The Murder Of Juliette Capp - Chapter III
Published Nov 25, 2020

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"But jealous souls will not be answered so;
they are not ever jealous for the cause,
but jealous for they're jealous.
It is a monster
begot upon itself,
born on itself."

From Othello by William Shakespeare

"But jealous souls will not be answered so;
they are not ever jealous for the cause,
but jealous for they're jealous.
It is a monster
begot upon itself,
born on itself."

From Othello by William Shakespeare
Despite my abandoned hopes, I was almost certain that I would learn the dark secrets of the Capp family. "Tybalt's condition might be nothing but an agreed sacrifice. But am I strong enough to break his silence?" I thought to myself. I didn't know for sure; but I thought I had a very good plan. So, I took a deep breath and approached the information desk at the Police Station. "I would like to see Sergeant Smith please," I said to the officer. Sergeant Smith was new in town, and I believed she might be the only person who would listen to me. After all, despite my numerous annoying calls and visits, she was still kind to me. "Sergeant Smith, can I talk to you for a moment? I know I promised to never bother you again but I have very important information to share with you." My heart pounded. "I hope this plan is clever enough to make him reveal the truth, otherwise I am in big trouble," I thought to myself as I walked to Tybalt's cell. As soon as he saw me, he said "Go away, Isabella. I don't want to talk to you." "You know Tybalt; you don't have to stay in jail for a crime you didn't commit. I know I can help you. I just want to talk to you about Hermia's crush on Romeo. Do you know anything about it?" I asked him. "You know what your problem is? You don't know where to stop," he said angrily. "Look Isabella, I can see you are a very determined person; above all I am sure that you are a very nice person. But you are getting way too involved with the matters that don't concern you," he said. "I am only trying to help you and your family. Don't you want to catch the person who killed your sister? I know you didn't do it. Don't you care at all?" "I just don't want to see anybody else get hurt. I gotta do what I've gotta do. Just leave me alone." Before I could reply, the door opened and Sergeant Smith came in furiously. "Isabella Bianco, you are under arrest for obstruction of justice and murder of Juliette Capp!" she yelled. "What a pity; your child will have to grow up without her mommy. I hope you enjoy the time you will spend in prison. I can assure you. It will be a very very long time," she said teasingly. After she finished her words, Tybalt shouted, "Stop it! Stop it I say! I already confessed to killing her. Why don't you believe me?" "Hermia came and told us everything. Hermia is ready to testify. She said she was there while Isabella was strangling Juliette to death." "That is a lie! Why are you doing this? Isabella is innocent. Please listen to me! Hermia is lying. I know who killed Juliette. And I will tell you all about it. I do not want anybody else suffer for the mistakes my family made." "I don't think this is going to change anything, but why don't you tell us everything you know?" the sergeant asked. "You were right Isabella, except for one thing. What Hermia felt for Romeo was more than a crush. She was obsessed with him. And she grew more and more so over the years. However, Romeo only loved Juliette. He worshiped her. There could not be any other man in this world more in love than him." "If you knew Romeo's love was sincere and honest, why did you say to Juliette that Romeo only wanted her for her money? Why did you want to break them up?" I asked him. "It is easy to answer that. I hate Monty's, each and every one of them. And I could not stand the idea that my sister was going to get married to one. I wanted to stop it before it was too late. But I would never kill Juliette or even a Monty. I am not a killer." "You say that you wouldn't kill your sister and you state that Isabella didn't do it, then who did? Tell me everything you know now!" "After Juliette saw Hermia kissing Romeo, she confronted her. I remember it very clearly. It was the morning of the garden party. The maid was setting the tables and Hermia was helping her. Juliette came out and wanted to talk to Hermia in private. So the maid left. But they did not see me watching them. They were screaming at each other. I got closer to hear it better," Tybalt said. "Juliette was mad. I could see the anger in her eyes. She normally never got angry. She was the kindest and calmest person you could ever meet. She was an angel, so kind and gentle. She did not deserve to die like that," Tybalt sighed. "Hermia, I know everything. Romeo told me how you've always been trying to break us up. You are my sister. How could you hurt me like this?" "For one thing, Romeo is lying to you, Juliette. Open your eyes. He loves me too. We have been having an affair for three years now," Hermia said in an ice cold voice. "You snake, you unimaginable snake! I am ashamed to call you family. I cannot believe you still insist on telling lies to make me hate him. Open your ears and listen! We are running away tonight and there is nothing you can do to stop us," Juliette screamed and ran away. "After Juliette left, I saw Hermia making two cups of coffee. Despite their fight, she was very calm and cheerful; as if nothing happened. She was too cool about this situation. It was very unusual, so I decided to watch her a little while longer." "She took a bottle out of her pocket and poured almost half of it into one of the cups. I did not know what it was, but from where I was standing, I could see that it was a bright pink liquid of some sort." "Next, I saw her taking the coffee inside. So I followed her. She went in Juliette's room. 'I want to apologize to you. I was such a fool. I regret all the terrible things I've done, and I've done many. You are my only sister and I love you. I don't expect you to love me and trust me like you did before; but I would like it if you could consider forgiving me and giving me another chance,' she said." "Juliette hesitated for a moment, but I knew she was going to forgive her. She could never hold a grudge. 'Look I made your favorite coffee,' Hermia said calmly." "Ohh, of course I can forgive you Hermia. After Mom died, you were like a mother to me. You were always there for me. How could I not forgive you?" Juliette said. "And a cup of coffee is just what I need right now," she said and took a big sip. "What is in it? It rather has an unusual taste," Juliette said.
