Do You Ever - Chapter I
Published Feb 20, 2012

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Okay, so I been working on this story for a while. It is my first story that I publish online, so I hope you'll comment and tell me what you think of it.

Okay, so I been working on this story for a while. It is my first story that I publish online, so I hope you'll comment and tell me what you think of it.
“Come on Halley! Let's go dance” Bambi said impatiently.
“Bambi, I really want a drink, I can't dance before I get something to drink” Halley answered and sat down on the empty barstool.
“But we've been waiting for so long, the bartender is not coming to this side of the bar”
“Well I really, really need to take a little break, I seriously can't dance until I get something to drink.”
“HEY! Excuse me, maybe you should come to this side of the bar we've been waiting for the last 10 minutes for you to get your butt to this side of the bar!” Bambi called over the bar. She looked frustrated at the bartender who was ignoring her. She felt someone who tried to get past her and turned to face the person and tell her that the line started behind her when...
“He won't get his butt to this side of the bar for next 10 minutes. So what would you two lovely ladies like?” A tall man with black hair, brown eyes and poorly shaved gotee.
“Two Cosmopolitans , thanks” Halley said when she realized her sister wasn't going to say anything. The man reached over the bar to mix the girls their drinks.
“Johnny, what are you doing?” The bartender called from the other side of the bar.
“Well if you would have been on this side ten minutes ago I wouldn't have had to come and help you.” Johnny answered laughingly.
“Here you go ladies, my treat since your eyes are so lovely” He said this looking at Bambi.
“Just let me pay” Bambi got some money out from her clutch.
“I'm not taking any money, but I'll take your number” He said with a grin.
“Thank you, come on Bambi, let's go.” Halley said and pulled her away. She dragged Bambi to a table near by.
“We have all this money why won't you let me pay for the drinks, and beside now that moron thinks he has a chance with-?”
“Hey.” Halley said with a voice that got her sister to shut up and the she continued. “Firstly he was good looking and secondly, we are in central Riverview, no one better recognize us or Faldino, Paul and dad are going to kill us. So if someone wants to buy you a drink you'll accept it with a smile on your face like a normal girl would do.”After Halley finished Bambi gave her the look. “Don't give me that look, I'm the one who is married” she replied
“That's right you married the guy dad wanted you to marry!”
“Yes, and he also happens to be the man I fell in love with”
“Whatever. Let's go dance” Bambi finished her drink and stood up. Halley followed her example and they walked off to the dance floor.
“Johnny!” A man with crewcut hair called. He walked towards the bar where Johnny was sipping his drink.
“Hello Nino, I just met the most beautiful girl but I have no idea were she went, she had brown hair and a blue top and-”
“That's great. Johnny, this here is Tanya and her sister Sonya. They like you very much” Nino said said with a wink.
“They look really nice but I want to find this girl I met at the bar. Nice meeting you ladies, I hope you have a great evening.” Johnny started walking away while trying to look for the girl who he met at the bar.
“Johnny, hey Johnny wait!” Nino grabbed Johnny's shoulder. Johnny turned to look at his friend who was much shorter than him.
“What?” Johnny said in an irritated voice as he looked at his best friend in the eye.
“Those girls are so hot and they want you.”
“How long has it been since you had any..”
“Does it matter, I want to find this girl, you go enjoy both of those girls and tell me in the morning every disgusting detail about it.” Johnny left Nino there and continued the search for the girl at the bar. He zic zaced through the people and there she was on the dance floor. He hadn't seen anything so beautiful ever. The way she moved, they way she laughed. He followed her with his eyes. She whispered something in her friends ear and they walked away from the dance floor to a corner at the club. Johnny wanted to go out with this girl and he knew she would give him her number, every girl he ever wanted always gave their number to him.
“Oh I am so fagged! We have to get one more drink before we go” Halley said as she sat down on the gray sofa.
“Oh Halley, really? My feet are killing me, I should not have worn these shoes” Bambi started taking her black high heel shoes off.
“I'll go get the drinks, you sit here and I'll be right back.”
Halley was getting up when the guy from earlier who had bought them drinks appeared in front of her.”
“Well Hello again, look Bambi, it's the guy who wanted your number. Maybe you should give it to him now.” Halley turned to her sister and gave her a smile. “Well I'm gonna get the drinks, you two have fun”She said with a smile to Johnny and left.
Johnny sat down on one of the armchairs. His eyes were locked on the beautiful girl with her brown curly hair, blue top and angry eyes.
