The Wicked Entice-CH 33
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Sorry for the wait, but this one is extra long :)
Also, a big thanks to Loryram2 who helped me a lot in this chapter!

XOXO Alessa


Sorry for the wait, but this one is extra long :)
Also, a big thanks to Loryram2 who helped me a lot in this chapter!

XOXO Alessa
"Morning," I tell Lydia and Benny as I make my way into the kitchen for something to eat. They had been pretending to be watching tv, but by the look on her face, Lydia had obviously meant for the two of them to corner me. Oh what, oh what could this be about?
"You mean good afternoon? Of course you'd know that if you didn't have some vampire schedule," Lydia starts.
So, unfortunately, I had been right.
"That's funny. Me a vampire. Apparently I can't be turned into one," I say, taking a bite of toast, and she gasps. "What? You mean you actually tried? Are you trying to kill yourself?"
"What are you two talking about?" Benny asks, and I wink at Lydia who had long ago told me not to tell him anything about the supernaturals. The idiot might end up wanting to turn into one.
"You want to tell him or should I?" I tease and she scowls, soon dragging him towards the door.
After watching her kick him out, I head to my room, but she grabs my arm and tries to hold me back. I let her only because the guy from last night was just waking up, and I'd rather he get uncomfortable and quickly decide to leave. "What now Lydia Deetz? I was only playing about earlier. Besides," I whisper, "my blood makes them really, really sick. Ezra, the vamp who fed from me, well, let's just say he doesn't trust me so much anymore. It's been two weeks already, but he'll come around. He's all alone." Lydia looks away from me and shakes her head. "Do you even hear yourself? Who do you think you are to be playing with some poor guy?"
"What poor guy? The vampire? Just what do you think he eats, Bella Swan? Look, I didn't hurt him much, it was just a tiny little experiment. It was him doing his kind a favor. Now they know not to feed from me, and they see me as their equal. I told them I had some witch blood and maybe some werewolf gene to explain my unique scent. They said I smelled too pretty to be related to any wolf. Anyway, the werewolves are next on the agenda, but they really don't trust strangers, so we'll see how that goes. I need to come up with a plan."
"Vampires' equal? Werewolves are next? What are you trying to do?"
"I'm just making friends," I smile innocently as the guy from last night awkwardly says it's time for him to go. Finally.
"You're sleeping around with the whole town!" Lydia yells as the guy leaves.
"The women are safe," I remind her as I look around for something to wear. "Why do you care what goes on between my sheets anyway?"
"You're so annoying! I'm trying to tell you that I'm worried about you! I'm here for you, if you would just stop and talk to me! You're looking for some sort of connection with all these guys? You want to be in love again? Is that it? Because honestly, this is just making you seem like you have low self esteem and like you're lost and giving into-"
"-well, maybe I like having low self esteem. Maybe it makes me feel special," I grin.
"It's like talking to the wall!" She screams, and I shrug, removing my clothes. "Now you're a nudist? Meena!"
"Well excuse me for being comfortable in my own skin."
"As opposed to someone else's?"
I turn to her and laugh. "Was that your first demon joke? It was, wasn't it? That was pretty clever."
"Meenaaaaa. Will you just put your underwear back on and talk to me?"
"Nope. I'm late, and you're getting on my nerves."
"Oh, am I making you angry? What are you going to do? Make your eyes go all black and demonic? Or...I know! How about you possess me? That way you can just make me shut up!"
"You're being silly. I won't possess anyone before I've had my coffee." I leave her in my room as I head towards the shower, but she runs in back of me.
"Just answer me one thing then. Why do you have to sleep with a different guy every night? Is it because of your demon side? Like, do you have to? Even if you don't want to? Is that the cost for being the type of demon that you are?"
"No, silly. They sleep with me so easily because of what I am. I sleep with them because I'm...okay. I don't know how to say it without scaring you."
"Just say it. If I haven't left by now, I'm obviously not going to leave you no matter what you say."
"Aww. Well, when you put it that way. I guess I'm looking for something."
"Looking for what?"
"This is going to sound so undemonish of me, but I haven't found it again, and I miss it. I'm not going to stop until I at least find one like it."
"Okayyyy. Find what? Miss what?"
"Shade's soul," I shrug.
I was trying something different. For the past two weeks, I hadn't tried to contact Meena. I was spending all my time with Bree. Mostly because I wanted her to be the one to give in, and call, but also because it kept Theo happy, and a happy Theo was a Theo who wouldn't try to take control again. He only had eyes for the little wolf who was showing off how well she could stand on a keg. The frat boy in me was squealing.

I'm not. It's just impressive.
Bree kisses us, then burps and apologizes. Theo smiles, and I try to hide my annoyance as she hugs us.
"You okay?" She asks. Great. Here we go again.
"Me? You're the one doing the keg stands."
"I'm just making sure you're having fun. I know these guys can be total animals. Ha. Get it?"
"Yes little wolf."
"I hate when you call me that."
"That's why I say it," I grin, and she tells me she was going to need another drink if she was going to control her temper around me.
Why do you have to be so annoying?

I don't answer him as my phone had started to ring. "Meena?"

Now of all times she calls?

"Theo. Where are you?"
"Why do you want to know?"
"Are you on a date?"
"Why you do you want to know?" I repeat.
"Yes or no? It's a simple question."
"No," I tell her through clenched teeth. "You know I'm always waiting on you."
"Oh really? She doesn't look like the type to share," she laughs, hanging up.