"It's your favorite honey. You wouldn't refuse it after I took the trouble to make it for you, would you?" Hermia asked.
"No, of course not," said Juliette.
"Then, they set down, drank their coffee and talked about our parents. Juliette was so young when they died that she hardly remembers them at all. She always makes Hermia tell her stories about them. I watched them for a little longer, but after a while I thought every thing was back to normal, so I left." "I didn't see anything out of the ordinary until I saw Juliette writhing in pain that night. I knew then that Hermia had poisoned her. As Juliette fell dead on the floor, I saw Hermia laughing behind the bushes. After that I saw her running away. So I rushed after her. But before I could catch up to her, the police arrested me. Hermia had always been the pride of our family, but I was the disappointment. Grandpa would never expect such a thing from Hermia, and I did not want him to think that he failed in raising her, so I confessed to having committed the murder. After all, it is partly my fault. I should have stopped Juliette from drinking that coffee. I should have gone into the room and found an excuse to get rid of that coffee." Tybalt said. Before the sergeant said anything, I had to tell Tybalt that I was not really under arrest, but that this was a plan to make him talk. I did not want him to learn this from the sergeant. "I am sorry Tybalt. I did not want to trick you like that; but you would never tell me the truth," I said. I could see the disappointment in his eyes. He was deeply upset. He kept quite for a moment and then, turning to the sergeant, he said, "So you fooled me? You knew Isabella was innocent; but you made me believe that you were going to charge her with murder. That wasn't fair." "Do you think it was fair for Juliette to die like that? Do you think she would want you to suffer like that, while Hermia is out there having fun? Besides, we do not want innocent people in jail. That is not justice. But we don't have time to debate this right now. We have to catch Hermia."
"We need your cooperation. We think Hermia might be after Romeo. We searched your house, but she wasn't there. Do you have any idea where she could be?" asked the sergeant. Tybalt thought for a minute. "There are a couple of places she might be, but I am not sure. Let me call her cell and try to find out," Tybalt replied. "Hermia, yeah it's me. They let me out. They said they caught the killer. Where are you now? I want to meet you," he asked in a guilty tone.
When he hung up, he said "She is in the old church. She said she would wait for me there. I don't think she suspected anything."
"I am sending the special team right away, and I have to join them. You two have to come with me just in case I need you there; but you are not going to intervene in anything, OK?" Sergeant Smith said. When we arrived to the old church, Hermia was trapped inside with no place to hide or run, but she was not willing to surrender. We could hear her screaming that she was not going to come out until she talked to Romeo. The team leader already had a plan and said, "We have to take action, clear all civilians from the area!" The special unit was already inside the church, before we even understood what was going on. The next thing we saw was Hermia approaching us calmly. While Sergeant Smith put the hand cuffs on Hermia, I was filled with sadness that such a young soul could do so much evil. Hermia looked upset, but was quiet and calm. Just as they started to walk towards us, Tybalt burst into tears. "I am sorry Hermia; you must understand that I never wanted things to end this way, but I had to do what I had to do. You killed our sister. It's time you started facing the consequences of all the terrible things you've done." Tybalt cried. "How could you do that to me Tybalt? I was looking for Romeo to apologize. I was going to surrender anyway after I talked to him. But how could you help them trap me like this?" she asked. "You know our mom died giving birth to Juliette. She saved Juliette's life by giving her own. How could you kill the daughter our mother died for, our sister? And how could you let me stay in jail when I wasn't guilty?" Tybalt cried. "I'm sorry. Really." There were no other words to say. The air hung limply as if all the words and energy had been sucked out. I wondered what she might be thinking as she was taken to the police car. I didn't expect her to surrender so easily. I always thought she would fight back or find another way to turn things around. I almost felt sorry for her, but then I remembered all the terrible things we went through because of her childish jealousy and evil mind. After two months of worry and despair, I was relieved to see that justice prevailed. I had to go home to my family. "Sergeant, it's really getting late, and I'm exhausted. I need to get some rest. If you need me, you know where to find me," I said. When I arrived home, Rufus and Isadora were not there. That would give me time to prepare myself. I took a warm bubble bath, changed my clothes, and went to the kitchen to eat something. I couldn't wait to tell Rufus and Isadora the good news. But then I wondered if it even mattered any more. Just as I looked out the window in thought, I saw Juliette. "Oh God, how could that be possible. She is dead. I must be hallucinating," I thought. It looked like she was trying to tell me something. "Help me Isabella, help my Romeo," she said and disappeared.
I was in shock. I took a deep breath and ran outside.
Just as I reached the front door, I saw her again. "Juliette, is that you? You are dead. How is this possible?" I asked curiously. "Death is just the beginning of another life greater than this one, Isabella. This is just a reflection of my soul. My body is dead but my soul is still alive, and it is with everybody who loves me. I had to come back to save my Romeo. He is in danger. You have to help him. He is planning to kill himself. I don't want him to die like that. I want him to be happy, grow old and see every beautiful thing I missed out in life," she said pleadingly and disappeared again. I searched the whole house for her, but she was gone. I thought that I was finally going insane. "I'm starting to imagine things. I'd better do something about it," I thought to myself, so I decided to seek professional help, like Rufus had suggested. Just as I was about to the dial the local hospital's number, my phone rang. It was Dr. Davis. "Hey Isabella, I have some bad news for you. Romeo ran away. I tried to reach his family but nobody answered. I wanted to let you know. I have informed the police. They can find him," he said.

