That'll Be the Day - Chapter Two
Published Jun 6, 2013

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Chapter Two:

'The First Assignment'

Sooo, I suggest pressing the right button . . .

Chapter Two:

'The First Assignment'

Sooo, I suggest pressing the right button . . .
Katrina came back to the booth from checking the train for security cameras or hidden microphones; anything that might overhear them.

"Anything?" Caleb asked eagerly, he had been waiting to start. Though neither of them took pleasure in having to do this, not being used to it, it didn't bother them a terrible amount.

"Nothing, we're free to talk," Katrina said sitting back beside him, quickly glancing at Esme.
Both of them took deep breaths, looking at the challenge in front of them, before Caleb brought a bag from the shelf overhead. "We've been doing this a long time, so we have a lot of experience," Katrina paused for a moment, "But you will have to learn what is necessary in the duration of this train ride." "We need the information files on Alec Andersen," Caleb said, "This is the layout of the second floor basement, down this hallway the security is very low," Caleb showed her a blueprint and pointed to a red marker's line running along a defined corridor. "This is the room where the files are kept," Caleb pointed to a square on the paper, "We need you to get into this room and find the files we're looking for."

"You're going to have to change before we get there," Katrina said, taking something down and throwing it to Esme.

"Change?" Esme's eyes narrowed and her chin slowly lifted from her palm in curiosity.
"Yes, we wouldn't want you to catch your sweater on a tree branch, drawing attention to us and ruining everything." Caleb handed Esme another picture and pointed to more places, interchanging between the two pages, "We will lead you through the abandoned gate and down to here, but then you and Katrina will go to this room and-"

"Where will you go?" Esme asked, she sounded curious and worried, without reason, cutting him off.
"I'm coming to that, now, you two will go to this room, that's where you will switch off the power to the other security screens; Katrina will take out the guard. I'll make my way to Johnson's office, then you can go to the room across the hall and retrieve the files. Avoid confrontation if it's at all possible but if you are faced with one of the guards Katrina shouldn't be far away," Caleb looked up, "Got it so far?" She nodded her head, then asked, "Who is 'Johnson'? I mean how does he fit in the whole Alec Andersen... Nicholas Snipes... thing? Why does he have all of this information?" Katrina's eyes turned to the window, "He is a follower of Snipes, and is one of the keepers of information," Katrina said this but the other two heard: "Get back to the point!" screaming behind her words. Esme fell silent after that, and sunk down into her chair, listening to Caleb explain the rest of the plan. And, after hours, they were exhausted. It was dark, and cloudy. The ground was slippery and fallen raindrops still sat on exposed surfaces. The air was warm, but getting colder and an eerie feeling in the wind put Esme a little on edge. Tiptoeing through the grass, the three made their way to the 'abandoned gate', simply meaning that it isn't guarded anymore because it's believed to be so badly rusted that it wasn't possible to open. Turns out, Johnson wasn't a very observant man. Esme followed Caleb and Katrina across the plain, into a secret passage to the house. A soft, gentle knock had reached Lewis Hearth's ears.

Esme entered the room, "You sent for me, Mr. Hearth," She said, closing the door behind her.

"Yes, I wanted to further explain," he began, "Please, sit down," He tilted his head to the chair before his desk, "This will be brief, there is not much time."
They came to two sets of stairs; Katrina gave Caleb a reassuring nod, not that he needed it. They parted ways as planned. Mr. Hearth cleared his throat, "We are a small organisation, working under the authorisation and supervision of vampiric crown. Presently we search for a very dangerous vampire, "Nicholas Snipes. We have attempted to catch him for many years, from the the day he bcame a problem to the day her resurfaced. For a number of years, he was believed to be dead. However, a few years ago we unintentionally discovered otherwise,"

"So we put together a team to keep him at bay until we could find the perfect individual or individuals to carry out the operations and contribute well enough to work on their own of needs be,"
Katrina, Esme following behind her, made her way down the halls as quickly as possible. Esme moved cautiously, trying her best to remain as unseen as Katrina so naturally seemed to do. "Caleb and Katrina," Esme guessed, half-whispering.