What the hell?

I have a bad feeling about this.
His feeling was right. There was a tap on my shoulder, but I had known a second before that she was standing behind me with a smirk.
"Theo? Waiting for someone? And, why do you smell like dog?"
"What are you doing here?"
"Wouldn't you like to know."
"Who invited you?" I ask her, trying not to raise my voice.
"Don't worry about it," she says, waving to someone. "Have fun with...what was it that you called her? Ah yes. Little wolf. I'll see you around."
Will passed me the red solo cup but I was done with it before his own could even touch his lips. "Thirsty?" He jokes, and I nod. "Thanks for inviting me by the way. Even if your friends are looking at me like they want me gone."
"The pack doesn't take too well with strangers, but give them time. It's not your fault you have vampires in your family. I mean, I like you. I don't see why they won't." He flashes me a dentist approved smile, and I grin.
"You like me huh? Why is that? We just met a few days ago, and even though we've been spending all our time together, we haven't left much time to talk at all."
"You know, when you're right, you're right," he chuckles, and I bite my lip.
I take a step closer to him, and lean halfway in.
I don't have to say anything for him to meet me the rest of the way.
I had to control myself. Theo found the whole thing hilarious until I reminded him that her being here was not going to win us anything with Bree. He suggested I listen in on Meena's conversation with Will. I really didn't care what they were talking about, because they weren't talking. She had him wrapped around her fingers. I had heard her mention they had recently met, but the wolf was already smitten. A wolf trusting someone with a questionable background? Bringing someone he doesn't know that well to his pack gathering? What the hell did she to him? What is she even doing with a wolf?
Bree returns with a drink that I down before reaching for hers. She asks me again if I'm okay. I tell her I'm fine, but make the mistake of looking over at her wolf buddy, and the demon who had her tongue in him.
"You know her?" She eyes Meena up and down.
I innocently ask her who she's talking about and she responds that I know damn well who she is referring to.
"She looked familiar that's all," I force a smile. She was already drunk and might cause a scene at any moment. I really didn't want her drawing Meena's attention.

You mean you don't want Meena to tell Bree who she is.
"You're not getting jealous are you?" I bring her into my arms, attempting to lighten the mood. She takes the bait and smiles. "No. You're here with me. Besides, I can tear her in two."
"Aren't I the lucky one?"
She shoves me away playfully, but turns back to Meena and Will now standing by the fire.
"What's wrong?" I roll my eyes behind her back.
"Nothing. Just looking out for Will the same way everyone is looking out for me right now."
"Oh. I get it. Your pack is making sure I'm not some evil witch who's going to do horrible things to you," I whisper in her ear and she laughs.
"Yes, but you have my permission to do whatever you want."
"I'll keep that in mind," I murmur, planting a kiss on her neck.
I meet Meena's eyes. She had been listening to our every word. With that in mind, I ask Bree what the pack thought about the newcomers. She said that not everyone was my biggest fan. "No offense, but you keep them on edge."
"What am I doing to get that reaction?"
"Don't worry. They're hostile with everyone. Now, about that one over there..." she motions to Meena who had her wide blue eyes glued on Will. To anyone else she seemed like she was in love, hanging on to his every word, but I knew she was playing the part. I just didn't know what the hell for.
"...well, Will's a pup, and is always bringing in strays, so we usually don't worry about who we meet because they never last more than a few days," Bree was saying. "I don't know about this one though. She said she had witches in her family, so she was born knowing about us, but there's something off about her."
"Like what?" I ask her and Meena raises a brow.
"I don't know. Do you see the way the guys here keep averting their eyes when they look at her? They obviously like what they see, but...she gives off a really dark vibe. We wolves can sense danger, and that girl isn't one of the good ones." Bree laughs then, as I look away from Meena's frown. "Don't pay attention to me. I'm kind of out of it. Besides, that's Will's problem. My problem is making sure the girls keep their paws off of you."
So, now I look dangerous? Maybe a leather jacket and spiky headband wasn't the way to go. Who am I kidding? I could've been dressed as a nun and they still wouldn't trust me. Will tells me he was getting another drink, and I turn my attention to the fire. I warm up my hands, and try to look as uncomfortable as I can. I knew I had eyes on me, and I had to start acting like some weak, pathetic thing they wouldn't be alarmed by. I look over at Theo who was having his face chewed on by the wolf. There were many more puns to be made, but perhaps now wasn't the time. I had to figure out why Theo would lie about meeting someone. Was it really just because she was a wolf?
I had told him time and time again I wasn't ready for a relationship with him or anyone else. Not that I mentioned it, but I was too busy looking for souls. I hadn't been able to find his the last dozens of times we slept together. I wonder why that had been, and why was it that I had only found Shade's? I missed it. The pureness of it, the sweetness and goodness of it. Before I had made Ezra ill, I had failed to find his too. He didn't have one, well, not exactly. It was more like dormant. Maybe it was because he was a newborn? Maybe with another vamp? Maybe they didn't have one because they were technically dead? I had only been with newborns because it made the most sense, them having been alive recently. I had assumed they had souls. Well, whatever. They were fun in bed anyway. And why were there only good looking vampires, by the way? Did they not turn ugly people? Or did ugly people not want to live forever? I sigh at the turn of my thoughts, and get back to not looking so menacing. Which was hard to do when all I kept thinking about was wanting to sleep with everyone in hopes of feeling their souls. Maybe I'll have better look with the werewolves? They were still alive compared to the vamps. I really hoped it had nothing to do with how I had felt with Shade when I had felt his soul.
Because I had made love to him, and I hadn't made love to anyone else.
I didn't think I could anymore.
I had been trying to follow Meena for two weeks now, but she always sensed when I was behind her. I didn't know the extent of her "powers", but I knew she knew she was being followed. Maybe not exactly by me, but who else could it be really? I was a hunter and she was a demon. It was my job to make sure that she wasn't physically harming anyone. At least that's the excuse I gave myself every time I'd attempt to follow her. That's the same excuse I was using as I parked Blythe's car across the street from the party Meena was in.
I could never follow her somewhere that wasn't heavily packed, because she'd sense me, if she could even do that. Also, she hadn't appeared to have been in this side of town before. Maybe that'd help throw her off my scent. Damn it Shade. I was treating her like some sort of werewolf, but it's not like I knew what I was up against.
Or what I was walking into.
I had always been pretty good at looking like I belonged, and I had always prided myself in my ninja skills, but nothing prepared me for when I walked into the house and realized they were all wolves. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Oh no. It was happening again. I lean on the bathroom sink as yet another lost childhood memory crashes into me. As always, it was about Dominic, only this time we had told some poor kid he had been adopted. We laughed as the kid cried, and Dominic watched me with pride. No wonder my parents never liked him. He had been constantly making me say or do horrible things. I take a deep breath, wincing for another intrusive memory of him. Nothing follows, but my suspicions are always there.
Why is that he left all of a sudden only to return and leave again just as quickly? I had a feeling he had been checking up on me, which made the fact hat I was getting lost memories of him back after he kissed me, more strange. He wasn't human, that much was for sure. I suppose I could ask my parents if only they'd stop questioning everything I did. It wasn't anyone's business how I spent my nights. Besides, so what if Dominic wasn't human? Maybe my parents were just anti-werewolf or witch or whatever the hell he was. I was making my way back to Will when it hit me. What if Dominic was one of The Wicked too? That would explain why my parents didn't want him around me, to reveal what I was.
I would've known it, wouldn't I?
He feels like he's much more than I am.
He's always been waiting.
I think he wants something.
What could he be expecting from me?
He definitely isn't a demon. Not that I had ever met another demon to compare him to.
I stop before I reach Will and turn to Theo who I had felt staring at me. He was alone now, and I wasn't the only one who noticed. The wolf girls eyed him appreciatively, but kept averting their eyes after a few seconds. Had he always had this effect on women? He looked so smug and sure of himself. Like he could make them do anything he wanted at the snap of his fingers, and they seemed to know it too. This made him seem so dangerous. Had he always been like this? How hadn't I noticed this before? The women watched him, and didn't watch him the same way the men watched and didn't watch me. The way they've been doing since I embraced my demon side. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
My eyes followed the direction of hers.
She was studying the affect I had.
She was studying the affect she had.

