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Of Fine Nectar and Secret Agents: Chpt.1
Published Aug 23, 2013

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Hi, welcome to the first official chapter of "Of Fine Nectar and Secret Agents."

Here's the intro chapter if you haven't read it:

This chapter has a lot of talking and not a lot of action, so I apologize if it's boring (laughs.) I'm a careful and deliberate person, though, so everything has a purpose.

This chapter serves to add more of a background to the story, and introduces some characters. It also brings deeper insight to our protagonist's character.

Happy reading!

Hi, welcome to the first official chapter of "Of Fine Nectar and Secret Agents."

Here's the intro chapter if you haven't read it:

This chapter has a lot of talking and not a lot of action, so I apologize if it's boring (laughs.) I'm a careful and deliberate person, though, so everything has a purpose.

This chapter serves to add more of a background to the story, and introduces some characters. It also brings deeper insight to our protagonist's character.

Happy reading!
I arrived at the HQ about 30 minutes later.

The HQ is on the other side of the bridge that connects the main island of Bridgeport to a smaller one. The smaller island is known to many as the celebrity neighborhood, because well, all of the celebrities live there.
You're probably wondering why the secret service branch is located in the prime hotspot for the media and creeping paparazzi's.

Look at the Public Service Building--you'd expect the secret service branch to reside somewhere in there, right? But take a look at the gaudy celebrity villa owned by one of the city's most notorious playboys. You'd never find secret agents there, right?
That is why we're stationed here. It was my old man's idea. He and my mom brought it as a gift to the secret service branch. My old man thought it would be nice to celebrate the branch's achievements, so this villa was supposed to be just a little relaxation/vacation home for anyone in the secret service. But everyone ended up liking it so much that they relocated there--after a few security modifications of course.

LCD screens were placed in the windows, to generate a false image to anyone trying to peep in the house, and an underground system connecting the HQ and the Public Services was built, so that no one would be suspicious of the heavy traffic going in and out.

Of course, we occasionally move things around and host real celebrity parties every now and then to make it seem like a real villa.
When I got into the office, I found Estelle still sitting in her workspace.

"Working overtime, Estelle?"

With her eyes still glued to the screen, she replied, "Kinda."

"Whatcha up to?" I said, leaning in to take a look at the screen. There were many black windows labeled "cmd" and strings of complicated codes and numbers.

"Well, I figured out a way to code the syste--"

"Nevermind," I said wearily. "You lost me at well. You know I don't have any talent for this."

Estelle laughed. "It's not that complicated, all you need to know is how to type commands and know th--"

I held up my hands in surrender "Estelle."
"Alright alright, I'll stop teasing you. Go on in and see Big Boss, they've been waiting for you."

"Thanks, Estelle."
I walked into Boss's office and sat down. He was chatting to a young lady who sat across from me. As I sat down, the young woman smiled at me and swirled around the glass of nectar in her hand.

I quickly profiled her--it's a habit of mine. Young. Maybe 24, 25. Should be fresh out of college, but she doesn't look like it. Has an alluring air of charm around her, potentially charismatic.

Elegant pose. Gentle sloping relaxed shoulders. She's comfortable and familiar with this type of environment. Peep-toed heels, makeup, potentially into fashion and beauty.

I looked at the bottle sitting on Boss's desk--it was a 1933 bottle. Hm. Interesting choice, not something people usually reach out for, which is a shame.
"Agent Casablanca, you're finally here. We've been waiting for you. Meet--"

"A fine young lady with an impeccable taste in nectar," I said.

She smiled.
"I'm Agent Casablanca, head of the secret service's 7th unit, which specializes in undercover/covert operations. We work with intel unit 9 to exploit black market operations here in Bridgeport to uphold the integrity of our system. We also like to party and drink."

The young woman smiled and took a sip of her nectar. "The Chief told me that your unit is known as unit 'Nectar.'"

