In Love Again
Published Jan 30, 2012

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In Love again is a story that portraits Love, Money and Betrayal. It features the characters Calleigh Eds, Olivia Eds, Pierce Shawkti and Chelsea Shawkti. Follow the story as the events progressively unfold, and.. hope you like it!

Do not hesitate to leave your feedback and advices!

Downloaded Items:

- I downloaded Calleigh ( and just modified her body profile a little), Chelsea who was initially Chelsea Parker ( and changed her hair color) and Olivia. I made Pierce myself, and used an already existing name.

- The house in which they currently live is Kyomian Asian Modern House ( downloaded from TSR as well)

- I also downloaded some venues and residential lots from the website, that would appear in the story later on.

In Love again is a story that portraits Love, Money and Betrayal. It features the characters Calleigh Eds, Olivia Eds, Pierce Shawkti and Chelsea Shawkti. Follow the story as the events progressively unfold, and.. hope you like it!

Do not hesitate to leave your feedback and advices!

Downloaded Items:

- I downloaded Calleigh ( and just modified her body profile a little), Chelsea who was initially Chelsea Parker ( and changed her hair color) and Olivia. I made Pierce myself, and used an already existing name.

- The house in which they currently live is Kyomian Asian Modern House ( downloaded from TSR as well)

- I also downloaded some venues and residential lots from the website, that would appear in the story later on.
Calleigh Eds was a beautiful and well known Bridgeport supporting actress in the film company, and her dream was to become a Superstar, travel around the world and express herself through her movies. She had a very brilliant future, as well as an unshakable relationship with her Daughter Olivia. The two were the perfect Mother-Daughter pai. Calleight was tremendously in love with her boyfriend Pierce, whom she met while she was featuring on a car TV Ad with him, and since then the two have been unseparable. Pierce was an aspiring superstar athlete, and as hard working as he was, was willing to do anything to climb on top of his career. However, he was a little bit too snob, and that used to irritate Calleigh. When Pierce got promoted League MVP, he decided to move in with Calleigh. She had been extremely supportive to him, and had always pushed him to achieve the maximum. The 2 were happy together. However, whenever Calleigh brought the idea of getting married, Pierce was not interested because of his commitment issues, and also for the fact that he already had a teenage daughter from a previous failed marriage with a past lover. Nevertheless, Calleigh and Pierce werehappily living together with their too teenagers; as one big family. Living with 2 teenage girls was not easy task, as Calleigh and Pierce had to tolerate their caprices, mood swings and teenage desires from time to time: teen parties, sleepover, etc. Luckily, they always found the right balance to enjoy their alone time.. Giving out to the happiness of being in love.. And creating new memories... One day, after the last game of the season, Caleigh decided to throw Pierce a " Congratulations" party. She knew he had been waiting for that game for so long, because recruiters had traveled from all over the country to select players for prestigious clubs. She knew as his team won, he wouldn't want anything but to celebrate. Unfortunately, Pierce could not make it to the party, as he received a mysterious phone call.... Allo.. Pierce speaking.. WHo is this?
- Pierce.. .. I heard you just signed a contract with Livy Blue.. Congratulations, superstar..
- Sh.. Shirley? Is that you? Shirley?
- Wow, happy that you remembered me..Pierce, it's been so long..
- Shirley! I am so happy to hear your voice.. How have you been? I've tried to reach you so many times! I looked for you in the yellow pages, I asked everyone around were nowhere to be found!
- I changed my address, Pierce... I moved out of where I used to live, and..
- Look, Shirley, is there a way we can meet now,I would really like to see you, it's been so long..
- Pierce.. I don't know.. if it's a good idea..
- Just for a few minutes, and then I will let you go.
- Ok, sure, where?
- Palm Beach Pool Club, 9 pm.
- I'll be there...
Pierce was patiently waiting for her...He hadn't seen her in 18 years; exactly the age of Chelsea, Pierce's daughter. Pierce and Shirley used to date back in college, and she was his first love. She was extremely rebellious and that's part of what attracted him to her. When she got pregnant, she thought that the baby would slow her career as a musician, and she asked Pierce to take care of Chelsea, as Pierce's family was rich and hence had more financial means to handle a baby. She finally arrived.

Pierce: Shirley, you look amazing..and your hair.. you change your hair..I can barely recognize you..

