The Story of My Life: Chapter 5, Part 1
Published Mar 18, 2009

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rebekah eliz24021994


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I had to split up chapter 5. Part 2 will come out soon.

I had to split up chapter 5. Part 2 will come out soon. Hi, again. This is pretty much how you see me. Worrying about the future. Today I have to spend the weekend with my grandma. I’ve never seen her before. Why did she never come to visit us? Why did we never visit her? I kept asking those questions to myself. I was so deep in thought that I didn’t hear my mom walk through the door. I peeked up at her face, she looked concerned.
“What’s wrong?” I didn’t answer. My throat was constricted I had trouble breathing. “Kristen, tell me what’s wrong.” I kept my head down and mom walked over to my bed and sat down next to me.
“I’m scared.” My voice was barely above a whisper.
“What of?” her voice was full of worry. I wanted to be someone who was never afraid. Never afraid of making friends or school or anything.
“Meeting grandma.” I whispered. I heard my mom sigh next to me.
“She’s very nice, she’s very excited to meet you.” mom said enthusiastically.
“So, how come I’ve never saw her?” I looked up at mom. Her face twisted into a frown and muttered, “It’s complicated.” She stood up and help her arm out for me. I took and walked to the car together.
I sat in the back this time. I didn’t mind the sickness. I was too scared to care. Rover seemed to enjoy the car ride. His tongue was out of his mouth. I thought it was funny. I was glad he was coming with us. My only friend. Maybe I would see some kids there. And I would have a reason to go back there. The journey took three hours. I fell asleep for most of the time. I looked out of the window and saw a red house. It looked a bit like something from the countryside. I saw something on the porch. It was an old lady, sitting with crossed legs, smiling. She had silver coloured hair. A red top and cream pants on. This must be my grandma. She saw us and uncrossed her legs, stood up and walked down the stairs towards us. I sunk back into my seat. I fought against the tears of anxiety back. I didn’t want anyone to see me like this. I undone my seatbelt and open the car door. I only did it because my parents told me to get out of the car. I slowly slipped out of my seat and closed the door. I ran to hide behind my parents with my arms wrapped around me. Rover ran towards me and sat in a defensive position. I was thankful for him. Grandma went for my dad and hugged him.
“Well, well. If it isn’t monkey boy. How are you?” she said lovingly. Both of my parents laughed. She let go of my dad and went for my mom.
“It’s so good to see you, kiddo.”
“I know, mom.” my mom seemed to be happier then I’ve ever seen her. She noticed me and smiled even more.
She walked in my direction and dropped to her knees so she was at my level. I was still smaller than any other children my age. Probably because I was born early. She smiled warmly , it made me cringe. How could she do that without even knowing me?
“Hello, Kristen. I’m your grandma, Tilly. It’s nice to finally meet you.” she spoke slowly and calmly. I couldn’t speak, my throat constricted. She seemed to notice and this and looked concerned.
“Are you alright? I know it’s scary meeting someone you’ve never even seen before but I’m really thrilled to meet.” she seemed to meet you. I still couldn’t say anything. I was too scared. Grandma sighed and turned to my mom.
“Could you show Kristen where her room is?” I ran to her and clung to her, never wanting to let go.
We walked through the house to my room. It was all blue apart from the furniture. It had a country theme. I put all of my clothes in a drawer. I thought of my first meeting with Grandma. I shouldn’t be this scared. I gulped and ambled to the door. I smell Bolognese and mince. It smelled absolutely delicious. I opened my door and saw my parents eating, what looked like lasagne. It was my favourite food. I’d always liked Italian food. My mom worked in an Italian restaurant, so it helped to practice. I also like Chinese, Indian and anything, really. I wasn’t picky when it came to food. I smelled the food and realised that mom didn’t make it. I could tell who made it by the smell. It obviously wasn’t dad cause he can’t make toast without burning it. Grandma must have made it. I saw a plate of food next to Grandma. She must have placed it there. My stomach rumbled, I decided to listen to it rather then walk back into my room. I sat in the seat next to her. Taking a small bite of my meal. It tasted good. But it wasn’t as good as my mums. From the corner of my eye I saw mom and Grandma smile.
“Do you like your room, Kristen?” she asked gently. I nodded. “I understand that you like to paint. How good are you?” I wanted to answer without stuttering but failed. “I c-can paint mom and d-dad.” She smiled.
“You are very talented” My mouth twitched upwards.