“How much longer are you going to stare?” She said with a tiered voice.
“Why can't you smile, your smile is so beautiful” Johnny said with a dreamy voice.
“Can't you come up with something more creative?” He kept starring at her.
“Can I have your number so I can take you out some day?”
“No.” She smiled.
You smiled” He smiled back at her.
“I did, because I don't get how you are still trying because I'm not gonna go out with you.” She said smilingly.
“So how are you guys doing over here?” Halley said as she got back. “Bambi, you are smiling, that has to be a good sign.”
“She is only smiling because I won't give up” Johnny answered to her.
“Oh Bambi why won't you give him your number?”
“Johnny here you are!” Nino's drunken voice sounded a little further away. “He is here” He called to the to women who were following him.
“Nino, what are you doing here?” Johnny said turning to look at him.
“I came to get you because Tanya and Sonya are getting bored this club is so dead so we were thinking about going to have a little after party at the flat.”
“You should definitely go, I can see you are going to have a great after party” Bambi said sarcasticly.
“Who are your friends Johnny” Nino asked wagging.
“These are the pretty girls from the bar..”
“I'm Halley and this is my sister Bambi”
“Oh, oh... are you the.. You have to be the wife of the southern deputy chief! You are the daughter of the boss for one of biggest organized crime families!” He yelled out loud.
Nino was excited about this, Johnny looked slightly panicked at his friend and Bambi. Halley's mouth kept opening and shutting like she couldn't make up her mind to response or not. Bambi was the only who looked calm, but inside she was filled with panic and rage. She saw that her sister was not going to be able to say anything so she opened her mouth to response.
“Halley I think it's time for us to go
Johnny looked as the shocked sisters walked as fast as they could out from the club. Nino's laughing in the background was sounding more annoying than ever.
“Nino just shut up” Johnny said as he got up and left as well.
The next morning when Bambi woke in her own bed the first thing that came to her mind was awful ending of last night. Those morons who embarrassed her sister, why did she drag Halley there. They should have gone to Club Italia like the always use to go, but no she had see this new club which of course had to be in central Riverview were idiots didn't recognize them and who were scared of their brother and father and would never have had the courage to say anything like that to them. She got up from bed and was met by her eager pug Rosie. She put on her pink sweatpants and turquoise top and took the stairs down and out. She hadn't walked more than a block when she decided to call Halley and ask how she was doing. “Are you kidding me?” Halley's familiar voice sounded through the phone speaker.
“Aren't you happy that I called you?” Bambi couldn't help but smile. Knowing her sister there was some kind of small crisis at the house. Halley's husband Paul was a good dad but he also let the kids do and have anything they wanted. He had probably done something last night that made Halley's day more challenging than usual.
“What do you think, I haven't slept enough and have two kids who wants pancakes for breakfast and we do not have any pancake mix because my genius of a husband decided to give them pancakes for dinner last night.”
“You are funny. Try french toast.”
“I already tried.” Halley's tiered voice said from the phone speaker.”So why'd you call?”
“I was just calling to check up on you since I was a little worried about last night.” Bambi waited for a reply but didn't get one so she continued. “You know the guys from last night...”
“Don't worry. Those morons probably live in central Riverview and we will never go there again.”
“Julia sit down we do not give the dog food from the table! Sorry sis, I have to go and keep my kids in order”
“Of course you're coming to mom's and dad's tonight?”
“We always come”
“Good, see you there!!” Bambi said before Halley had time to hung up on her.
Johnny was running on the treadmill in his and Nino's living room. While he ran he had time to think about the things that happened at the club last night. About the girl he met last night and how stupid Nino could be when he was drunk. He knew Nino only tried to protect him. The way Johnny was obsessed with this girl from the club reminded Nino of Johnny's ex girlfriend Maria, who left him for a film director in Bridgeport. He had been miserable after Maria left and Nino had tried to cheer him up with no luck, so Johnny knew Nino did not want to be in the same situation again. But it was no excuse for him to call those girls daughters of a mobster.. Or maybe they were. Johnny knew there was this rumor, and Nino had kind of confirmed that. The rumor was that there were two big mobster families in Riverview. The Calhoun family in the North and the Caffarelli in the South, and the central part of Riverview was no man's land. So this was the part that Johnny didn't get, the girls had been at the club in central Riverview, and it was no man's land, which meant that they were unprotected. And he had a hard time believing that a mafia boss was okay with his daughters hanging out at a place were they were without protection. Johnny's thoughts were interrupted by Nino who came out from his bedroom in only his boxershorts.