Shirley: you don't look bad yourself..seems like fame is working well for you!

Pierce: you know I worked hard to reach to were I am today, and signing with the Livy Blue was probably the best thing that happened to me!

Shirley: And you know I am proud of you, I always knew you would make it..since College you already were quite a phenomena!
Pierce: these are for you!

Shirley: Oh, I love them! Red is my favourite color.. You never forgot..

Pierce: How could I..

And they spent the rest of the night recalling old memories they shared, their first times, and the day they kissed during a game, in the stadium after he scored, and told her: you know one day am gonna marry you!

Shirley smiled at that memory..
The conversation then took another turn:

SHirley: How's Chelsea?

Pierce: just as rebellious as you! She pulls pranks around the house all the time!

Shirley: ( laughing) know, I never meant for this to be so hard on you, with my career, and the pressure.. I was so young!

Pierce: I understand. And living with her was one of the best thing that happened to me.. She brings me joy and reminds me of you.. everyday..her eyes.. her smile.. the way you used to look at me.. always made me wonder.. what if you had come back..

Shirley: I wish I did..for you and for her..

( At that moment, he felt that connection they used to have years ago, it came back again, and he didn't want anything else at that specific moment, but to kiss her..
Shirley pushed him away..

Pierce: you don't want me to?

Shirley: what about the other girl on TV.. They show you guys everywhere.. going shopping, spas, you guys are officially the hottest couple in Bridgeport!

Pierce: Calleigh. Her name is Calleigh.

Shirley: yeah..

There was an awkward silence between the two of them, as well as a feeling of discomfort..Shirley tried to break the silence.

Shirley: look, I gotta go.. When can I come and see Chelsea?

Pierce: I will give you a call, she will be happy to see you.

Shirley: OK.. well.. have a good night.

She left, and Pierce watched her go, in silence.
Calleigh had waited for Pierce the entire night, and he didnt show up.. She began to worry, and called her friend Tiara Angelista. As soon as she attempted to dial the number, Pierce stepped in the house, Calleigh was furious. Calleigh: where have you been all night? I tried to reach you, and you didnt even bother picking up your phone!
Pierce was clearly embarassed, and fearing that Calleigh might suspect something, came up with a quick excuse:

Pierce: I I got caught up celebrating with the boys, and I forgot what time it was...

Calleigh: Oh, so your family doesnt deserve to celebrate this happy moment with you! Well I guess I shouldnt have bothered throwing you a party!

Pierce: Babe, I am so soorry, I didnt know you were planning anything, I ... ( couldnt find his words)

Calleigh: So am I! Help yourself with the leftovers in the fridge.

She left him there. She was pissed, and Pierce clearly knew that whenever she was in that state, he had to go an extra mile to calm her down.

That same evening, he took her out to dinner and apologized to her.
They ended the night at the Brightmore, Calleigh's favourite club. Pierce continued to see Shirley in secret, and their relationship greatly improved as they shared memories of their past together. Calleigh quickly started noticing changes in Pierce's behavior, as he became more and more distant. He didnt have time anymore for their " special family evenings", weekends at resorts or games nights.

She initially attributed these changes to Pierce's new status as a superstar athlete, as she knew being so famous could have negative effects on family life.
But when she started loosing her intimate connection with Pierce, she began to worry, and asked for advice to her friend Tiara. Tiara had gone through a similar rough patch with her fiance, but she reassured Calleigh that Pierce might just be overworked, and they should discuss it personally to figure out what was going on. Calleigh: Thank you Tiara, I knew I could count on you. |Pierce just got home, so I will talk to him as soon as he wakes up. He must be tired right now, he had a lot of contracts to sign yesterday night. When Pierce woke up, Calleigh decided to confront him regarding his behavior changes:

Calleigh: babe, what's going on? You are not the same anymore, and we dont have time to do our things as we used to. I dont see you often, and the girls too, they would like to see you more around, especially Chelsea who is kind of giving me a hard time here now that you are less often at home.

Pierce: I know, I know.. but you know that with this promotion I got, things got a little harder on my side, and I really hadn't had time to figure things out..

Calleigh noticed that Pierce was quite evasive, and couldn't look at her straight in the eyes..

Calleigh: Are you sure that's all? You seem quite distant right now, is there anything else that you're not telling me?

Pierce : embarassed).. no, Am just.. really tired and.. overwhelmed, ...