She knows what you are.
"Since when, Theo?"
He heard me.
I know he heard me, but he still headed towards the front gate. I ran up to him, and spin him around, aware that the wolves were questioning what the newcomers were doing. Theo, or whoever he was, refused to meet my eyes. "Look at me," I order, and he scoffs.
"You really think you give the orders?"
"You really think you should be making a scene in front of the pack? How about you be a good boy and look at me?"
"What did you just say?" He steps towards me, and I hold my ground.
"You heard me. Now, listen up cause we have so much to talk about."
I nodded at the couple by the door, and dashed into the kitchen where luckily there was only one wolf restocking the fridge. I smile at her and offer to help before she has time to wonder who I am.
"All done. Thanks though. You a friend of Will's? He just loves not mentioning who he invited."
"Damn. Does that mean I should go? I knew I should've brought chips."
She laughs. "You should stay. There's plenty of lonely women out there who are pretty grumpy that Will brought Strange Girl."
"What is that? Some sort of superhero?"
She laughs again, and hands me a drink. "Party's outside. This way."
I pretend to follow her directions, but when she disappears into the bathroom, I make a U-turn and head out the door. There was no way I could go outside with the pack there. One might recognize me, and call me out. As much as I hated to do this, I had to leave. Hunters showing up uninvited to a wolf gathering was a big no no. I head out the way I entered, nod to the couple who exchanged looks of "what's up with this guy?" and before I could even take two steps outside, I hear Meena. She was trying not to raise her voice at someone. I lean against the fence, and almost lose it when I hear Theo.
"What makes you think I'm going to stand around and listen to what you have to say?"
"Well, I could always threaten you," she replies smugly. What the hell was going on with her?
"Threaten me? I'd love to see you try," Theo says, amused now.
"I was talking to Will earlier today, and he mentioned Bree. The little wolf who really, really liked a certain Witch Boy, who was quite the fixer upper. See, Bree likes damaged toys. She thinks she can fix them. That's where you come in, Witch Boy. I mean, you did just lose your last girlfriend in that horrible car crash. What was her name again?" That sounds nothing like the Meena I remember. This one sounded so hostile. The same way Theo sounded as he replied, "I told her what I told her. How's that any of your business?"
"You killed me off. I want to know why. What made you have to say I was dead? Did you perhaps call her by my name? Are you dreaming about me now? Come on, Theo, don't be shy."
Theo curses at her, and she laughs. He tells her he has a girlfriend he needs to get back to, but she says, "I'm not done with you." It sounded like she was holding him now.
"We're done when I say we're done," Theo says, but Meena quickly warns him. "Careful. I can easily introduce myself to Bree, and stir up some problems for you with the pack. Who do you think they'd believe? You or me? Maybe we should bet on it. They think you're a witch, but I have no problem with telling them you're nothing special."
I wish I could see the way he was looking at her because she squealed. "Stop! You're scaring me!" She's laughing again, and he says, "How about I tell them what you are? How would they feel about that?"
"You're not telling them anything. I know it, and you know it."
"Yeah, and how the hell are you so sure?"
"I have my reasons. You've given me plenty of reasons."
Someone was walking up to the house, and I knew I had to leave. I regretted not peaking over the fence just to get a look at Meena. Just hearing her voice felt good, even if there was something wrong with her. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"You okay?" Will was behind me now, glaring at Theo.
"I'm fine. Just a little misunderstanding," I answer, grinning at Theo. His jaw twitched but he followed my lead like I thought he would. "Yeah, just a misunderstanding."
Will looks at me, basically waiting for my order. I was once again faking being uncomfortable and I sweetly ask him if we could go inside the house now.
He takes my hand with a silent warning to Theo, who was trying so hard not to say anything. I wink at him, and he gives me a nod, but I don't miss the way his fists were clenched tightly. He really was angry. I'd have to talk to him about this later. He knew what I was, and we both knew he wasn't human anymore. I also knew he wanted me for something, and I was going to find out just what that was. I guessed I messed up tonight, but tomorrow I'd start playing the good girl. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I storm inside and find Bree in the kitchen. She tells me she had been about to make me something to eat, but I tell her I have to leave. I tell her the reason I had been acting strange tonight was because the girl Will had brought resembled my deceased girlfriend, and the pain was too much to handle. I apologized, she hugged me, and offered to go home with me. I told her I appreciated the offer, but I wanted to be alone. She understood and told me she'd check up on me in the morning.
I dash out the front door, clenching and unclenching my hands, wishing they were grasping Meena's throat instead of empty air. I hated her. I couldn't-no. I could do this.

