Summer with You - 6
Published Aug 5, 2013

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Hi Readers :) Chapter 6 is out, this chapter is more longer than usual, and sorry about the size of the slides were not expanding.. i've just improved my sims graphic that time, well some of them ~ hope you'll not get bored by this chapter ^^
Enjoy ~

Hi Readers :) Chapter 6 is out, this chapter is more longer than usual, and sorry about the size of the slides were not expanding.. i've just improved my sims graphic that time, well some of them ~ hope you'll not get bored by this chapter ^^
Enjoy ~
The next day, Monday Noon Yui : Hey, Sakura Minami-chan!. Yui exclaimed with a booming voice. I blinked in a confusion, after awhile i'm awake from my initial shock, I grumbling.

Minami : I've told you so many times, don't dare to call me by my full name. Is it hard for you to call me 'Lyla'?

Yui : And i've told you so many times that i don't like to call anyone with a foreign names, anyway that's not important. come follow me
Yui : You've got to look at this!

Minami : What is this?

Yui : I didn't believe it, that Ryo Kyota is actually had a girlfriend!. Shout Yui

I looked at the tabloid's front page and hold my breath. and i read the main title

printed in large size. below the title there are two pictures of me with Ryo Kyota. those pictures were a bit blurry, but why do i feel that myself was looked so obvious?

Yui : "Did you see? you've seen it?." Yui looks annoyed and slightly hysterical.
"For all of this time, Ryo Kyota is actually had a girlfriend. Who's this girl? A star? did you know, all of his fans are now shock about this article."
I'm somewhat relieved that Yui didn't recognize me on that picture with Kyota.
and continued walking.

Minami : Why you're so upset? This tabloid should've prove that Ryo Kyota is actually not a gay?

Yui kept silent and hesitated.
Yui : but if i saw him dating with another women, i feel like.. my heart.. was, ugh!

i chuckled.
Yui : But.. maybe this woman is actually not Ryo Kyota's lover.

Minami : How could you said that?

Yui : This could've be the same case with your case from last time. Ryo Kyota just drive you home and don't have anything going on between both of you. anyway everybody knows that journalists are loved to bring up an issue.
Minami : N-no! I think that this article is actually tell the truth.
even it's written there's a reliable sources stating that Ryo Kyota had a girlfriend, right?. anyway i actually thought this was actually a good point? i mean for a fan like you, the most important thing that Ryo Kyota is not a gay AKA Kyota likes women.
and you don't have to worries, there come a time that both of them will break up.
You just need to pray so that both of them would quickly parted.
Yui : You can easily said that, because you're not one of his fan! I'm so curious about that woman, in that article they didn't mention anything about who's that woman..

Suddenly Yui clapped and said excitedly.

Yui : But you're right! it's okay, it'll be revealed. she should break up with my Ryo Kyota-kun!

I shook my head. but before her smile vanished, she continued talking
Yui : But there's a strange thing about those pictures. Minami, why are both of them not touching each other? maybe it's not that important, but what i mean is, every couples are loved to hold hands when they're walking together?

we both turn around and find out a tall skinny man was looking at us. Yui nudged my arm and whispered,
Yui : What is he doing here?

I frowned and shook my head as a sign of i don't know.
That man walk toward us and stopped, put a big smile in front of us.

"Hi, what a coincidence to met you here. do you guys want to have lunch? Come on, i'll treat you."

Yui grins,
Yui : A coincidence?

Minami : Kanata-san, what are you doing here?. i asked
Kanata : There's no special reason. he answered joyfully.
I thought for a long time we've not met, it's not wrong to invite you guys to have a lunch together while chatting.

Yui : Where's your girlfriend?, she'll not be mad at you to have a lunch with a two woman? by the way, you've still dated with that woman, right? or there is brand new?
Kanata's face was blushing and he was a bit clumsy when answering

Kanata : Oh, she had an affairs. Come on, i've got a free time now, besides i really wanted to have a chat with you guys, ok?
We arrived at the small bar near the coast. We had just sat down on an empty chair at that time i heard my cell phone was ringing. i stared at the phone screen listed, it's an unknown number. Minami : Hello?

"You've seen it?"

Minami : Huh? .. Who's talking?

That man there snorted indignantly
"You didn't recognize me?"

Minami : No.

We both kept silent for a moment
"This is Ryo Kyota"

I was startled.
Minami : Oh, so it was you. What's the matter?

he exhaled hardly.
Kyota : You've seen those photos?
Minami : Yeah, i've seen it. how about you? those reporters been asking you?

Kyota : This afternoon i'll be having an interviews.

Minami : Oh..
Kanata : Nami-chan, what do you want to eat?. asked kanata suddenly

I turned around and answered,
Minami : Anything, just ordered for me.
Kyota : You're not alone aren't you?. he asked

Minami : I just had a lunch with my friends.

Kyota : Hey, why didn't you tell me before? You'd have ruin our plan.

Minami : Hee, Why you're so angry? Why didn't you asked me at the first place, besides i didn't tell anyone about this or about that.
Kyota kept silent for a moment, and said
Kyota : This evening at 7pm, come to Hajime-senpai apartment. there's something that we need to talk to. understood?

Minami : Yeah..yeah, understood. but where?
...... 43.. Milsands..ok.
i'll be hanging up.
Kanata : Whose calling you?. he asked

Minami : Hm? Oh..
Minami : Friend. I said lightly while smiling.
You've ordered the food?
At 7.30 Pm
Location : Hajime Apartment.
Minami : So.. you've told to those reporters?

