The story of my life...Part Ten.
Published Mar 16, 2009

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Hope you enjoy this part as much as the previous parts. Once again thank you to everyone who made this story possible. XMSims. Mod The Sims 2. The Sims Resources. All About Style. Lianasims2. Also a big thank you to everyone who has commented on my stories, without you I wouldn't have continued. Please read Previous Parts so you know what's going on, although Part One was accidentally deleted.
ASHLEY (ME): This is part Ten of the story of my life and my family

Hope you enjoy this part as much as the previous parts. Once again thank you to everyone who made this story possible. XMSims. Mod The Sims 2. The Sims Resources. All About Style. Lianasims2. Also a big thank you to everyone who has commented on my stories, without you I wouldn't have continued. Please read Previous Parts so you know what's going on, although Part One was accidentally deleted.
ASHLEY (ME): This is part Ten of the story of my life and my family
Simon kissed me, it was nice but I felt like I was kissing a friend not a boyfriend. The Three months we'd been together had gone by so quickly, I was still seeing Simon because I couldn't make up my mind about him, a few times I'd think to myself right this is it, I'm going to tell Simon I didn't want to see him again, but when I went to tell him, I couldn't do it. I don't know why, maybe I was starting to like him and that was why I couldn't do it. I'd been thinking for a while about moving because the flat was becoming too small for Andrew and I, Andrew needed his own room, I asked Simon for his advice.
SIMON: Have you had your flat valued?
ASHLEY (ME): Not yet, but I saw one in the paper the other day for $100.000, It was in a bad state and needed doing up, I reckon I will get about $110.000 maybe more.
SIMON: I've been thinking about moving too...why don't we get a place together?
I sat and looked at Simon not saying anything, I was too stunned to say anything.
ASHLEY (ME): I don't know Simon, I.....
SIMON: Why not....I know I really like you, what's the difference from knowing each other three months or three years?
ASHLEY (ME): There is a difference...I don't feel I really know you....I think it would be best if we left it for a while, I.....
SIMON: You're thinking about moving any way, why not move in with me?
I was confused, I hadn't expected him to come out with that.
ASHLEY (ME): Let me think about it. (I said, not looking at him).
SIMON: I've got to go away for a week to Simisland, that will give you time to can let me know when I come back ok.
The following week I went round to Simons house to talk to him about moving in with him. I knocked on his door and waited, I hadn't told him I was going round there so when Simon answered the door he didn't look like he was pleased to see me, I brushed it off as Simon said.
SIMON: Ashley what are you doing here?
ASHLEY (ME): I need to talk to you, can I come in?
SIMON: Just give me a minute, (Then he closed the door).
When he opened it again a minute later he said.
SIMON: Come in. (He moved so I could walk past him).
I wondered what that was all about.
When we'd sat down.
ASHLEY (ME): Why did you shut the door on me?
SIMON: I was on the phone, it was a private call...that was all, (He said not looking at me).
ASHLEY (ME): Oh ok, (I wasn't sure if I believed him or not).
SIMON: What did you want Ashley, (He asked looking at me).
ASHLEY (ME): I wanted to tell you my decision about moving in with you.
SIMON: And what have you decided?
ASHLEY (ME): I've decided to move in with you. (I didn't look at him as I said it, the truth was I'd been thinking about Gary and thought it might help me get over him if I moved in with Simon).
SIMON: You don't sound very sure....
ASHLEY (ME): I am really....(I tried to sound convincing), I'm just nervous thats all.
SIMON: Well if you're sure, I'll put this place on the market tomorrow and we'll start looking.
The following week we were busy at my sisters wedding, so we didn't get time to look for a house, I'd seen one in the paper and wanted to go and have a look at it but Simon had been away most of the week and today was his first day back, we'd been rushing about getting ready for the wedding so I didn't get a chance to speak to him.
It was a sunny Saturday afternoon.
Edward looked happy as he watched Sarah walk down the aisle.
I walked behind Sarah and my dad thinking about the day Gary got married, it still hurt me. Everyone was happy even my dad, I put a smile on my face but inside I felt sad, I knew I shouldn't because I was moving in with Simon, I should be happy I thought to myself. I could feel Simon looking at me but I didn't look at him, Sarah said to bring someone, so I'd invited Simon to the wedding. We sat and watched Sarah and Edward exchanging rings, I glanced at Simon still not sure how I felt about him, don't get me wrong I liked him but not in that way. Edward and Sarah kissed to seal the deal. Presenting Mr and Mrs Edward Hatfield. Afterwards we had dinner.
SAM: It was a nice wedding Edward, I hope you're going to look after my daughter, I don't want history repeating itself.
Dad glanced at me then looked back at Edward.
LINDA: Sam! (Mum said, embarrassed he would say such a thing).
EDWARD: Don't worry Mr Green, your daughter will be well taken care of, believe me.
Simon suddenly said.
SIMON: We can see that, I mean look at this house for a start.
I wanted the ground to swallow me up, I'd never felt so embarrassed in all my life.
ASHLEY (ME): Simon! (I said as Edward and dad looked at Simon.)
SIMON: Oh come on you can see he's loaded, (Simon carried on saying and not getting my hint to shut up).
SARAH: Thats not why I married him, (Said Sarah annoyed as she looked at mum and gave her a funny look).
After dinner we went out to the garden and Edward gave a toast to Sarah.
EDWARD: To the most wonderful woman in my life, I hope we have many happy years together and I can be the perfect husband for you, please raise your glasses to my wife Sarah.
