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Silent Sunset 3
Published Jun 15, 2011

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Welcome back to the 3rd and final chapter of Silent Sunset. I do hope you enjoyed it.
Thank you Pralinesims for the Silent Hill Farm, both of them :) Thank you Holly for writing this with me. I love you.
Thanks to all the Artists for the awesome CC used in this story.
Thanks to all you readers out there who stop by to read my stories ((((BIG HUGS)))

Welcome back to the 3rd and final chapter of Silent Sunset. I do hope you enjoyed it.
Thank you Pralinesims for the Silent Hill Farm, both of them :) Thank you Holly for writing this with me. I love you.
Thanks to all the Artists for the awesome CC used in this story.
Thanks to all you readers out there who stop by to read my stories ((((BIG HUGS)))
It was Saturday and the Records building was closed so Davis heads to the library to research the house. A small article popped up. There wasn't much said about the house. "Some 50 years ago a man named Victor Conrad built the house. After it was completed, within a years time, he and his family disappeared....vanished...without a trace. Himself, his wife Patricia and daughter Sophie were never found. Case was never closed. There had been a few who tried to live in the house but fled soon after. The last occupant fled the premises some 20 years ago. Checking the real estate section wondering if it by chance it was listed. It was not. It had been listed only twice but no takers.

The town had grown used to the old house by the cliffs. The stories of its being haunted was well known around town. No one ever went there anymore. Afraid of it it they were. Children and teens would go there to scare all their other friends just to run home screaming. Their favorite thing to say was:
"No one will hear you.....scream.......if you go in there. No one ever returns once you stay the night." So they dared each other to stay the night. No one ever did.
Not really sure how he was going to find more information on the house. Talking to the computer as if it could hear him. "Come on buddy find me something...anything."

The comp just sat there searching and found nothing.

Davis could feel his heart beat grow faster. His body tingled with anticipation and nervousness. Before he stood up from the chair he knew what he was going to do.

Go Back.
Returning to the home shortly after. It was still in the early morning part of the day.
Somehow that seem to make a difference to Davis.
Entering the home with plans to stay longer this time and really look around the place. Hell he might even fix he thought. Armed with a tiny amount of knowledge of who the house once belonged to. He wasn't quite so afraid....not so much.....

Not having moved from just inside the doorway staring into the kitchen. His mind went blank. He went weak in the knees and he couldn't focus. Flowers and perfume hit his senses. So familiar to him.

Coming back from a dream state he shook his head as if he had been sleeping. Man...that was strange ...what an odd feeling that was. Pushing it back into the recesses of his mind he figured he would analyze it later when the sound of running water made it's way into his ears. Following the sound. He didn't think the house had running water or any power turned on.

"HELLO..." He called out. Not really knowing why he did so, he knew he was the only one there. Feeling rather creeped out. He wasn't going anywhere. If only he had known how close to the truth that was.
Turning off the water with ease. Silence took over once again. The only sound being that of his heartbeat which seemed to echo though the house.

Testing the water faucets several times. Try as many time as he might. There was no water. Not a drop. The sink was as dry as air. Now was not the time for Davis to try to explain what's happening. For now he would soak it in and place it all in the back of his mind. When out of the blue, the air around him changed. He thought to himself as he inhaled the air. "What is that smell. Ivory, can't I remember it."
Turning to take a look at the rest of the kitchen. There was plenty of evidence that the house had been lived in but things where in such chaos. Yes he could fix this house. It would take him a very long time. Daydreaming about all the things he could do here. Here he could find purpose. "I would start by clearing out the clutter, fix the windows, yes I would need the power turned on but hell I can get candles and use these two hands of mine. A new coat of paint, some new wallpaper too."


Noises from the other room drew his attention.
Davis retreats from the kitchen rather quickly into the living room....
thud bang thud
Surveying the room while pushing back the instinct to run, found nothing out of the ordinary. It almost appeared as it did the first time he was here....almost. Looking for the source of the sound, the only thing that was not in here before was the toy doll stroller. Thoughts of the family he had read about floated into his mind. There was not a picture of the family in the archives. "That must have been Sophie's.....HELLO...are you here?" He asked out loud heart beating in his chest. "We are here...right here...can you hear me? Mommy, he can't see us or hear us, can he?"

Davis stood as if in a trance. Wanting to remember something that he had forgotten. Fragrance filled the air as if he were standing in a field of flowers gently blown by the wind.

"Mommy...see I told you he looks like Daddy. Can you get him to the picture Mommy?"
"I think I can sweetie, let me try something."
Patrica with an unseen hand flung a book from out of the bookcase to the floor. Landing with a thud to the ground below. Instantly Davis was alert. The sound so fresh and right there. Moving towards the sound he calls...."Sophie is that that you..Could it be you Victor? Hello"

