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Not Knowing...Ch. 5
Published Feb 15, 2012

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Hope you enjoy it! (:

Hope you enjoy it! (: People kept on treating me weird after that whole incident with the door. I swore up and down it was there, but when we checked, it had vanished.

Plus, this week has been just, awkward. We each had to go on individual dates. I haven't had mine yet. But the others said he barely even talked no matter how much they batted their eyes or cleared their throat. "You are probably going to have it even worse, freak." Heather rudely added. Man, that girl has some problems. We were getting along okay until Mr. Hot-Guy came along. Now we're enemies again, I guess.
Heather went first, of course. Then Belle and now me. Like Ella said, she wasn't involved in any of this. All I know is that, we go on a date with him and get to know each other. I'm guessing we get a new dress. I asked Ella and she said that I could pick out mine. I was SO hoping I could do that. The last dress was pretty, but I'm more used to short dresses.

It was Thursday and we started the dates on Sunday. We always skip one day and apparently we're going to be doing this every week. I still hate the fact I'll never see my family again. Or my friends. My REAL friends, may I add.
I slipped on my new dress and gazed in the mirror. I didn't bother doing my hair or anything because I wasn't really trying to impress anybody. "Come on, Sutton!" A high-pitched squeal came from upstairs. "It's time for your date!" I rolled my eyes and walked upstairs. "So, where am I going on the date?" I looked at Ella. She glanced off to the side.

"Oh, just a picnic in the woods. Not very far. I know you might be scared."

"Me, nah." And I truthfully wasn't afraid. I was going to be with someone else and no one came in these woods.

"Well, I asumed because the others got a little scared and you were..." She trailed off nervously.

I chuckled. Ella thought was like a helpless baby eve since I told her about me getting kidnapped. "Really, I'm okay." There were foosteps and DAniel stepped into the room. He looked really hot again, but he was wearing the same thing he wore the day she met him. I stepped lightly over to him and gave Ella a three-fingered wave. "Bye." I chirped as we strutted out of the door.
"So, where are we going?" I asked expanctantly. "Where are we going to sit and have our picnic."

"I don't know, maybe here?" He gestured to a picnic table sitting in a little clearing.

"Nice." I said as I made my way over. He smiled and sat down across from me. Then he set the picnic basket on the table. It just made me wonder though; why the heck did I have to dress up? I rolled my eyes. Whatever....
"So, the others say you're really quiet. Why?" I looked at him.

"I don't know. This whole thing with my parents is just weird. I hate it. I wanted to get to know a girl before I married her. I wanted to choose. You know?"

"Yeah. I guess. To be honest I didn't choose to be here. I was kidnapped and then left here. And look. Now I'm stuck here for the rest of my life." A single tear fell from my eye and splashed on the tabled. "Erg, I'm sorry. This is just too weird." Why the heck was I telling him this stuff? I don't know.

He looked at me uncomfortable. "I'm sorry. I have no say in it. My family is just so different, we can't afford people talking about us." He rolled his eyes.

"Thanks." I smiled. Maybe he wasn't all that bad. Maybe. Just maybe.
We talked and talked all night. It was actually fun. He was funny, sweet and kind. ANd you can add hot, buff, and strong. He made my ex-boyfriend look like crap.

Finally, the question came up. "So," He began as we sat watching the stars, "what was up with that door? The door that you tried to show us?" He looked at me, doubt flooding his blue eyes.

My faced straight ahead. "Look, if you're going to make fun of me then-"

"I'm not!" He interrupted, "I just want to know."

I looked at his sincere face. He was so close I could smell his minty breath on my face. His facial features were crystal clear, even in the dark.

"Alright." And the whole story spilled out.
His eyes widened with every word about the magical land came out of my mouth. "And then when I looked back, it was gone." I finished proudly.

"Can you take me there? To that door?" His eyes were glassy.