Later, I didn’t spend anytime with mom, dad or Grandma. I spent it with Rover, trying to teach him new tricks. Like trying sit up. He nearly got it a few times. I sat on the bed and day dreamed. I was surprised to find my Grandma at the door, I stifled a gasp.
“I’m sorry I shocked you but I did knock. Do you mind if I talk to you?” she asked cautiously. I shook my head. Grandma walked slowly, maybe not to scare me. She sat on my bed facing me.
“I wanted to tell you some things. You’re probably wondering why I never visited you. I couldn’t because you’re grandfather had a problem with Leo. He didn’t like him and thought that you’re dad would hurt her. After you’re parents got married, I couldn’t see them. He banned me from seeing them. We even moved away from them. Moving away from my own daughter. I only learnt about you three months ago when you’re grandfather died. I heard that you were an amazing painter, an excellent pupil and a humane little girl.” she stopped. I couldn’t believe it. My own grandfather banned his wife from seeing they’re daughter. By the look on her face, she wasn’t kidding.
“I understand, can we spend the day together tomorrow, just the two of us?” I asked hopefully. Grandma grinned, “Of course.” I yawned. She laughed quietly.
“Come on, bedtime.” Grandma muttered.
I climbed under the covers and Grandma tucked me in.
“Night, night, Grandma.” I mumbled. She looked shocked.
“Don’t call me that, call me ‘Nana’. I am not that old.” she still looked shocked but I could amusement in her eyes. I laughed gently. My eyes drooped until I was fully asleep, this time with a smile on my face.
I woke up at 9 o’clock in the morning. I felt better than I had in my life. I was finally coming out of my shell. The first thing that assaulted my senses was the scent of pancakes. I could tell the aroma well, mom made them. I could always tell the difference between people’s cooking, I have no idea why. Maybe it was because I am weird. I strolled out of my temporary room and saw mom devouring her breakfast. She must have been starving. She saw me and looked startled. She noticed the grin I had on my face. I went straight for the chair opposite her. “You look happy.” My smile widened. I took a bite of pancake and explained.
“Nana, told me about why I never saw her and why she never visited us.” I explained cautiously. My mom’s face turned from happiness to pain to happiness, in less than three seconds.
“I loved my dad, but this is my life. He couldn’t say who I loved or control my life.” my mom’s voice was full of sadness and anger. I tried to change the subject.
“We’re having a nana-granddaughter day today.” I smiled, mom smiled too.
“What will you do?” Her eyes were full of question but I could see she was happy about me accepting nana as part of the family.
“I don’t know” I shrugged. I could hear footsteps coming from upstairs. They sounded too light for dad’s, maybe nana’s. I was correct.
Nana strolled down the stairs. She saw the smile on my face and grinned back, almost childishly. I couldn’t help but giggle. I was more like her than my dad. But I guess you can inherit personality traits as well as genetic traits. Then I heard dad’s footsteps stumbling down the stairs. They were like an elephants. I laughed internally. I think nana knew this too because she gave a sly glance in my direction. Nana sat down next to mom and dad sat down next to nana. They both sampled the mouth watering pancakes.
“You were always good at cooking. Even as a little girl.” nana mused. Mom smiled.
“Kristen, before we go out, do you mind if we stop somewhere first? I need to see a friend for a few minutes.” nana said cautiously. Of course I didn’t mind. We were staying for the weekend and today was today was Saturday.
“No, I don’t mind” I said happily. I heard mom mutter, “Such a sweet little girl.” We ate breakfast noisily and by that I mean talking. I loved being here. Why was I scared before? I figured it out. I was scared about meeting people. Now I was scared because I was going to someone’s house I never seen them before. I argued with myself, they were probably nice. Nana wouldn’t take me anywhere if I wasn’t safe, I hoped.
Once we ate breakfast, I helped clean up. I always helped around the house. I didn’t mind chores. They helped me with responsibilities, for one, Rover. I skipped into my room. I was trying to decide what I would wear. I chose a pair of jeans and a green top. I tried to push the drawer back into place, but it got stuck. I grunted as I tried to use all my strength to push it backwards. For a few seconds I thought I needed some oil or something, but then it went in with a creak and I fell forwards. I braced myself by putting my arms out to stop me from smashing my head against the drawer. I straightened myself out and walked towards the vanity table. I pulled out the stool and sat on it. I tried to think about doing to my hair. And thought, ‘Screw it!’. I pulled out two hair bands and pulled my hair into two ponytails. Unfortunately, my hair turned into two messy braids. I couldn’t be bothered to straighten it or do anything to it. I ran out of the room, out of the front door and into the garden. I put my arms on my waist and I looked up at the sky and smiled. I could make out shapes in the clouds. I saw a cat and a dog and one that looked like a seahorse. I giggled. It was amazing how someone’s imagination can create so much fun. I don’t know why but I always painted dark and somewhat, creepy stuff. I never knew why. Why did I have such an imagination? I was so engrossed by the cloud that I didn’t hear my nana’s footsteps. “Ready to go?” she asked softly. I jumped and whirled round. Nana had a black top and a red skirt on, her hairstyle didn’t change from yesterday. I managed to get myself under control and replied, “Yes.” Nana had my dad’s car keys in her hand.