You let her order you around tonight. She knows how to get under your skin, pardon the pun.

She doesn't know anything! She doesn't know what I have planned!

I curse out loud, trying to keep the darkness at bay, but it took too much effort when I knew I was the one retreating from the half-breed.
I could almost hear Abaddon laughing at me.
I had stayed in Blythe's car just long enough to see Theo's little outburst. He was beyond angry at Meena. Damn. What had she said or done to him? He didn't look like the guy who was just upset at seeing his ex at a party, especially since I had seen them up close and comfortable with each other a month ago.
Regrettably, I drive off before he could see me, but I knew I'd need to have a word with him soon.
All the while I had been in bed with Will, Theo was on my mind. Whatever he was. At least it wasn't Shade again this time. Although I did think I had sensed him earlier. Groaning more from what was on my mind than from what was happening between Will and I, I push him away. He asks what's wrong as I start to sit up. I hadn't been able to feel the wolf's soul the last few times either, but I had thought it'd work for sure this time. I was starting to like him. Not a lot, but a little. I still hadn't been able to feel his soul.
"I just need a minute," I tell him sitting on the edge of the bed, now with a sudden smile.
"We don't have to do anything you don't want. You know that, right?"
"Wow. You're one of the good guys. shouldn't be with someone like me. Everyone's right. I'm not a good person."
"Woah. Where did that come from?" He sits besides me, stroking my cheek. "What's wrong?"
"I, I have to tell you something."
"Sure. What is it?"
"Well, for starters," I say, getting off the bed, "my real name is Meena. Yeah. That's the same Meena that Theo used to date. I'm not dead, as you can see." I attempt to smile and he strokes my arms reassuringly. "What's going on?"
"Theo lied to Bree, but I want to be honest with you. There's something wrong with him. He's dangerous. It's why I left him. I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, but I was so scared of what he'd do if he didn't think I'd go along with what he wanted."
"Is that what you were talking to him about? I knew something was up."
"Yeah, I'm sorry. I had to pretend like everything was okay so that he wouldn't get angry with me, but you have to warn Bree. She needs to know that he's not what he seems to be. He's so dangerous, Will. Please tell her that."
"She's been dating him for months now. She would've noticed if something was wrong."
"You don't believe me? I know you don't know me, and you have no reason to believe me, but I don't want your friend or anyone else to get hurt. I couldn't stay quiet about this, right?"
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean that I didn't believe you." He wraps his arms around me, and I was even convining myself of the story that I didn't have to pretend to cry. The tears fell on their own.
"Thanks for being brave enough to say something," he tells me, and I nod.
"I just don't want anyone else to be hurt like I was."
Bree didn't believe me.
I had to bring on the waterworks again, and that's exactly what I did as I stood besides Will in front of the few wolves that were sober enough to understand that something was up.
"Tell me what you told Will," Bree demands.
Will tells her to lower her voice, but I tell him that it was fine. I wanted them to know.
"I was dating him for a couple of months and everything was great. He was so sweet and so nice," I sniffle. "Then, out of nowhere, he starts becoming someone I didn't recognize. He became so hostile, and would get angry at me for any stupid thing. It started with him controlling how I would dress or do my hair, to him putting me down for not acting the way he wanted and if and when I'd get to see my friends or family. The one time I talked back to him..."I let my voice trail off, and Will wraps me in his arms again. "It's okay. I got you." I cry into his shoulder trying to get them to understand what Theo had done to me that finally made me leave.
"Why would she be lying about this Bree?" Will asks her angrily. "She doesn't know any of us! What could she gain from this? Ask anyone here though, and they'll tell you they saw the way he kept staring at her all night. Don't try to deny that you didn't see him too."
"Bree, that sounds a lot like what you told me about him," a wolf named Laurel says, and Bree yells at her. "Yes, but he's changed!"
"I knew there was something off about that guy," another wolf says, and there were murmurs of agreement between the others.
"None of you even tried to get to know him! How can you trust this girl over my own judgments!" Bree continues yelling.
"You will lower your voice when you speak to me!" Laurel tells her, and Bree apologizes to who I took to be the alpha wolf.
"You're always dating losers you think you can change Bree," a wolf says, and just as Bree was about to raise her voice again, Laurel silences her.
"What you need to do is sober up, sleep it off, and dump that S.O.B. Look at this poor girl! Do you think it's easy for her to share something so personal in front of complete strangers? You have no idea the pain she is in! I know this from personal experience. You owe her an apology."
"But she is a stranger! Another stray Will happened to pick up!"
Will tells her to shut up. "We've all had to deal with you bringing in guys that don't deserve to set foot in a werewolf's home. Meena has been the only one that I have officially introduced to the pack, and you all know it." I sob under him as Bree screams that she couldn't believe he'd share their secret with me. "I told you she comes from a family of witches! She knows all about the supernaturals!" He tells her, but the pack has now started questioning him too. How was he so sure about that? There were also comments on how I smelled differently. Had I been hanging around with vampires? I lightly push Will away, and Laurel hushes everyone so that I can speak. In a small voice, I explain that I come from a long line of witches, and there was a rumor that there were vampires in my family as well. They were outraged, but Will reminded them that I couldn't control my bloodline any more than they could control their own. I was pretty shocked to hear him accuse a few of them of sleeping with a few vampires though. A heated argument broke out about who slept with what supernatural before Laurel silenced them all. "Keep your eye on him," Laurel tells Bree who had grown quiet.
"He'll get more than that if what she says is true."
"You can't tell him I told you!" I scream out, and Laurel reassures me that no harm will come to me.
"You are looking out for Bree, who you don't even know. That means a lot in our pack. We all look out for one another here. I think we can all agree when I say that you're welcome with us."
Bree was the last to nod, but she did nod as well. I smile but keep my head down.
I had the wolves' trust.
I had to throw Theo under the bus to get it, but he wasn't Theo anymore.
Theo had wanted to know where we were speeding off to, and why we weren't in Bridgeport anymore. I still hadn't answered by the time we pulled up to the bar where she liked to hang out.

