Our Last Summer Chapter 2
Published Jan 7, 2011

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It had been one week now since my father left, and we had only received one phone call.

He was fine, simply bunking at a friends house; but he did not mention any plans of returning soon.

I knew that this worried my mother. She'd spent the past week sleeping and she refused leaving my bedroom unless she needed to use the bathroom or go get something to eat. I'd tried talking to her a few times but all she did was groan and walk back into the darkness of the bedroom. Her childish attitude had started to piss me and my grandmother off and we began dismissing her presence, which, in turn, made my mom mad as well.
I loved my grandmothers company, and we had become close friends over the past week. I mean, yes there were the ups and downs. She would get mad when I didn't clean up after myself, or when I forgot to turn in my homework or turn of the TV. And it was NOT fun walking in on her on her daily baths.

"Sorry hun!" she'd yell as I ran out of the bathroom screaming.
My mother had become quite a pain. She lethargically trudged around the house in a bad mood, which I didn't understand because she herself had asked my father to leave. She'd also become very irritable, and not to mention annoying. Oh, and she looked like hell. She hadn't done us the kindness of brushing her teeth or hair, or take a shower. Her eye make up was smeared and runny from crying, and her hair was a rats nest from the lack of combing. She'd also worn the same clothes (and underwear) for the past week. My grandmother and I had definitely become concerned... Today, upon returning from school, I saw my mother, who had showered and brushed out her hair.

"Mom, good you cleaned up," I said as I entered.
She stayed silent, so I headed towards my room now that she was finally gone.

"I'm going out tonight," she stated, scratching her head as she always did when she felt guilty.

I paused, astounded that she would even have the nerve to leave after her actions this past week.
"What a good mom you are... Have fun with whoever you're going out with.." I said coldly.

"For your information, I'm going out with my friends."

"You have friends? Wow, I'd hate to be them," I said, feeling that same pinch of regret I'd felt just moments ago.

"Listen, I'm the mother here, not you. I can do whatever I want, I don't need your feedback, missy."
The next hour I spent in my room catching up on late homework. It was then that I heard my mother's voice, "I'm leaving, see you guys later tonight," she yelled from the kitchen.

"What? She's still going?" I got up quickly and went to see her leave.
I decided to play the guilt trick on her since I saw she actually was leaving.

She must've heard me leave the room because she stopped walking.
"What are you doing, Emily?" she sighed.

"Nothing... Can I not sit in my own living room?" I replied.

"Well...Good bye..I guess? See you later.." she said awkwardly.
I didn't hear the wood floors creak, meaning she must have stayed!

"Yes!" I said to myself.

"I'll be leaving then.." she said.

"What, no!"
"Emily! Why do you do this to me," she moaned, "Ugh, fine I'll stay..."

"Sweet, sweet victory," I thought, smiling.

"Now I get to stay home and sit on this old, smelly couch. Joy." she said sarcastically while taking a seat on the couch.
We sat in awkward silence until my grandmother entered the room.

"Oh, Jane you stayed! You never take my advice do you? You should go out and see some girl friends! Well, girls night in, I guess," she said, being her usual, bubbly self.

Suddenly, it hit me.
"Grams, finish your story! Please?"

She hesitated, but replied: "Well, I guess your mother would like to hear this too since she hasn't before. You up for it, Jane?"

"Sure..." my mother said, making a face of disgust.

"OK then, where did I leave off? Ah, yes.."
"Well I should begin by telling you all about how we met in the first place. It is a bit scandalous, though, if I must say so myself," she chuckled.

"We..did it in an elevator! Yes, oh I was so unpredictable! We barely knew each other, but it must have been a little bit too much wine that caused us to act that way. It was late, I remember. 'Wow.. uhm.. your name? I'm Carson, Carson Davis.' I remember his introduction clearly!" she stated with a huge smile on her face.

"We must have talked for about five minutes total, but in that time he managed to invite me to some pool party of his for celebrities. Of course I said yes that I would be there, I couldn't turn down such a handsome man!"
"When I arrived at his house, I was simply astonished! His house was huge! He had his own private gate and everything! I still remember punching in the numbers... ' Yes, Carson? I- uhm it's me, Josie, I'm here'. And once the gate opened, we partied the night away.." "Before I knew it, the clock stuck 2 A.M.! I also happened to be the only guest remaining at the house. 'Come in for a dip, the water is great' I remember him saying with his charming voice," "At first, I was very scared to get in. I remember thinking that skinny dipping was the wrong thing to do and that I should head home immediately! But something told me 'What the heck! Go for it, Josie!'. So, I got in," she said. "He was right," she paused, "the water was great!" she finished, smiling.

"It was then and there that our attraction sparked, and being two single people, alone, naked, in a pool at 2 A.M., well... you guys paint that picture," she said, adding a wink.

"Oh God, Grams!" my mother and I said simultaneously.
She laughed, "That's when we really partied the night away!" "But regret soon replaced pleasure when I sat shaking in the bathroom reading the pregnancy test.." "Shaking, I went to the first place I thought of: Carson's house. I ran to the elevator after throwing a decent pair of clothes on and pushed the first floor button," she said, pausing for a moment.