I laughed. "He's not so far off from the truth." I turned to Big Boss. "So tell me, who is this young woman? An escort? Your fiance? Didn't think you were interested in platinum blondes. Or at least human platinum blondes."
Big Boss's expression didn't change. "Neither of those, for your information, Agent Casablancas. I'll let her introduce herself."
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Agent Casablanca. I'm Airi Starch-Starling and I'm new to Bridgeport. I'm here from--"

"Wait..." I said. "Airi Starch-Starling." I repeated, very slowly.

Airi nodded and gave me a quizzical look. "Yes. My name is known t--"

"You're Miss Starling?"

I looked at Boss, confused. "Why'd you bring in an up and coming celebrity? We have enough coverage and notoriety..."

Boss looked at me, expressionless and calm. He said very slowly, carefully and boldly "Agent Starling is your new partner."

The room fell silent.
I looked at Boss, saying nothing, and just blinking. Miss Starling had sensed the tense atmosphere and sat silently.

Finally, I said. "You're kidding me. Did you just say partner?"

Big Boss replied quietly "No."

I sighed and slumped in my chair. Trying to suppress my anger, I said slowly "Fangman, do you realize what you're telling me?"

"Casablanca, what I realize is that Starling could be an asset to your case."
"I'm sorry," I bitterly spattered. "I must be getting old because I don't think I'm hearing you right today."

Boss shook his head.

My voice uncontrollably rose "Partner. PARTNER? Fangman, you think I would benefit with a partner?!"

"Look, Casablanca, you can't do this forever," he said wearily. "You've got to look past what happened and look--"

"Look, look, look," I responded harshly. "There's nothing to look at because this is NOT happening."
"Agent Casablanca," Starling hastily said. "I don't know why you're against if, but if you're worried that my involvement would ruin you're case, I'm just--"

I held up my hand. "No."
I stood up. "Good-day Fangman, Miss Starling. I'm in the middle of an important case and need to get to it."

Starling said "Wait, Agent Casablanca..."

I looked back at her. "Sorry Miss, I've got nothing against you but I'm working alone on this one."
Boss sighed. "I knew he was going to be against it..." Airi stood up. "Maybe I should get going now." Hesitantly, she added. "Am I still...?"

Boss nodded and folded his hands. "Starling, you're still on the case. Just give Agent Casablanca some time, he'll warm up. Just get yourself situated around time."

"Got it. Oh, and I don't mean to pry but..."Fangman?"

"When Casablanca just entered the office, he had no facial hair. We go back. He and I were partners before I got a promoted then..." Boss stopped himself and sighed. "It's a long story. Just make yourself comfortable here, Miss Starling. I'll see you in a week for briefing."
As I walked out, I heard Kanji say, "Romeo, you're looking growly. Did the new girl reject your offer for a date?"

I stopped at his desk and growled "For your information, no. And she is not the new girl because she will not be working with me."

Kanji shrugged. "Whatever you say, man. But whether you like it or not, she's going to stay--she's been contracted at our office."

"What? Why does no one ever tell me anything--" I sighed. "You know what, forget it."

Kanji looked up from his screen and surveyed me. "I thought that the last person to ever complain about having a babe around would be you."

"No, that would be you."

Kanji smiled. "You're right, you're right. Well anyways, I have some new info."

"A lead?"

"Kind of. It's on our network, go take a look at it."

"All right. I'm off. I'm working at the main office today, so if anyone needs me--oh, scrap that. Don't tell anyone where I am." I turned and left quickly.

Estelle turned around to look at Kanji. "What's his problem?"

Kanji shrugged. "You never know, especially when it comes to Romeo."
That's the end of chapter 1! Enjoy, and chapter 2 will be out sometime soon. I promise it'll be more exciting (laugh).

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mariacoraAug 31, 2013

lovely chapter \:\) .. I'm waiting for the next \;\)

smileface101Aug 28, 2013

Great story I really love it, like stinkybutt said its different and I'm looking forward to the next chapter \:D And if you're looking for a way to get rid of the speech bubbles then type in 'testingcheatsenabled true' then 'hideheadlineeffects on' \:D

stinkybutt123Aug 24, 2013

I like this story, it's something different. I'm looking forward to the next part! I really love the name too, but I always want to say wine \:D Great story, good work.

MarijaJAug 24, 2013

I like it \:D Waiting for new chapter \:\)

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