this?

Steven: This is-

Jules: I'm Jules, I own a spa slash salon not too far from here and Steven is one of our clients!

Fiancée: O-kay..and why are you here?

Steven: I had an appointment there but Jules came to tell me that it has been cancelled.

Fiancée: But why do you need to come and tell him that? Don't you have phones?

Jules: We do! But unfortunately we're going through some technical problems so we have to close for today unfortunately. So myself and a few of my employees are also making stops to see our clients and let them know that their appointments are cancelled for today.

Fiancée: And what were you going to get done there?
Steven: Just a wax and a male grooming session!

Fiancée: I've never known a man to be so manly yet have so much care about his appearance! Jules just smiled and kept smiling until this was over.

Jules: You are a lucky woman! I am too! I'm getting married to the most wonderful man ever! *looking at Steven* I love him very much!

Fiancee: Oh snap! We're engaged too!

Jules: Oh congratulations for the both of you!

Fiancee: Congrats to you too! I'm Trina by the way.

Jules: It's nice to meet you Trina..but sadly I have to go now; other people to inform!
Trina: Of course! Well it was nice meeting you! Come babe! They didn't even wait for Jules to turn around and start walking before going back inside; not even Steven! Though she was a little hurt, she hoped that he got the message loud and clear and will leave her alone. Like he was troubling her anyway!

The one, big thing that was now pestering her was whether to tell Garret or whether to keep this a secret; a secret that she will forever know, a secret that nobody will ever find out. But would she be able to keep this secret from Garret throughout their relationship?
At the time Jules was returning home Garret was likely to be at the gym, so she had some time to herself to think about her decision; she wants to tell Garret it's not that she doesn't want to; it's just that she doesn't want Garret to leave her!

When she told Garret to make his decision she regretted giving him those options the second after she said it; she would have hated it if Garret chose to leave her and now there was a higher chance of that occurring!
When she arrived home, she went to use the bathroom before casually taking her time up the stairs to her and Garrets bedroom so she could hang up her jacket and put away her scarf...sadly there was going to be a minor delay.

And this is where I'm going to end this part of chapter 7; I hope you enjoyed it and as usual part 2 will be out soon!

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#1daniluvsims22Mar 25, 2015

Nooooo, It was getting so good! Why the cliffhanger Ms. Bubblegum, lol! OMG!!! Jules was preggo and it was Steven's! \:eek\: That was a close call. I hope things will get better for Kaitlin and Virginia too. Can't wait for the next part! \:\) \:rah\:

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