"Yes, they came to us under circumstances that we didn't predict. Both very young when they joined us. We spent the next few years training them, and they exceeded our expectations to such a degree that they mastered what they were taught before either reached the ages predicted.

"We weren't looking for children, but it seemed that there was something else in store than what was planned. With Caleb and Katrina ready, the others were obsolete and went onto other things,"
Walking into the room Katrina sped to the security guard, blew on his neck , and the guard dropped to the floor. "And me?" Esme swallowed hard, "What do you want with me?"

Mr Hearth thought for a moment, and said, "It's complicated."
"Hey, w-what did you do to him?" Esme questioned more out of curiosity and confusion than concern for him.

"He's unconscious," Katrina reassured her as she sat in the now vacant chair, down to a computer.

"How did you do it?" Esme stepped toward her, and observed Katrina type furiously on the keyboard.
"I'll explain later," Katrina spun around and pointed to the door, "Alright, the files are in the room three doors up, the other side of the hall."

Esme hesitated for a second, and then took a peek in the hallway to check it was clear before leaving. Katrina had found something suspicious, it looked interesting. So she decided to investigate it.
Esme leaped across the hall, hoping not to be seen. She switched on the light and dreaded what she saw. "They gotta be kidding. . ." Esme forced herself to start looking. She mumbled what she read, "Mark Smith, John Goldbrooke, Isabella Thorne, Killian Black," She tensed and started to panic, "They're not even alphabetical!" Esme began to look frantically among the hundreds of names for the one that she wanted. "You will be joining Caleb and Katrina on their assignments," He said suddenly.

"What?" Esme eyes widened, she had not expected this. She wanted to protest but even she knew that Mr Hearth was not a man to be argued with.
Caleb saw the security camera die, knowing that Katrina would hack the security system and shut it off at any second, and then made his way to the office. The higher floors were partolled more than the lower ones, so difficulty was common. Caleb reached the office unnoticed. He slowly opened the door, and peered around the room. Caleb took down a painting and opened the safe behind it with reasonable ease. He took out a long wooden box and opened it, he replaced the object inside with another and put the box back in the safe. He closed the safe and put the painting back up.

And left.
Esme was looking still looking for the file on the neverending block of shelves, when a rattling started behind her. She turned and saw the doorhandle moving. Esme dashed behind the shelves as quickly and as silently as she could. She held her breath as the door opened and the soft footsteps grew louder as they hit the tile floor. Esme's heart pounded in her chest, she tried to move swiftly around the corner as she heard him coming nearer to her. Esme saw him put three folders into empty slots between the others, and went to leave the room. "Will that be all Mr Hearth?" Esme spoke finally.

"Yes, you may go, I believe a taxi is waiting outside for you," Mr. Hearth replied, motioning for her to leave as he went back to his work.

Esme stood up and walked to the door. She turned to ask one more thing, but decided it better not to ask.
Esme peered around to see if he had left, but one of the shelves squeaked. He turned and looked around the room suspiciously, Esme stayed as still as possible, trying to be invisible. The guard scanned the room once more and then left the room. Esme let out a sigh of relief.

She went to look at the folders he had just put back and smiled when she saw 'Alec Andersen' on one of them.
Katrina dove into the information at her fingertips, and took in as much as she could, about one particular person. She wrote down a few notes on a pad she found on the desk. Esme returned to the room triumphant, and asked Katrina what she was doing, but got no answer. Not that she expected one. Esme looked at her watch, and hoped that Katrina would be finished soon. She eyed her curiously, and could tell that Katrina had found something worth the effort, so decided it best not to pester her. Katrina closed the window with the click of a button, and grabbed her notes. They encountered a guard in the hall, "Hey!" He yelled and ran towards her. Katrina scoffed as he got nearer, and he was on the floor by the time he got within five feet of her. She blew on him and motioned for Esme to follow. "He's already unconsious," Esme stated, whispering.

Katrina looked back at her, "Yeah, I was just wiping the last few seconds of his memory," she said with indifference peering around the corner.