I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong. Meena wouldn't tell Bree anything. She's just playing games with you right now.

I don't care what you want, Theo. I'm doing this even if you beg me not to. Especially if you beg me not to.
It didn't take long for the naïve girl to spot me. I tilted my head at her and she grinned. "I knew he'd come back! I told you I didn't scare him off!" She tells the other two idiots besides her.
"Careful Bailey. You know that without permission, you can't-"
"-I know the rules! I didn't mean to tell him! Besides, he likes me. He's still here isn't he?" She answers as she makes her way to me.

Verin, you don't have to do this! Meena didn't tell Bree anything!
"Thought you scared me off, didn't you?" I bring her in for a kiss. She squeals and throws her arms around me.
"Yes! I thought you'd never want to talk to me again after...well, after I told you my secret. It's been a whole week since I haven't seen you! When did you get back in town? Oh! Are we doing something tonight?"
"You could never scare me off sweetheart. I'd miss you too much. Now, we can do whatever you want," I murmur into her neck, and she giggles.
"Stop! My friends are watching!"
"I'm sorry. I can't control myself around you. How about we get out of here and go back to your place? Let's not make your friends any more jealous."
"Okay," she grins. "I just need to tell them I'm leaving. I'm so glad I didn't scare you away."
I watch the pup reach the other werewolves.

This is why I always have backups, Theo. You never know when plans will change.

What does this mean for the girl?