“Who are those women in my bed?”
“You do not remember tweedledum and tweedledee?” Johnny said with a little laugh.
“No, I don't remember that much from last night..”
“I know, I have known you since you were five so I'll know you. You never remember anything after a night out.”
“Haha, really funny Johnny” Nino said as he put the coffeemaker on. “So what happened last night anything special”
“Nope, I found this girl I really liked-”
“Oh, no not another Maria?!”
“Don't worry you scared her off before I got her number”
“The bathroom is to the left.” Nino said to one of the women who came out from his bedroom. “Well at least I did something good last night”
“At least you assured that they will never come to the club again, thanks to you I need to go look all around town to find her”
“No Johnny, please don't.. I really don't need you to become depressed again, it was not fun when you were so down and then I became miserable because you were miserable.”
“She won't make me miserable”
“Love makes you always miserable, that's why only date girls one night”
“Whatever, I'm going to the library” Johnny said as he got off the treadmill.
“What are you gonna do there? Read about commitment issues? Maybe you should go the bookstore and buy a book about how not to be attracted to women who will brake your heart!” Nino called after Johnny.
Paul put the key in the keyhole to open up his front door to his yellow house with the red door where his wife and children awaited him. As soon he got in his ears were filled with Halley's and Julia's voices. They were arguing about what dress Julia was going to wear. He walked to the kitchen to drop his keychain on the kitchen counter. His nostrils flared to the delicious smell of a pie. He saw the most delicious key lime pie on the stove. He opened on of the drawers to take a fork to try it when his wife came down the stairs. “Hi honey.” When Halley saw what her husband was doing she yelled with a shrill voice “No Paul! That pie is for my mother's Sunday dinner!” Paul turned around to look at his wife, still having the fork in his hand.
“I'm might not be coming” He answered calmly putting the fork back to the drawer.
“What?” Halley looked shocked. “You can't miss a dinner, mu mom still lecture me of you missing the dinner because you were at working on that murder!”
“Well I have too see, I need to make a couple of calls. I'll be in our bedroom. Try to keep the kids quiet.”
Johnny was at the library and he was sitting by the computer. He hadn't typed in anything yet, what should he type in.. mob.. Bambi.. Halley.. police deputy married mob daughter.. yes that sounded a good thing to start with. His finger were fast at finding the right keys and the he waited for the results. There was two stories found. A story from the local tabloid. “Future police chief marries mob daughter.” So it's true, well he should trust Nino he is a police officer and knows pretty much about the crimes in Riverview. Johnny opened the second story. It was an announcement with a picture of Halley and and man under the picture was one sentence. Hally Amato (Caffarelli) and Paul Amato said I do on May 3 2008. Halley's maiden name is Caffarelli, which means it would match the mobster family name than Nino used when he talked about the operation the police is starting. He opened a new window and typed in a new search. Bambi Caffarelli. He waited impatiently for the search engine to show him the result. He felt his heart beating in excitement he couldn't believe that he would find the girl of his dreams any second.
0 search results found.
He couldn't believe it. Nothing, how could there be nothing. He sighted in frustration. How could there be nothing he thought. He looked up in the ceiling and then back at the screen. He tried a new search with just the name Caffarelli. There were several results. He opend randomly one. It was a story about the Caffarelli company. There was a picture of the current CEO Achiello Caffarelli and his son Faldino Caffarelli.
Johnny opened a second link. It was a interview with Achiello Caffarelli about a book. The story of the Caffarelli business. He looked through the story and decided to go ask the librarian if the library had the book. He felt a new wave of excitement cascade through him. I'll hope you liked it! Please leave me a comment so I'll know what you liked/disliked in the story!

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#1martoeleMar 29, 2014

Hi... I just read this first chapter of your story and I like the beginning. I see you left it there during 2 years and picked it up again recently. I'll start to read all the chapter now. \:\)

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