Good Vs. Evil: Chapter 8
Published Jun 17, 2010

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Love is incredible. That two people's bond is strong enough to withstand anything that's thrown at them. That no matter what happens the love is never tainted. The unconditional love that when you have, you'll do anything to keep.

Love is incredible. That two people's bond is strong enough to withstand anything that's thrown at them. That no matter what happens the love is never tainted. The unconditional love that when you have, you'll do anything to keep. It had been a couple of weeks since Henry had known the truth about his family. He hadn't yet taken up his mother's offer of helping him get in touch with his father and brother. He did however take her advice about using his abilities to help people. Henry and Mittens just didn't know how much of an impact it would make. "We now move onto a story about a masked vigilante that's taking back the streets. We have Cindy Matthews reporting on the scene" "Thank-you Jen, we do indeed have our own masked vigilante amoung us. I've spoken to some police officers that arrived on the scene, after our own vigilante had saved the day. They have said that they're trying to track him down, that anyone who tries to take the law into their hands will be severly punished. But despite that, you would not believe how much the crime rate has gone down since this guy's come onto the scene. He's got criminals running scared. It's also been said that it could be Captain Hero, back after all these years. But we can't confirm anything, since there hasn't been any proper sightings. Back to you Jen" Henry clicked the tv off, and silence filled his apartment. The abruptly loud sound of the telephone ringing, shattered Henry's thoughts, and he stood to answer the phone. "Hey Henry!" Jane smiled. "Just calling to see if we're still going out tonight?"
"Dinner and a movie sound good?" Henry asked nervously, he couldn't help it. After all this time she still made him nervous.
"It sounds great!" she laughed.
"I have to go over and see mum for a bit. So I'll come pick you up afterwards? Round 7?"
"Sounds good. See you then" she paused for a moment "Love you" she said nervously.
Henry thought about it for a second, and replied "I love you too".
"It's finished" Dan whispered ominously.
"When are we going to use it?" Jacque questioned.
"Tomorrow. We'll use it tomorrow and everything we've been working for will come together. The board members are going to regret the day they pulled my funding"
"Oh Dan!" she smiled as she pulled him into an embrace.
"How about we go out tonight to celebrate?" Jacque asked.
"I think that would be perfect" Dan replied "But first, I want to show you something"
"I think I want to meet him, Hugh, my father"
"I'll have a look around and try to track him down for you. I don't know how recent the address I have for him is" she smiled.
"Can I ask you a question?" Henry asked.
"Of course you can" Maggie replied.
"Do you think it would have been better if dad never told you about him, about him being Captain Hero?"
"I think that it was better that he did. Even before he did, I knew that he was keeping secrets from me and if you really love someone you don't keep the big things away from them. You haven't told Jane?"
"I just didn't know if I should" Henry said softly.
"You think you and Jane are going to end up like your father and I?" Maggie asked, but didn't wait for an answer. "It wasn't because he told me about his abilities that we divorced. It was because he consumed his whole life with being Captain Hero. You need more in your life than just being that vigilante, you need Jane"
"Unless there's another reason why you haven't told her yet. Maybe you haven't told her because you don't think she's the one?" "That's not the reason why I haven't told her. I love her. I want to marry her. I just wanted to know what you thought about me telling her"
"She needs to know Henry. If she really loves you, she'll understand. I'm sure of it" she smiled. "Now wait here, I want to give you something"
Maggie hurried back and gave a small, golden, engagement ring to Henry.
"I can't possibly take this" Henry said.
"No, no! I insist. Give it to Jane." she smiled.