Who are you trying to fool? Me? Or yourself? You're not worried about Bailey. You're worried about Bree. What am I going to do about her now that she's no longer of any use?
I had told Will and his pack that I thought I should go home and be left alone. Laurel had given me an encouraging smile and told me she was there if I needed to talk. Even though I had accomplished what I had set out to do with the wolves, I still scowl at my reflection in what was left of a broken window in what was known as the "bad side of town." I know I should've attempted to make myself appear less intimidating, but that would've been useless for a demon to do. I was still frowning as I walk around the corner and head towards the "abandoned" building that hid the luxurious monster hotel. Ezra had to be around here somewhere. He wouldn't be angry at me for much longer. Not after I play the helpless victim in search of what she really was.
Not a block from the hotel, I bump into a vamp that I had introduced Ezra to. He mentions my smell, scolding me for hanging out with the werewolves, then laughs when I tell him I was browsing for an easily-trained pet. He ends up giving me Ezra's number, and I dial it as I wave goodbye to the vampire. Idiot. The first thing to come out of my mouth was a sorry, but Ezra had still threatened to hang up. I apologize again, and when he asks me why I had used him for my experiments, I hear the pain in his voice, and can't help but smile. I do apologize a few more times, especially for having treated him so horribly, and I pretend to sob as I explain that I didn't know what was happening to me. "I don't know what I am! I'm so sorry! I just wanted to know what kind of monster I was! You have to believe me that I never meant to hurt you. I thought that if I tricked you into making me a vampire, then I wouldn't be so lost anymore. I'm so alone, Ezra. I'm so tired of being alone."
I cry some more, throw in a few inaudible words, and beg him to meet me. "I need to apologize to you in person. Please." I knew he'd agree before I could even wipe the fake tears from my eyes.
I don't know how I hadn't heard him, or sensed he was nearby, before he jumped out from behind a large trash bin. This alone should've been warning enough that something was horribly wrong with this person.
I should've known, but I hadn't, so I yelped back in fright.
"I didn't mean to scare you, Meena!"
There was a hint of admiration in his voice, but I was more angry that anyone could sneak up on me.
"Dude! What the hell were you even doing just-"I stop talking, and his skin-crawling smile widens.
"Yes. I know who you are. I've been waiting so long to meet you. I can't believe I actually frightened you. I didn't, did I? No, of course not. Not you."
I couldn't respond as my brain tried to grasp everything this stranger was saying. He continues talking too fast, his eyes gleaming the more excited he gets.
"You won't believe how long I've waiting for this moment! The work it took to get here, to be standing in front of you, to just be breathing again! It was all worth it! My death, rebirth, I'm finally worthy of being seen by you!"
"Okay. Slow down. How do you know my name?" I hated the way my voice had quivered. A demon shouldn't fear anything, much less some greasy haired weirdo. He laughs, making me shiver, as he tells me how I was even better at deceiving that he could've imagined.
"Pretending to be scared of me!"
I attempt a smile, deciding it be wise to play along, and his eyes widen as he takes a step towards me. It takes every thing I have to not run. If only Ezra would hurry.
I was pathetic.
A demon waiting to be rescued by a newborn vampire.
"You're even more beautiful up close," he mutters, and I laugh nervously.
"You're quite the flatterer."
"No where near enough."
"Did you want something? I'm waiting for someone," I tell him quickly, trying to slow down my breathing.
"Ah, yes. Ezra. The stupid vampire. He's not worth your time. You shouldn't be the one waiting. He should be the one waiting for you to beckon him."
My stomach drops. "You know Ezra?"
"No. My only interest is you of course. I can't believe I'm so close enough to...oh! Can I touch you?"
Oh no. I swallow loudly. "You said you weren't worthy of being around me before. Why are you here now?" I attempt to slow down my speeding heart as he flashes that skin crawling smile.
"I died for you. I was reborn for you."
I had an idea of what he meant, and I prayed that I wasn't right as I forced myself to hold his mad gaze. This couldn't be happening. I don't know why I hadn't seen it before. I had never heard of it being possible, it was an abomination, but with so many supernatural stories being true, why not this one also?
"How long were you dead before you jumped into that body?"
He looks to the sky, and sighs contentedly. "Are you asking me to hear my story? How am I worthy of this?"
He had passed away a few years ago. Since he could remember, he had been fascinated with the occult. Obsessed really. He had devoted his entire life for it, and lost it. He had finally accomplished what he had always known he would. He had liked being a spirit, and refused to pass over. He still had too much work to do. He had heard about The Wicked in life, and had found out that they weren't born that way as many had always believed. They were being made too. He had studied for so many years, tried for so long, and finally figured it out.
"I figured out how to possess a body! I'm alive again! I'm worthy of being in front of you now!"
"How did you decide on the body?" I had to keep him talking. Where the hell was Ezra?
"Earlier today, the owner stepped out, and I quickly took his place. It was difficult, but I managed. I had never been a good human, but I can be one of you now. You'll teach me, won't you? You can, if you want. He will let you. You're the one He chose!"
"Who are you talking about?" It hadn't come out above a whisper, so he continues, "You're kind doesn't like to share your tricks, but you'll explain to Him that I won't tell a soul!" He laughs.
As much as I wanted to ask who he was talking about, I couldn't. He assumed I knew who He was, and besides, this man had been a spirit no more than a few hours ago. He had taken the body of someone who might have come back to it if given a chance.
"Who's the body?"
"Huh? Meena, why does that matter?"
"Because it does!" For the first time, he wasn't smiling.
"No one was in it for a full five seconds! I swear! It wouldn't work with a soul already in the body! I'm not one of The Wicked, I know! I know I should've asked for your permission, but I wanted to show you what I had accomplished!"
"I want you to return it," I tell him and he drops his jaw.
"Are you angry with me? I did this for you! I wanted you to be proud of what I did! I did this for you!"
For me? The possibility that he could start becoming hostile now, was obviously there, but my guilt outweighed it. He had taken over someone's body because he wanted to meet me! What about the original owner? Was his soul lost somewhere? Had it really been his time to go?
"Return it," I order him, my voice strong as the darkness starts coming forward.
"You're angry with me? No, but this was all for you! So, I could be with you. Be one of you!"
At his words, I scream. "I said to return it!"
He stumbles back, but there was more admiration in his face than fear as he gazed at my pitch, black eyes.
"I'll tell Him what you did. He won't be happy that I'm not happy," I warn him, not exactly sure if I was making sense.
"Don't call Him!" He begged me not to be upset. "Don't! Please, Meena! I'll get out! I'll figure out how!"
"Why, oh why am I not surprised?" A familiar voice suddenly asks.
I whip around, feeling her presence too late, and clutch my mouth in disbelief. I couldn't care less that for the second time in only a few minutes, I had been snuck up on and scared.
I could only think about how much this was going to kill Shade.
Where was she? I had been driving around, looking for Meena in the worst parts of town. Actually, right where the supernaturals liked to hang around. No wonder she hadn't wanted anyone to follow her. She was doing something she knew she shouldn't be. I sigh, wondering why I hadn't stayed behind and waited for her to leave. Oh that's right. She was now sleeping with a werewolf. It had taken an incredible amount of strength to not kick the dog as he opened the door and asked me why I, a hunter, was interested in Meena. I told him that was grownup matters, and a wolf named Kim, who I had slept with it at one time, told me to leave the poor girl alone. I had no idea what Kim had been talking about, but they wouldn't say more. The wolves had always been stubborn, and knowing it'd be useless to try to get them to talk, I left, but not before warning Will to keep his paws off of Meena.
Checking my phone in the bathroom, I see Bree had called five times now. That was four times too much for the proud wolf to be calling when I didn't return her call. I listen to her hysterical voicemails, as Bailey asks me to come back to bed. Theo was quietly hoping I wouldn't answer Bree. He didn't want me to hurt her. Well, I didn't feel like dealing with him or her at the moment. I had to deal with Meena first.