"Wow, it's crazy! Once you get as old as I am, it's hard to remember where you left your purse, can't believe I still remember this as if it was yesterday..."
"Anyways," she continued, "Oh, I was so scared! I remember thinking: 'What if he leaves me, or what if the baby means we're done?!'. Oh I was terrified! The elevator down felt like an eternity." "It must have been that thought that suddenly made me feel sick. My sickness was what stopped me from going over to see Carson that day... Instead I remember heading to the doctor's for assertion of my pregnancy." "I left the clinic with assertion all right; I was definitely pregnant, and I had been for almost a month! I remember feeling such remorse. It was as if the entire world had been placed on my shoulders, I felt such a burden..." "But I knew that the only person who would be able to make this any better was Carson, so I began walking to his house." "By the time that I'd gotten to the metro, it was late and the sun had set. It was then that I received a call from Carson. Nervously, I answered the phone.
'Carson?' I remember asking.
'Yes, Josie it's me...I have some bad news...' my heart began to pound.
'I'm going to Romania to film a movie...I'll be gone for the next six or seven months...I know it's terrible timing, but I leave tonight in just a few hours...I was told only a couple minutes ago by my agent. I'm so terribly sorry, Josie.' he said.
All I could manage to say was 'I'll miss you..Goodbye' and I hung up right after. I no longer walked to his house, instead I returned home and cried..and cried..and cried."
"It was then that I developed a bad, bad habit... an addiction. I knew it was wrong, but sadness drove me..." "It had been only a month since Carson had left for filming, and my stomach was already beginning to show. Embarrassed, I hid in the comfort of my house. I rarely left because I feared what people would say about me. I used to have a bright future, one that insured me safety and security. But now, my chances at becoming an actress were slim. My future was ruined and I only had myself..." "I waited and waited for a call from Carson, but never got one... That not only pushed me more towards depression, but because of his lack of interest in me, I began to think he was never coming back..." "I played the piano to relieve myself from all the sadness and stress life had presented. And I remember that one specific time that I was playing, I got a phone call. From Carson." "He apologized for not calling, but insisted that he had been extremely busy. I barely said anything, which worried him. 'Are you OK, Josie? I am sorry, I really am.' I finally found the nerve to tell him, so I spit it out. 'I'm pregnant. I have been since the day you left, and he's yours, Carson..."
"Within a matter of minutes our phone call was over. I looked around, unsure.." Grams trailed off.

"Unsure of what?" I asked, deeply interested in her story.

"Unsure of life," she replied.
"I looked down at the huge belly I now had. 'You'll be OK baby...Mommy is here for you..' I reassured him. Him being your father. I do hope you all know I was pregnant with your father, Emily, and your husband, Jane!"

"Yes we know! Continue with your story, Josie!" yelled my mom, a bit too enthusiastically.
"OK, but calm down, dear!" replied Grams.

"A week later, I sat in an extensive, black limo. I was on my way to see Carson. Upon hearing the news of my pregnancy, he rushed home to see me. He had also sent for a limo to pick me up. We were going to meet at the Business Bistro in half an hour. I was so nervous to finally see him, but at the same time I was excited."
"As I waited outside, I saw him. It was like life had suddenly started in slow motion...we locked eyes; it was perfect. No other way to say it," she reassured us. But the smile on her face was now fading, like it had before. I got the feeling this was not going to end well.

"I-- I'm sorry... I can't continue.." she began tearing up.
"What, it was getting good?!" my mother rudely said.

"Mother!" I said, slapping her on the leg.

"What's wrong Grams? Are you OK?" I asked her worriedly.
She looked as us for a long time before speaking, "Lunch at the Business Bistro was the last time I saw him..."

She leaned forward, silent.

"Grams..?" I asked, hunching over, "Are you OK?" Oblivious, she left my question unanswered, "Why look, I still wear my wedding ring!"

I couldn't help but smile, "That is great, Grams! But you're sure you're OK? You don't have to finish your story, you know,"
"I'm fine, Emily..." her voice trailed off.

"Em, why don't you switch me seats?"

"Uh- OK" I replied.
She went over and took a seat next to my mom.

"You know you can talk to me, Jane. I know my son better than anybody else, meaning I can help with these problems."
"I just... If he does love me, why isn't he here? I never thought he'd leave...I thought he'd fight to stay...but he left..and he hasn't even called. It makes me wonder if he really does want to be with me or not..." my mother finally opened up.

Before Grams could reply, my mother continued..

"You know what it started over? This damn house! A house! And that just leads me to think that since we fight over such stupid things, that we're not still in love the way we used to be. Before we never fought, and now all we do is fight... I just don't know, Josie...I don't know anymore."
"Well," started Grams, "If I do know anything for a fact, it's that Adam is still madly in love with you. And he will be, no matter what." "You think so?" my mom asked, questioningly.

"I know so, Jane" Grams added with a smile.
They both stood up.

"Thank you, Josie. I'm sorry for the way I've acted lately. You too, Em. I'm sorry.."
"There's just something I have to do now, before it's too late."

"What's that?" asked Grams.

"Yeah, what are you going to do, Mom?" I asked worriedly.
"Where'd you say your father was, Em?" she asked me.

"He's with Emilio...He's been staying there."

"Let's go then!"

"What?!" my grandmother and I said in sync.

"Let's go, now, to Emilio's house. I have to find Adam...and I need to do it now before it's too late.."

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emilymarie0201Feb 27, 2011

I love this story ( maybe because my name is Emily too \:P ) BUT it's still extremely interesting! Keep going \:D

mogan44Jan 12, 2011

Eeek, I hope the next part is out soon and that they make it on time!

MangioJan 10, 2011

Interesting story \:rah\: I wonder what happened with Grams, i'm glad her mum is doing something better now \;\) Great shots, can't wait for more \:wub\:

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