“You’re driving dad’s car?” I asked. She smiled.
“Just because I’m an old lady doesn’t mean I can’t drive.” she said in mock anger. I laughed like a musketeer. Nana joined in.
We walked to the car. I jumped in the front. Nana joined me after about ten seconds. I fastened my seatbelt.
“It should take about ten minutes to get to the Marsh’s house.” nana said gently.
“Ok.” I murmured. I’d plan to sleep through the journey. I wanted to get to know my nana better but my eyes were already drooping.
Something nudged me and I was instantly awake. I looked up at nana’s face and smiled.
“We’re here.” she said placidly. I blinked a couple of times to dispel the remnants of sleep. I stretched my arms and legs to fully wake myself up. My hand moved to the door handle and pulled to release the it. I clicked the button on my seatbelt and got out of the car. I slammed the door with as much force as needed. Nana was suddenly at my side. How in Satan’s glorious name did she do that? Get to my side so quickly and quietly. Thankfully, she didn’t scare me. We walked together to the front door.
I looked at the house and sighed. It was a one level house. The grass was cut but not to the extent of nana’s house. The house was baby blue. I liked how there was a tree in the front yard. If there were any kids there, they might use that tree to climb and act like monkeys. We ambled to the front porch and nana knocked on the door. Finally the anxiety crept into my stomach. My breathing accelerated. My palms became sweaty. I started to hyperventilate. My mind kept telling my body to calm down, but it wouldn’t respond. I moved my arms behind my back. I rubbed my left arm with my right arm. Barely a minute later, the door opened. A young woman in her twenties, probably older than mom. She had auburn, brown hair. Amethyst eyes. They were pretty. She greeted us warmly.
“Hello, Tilly. It’s nice to see you again. Is this little Kristen?” Her head turn to my direction. She smiled. I couldn’t help but smile back. I sheepishly said, “Hi.” She chuckled. “You’re very much like your mother. Hello, my name’s Lina, it’s short for Angelina. I have a son about you’re age. Would you like to see him?” she questioned.
My eyes widened, “Okay.” Maybe I could have a friend here and I would at least have another reason to visit here. The first was nana.
Lina showed me the way to her son’s room, then had to go because the phone was ringing. I stared at the door and stalled. I thought ‘Ah, to hell with it!’ If he doesn’t like me then I don’t have to visit here again. I knocked on the door and I heard a muffled, “Come in.” I turned the knob of the door and slowly pushed it open. I took a breath and walked inside. I saw a boy in a wheelchair, with his arms wrapped around him. His face looked sad. I wanted to run to him and tell him everything’s alright, but I didn’t know him, I didn’t know what he was going through. He didn’t realize I was here. I murmured softly, “Hi” His head snapped up, I flinched. His face softened. His mouth twitched. “Hi, are you Kristen?” he asked. I nodded. How did he know who I was? I voiced my question. He laughed gently. “Mom told me you were visiting with your grandma. By the way, my name is Tommy.” he said politely. I found it strange that I could talk to him without breaking into a panic. I walked closer to him. I could see he was taller than me, even sitting down. He smiled even more. “How long are you staying here?” he asked as soon as I stopped. My mind tried to go through m conversations with nana, she didn’t say. “I don’t know.” I shrugged. His grin got wider. “What do you want to do?” he looked like a child on Christmas day.
“Um, I don’t know. How about talk and get to know each other?” I cautiously asked. He didn’t mind this. He nodded. We talked about our favourite music, TV shows and movies. I told him about my paintings. He looked surprised. He told me about his ability to play the drums. He said he hasn’t tried to play since his accident.