"Um, yeah. Sure." I stood and sauntered towards the house. HE got up, almost like he was in a trance, and walked after me.
"The freaking door is there!" I said in disbelief. Why the heck did it keep messing with me? I'm going mad I tell you!

"You're right! I cannot believe it! The door. It's right there!" He ran up and hugged me. "Wow you're amazing! How did you make it appear."

I stared at him like he was covered in mold. "Look, I have no idea what you're talking about. And no one will tell me anything so-"

"You wanna go inside?" He looked at me with a mischievous grin on his face.


"Do you want to go in?" He gestured towards the door. I thought about it...Hey, maybe it will be fun.

"Sure." I said as we marched towards the pillar.
Instantly, we were blinded by the bright rays of the sun. The sun was always shining in this realm or whatever. It was nice though."Everything is exactly the same as it used to be! It's so awesome!" He looked like a little kid, running around like he was. It was...kind of cute.

I smiled. "You look like a crazy person."

He grinned. "Well come be a crazy person with me! It's fun!" He pulled my arm and we ran around. I threw off my shoes and he threw off his. After a while we plopped down on the grass, panting hard.
"I am so tired now!" I said between breaths.

He chuckled. "Oh, you're such a girl." He teased.

I laughed. "Oh, shut up!" He grinned.

"I have never met a girl like you. Ever. You're so fun and carefree." He reddened. "Sorry if I made you uncomfortable." Actually it made me glow. This was the first time in a long time that I had felt so happy. So free.

For once in my life I didn't have to worry how I looked. If my shoes were expensive enough. If my dress was hot enough. If my friends were cool enough. I could just be me. It's an amazing feeling.

"No. Don't be sorry. That was nice." Thinking about it made me feel bad. All the stuff I did for my ex-boyfriend and he never really loved me. I couldn't even be myself around him. And my fake self wasn't good enough for him either.

"Hey, whats wrong?" He touched my shoulder and my nerves snapped and danced underneath my skin. It was like magic.

"Nothing really. It's just..." I looked at a tree trying to distract myself from those painful memories.

"Tell me." A concerned look crossed his face. It was sweet he was so worried for me.

"Well, before I was taken here I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me...with my best friend." It hurt to think about it, but to say it out loud made my heart break again.

His face looked troubled. "I'm sorry. I didn't know. And then my parents told you that you had to go on a date with me..."

"Yeah, it was a little much for me. It still kind of is."

"Oh." He said half-whispering it. He looked sad.

"But you're an amazing guy. I just I...I don't know. When I first met you I was pissed. You seemed like all the other hot rich boys. So rude and heartless. Trust me; I have had my experiences. But you're different." I winked at him. "A good different."
He brightened. "Heh, thanks." He gave me a I-feel-better-now smile and stood up. "Come on! We gotta get you happy again!" Smiling, he grabbed my wrists and hoisted me up. We were inches apart. His lips so close to mine. I kind of wanted to kiss him. I know it was weird and maybe not the right moment but, I wanted to. He smiled nervously and pulled away.

I blushed. We started walking through the forest just...talking.

After a little while I built of the courage to finally ask the questions I wanted to know most. "Okay, so I told you almost everything about me; now explain some stuff to me. Where am I? Why am I here? How did I get here? What is with this place with the fairies and castles and such? I feel like I'm in a storybook! Please tell me something." I looked at him pleadingly.

Looking nervous, he turned to face me. "I can understand why you would want to know that stuff." He said slowly. I nodded. He started again. "I can't tell you everything, but I can explain some of it." He getstured over to an area under a tree and we began talking.
Want to find out the secrets that Daniel’s family has???

Who wouldn’t?!?!

Thanks for reading!!! RATE AND COMMENT!!! <3


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deliaroseFeb 17, 2012

Amazing chapter!&nbsp;\:wub\:

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fabrizioammolloFeb 15, 2012

It seems that they are getting along better than expected. \:\)

sims3579Feb 15, 2012

mindblowing chapter............great story luv it\:wub\:

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