Wait. What are you going to do?

I'm going to Will's and have a word with the little demon in his bed.
I couldn't believe it. Maia was standing, floating, in front of me. When did this happen? How? I honestly didn't know where to begin. Not like she gave me a chance to ask anything before she rolled her lifeless eyes and told me to stop acting as if I cared. I managed to say Shade's name, and her expression softened slightly before she scowled again. "He knows. The mermaids told him."
"So, the mermaids? Why-"
"-you." She points to the weirdo staring at her with disapproval.
"Tsk. You shouldn't speak to her that way," he says.
"Oh, shut up. This is about you. Don't you think there's a reason that no other spirit has tried possessing a body?"
"They wouldn't know how to. They wouldn't be able to accomplish what I-"
"-how long have you been in there? A day? You're not one of The Wicked. The longer you spend in a body that you weren't born in, the faster your soul will burn out. You're such an idiot. You only discovered how to enter hell that much faster, and He won't be pleased when you get down there. Isn't that why you do this? To get His approval?"
"Not just for Him! I did this for her too!" He points at me, and there was that eye roll from her again.
"She doesn't even know who you're talking about! You did this for yourself!"
He starts screaming at her that this was more than just him wanting to get approval from me and from whoever He was, but I tell him to shut up as I ask Maia to explain everything she knew.
"Like I have nothing better to do?"
I wait for her to continue, and she sighs. "How about you start with all the spirits you've seen lately, Meena."
I blink, "I haven't seen any."
"Yeah, because rumor in the spirit world is that a certain good girl gone bad has been losing herself, and can't be bothered to help any of us. They are all scared of the one who is giving in to her dark side. I finally decided to check out who they had all been talking about, and surprise, surprise they've been talking about you. He broke your heart, didn't he? Well, move the hell on."
"I'm so not talking about him with you," I tell her and she shrugs.
"He broke my heart too, you know. Because of you. Well, at least he cried when he realized where I've been all this time. it's way more than I deserve."
"I'm sorry," I start to say, and she signals for me to stop.
"Just cause I've died and you're one of the few who can see me, doesn't mean we're going to be friends."
"Then, why are you here?"
"To tell you that you need to stop this from happening ever again." She motions to the weirdo who had been studying me with confusion.
"You heard her," I say, "get out of that body unless you want to burn out."
"How do I know she wasn't lying?" He asks, but sounds unsure.
"Maia, tell him-" I look over to the empty spot where she had just been. Would she be back again? Crazy ex of my ex possibly haunting me was deeply unsettling. "Would you rather risk it? Didn't you come across any of this while you were doing whatever research you were doing?"
"There's too many myths mixed in with truths. It was a risk, but I knew it'd be worth it, if it meant being with you and with Him. She was lying, wasn't she? About you not knowing who He is? How is that you don't know who He is, if He's chosen you Himself?"
"Get out now," I flash him my dark eyes again, and he can't hide his fascination to see someone else's face reflected in my eyes.
"I'm going to find a way again. I can't be a spirit anymore. Not after knowing what I can do."
"Why don't you worry about not burning out first?" I remind him.
"I can't!"
He had been trying to remove himself from the body, and was getting more desperate, and afraid the more he failed to do so.
"Try again. There has to be something you're not trying," I say, and he holds his head in his hands, stomping his feet in front of me.
"I can't! She was right! I won't be able to get out! You have to help me! You're the reason I'm here! I wanted to be with you, to be by your side, as your servant even!"
"You wanted to be a demon! You didn't do this for me! You did this for yourself!" I shout back.
I don't know how it happened. He was screaming that he was going to burn out as he ran towards me, and I was furious that he was blaming me, trying to make me feel pity for him. The darkness was there, and for a split second I wanted to make him suffer just for wanting me to feel anything for him. He wanted to be a demon? I was a demon! He was a nobody that gave his life for something he could never be! How dare he think he was worthy of being my equal?
All this ran through my head as he ran towards me. My hands went right up to his face, holding him still as he shrieked and my eyes burned into his.
I had him right where I wanted.
He screamed.
I laughed.
The body collapses on the floor.
It only takes a second to realize what has happened.
I gasp for breath, preparing for the inevitable scream.