Calleigh: but you just woke up from your sleep!

Pierce: look babe, I just need some more rest.

Calleigh: alright, et your rest! You will be in shape for the movie night later tonight right? The girls have been excited about this!

Pierce: ( with a sigh)..I completely forgot, babe, I am sorry, I have a last minute meeting with sponsors, and it;s really important..

Calleigh before he could finish speaking..

And so it was for the next few days, Pierce had to reschedule every previous plan he had with his family.
Calleigh: Ti, I dont know what to do. I tried to get him out of the house, organize parties, invite his close friends over, but he just seems so.. uninterested in whatever I do! I even cook his favourite meals, he doesn't eat at home anymore! Do you think he's taking something? Because I heard from a friend that athletes sometimes take substances to enhance their performance, and it has some side effects.. Could it be true?

Tiara: wow wow wow.. go easy here girl, don't think too fast! I really dont know what's going on here, but there is only one way to find out: follow him.

Calleigh: what? I can't do that, this is a violation of privacy!

Tiara: this is how I found out what was going on with Ryan when he was going through this too.. and it turned out he was suspended and about to loose his job, that's why he acted distantly.

Calleigh: this is clearly not the case with Pierce, he hust got promoted.

Tiara: wouldn't hurt to try!
( calleigh shaked her head)

Tiara: your call, your decision. I am almost late for my gym appointment, so talk to you later?

Calleigh: yeah, sure. Thanks, Ti!

Calleigh remained pensive and worried about her situation, and didnt know what to do. Was it a good idea to spy on her boyfriend while he was away? Wouldnt it be a proof of mistrust?: How would he take it if he found out? At the same time, she needed to know why he was acting so differently, and Pierce never provided any valuable explanation. Calleigh decided to sleep on it, and see what would happen.
The next morning, Calleigh received an alarming phone call from her friend Tiara, who informed her that rumor was going around saying that Pierce had been spotted at several times with a mysterious blonde around town Calleigh burst out of laugh as she heard Tiara speaking.. But Tiara continued the story and gave Calleigh some more detailed: The blonde was called " the blonde in the red dress" by the paparazzis, and Pierce has been seen with her in different places. In addition, he bought her a car and a house in bridgeport ...

... He even went to visit her at her house yesterday. Calleigh immediately went online to see if all that was true, and at the sight of the pictures, she felt crushed and betrayed. She could not believe what she saw. How could Pierce do that to her? How could he betray her in such a scandalous way, after all the support she gave him to reach the top of his career? As soon as Pierce got home, Calleigh immediately confronted him. He couldn't deny the facts, and admitted on cheating. He tried to explain to her who Shirley really was, but Calleigh was too furious to let him place a word, and was way too hurt especially because of all the sacrifices she ever made for him.

calleigh decided she couldnt live with him anymore, and she went inside to pack her stuff. Pierce begged her to just calm down and think this through, but Calleigh had already made her decision. She decided to move out, with her daughter Olivia. As she was leaving, she could still hear Pierce shouting her name and begging her to come back..but that didn't matter anymore.. the harm had already been done.

To Be Continued.. ( TBC)

Stay tuned for part 2!!

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#1fabrizioammolloJan 31, 2012

He should have been a bit suspicious about a woman that left at least 15 years ago and suddenly reappear the day he became a Superstar... I wonder if he is going to regret his choise...

#2keishafellerFeb 1, 2012

Lol, true! Sometimes you don't know the real intentions of a person, and then you fall right away.. let's see how the story goes.. Thanks fabrizioammollo!

#3xLyennerdFeb 1, 2012

Ouch .. must be hard for Pierce. I hope he gets back to Calleigh and not Shirley \:D

#4GusluckyFeb 2, 2012

Nice start. \:\) Hope to see more from you soon!

#5Senti88VIPFeb 2, 2012

I love this story!!! It's super interesting! I hope she doesn't go back to peirce! He is so mean! She deserves better!

#6Samzie2012Feb 2, 2012

This Is Really Good 

#7keishafellerFeb 3, 2012

Thanks Guys for your support and feedback! I just posted part 2, so check it out!!

#8rosenoire87Mar 24, 2012

Finally got time to read this series and I must say its very intriguing! I feel really bad for Caleigh. Chelsea seems super shady and I hope pierce knows what he just got himself into!
Off to read part 2

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