Everyone said "To Sarah".
In the evening there was dancing. and fireworks. I really enjoyed the day, we'd all forgotten what Simon had said at dinner. Simon and I danced close together, I told Simon I'd seen a house in the paper and wanted to look at it.
SIMON: Where is it?
ASHLEY (ME): It's across town.....there's a new housing estate just been built, it's in a quiet col-de-sac called Richmond Close, it's a three bedroomed house.
SIMON: How much is it?
ASHLEY (ME): $515.995.
SIMON: That's alot of money...with you flat at $150.000 and my house at $195.000 thats $325.000, we'd have to get a mortgage...I was hoping to get somewhere we didn't have a mortgage.
ASHLEY (ME): I know but with the money you get and my money put together we'd be able to pay it off quicker...maybe in 5 years.
SIMON: We'll go and see it first ok.
I stood outside the house we were about to buy and looked in the window, I knew this house would be perfect for us. A week later.
We were moving into our new house in a months time. We'd signed the papers, we were waiting for the mortgage to go into the bank.
We were sitting on Simons sofa watching tv when Simon asked.
SIMON: You ok Ashley? you've been very quiet, (asked Simon as he put his arm round me).
I smiled not looking at Simon.
ASHLEY (ME): I'm fine....really.
SIMON: You are happy about the house?
ASHLEY (ME): Yes. (I smiled and looked down thinking of Gary).
SIMON: I was getting worried...I thought maybe you'd change your mind.
ASHLEY (ME): No Simon...I won't do that.
I kissed him to make him feel better all the while thinking of Gary, it made the kiss more passionate on my part. Before I knew it Simon got off the sofa took my hand and walked backwards opening his bedroom door and led me inside. We'd not woohooed yet, it seemed right somehow. The following week.
We moved into our new house, there was so much stuff everywhere, I didn't know where to start, I opened boxes and moved furniture around.
By the evening I was exhausted, Simon was no where to be seen, I sat on the sofa and gave a sigh, mum was looking after Andrew for me so I didn't have to worry about him, I felt my eyes closing as I napped on the sofa. Simon came walking in at 10pm and sat down next to me, the movement of the sofa woke me up.
I looked over at Simon and said annoyed.
ASHLEY (ME): Where the hell have you been?
SIMON: I had to go into work to do some paper work....don't start on me.
ASHLEY (ME): You were supposed to be here helping me unpack things.
Simon looked round the room and said.
SIMON: You've done a good job...looks like you didn't need my help.
ASHLEY (ME): Thats not the point.....
SIMON: Look Ashley we're both tired lets go to bed.
Simon got up and went up the stairs I followed him, I was fuming but said nothing, I didn't want to start a row the first night in our new house.
Simon and I had been living together for six months, we'd been busy buying new things for the house and decorating, Simon kept telling me he loved me but I knew I didn't love him. I liked him but that was it, I knew I'd only moved in with Simon because of Gary.
I watched Simon as he went off to work, he was going to be away for three months, he had to do some training in Simstralia, he'd be half way round the world and I would be alone again, as I stood and watched him go I wondered if I'd miss him.
That night I went for a walk, thoughts of my life going round in my head. I sat on a bench staring into space, lost in my own world. I'd been sitting thinking for about half an hour when I saw a man approaching. When he got closer I saw it was Gary. (My heart gaving a flutter of delight).
GARY: Ashley!, I thought it was you, (he said as if pleased to see me).
I looked up and smiled at him, (I was pleased to see him).
ASHLEY (ME): Hello, (I said with a smile).
Gary sat down next to me.
GARY: How have you been?
ASHLEY (ME): Ok...and you?
GARY: Yeah not bad.
ASHLEY (ME): How's your wife? (wanting to know if they were still together).
GARY: My wife..(he said in surprise), she's ok I think.
ASHLEY (ME): You think...what do you mean?
GARY: I haven't seen my wife for three weeks.....she threw me out...because she thinks I'm seeing someone else.
ASHLEY (ME): Are you?
GARY: No.....I was sick of her going on about now I'm living on my own in a one bedroomed apartment across town....are you still living in your flat?
ASHLEY (ME): No...I'm living in Richond Close the new housing estate.
GARY: Wow those houses are very expensive.
ASHLEY (ME): I know...I'm living with a guy....his name's Simon, (I said awkwardly).
GARY: Simon (he said sarcastically), sounds serious.
ASHLEY (ME): No not really....I'm not sure if I'm going to stay with him.
GARY: I see, (he sounded pleased) where is this Simon guy anyway?
ASHLEY (ME): He's in Simstralia....he's going to be there for three months.
GARY: Three months...what does he do?
ASHLEY (ME): He's a pilot.
GARY: A wonder you're living in Richmond Close.....Ashley I was wondering if you'd like to go out for a drink with me sometime.
I wanted to say yes I'd love to but instead said.
ASHLEY (ME): I've got to get back....mums looking after Andrew for me I told her I wouldn't be long.
I got up and started to walk away. GARY: Whats your house number Ashley?
ASHLEY (ME): Why do you want to know that? (I asked not looking at him).
GARY: I want to come and see you sometime.
ASHLEY (ME): 15, I said with a smile on my face as I walked away.

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shady411Jun 14, 2009

I hope that Gary and Ashley get back together!!!!!!!!

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<p>I hope that Gary and Ashley get back together. I do no think that moving in with Simon is a wise choice.\:cool\: \:P \:rah\: nk</p>

drewsolteszMar 18, 2009

<p>Another good update, Ashley is certainly confused, the wedding was lovely, your shots very well done! Actually, I kind of feel sorry for Simon, LOL! Nicely done!\:\)</p>

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