"I can't explain how, but I know exactly where to find him doctor," I said when I saw Juliette's ghost in my garden again.
Just as I thought he was in the old church. I found him wandering around in his pajamas. He walked unconsciously towards me. "Romeo, stop this nonsense! I have to take you to the hospital now. You need to be taken care of," I said. "Don't you see? I can't live without her. I can't breath, eat, sleep. I need to be with Juliette. Without her, the world is dead," he said, "the flowers wilted, the sun black, the wind empty."
"Oh Romeo, you are so young. Your heart will recover. It is too soon to die. Juliette would never want you die. Not like this, not now," I said.
"We all die in the end. What does it matter when, or how? Death is easier than a wretched, hopeless, joyless life," he murmured. "Now you are being a fool. Come on; we are going to the hospital this instant!" I said. He turned his back and moved away. "God knows I loved her so, and she loved me. How could I live without her beautiful face, her ivory embrace? Open your arms for me my sweet angel; I am coming to you," he cried and took a bottle out of his pocket, swallowing it all in an instant. It only took a moment for him to collapse to the floor. I didn't know exactly what he had taken but it was obviously some sort of quick poison, so I carried him to my car and sped to the hospital. I don't remember how much time passed while I waited outside the emergency room. I was hoping the doctor would give me some good news. I could not hold my tears back any longer, when the doctor came out and said, "I am sorry Isabella; we could not save him." His words were echoing in my mind. "We could not save him. We could not save him."
My heart was torn into pieces. I did not know what or whom to feel sorry for. The fact that I didn't stop him in time was eating me alive. "Why didn't I see this coming? What have I done?" I cried.
"You should stay calm Isabella. Go back home and get some rest. There is nothing you can do here. I finally reached Romeo's parents. They were out of town. But they are on their way back now. I think you should go and see your family, and stop blaming yourself. This was not your fault," Sergeant Smith said. I tried to comfort myself, telling myself that they would be together in the after life. "Their hearts will guide them until they are two angels caressing each other," I thought to myself. As I drove home, I hoped that Rufus and Isadora were not sleeping yet. I needed them more than ever. When I pulled over to the driveway, I saw that the garage was empty. Rufus's car was not there. It was almost midnight, and I had no idea where they might be. Slowly I turned the knob, and opened the door. They were gone. The house was empty. I searched the whole house, but there were no signs of Rufus or Isadora. I turned around and realized that there was an envelope, and a red rose waiting for me on top of our family album. Those were the only things that were left behind. I looked at it for a moment. I was scared to open and read what was in it, although it was obvious. I took a deep breath and opened the envelope.
Dear Isabella,
I could write down all the reasons I am doing this, but I am sure you know them already. You disappointed me and Isadora terribly. I am mad at you for ignoring us. I am mad at you for weeks and weeks of loneliness and for lying to me over and over, but above all, I am mad at you for putting our child's life in danger. I do not believe that you are competent enough to take care of Isadora. That is why we are moving to a place where she will be happy and safe. You know I loved you, and I know you loved me. But love alone is not enough to make a relationship work, is it? I wish there were a way to turn back time and undo all the things that separated us, but it's too late.
Do not look for us. We will start a new future and forget about all the terrible memories; I hope you do the same.