" worked...see...He knows our names Mommy....must not be Daddy though, he knows Daddy's name too."
Reaching down to pick up the book. He was experiencing something that was so rare. Deja Vu....familiarity closed around him like a vise. Something in the past, but no..can't be. ....something repeated, twice done...can't be... he told himself. "Come on Davis you've never in your life been in this house before the other day. Never even been in this town before a few days ago. Get a grip." Standing up, forgetting all about the book in his hand, it finds its place back on the floor. Frozen in place. Foggy memories float in his mind. Voices, a woman's, a child laughing and playing, flowers of red and pink and white fill the spaces between. Paint...the smell of paints...coming from the that doesn't make sense...Memories? "Wait..I have no children..." Not once removing his gaze from the woman in the painting. Davis removed the clutter. Heart beating wildly inside. Not from fear. Fear vanished and was replaced with something entirely different. Davis was stricken with the need to remember something so distant and so far beyond reach. Thoughts were pouring in all at once making a cloudy mess. To help his ever growing mind with millions of words that he could no longer hear. He decided to work on the house. He saw the shed. Maybe there are some tools in there. Davis gave up looking for a way into the shed. He laughed out of sheer dis-belief. How could there not be a door?. So busy with his thoughts he didn't hear the low humming sound just on the other side of the wall. Heading into town for several things. One, to the General Store for some supplies. He thought that maybe he could stop by Valley's Power and Water, by chance they might be open. Armed with supplies and items he needed. Bringing pails of water and cleaning supplies from his home. Somehow got the powers that be agreed to have the water and electricity turned on by Monday. He set about working in the kitchen first. Removing all the clutter from the kitchen and living room in a pile out front. He had made arrangements for the Valley Junk Yard to pick it up. Davis entered a new place in his life one that was filled with emotions that he never knew existed. He became so involved with the tasks at hand. Time moved on. Late that night doing all that he could without power. He didn't realize how tired he was. Tomorrow the living room. They were always close by. Watching, waiting. The days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months. Davis never left the home. He had everything delivered to him. Food, supplies. He had been able to accomplish much in a short amount of time. With a little bit of sleep you can get a lot done. This painting was the only one left in the house. This one he restored the best he could. Davis spent much time looking at it. He knew that Patricia and Sophie were the only one in the house. He felt their presence. He had grown very fond of them. Can a man love a ghost? He quit asking questions about the unknown weeks ago. It was to him as if he had become part of the unseen family. The man Victor in the painting his presences was never felt. He wasn't sure why or what happened to the family or why he was not present. Venturing outside to work on the yard he began to pull weeds and stumbled upon a round hole in the ground. Checking it out, there is some type of handle inside it. He tugged on it. It made a clicking sound on the wall. "What the hell.... no wonder I couldn't get in, a hidden door. Why would someone have the need to hide it." But as with all the other questions he pushed them aside. Searching the wall for anything. The humming was so loud. Pressing the right places and something happened. A brick wall became visible. It opens of its own accord. Davis's heart kept pounding almost matching his breathing rate. "What in the world is all this...?" Davis found inside the shed. Treasures from places far away. Old and ancient they were. Coins sparkled "No wonder the door was hidden." Not really knowing what the looming large box was. Never having seen anything like this in his life. This is the stuff you only read about in SiFi novels. Stepping ever so close. The hum and vibration became nearly unbearable. The hair on his arms and neck stood straight. Davis has only felt this once when he was a little boy. Lighting struck so close to him he lost his hearing for a week. That static build up was worse then any static your dryer forms. Fearing what was about to happen he tried to turn and run. Too late.... Davis's lifeless body lay there in a heap on the ground. Davis, for a second was between here and there. He was no where. "Victor......Victor." "Victor, wake up."

"Huh, what? Victor? Where am I? Who are you and why are you calling me Victor?"

"I am Selestina. Victor, we have been looking for you for a very long time. Your existence on that plane should not have been... I was meant to put it right."
"Victor..I'm not Victor...I'm Dav....... wait."

Like a thousand bricks, a thousand waves came crashing over him. Memories swarmed, making him burst inside.

"Oh my god, what have I done...Patricia, Sophie...are they alright. I never meant to hurt them. Are they safe?"
"Victor, there was an accident when you experimented with your time machine that caused you and your family to exist on separate planes of reality. You were sent to an alternate reality, while your family co-existed just beyond time itself. Your death here, now, has brought you and your family back together on one plane. YOUR plane. Victor, wasting not a moment longer, runs to find his wife and daughter. Busting through the door...nearly knocking it off its hinges. Rushing to hold his wife. Like a lifetime had past since he had last seen her. Fragrances of Lavender and Roses filled his senses. Ahhh there it is that beautiful smell. Memories of Davis were disappearing as his own came rushing in. Hugging his lovely daughter never wanting to let her go.

"See mommy, it is daddy! I knew it was!"

No traces of Davis were left in Victor's mind. Not one glimpse of the life he had thrown himself into remained.

Family together once again forever.

"Mommy, Daddy, who is that man at the window?"
Meanwhile... Stiles was becoming worried about Davis. Davis had paid his rent a couple of months in advance but now it was due and he had not seen nor heard from the man. He had driven to the cabin to check on it and fix a few things. Davis was not there either.
Dialing his number on the cell trying to reach him.
No answer....straight to voice mail...

Leaving Wayne's hang out. The last time he heard from Davis was when he came to the bar ranting about the old house by the cliffs. Catching a cab out that way.
Arriving at the creepy old house. Stiles didn't see anything different about the place. It all looked just as it always had. "Where is Davis?" he asked himself more than once. Not really wanting to go inside he took a look through the window instead. It looked as if no one had been there in a very long time..... The old place creaked with age and neglect. The wind howled through the trees. The smell of salt from the sea was in the air. Nope. No one here. Stiles returns to his home never finding the answers to the disappearance of Davis. Victor, Patricia, and Sophie. Found that in life there is nothing more precious than family. In death they found that love brings life anew.

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Bradof96Jan 11, 2012

That was such a cute story! \:\) Continue making more , and add on to this one if possible? I love your writing style!! 

TanyellaJul 19, 2011

kinda confused \:wacko\:\:o but what i did get was pretty amazing

HellsaintJul 17, 2011

JEEZ! It ended too fast! \:o *sigh* But really, I just couldn't stop clicking. Wonderful narration and great screens, not to mention that the ending was tied off so well! \:\) Bravo! *claps* \:rah\: 

ShelleyBJun 25, 2011

OMG!! This is just like going to the movies. Thank you for the love story/thriller. I absolutely love the way you combined the special elements from all the expansion packs--the story is seamless. I love it (and am holding my breath awaiting another)! \:wub\:

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