"What?" Esme uttered, in disbelief of what she heard. But Katrina grabbed her wrist and dragged her down the hall before she could question further.

Caleb had snuck back to the gate, and had been waiting for the others. He helped Katrina and Esme through the gate, but said nothing. They simply left the grounds.
They checked into a motel back in town, Caleb went through the notes that Katrina had taken.

"Are you sure about all this, Katrina?" Caleb asked her, not doubting the authenticity of what she had written down but rather wishing there was some mistake.
Katrina came out of the bathroom and walked up beside Caleb while she dried her wet hair with a towel, "I don't see how it could be wrong," She put the towel down and threw her hair back, letting it loose. "It doesn't make any sense, Henry Blaque was a feeble child. Younger than us, Katrina," Caleb made his confusion very clear. He tapped his pen on the table a few times, continuing to underline things of importance.

Katrina paced slowly back and forth in the middle of the room. "To make him a bounty hunter would be counter-productive. Unless he's changed dramatically since last we saw him, Snipes must be losing his mind,"
Esme didn't understand a word that they said, "Who is Henry Blaque?" She asked quite innocently. Esme understood why a young, feeble bounty hunter would be confusing, though she knew nothing about any of this.

"Oh, he's the son of one of the other keepers. A small, weak boy, always sick," Katrina explained in one quick breath, then she turned to Caleb.
"You don't suppose that Will asked Snipes to get Henry the training for it?" Katrina sounded doubtful, but it was worth a shot.

Esme looked at the ceiling, "How do you know him?" She referred to Katrina's last comment.

Katrina walked slowly toward Caleb, her heels clicking on the floor, "He spotted us making our way out of the building on one of our first missions, but when he yelled and the others came running they thought he was hallucinating and sent him back to bed, wondering why he was out of it in the first place..."
"But why would Snipes do anything for anyone?" Caleb responded getting back to Katrina's idea, a similar amount of doubt in his voice. Katrina sat down next to him, "Well, he is one of the most important keepers, and a close friend of his. It could have been a favor, or even blackmail,"

"Snipes would send assasins to anyone who tried to manipulate him, no matter how close a friend," Caleb sat back in his chair, defeated.
A silence slowly filled the room, each just as confused as the other. "What did you find?" Katrina asked motining to his pockets.

Caleb sat up again, he pulled a small box out of his pocket and placed it on the table. Katrina looked at him questioningly, then back to the box.
Esme tilted her head back to look at them, and sat up at the edge of the bed. She watched Caleb take the object out of the box, and became more confused than ever. What was it?

Esme eyed the object, "It's a knife," She stated bluntly.
"It's not just a knife," Caleb spoke with an exasperated sigh.

"Then what is it?"
"We found out that Nicholas Snipes gave each of the Keepers an object, an object that held a secret. We have a theory that all the clues combined will unveil a secret of some sort,"

"Okay, well, I still don't understand all this 'Keeper' business," Esme said in a desperate attempt to get some real information.
Caleb sighed, and went to sit by Esme, "A Keeper is someone who holds important information. There are six keepers, other information is spread around other followers but mainly in these six. They either have an information facility or a secure house, even a private library in their home in which to hide information. Each of these was given an ordinary household object, but this object does have something to hide. We don't know what we will find, if we find anything that is," Caleb tried to be as thorough as he could be brief.

"And what does Alec Andersen have to do with all of this?"
"Well, he is a former follower. A vampire with a very special ability. We hope that he will give us some information about Snipes, we know that Alec had a disagreement with him and then probably went into hiding for fear that he would send someone after him,"

Esme took in all that she heard, which lead to another thought, "An ability?"

Caleb faced her, "Some vampires can have individual abilities, do things that others can't."
Esme thought for a moment and turned to Katrina, "How did you take out that guard?"

Katrina grinned, she had known this would come sooner or later, "I can release toxins through my breath to manipulate some aspects of the brain," Then she quickly added, "But the target has to be within range and it does take a certain amount of concentration, everyone has their limits."
Esme was intrigued and terrified by this new world she'd been introduced to, and she hoped that she might be able to get used to it and, just maybe, find her place. Thanks for reading!

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