No Angels Here- Chapter 3
Published Sep 27, 2011

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Theo was already up and waiting by his front window the next morning when Ava headed out the door. He hadn't slept very well the previous night, partly because he couldn't shake the image he had seen off his mind and partly because he was afraid Ava would soon catch on and realize who he really was. After fumbling with her keys for a few seconds, Ava slid on her sunglasses, repositioned the rearview mirror and slowly backed out of her driveway. She was headed to the golf course where Max was finishing off a round of golf with his workmates before he was due to have lunch with her. Clearing her throat, she let an elderly couple cross the road before speeding off. Upon arriving, she was glad to catch a glimpse of a still busy Max in the distance. The less time she had to spend in his company, the better, she decided. The juice bar caught her attention and she headed over and ordered some freshly-squeezed orange juice served over crushed iced. Glad to be in the shade away from the scorching sun, she calmly sipped her drink, pausing a few times to savor the refreshing feeling of ice melting on her tongue.

She hated golf but couldn't help but watch their game. Max seemed very rough and competitive on the field, angrily flinging his club after missing a close shot.
*Major anger management issues* she thought to herself.
Fifteen minutes later the game ended and Ava shuddered when Max finally noticed her presence and jogged over to her.

"Antonia, my beautiful Antonia" he said grabbing her hands and swinging them from side to side. Ava forced a smile, grossed out by the sweatiness of his palms.
It had become surprisingly easy for her to get used to her fake identities over the years. She had been 'Antonia' back in Texas three years ago and it had remained a favorite of hers since then.
"Come, let's sit down" he said, pulling her towards the terrace bar. They sat down and he quickly gestured for a menu before turning his attention back to her.

"So how are you my dear?"

"I'm fine, just a little tired"

"What you need is a vacation my dear, Joshua doesn't realize what a lovely secretary he has. You must be so overworked hm?"

Ava nodded.

"Oh my dear… that's not good"

*If he says 'my dear' one more time, I'm going to scream* thought Ava while smiling politely.

"Anyway my dear, I will talk to Joshua about it and see what he can do. You need some time off. I appreciate all the work you two do for me but it bothers me seeing you like this" he paused before flashing her a smile and adding "you know, I haven't been able to get you off my mind lately. I wish we could spend more time together but work gets in the way"

"Yea… it's a shame" replied Ava feigning sadness.

"But don't worry, I will arrange for you to get a holiday and I will take one around the same time. We could maybe head off to Aspen or somewhere like that, away from the heat"

"That would be great" she mumbled, hoping she didn't sound too sarcastic.
After an hour of painfully dull conversation and a mediocre lunch it was time for Max to head off to a meeting. Ava found it hard to contain her relief. Grinning, she quickly said her goodbyes and turned to leave but Max reached out, grabbed her arm and leaned in for a kiss.

"Max, no… I'm sorry. It's too soon, I don't feel comfortable with that" she muttered, backing away slightly.
Max laughed nervously, "you're right my dear. I'm sorry, I got carried away" he apologized. "I admire that quality in you… a woman of principles hm?"

Ava nodded and smiled before eagerly turning around to leave.
She couldn't get back to the car fast enough. With an exasperated sigh, she slammed the car door shut and leaned back on the head rest, closing her eyes and enjoying the silence. It was short-lived however because her phone rang a few seconds later.

It was Joshua calling. She had sensed something was wrong when he hadn't called that morning before her date; it was very unlike him to forget. It had become something of a ritual, him calling before each date to remind her of the objectives and wish her luck.

"Hey Josh"

"Ava? I need you to meet me down by Bay Harbor, at this address" he slowly stated the address as if reading it from a piece of paper before adding "hurry" and abruptly ending the call.

Puzzled, Ava bit her lip, put the car in gear and headed to the harbor while reciting the address in her head.
Theo made sure to park several spots behind her and waited a few more minutes in his car before climbing out to follow her. Close enough to see their every move yet far enough to not get noticed was his motto when it came to surveillance.
After almost four weeks of following her, this was the first time she hadn't headed home after one of her dates. He had made a note of this on his voice recorder and now needed some photographic evidence as well to add to the file.
As soon as she was a good distance away he quickened his pace and partially hid behind a tree before slipping out his phone and taking a few shots.
They weren't good enough so he came closer and took a few more before running to another hiding spot.
Joshua was pacing around when Ava entered the building and stopped mid-track when he saw her.
"Took you long enough" he said with a slight hint of annoyance.

"Traffic" she muttered "And what is this place anyways?" she asked looking around "don't tell me you've switched office buildings. This is not even going to be remotely believable as a financial advising firm"

"Listen, we don't have time. I just wanted to speak to you in person. Already spoke with Kelly this morning and Lauren last night… Someone has been following me around. I first noticed it a week ago on my way back from the office"

Ava's heart skipped a beat and she felt a lump in her throat.

"What are you saying Josh?"

"That we need to be more careful. I think someone's on to us"

Ava stared at him in disbelief through her shades before exclaiming "and what are you going to do about it!? Do you even have a plan or are we just waiting around to get caught now?"