Three of us had gather at Hajime's apartment that is large and luxurious. Hajime told me that dinner tonight was a sign of their gratitude for me that was helping them.

Kyota : You can read that on the newspaper.

i grins, and looked at hajime's that is reading beside.
Minami : Uncle, you're not eating?

Hajime : Minami-san..
Minami : Just call me Lyla. I interrupted quickly.

Hajime : Oh, if you don't mind. Lyla, seems that i didn't asked you about this before, but do you really had a boyfriend now?

I choked after listening hajime's question.
Minami : B-boyfriend?

Hajime : I do not intend to interfere in your personal affairs, but if you really had a boyfriend, that could be a trouble. You may not be able to hide our plan from him.

Minami : Oh, just relax. i don't have a boyfriend right now.
Kyota : This afternoon when i called you, didn't you're being with your boyfriend?. Kyota directly chimed

Minami : Noon? Aah.. he's not my boyfriend.

Kyota : It sound like a boyfriend. Kyota insist.

I looked at them with a narrowed eyes.
Minami : Alright, because you guys are so suspicious, i'll tell the truth.

Kyota : He's your boyfriend?
Minami : No. I emphasize. Me and him was once dated, but that relationship had ended eight months ago.

Hajime : Then, you're relationship with him still good?. This time Hajime asked

Minami : It's hard to say. Um.. actually after we break up we don't tend to meet each other anymore. then, about a month ago he started to call me again. I also do not know what he really wants.
Kyota : That means he wanted to start all over with you again. Why did you left him then? if you really want to let us know.

Minami : Hee.. who said that i'm the one who left him? he's the one who left me because he was inlove with another woman.

This two man was looking at me strangely. was that a pity look? indeed at that time i felt like i was pathetic, a boyfriend which i believed in left me for another woman.
Minami : You don't have to put that looks to me. I'm fine. At that time i was really sad, but i'm not a type of hysterical woman. there are many things that can make me happy. A lot.
Mmm.. I love listening to a music, i like burgers, flowers, fireworks, rain, and animals. that time a weapon to make me calm down is that i eat a lot of burgers and i often buy flowers for myself. maybe it sounds weird, but i feel so much better.
Kyota : Then why did he approach you again?

Minami : The hell i know?

Hajime : Maybe now he really does break up with that woman?

Minami : I think no.

Kyota : How about you?

Minami : How??.. What?

Kyota : You still look for him?
Minami : Forget it, let's don't talk about this anymore. the most important thing is i don't have a boyfriend and i will not make you two felt burden. let's eat again. Kyota seems not really satisfied, but this time i managed to control his mouth. however, i've just met with this two man. i feels so uncomfortable to discuss my personal issues with them. Minami : Then, what's the next plan? another shoot again?

Hajime : Nah, you could take a rest for now. although you should still be ready if we suddenly need your help.

Minami : Understood.

Hajime : Ah, This Saturday Kyota will hold meet a fan in Tokyo, to promote his new upcoming album. You'll come?
I choked and coughed. My spoon slipped from my hands and fell down the floor.

Hajime : Let me take a new one.

Minami : Sorry, i think i ate to rashly.

Kyota : You don't have to be greedy.

I ignored him and asked hajime.
Minami : Meet a fan? like the old time?

Hajime : Nope, Not like the old time. Ahh.. it'll not get too crowded like before. we'll be limiting the numbers of spectators. So? you wanna come?
Minami : Oh, is that so? Hmmm... May i come?

Kyota snorted, Hajime apparently too late to save the situation.

Kyota : For what did you come for? are you one of my fan?

Minami : "Apparently not."
somehow I feel uncomfortable with the way Kyota looked at me. i clucked.
"Well then, i'm not going to come. anyway I'm tired of looking at you. So strange, why are my friends are really liked you?"
Kyota has opened his mouth to reply my comments, but Hajime directly interrupt.

Hajime : Don't be like that. I will give you two tickets. just came with your friends on saturday. You've never heard Kyota singing, right?
I winced and stared at Kyota was putting an annoying look.

Minami : Actually i've heard once. on the TV.

After a while i decided to soften.

Minami : Then? May i come or not? maybe after going to your show, i'll see what i've never seen so far. Who knows? after going to your show, i can understand why many people like you.

Kyota sighing.
Kyota : Just come if you really wanted to. but don't do anything silly.

I smiled mischievously, suddenly i feel like i was teasing him and i find out that it was actually fun, and said.
Minami : Well, you want me to pretend to be the most fanatic fan of yours?, I can run easily towards you and hold you tightly. Then i'll be screaming calling your name.
Kyota-kuunnn! I love you!
Minami : All of your fans are doing the same thing like i did, right? Minami : Maybe, you don't have to come.

Kyota said as he put down his spoon loudly.
Kyota : Yeah, right. Don't come! I wagged my index finger.
Minami : You've agreed before. you cannot withdraw it.
Minami : Besides my friend Yui is a huge fan of yours. i've already feel bad for her , because i have to hide this problems from her. she really wished to get your autograph on. so, i'm definitely going to invite her to your show this Saturday. Kyota can just took a deep breath.

Kyota : Yeah, yeah, do whatever you want.
Thank you for reading :)

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