I looked at his face carefully. He was kind of cute. He had the same amethyst coloured eyes as his mother, his hair colour probably came from his dad. His face had a hint of melancholy. That made me sad. I didn’t know why. Probably because I’m kind of sensitive. He told me about accident. He said that a car hit him and he’s been in a wheelchair ever since. When I asked how long, he whispered, “Three years.” He was seven now. Since he was four, fate was macabre. He should be a normal boy, playing football, mucking about and playing jokes. Not depressed and in a wheelchair. Nana suddenly walked in and smirked. “I see you’ve met each other.” We both nodded. “Kristen, we’ve got to go.” My smile faded and from the corner of my eye, so did Tommy’s. He spoke up. “Will you come back tomorrow?” I looked hopefully at nana. Her face beamed. “Of course. As long as you do you’re chores.” I snickered. I always did my chores and no one had to ask me. I turned to Tommy and waved. “Goodbye.” He did the same. I still couldn’t believe I told him things about me and still feel comfortable. Why couldn’t I feel that way all the time? We waked out of the door together and I felt happy. More than happy ecstatic. I made a friend. But this time he was human and he wasn’t family. As we walked, I asked where we were going next. She smiled and said, “H&M” I knew what that was. It was a clothes shop. Now I felt more embarrassed than ever. Shopping with mom is okay, I can wear what I want within reason. I hoped nana let me do the same. Thankfully it wasn’t that bad. When we got to H&M, nana said to me, “You can get three outfits but make sure they aren’t expensive.” I thought about this. I really didn’t need clothes and I didn’t care for them. As long as I could wear them, I didn’t mind. I could have a rip in one of my jeans, that started from my knee down to the bottom and I would still wear them. Nana came in with me to the changing rooms. I didn’t feel safe enough when I was on my own. That’s why only mom took me clothes shopping and plus, when do dads ever want to take their daughters shopping? I tried on some skirts, pants and tops. I only found one of each that I liked. I also got some new pyjamas. I needed some when it was summer and winter. Nana got some pyjamas as well. We went to the till to pay for our clothes. Why are all cashiers teenagers? This one took about five minutes to work the till. Thank God there wasn’t a queue, otherwise, his ears would never work again. We decided to go home, well, nana’s home. She said she needed to show me some stuff. When we got back, everyone was in the living room. Rover was chewing toy bone. Thankfully, he was trained not to bite furniture. Mom and dad were talking and when we walked through the door, they beamed. Mom spoke first, “Did you have a good time?” Good? It was brilliant! Fantastic! I made a friend and I spent time with nana. “Yes, it fantastic!” My parents were overjoyed with that fact. “What did you do?” dad questioned. “We saw nana’s friend first and I met this boy, Tommy. We talked and he’s really cool. Then we went shopping, I got a skirt, top and jeans.” I was so happy. Mom kept a happy face all through my explanation. Dad, however, cringed when I mentioned a boy. For the love of God, I’m only six! I’m not going to run of with him. I barely know him. “Well, that's brilliant.” Dad still had a unsure expression on his face. “His parents said I could visit them tomorrow. Can I?” I almost pleaded. Winning over mom was easy, dad on the other hand… “Alright, but someone has to be there.” I smiled. “Can it be mom?” I questioned. Dad seemed to waver. He sighed, “Ok.” For the rest of the day, I spent it with nana. We both exchanged stories. About my childhood, hers, my paintings, her job. It was really nice to get to know her. I thought that she would be the only grandparent I would ever know personally. Her husband died a few months ago. Dad’s parents died in a plane crash on the way to Hawaii to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary. I kept wondering, could I stay with her, just her for the summer? I’ll ask tomorrow. Later, I was really tired, going to bed earlier than normal. Nana did something that no one has ever done for me. She read me a bed time story. She read for me, Cinderella. It was kinda okay. But I fell asleep about halfway through it. I think we were up to the part where Cinderella runs away from the ball at midnight because the spell wears off.

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#10candy820Mar 20, 2009

<p>Great part. as a child or teen. My Dad was always the one who took me shopping. 5.0 here</p>

#11Angelgirl09Mar 22, 2009

<p><em><strong>I soo want to make a story but dont know how to plz help!!\:confused\: </strong></em></p>

#12drewsolteszMar 27, 2009

<p>Just getting caught up on your great story, well written and I love the first person aspect.</p>

#13VictoriaFashionMar 30, 2009

<p>Realy great story :}</p>

#14KvetoslavaMar 31, 2009


#15KDLANG0VIPApr 4, 2009

<p>so cute!</p>

#16MangioApr 15, 2009

<p>Ahh...sweet. \:\)</p>

#17omik79Apr 18, 2009

<p>Very nice \:\)&nbsp; I love how kids get excited about the smallest things \;\)</p>

#18damnanoirApr 23, 2009

<p>really nice story! ^^ need to read it all XD</p>

#19shady411Jun 15, 2009

Glad she made a friend. Nice job!

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