"Don't tell me to relax! How can I relax? You're in charge, do something!"
Josh took a deep breath and exhaled sharply. "Listen, just trust me ok? I'll figure something out. For now we just have to lay low. You'll have to have fewer dates with Max and I'll temporarily cease the transactions for a while. We can't leave the city yet, not while I'm being followed. It would be pointless"

The thought of having to leave Miami felt like a stab in the heart and Ava had to struggle to hold back tears.

"I'll figure things out…" Joshua trailed on.

Ava swallowed hard but the knot in her throat wasn't going away.

"In the meantime, like I told Kelly and Lauren, be extra vigilant. If you feel someone has been following you as well let me know"

Ava suddenly remembered the feeling she had felt of being watched in her backyard pool the previous day but chose not to mention it. It was after all simply a feeling, she had no real proof.


She nodded.
When she headed out the door she still felt like crying despite Joshua's efforts to reassure her that everything was going to be fine. As she drove home it was with a heavy heart. She sighed, looking out the window at the lively streets of Miami which would soon become a distant memory, like all the cities she could never return to. The heavy rainclouds that were forming seemed like an all too ominous sign of what was to come. For the second day in a row, Ava had forgotten to pick up the curtains from the dry cleaners. Too distraught to care however, she simply turned off the bathroom lights and bathed in the dark. After blow drying her hair, she slipped on her night gown and a comfy pair of slippers. It was going to be a long and restless night she imagined; alone with her thoughts once again. Outside, thunder shook the skies followed by a ripple of lightening. A few seconds later, heavy rain pelted against the roof, temporarily distracting her from her thoughts.
She had forgotten to unplug the hair dryer so she headed back to the bathroom, switched the lights on and leaned over the sink to pull the plug out of the socket. When she turned to leave however something caught her eye.
As she came closer to the window she realized that once again "the jogger" was standing outside his house but this time he wasn't looking up into hers.
He seemed to have been locked out of his house and as she watched him get increasingly drenched by the rain she couldn't help but feel sorry for him.
A few minutes passed by before he turned around and noticed her. She quickly took the opportunity to gesture "come here" with her hand before pointing down at her front gate. He got the message and began walking over and she headed down to let him in. He was already by the entrance when she got there.
"Hey, locked out?" she asked, smiling.

"Yes. Unfortunately my key tends to get jammed from time to time" he explained while wringing the front of his shirt "it broke inside the lock this time"

"Oh I see"
Theo nervously cracked his knuckles and smiled at her before looking down at his feet. He had stopped by a restaurant for dinner before heading home; following her around all day meant that he rarely had time to sit down and eat a decent meal. Now that he had new evidence for the case he had taken the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy a well-deserved dinner. He hadn't expected to get locked out in the rain and to have to once again come face to face with Ava. "Well don't just stand there, come inside. It's cold out here" said Ava. Noticing that he wouldn't look her in the eyes she scanned his face and wondered why he was acting strangely. Theo mumbled a word of thanks and followed her inside.

"May I use your phone to call a locksmith?" he inquired once they were inside "the battery on my phone died"

"Of course" replied Ava, "pretty late though, but I guess they have 24 hour services as well"
He followed her into the kitchen where he thanked her again before picking up the phone and dialing 411. As he waited for the operator to connect him to a locksmith Ava grabbed some mugs and prepared some hot chocolate. She left one for him by the counter and sat waiting in the dining area. A few minutes later he emerged, mug in hand and pulled out a seat before quietly sitting down. They sat sipping in silence for a few awkward seconds before Ava cleared her throat and turned to face him.

"So, I still don't know your name" she hinted.

Theo swallowed too quickly and the hot liquid hitting the back of his throat made his eyes water.

"I'm Theo" he replied after suppressing a cough.
"Ah, Theo. Interesting name… I'm A- she paused, realizing she had almost told him her real name "Antonia" she quickly finished.

Theo didn't say anything, instead staring at the light reflecting on the top of the glass table. He knew Antonia wasn't her real name. It was Ava Nicole Barrington, born January 14th 1984 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to parents Michael and Louise Barrington. Rocky childhood, no siblings, left home when she was 18, hadn't been back since.
They made small talk for about fifteen minutes before the locksmith arrived, honking loudly to signal his presence. Theo quickly got up and finished the rest of his drink before thanking Ava once again and turning to leave. Ava got up and began clearing the table. *What a strange guy* she thought to herself, *Pretty darn handsome though* She grinned, remembering the fact that she had flashed him the previous night. *That's probably why he was acting so strange* she thought with a giggle. Outside, it was still pouring heavily so Theo dashed across the street and back to his house where the locksmith stood waiting under an umbrella. More unwanted contact with Ava; he was really beginning to lose his professionalism he realized.

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orlov VIPDec 1, 2011

\:D \:wub\: . . .continuing on. . .men like Max make Ava's job so much easier! !. . .I have always wondered why "max"-like men can't seem to see themselves the way the women they pursue see them? What goes on in their heads? Love the comment about "a woman of principals". . .you see? Can't even tell when she's trying to escape him! I am still not sure who Theo actually is, and who he works for, but am thoroughly convinced he is NOT a hit man. . .so, one possiblity down. . .

CrazygamerkarinNov 17, 2011


xhaiiOct 24, 2011

another interesting i dont have to wonder how josh looks like \:rah\:

-kalisa-Oct 11, 2011

Great chapter! \:rah\: If only Ava knew how much Theo knows about her...

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