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#73crazyarsekidFeb 13, 2007

I loveee your stories. Wow, you are great. Keep it up! \:rah\:

#74AnniKaynaMay 12, 2007

the plot was fascinating as usual,and the screenshots were just perfect.
after Hermia's arrest,I wuold have bet that it was finished!
I didnt expect at all Juliette's ghost or Romeo's death. \:\(
nice idea,to depict them both as zombies!!! \:D \;\)
the leaving of Rufus and Isadora wasnt so unpredictable,instead! \;\)
I really,really,really loved this serie!! \:wub\:
you do really write beautifully \:wub\:

have a very pleasant day! \:P \:\)

#75simolenJul 13, 2007

Those were the best stories I have ever read IN MY LIFE. I could really feel Isabella's confusing thoughts! (Should I help them? Should I mind my own business?) I am only in the 6th grade and I understood that story. It even made me cry once. Oh and Juliette dying was sad. She was always my favorite character and so was Romeo. I was so happy to see them united in the afterlife. Oh and I am so furious with Hermia right now. I used to like her. Now she has become my worst enemy. But I have to give you props. YOU inspired me. My stories definetly aren't as good as yours but I'm trying. Oh and how did you make such beautiful background? Such beautiful people? Such beautiful words! I wish I was like you right now. You have become my best role model. I'm sorry if I'm going on and on but I can't help it! All three stories were so beautiful. By the way where did you get those great downloads from?? Here? Anyways I would like to thank you and I'm telling you I've read those stories 5 times already and now is gonna be my 6th! Keep up the great work!! \:rah\:

#76simolenJul 13, 2007

I LOVED THEM FOR THE 2ND TIME. I ENJOYED THEM THOROUGLY. FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END I LOVED THEM! I love the romantic parts and the mysterious parts. WOW I don't know what to say...WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! The pictures were awesome and I sware I got into everyone's shoes in the story. I am a very deep thinker for a young girl and I cried and cried throughout the story. By the way I am so proud of Tybalt. I have always been a 100% dreamer and I daydream about that story 24/7 it was so good. I could actually feel Romeo's pain. I could feel Isabella's thoughts. I could feel Tybalt's misery and I could feel Herma's jealousy. Of course I still hate her tohugh \:mad\: But I LOOVE the sotries! \:D \:rah\:

#77simolenJul 13, 2007

I'm sorry to bugging you all but i can't stop spreading my feelings for this story. Plus that story made me look at death better. I was terrified inf dying before I read this story. Then I noticed Romeo was right. Death is far better than living a sad, boring, joyless life. Plus heaven is always great (I love you God!) As I was saying thanks for inpiring me, filizK. My stories are TONS better now!

#78simolenJul 13, 2007

OK, OK this is the last thing I'm going to say....

YOU GOT A WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT 5.0 FROM ME!!! \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#79Aug 5, 2007

nice story

#80KvetoslavaMar 30, 2009


#81micamarianiSep 17, 2010

Owww, I so love this!!!!

#82lekunzeMar 9, 2019


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