Henry carefully placed the ring back into it's black velvet case and held it in his hand.
"I can't thank you enough" Henry said as he tightly hugged his mother. "I promise I'll tell her tonight, before I propose" He laughed with pure happiness, tears brimming in his eyes. "Just assure me you're getting changed!"
"Of course I am. I have a change of clothes in the car, you don't mind if I get changed here do you?"
"Of course not! You're my son! My home is your home" she beamed.
"What are they?" Jacque asked.
"You know how I was telling you a while ago, that there was no risk to the baby?"
"These suits, are what are going to protect us tomorrow. They're impenetrable. We'll wear them under our clothes until the time it right." "Good Luck Henry" Maggie beamed once again.
"You don't think it's too soon?" Henry asked "To be proposing? I mean we've only been together a couple of months"
"It's been over six months Henry, I don't think it's too soon from what you've told me about her and how you look when you are. Are you having second thoughts?"
"No, I don't think it's too soon. I just think other people might"
"It doesn't matter what other people think, if it feels right then that's all that matters"
"Thanks mum." Henry replied as he hugged her tightly. "I better be off, don't want to be late"
Henry picked up Jane right on time and took her to the new fancy restaurant that had just opened, Londoste. Stealing a kiss before they went in, he was bracing himself for her reaction to what he was going to tell her, and the added anxiety of what he was going to ask her. After a lot of deliberation, Dan and Jacque decided they would go to Londoste. It had only been open a few days, but had already gotten quite a reputation. Londoste was expensive, but they were celebrating. Meanwhile inside the restaurant, Henry and Jane were being seated and shown the menu. Henry thanked the waitress and started looking through the menu, as Jane did the same. Henry was still looking through the menu as Dan and Jacque were being seated. "This is a really nice place Dan, I'm glad we came" Jacque smiled sweetly.
"I know, Londoste has really lived up to its name" he replied as he caressed Jacque's hand.
"What do you feel like?" he asked her after a moment.
"Hmm..." Jacque contemplated while skimming through the menu "I could really go for a chicken parmigarna, you?"
"I think I'm going to have the porter house." he replied as he signalled the waitress that they were ready to order.
Within a few minutes the waitress was back to take Henry's order and he still hadn't decided.
"What would you like?" he asked Jane, who thought about it for a moment and replied "hmm...surprise me"
"Okay..." he thought for a second "I'll get a Porter-House steak, and lime seared chicken?" he ordered and questioned Jane at the same time. Jane nodded in response "perfect!" she smiled.
Dinner was over before he knew it. Henry took a big gulp of his water and tried to organize the jumble of thoughts that raced in his mind. "I have something I want to tell you" Henry started off with.
Jane smiled at him "Yeah?"
"Something big" Henry gulped. By the look on his face Jane knew it was serious, and she instantly got concerned.
"Are you alright?"
"I'm fine" Henry said "Okay I just want to tell you everything, you're probably going to think I'm crazy. Even I thought I was crazy when it started happening, but that's not the point. It is real, it's happening need to know"
"Henry what's going on? You're all over the place" "Okay, you know that masked vigilante that's been all over the news?"
"Yeah, everyone think it's Captain Hero. That he's returned."
"Well he a way" Henry said drifting off in a thought but pulling himself back. He tried to find the right words but none of them seemed to fit.
"It's me" he sighed, not making direct eye contact.
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"The masked vigilante....." he paused " me." This time he watched for her reaction. Jane didn't say anything so Henry started to explain himself further.
"My father was Captain Hero. He had certain abilities that...I have too. I don't know why he stopped being Captain Hero, why he stopped helping people. But I want to take his place, do some good in this world. I didn't expect it to get so public so quickly though."
"So why are you telling me all this now?" Jane asked. Henry was a bit taken aback, but he thought it was time to ask her the question that he'd been wanting to ask her for a long time. Henry shuffled around in his pockets and eventually found the little black box in one of them.
"This is why I wanted you to know everything" Henry smiled nervously as he pushed the box closer to her.
"To us!" Dan and Jacque cheered as they raised their lemonade filled glasses to themselves.
"It's a shame we can't have real champagne" Jacque sighed.
"Yeah but it's also a good thing." Dan smiled "do you know how expensive good champagne would be at a place like this?"
Jacque laughed "It's weird isn't it?"
"What's weird?" Dan asked.
"Well it's not just going to be us anymore. We're going to have a baby. Can you imagine? A toddler running around the house? It all just seems so surreal"
"Yeah I know what you mean. I think it will be pretty cool though" Dan smiled at Jacque. Her heart melted to know that he felt the same.
"Will you marry me Jane?" Henry said as Jane opened the box. "You don't have to say anything now, it's a lot to take in all at once. So take a few days to think about it. I don't want you to feel pressure or--" Henry was interrupted.
"YES! YES! Of course YES!" Jane squealed in a fit of happy, tearful hysteria.
"Are you sure?" Henry asked "It's a lot for you to absorb all at once. Wait do you believe me about all the Captain Hero stuff?" Henry asked cautiously.
"Of course I do." Jane said seriously. "I have a bit of a confession to make"
"What is it?" Henry asked concerned.
"I kind of already knew." Jane said slowly. "I went over to your house to pick up a jacket I left and while I was there, I tidyed up a bit. I was putting something into your cupboard and a box fell down and the Captain Hero costume slipped out. I put two and two together."
Henry was silent, he couldn't believe that she already knew.
"Why didn't you say anything?" He asked her.
"I thought that if you wanted to tell me, I'd know. So I waited for you to tell me on your terms, not mine."
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. Everything was still new and I didn't know what was happening" Henry started explaining.
"You don't have to explain yourself. I understand" Jane smiled warmly."Guess what?" she asked.
"What?" Henry replied confused.
"We're getting married!"

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#3CleotopiaJun 18, 2010

Wow! they're so close to each other in the same place. I'm wondering what they're saying to each other.. \:o. And I can't wait to see them get married \:D.
Good work!

#4MangioJun 18, 2010

hehe.. i loved that last screen \:wub\: i wonder if the boys saw each other, they sure look alike. glad Jane received the news alright... she's pretty smart on figuring out herself. cant wait for more \:rah\: why'd you just have to end it there... i wanted more \;\)

#5maxi kingJun 18, 2010

:wub\:oh,that was so sweet!I tought they would noticed each other in the restaurant but maybe in the next part?And I wonder what happends then!All can happen then,I hartly can wait!Hurry up please!\:wub\:

#6urm0mJun 19, 2010

Awesome part \:D

#7laroscoJun 19, 2010

yeah i'm thinking the two are twins but great story \:D

#8my_bullittJun 21, 2010

Another great chapter! \:wub\:

#9martoeleJun 21, 2010

A  very interesting story and I love the way how you develop the plot. Very beautiful shots, especially the last one! \:cool\:

#10oldmember_gip-kNov 2, 2010

I have no clue how you managed to have Dan and Henry sitting so close to eachother. I've never played any of the TS2 expansion packs so I don't know how these things work in Night Life. I'm assuming you used Night Life because that basically looks just like a real restaurant, and they can do the actions across the table and all of that. Or perhaps you used a hack in this that allowed you to use restaurant items in a regular home?
Speaking of hacks though, I had often wondered (and yes this is from a long time ago) how you got Dan to be able to carry Jane when she was unconscious...well, if you have time, please reply to this so I can know. ^_^
Anyway- this chapter was great. At first I thought it was going to just be so long, but I made it through it all SO quickly. I'm pretty much on the edge of my seat now. And I noticed another, perhaps unintentional, nod to Spiderman. Jane's name is Jane, while Mary-Jane's name is...well, Mary-Jane. I love Spiderman so I notice this stuff, haha. ;D

#11dsrhnryDec 13, 2010

always a pleasure to read the next chapter, thank you as always for sharing with us.

#12tcancelOct 21, 2011

awsome chapter,\:wub\: great job\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

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