The soul was in me.
It had been sucked out from the body by the palms of my hands, or maybe by my eyes as he had begged for mercy. This wasn't at all what I had felt with Shade. The soul's pain was in me. I screamed, as he did. I clawed at my skin as he did, desperately looking for a way out. "Stop, stop!" I pleaded at it, knowing it was useless to ask for it's help when he was asking me the same. I was crying now, the soul was withering in me, twisting in anguish, and desperation. Every possible negative emotion that could be felt by a person was ripping at every nerve in my body, and I was as helpless against it as the soul that was helpless against the demon that was feeding on him. I scraped at my hair, and at my skin, and bawled until I tripped on the body.
I gravely place my hands on his face, willing the soul to leave.
I didn't want it in me.
I didn't want to hurt it.
I wanted it gone.
I blink back tears in gratitude as the tainted soul lashing in me slipped out of my fingers.
In horror, I back away from it.
I walked out of the bar, and heard the screams. My feet realized it was her before I did. I ran towards her, praying to anything and everything I could, that she wasn't hurt.
I crash into something cold and hard, and I spring back from it.
"Meena? I heard you screaming....what happened?"
Ezra's eyes widen at the sight of me, and even more so at the sight of the body.
I throw myself onto him, careful not to unclench my fingers. I cry and beg into his chest to take me away. I was hysterical, but if the sight of me frightened him, he didn't show it. He swooped me up, and we fled.
I'd be lying if i said I didn't feel free.
I finally knew who, what, I was.
She had her arms clutched tight around the vampire as he sped off. I had halted because I couldn't believe she was in a Night Child's arms, crying into his shoulder. Not in fear as I would've strangely preferred, but in gratitude that he was there. I only continued running when I saw the motionless body on the snow. I quickly pulled out my phone and dialed for an ambulance as I checked for a pulse.
I gave directions and hung up as I turned towards the direction Meena had gone, and back down at the man with the weak pulse.
"Meena, what the hell did you do?"
I couldn't even try to deny the fear in my voice.

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#1freerealmsFeb 24, 2015

OMG!!! MEENA ARE YOU OK MY BABY GIRL!!! THAT DANG ON STUPID GHOST! I would have left the ghost like that honestly cuz he made me mad tryin to blame it on her!

It was funny how Meena threw Verin under the bus to get the wolves trust. ITS CALLED SURVIVAL OF THE FITTING VERIN or in their case the smartest.

Shade I know what you SEE looks preeeetty baaaaad buuuuut ummmm... THERE IS A GOOD EXPLANATION! YUP YUP YUP! YOOOUUU SEEEEE! The ghost was a retard and stole a body n honestly I believe Meena in some way helped him out whn I would have left him to go to hell and burn for eternity. MEENA ISN'T AS BAD AS SHE SEEMS RIGHT?! NOW GO GET UR GIRL BACK FROM THE HOT INNOCENT VAMPIRE N BABY BOO LOVE THE MESS OUT OF HER!

Also I dont care how Maia wants to pop up I would have broke out some ghost buster stuff on her as soon as she showed up! I just can't let things go as u can tell. MAIA YOU WILL NEVER BE WELCOMED BY ME EVER! SHADE SHOULDN'T HAVE CRIED FOR YOU CUZ I WAS REJOICING IN THT SEEN! IT WAS ONE OF THE HAPPIEST THINGS I'VE SEEN!!!

I love this whole story n will always wait for any story you use.

#2WintersmithVIPFeb 24, 2015

You know what a great book or story do to me? I am really in that book or story and don't hear or see anything else. This story has the same effect on me, I totally forgot my coffee, didn't here the radio anymore (and I am a music-freak!). Wow, thanks for another awesome chapter, Alessa! \:\)

#3NicholaSimFeb 25, 2015

OMG! This chapter was.. awesome!
Meena..? Oh, dear god! You have changed-from a bad girl to super bad girl! XD But, she said that she finally knows who/what she is. Hope she is mean on getting back to normal, sweet, lovely Meena..? Please, Alessa, tell me that this is truth! Tell me that Meena is getting back to normal. But, need to say, plan to destroy Theo.. points for you, Meena.
But, also, Theo knows that Meena is danger to him. Is he really going to get rid-off Meena? Or she still needs him?
And, Shade, don't judge Meena.. Please..
As always, left with a thousand of questions, and patiently waiting for new chapter. \:\)

#4behemoth_blueFeb 26, 2015

I loooove this chapter!
So, Meena's gone a bit batsh-- crazy, hasn't she? Looking to feel a soul like she did Shade's? I guess she was able to feel him because they are both something different. Aaand, that almost makes them "made for each other", right? Or is that just some silly romantic notion of mine? \;\)

Anywhooo, I would definitely have to say that Verin is my favourite character in the story (especially ever since he's been having these chats with Theo), so I was kind of rooting for Verin/Theo in his little scuffle with Meena. I know, I know, he's the bad guy, but he's that type of bad guy that's so bad that he's good, you know?

Now, as for Shade, I'm looking forward to see what he's going to do now that things really don't look so good for Meena.
Can't wait for more!

#5taj39759VIPMar 1, 2015

As I was reading I could here "animals" by maroon 5 in the background.

Sugar Honey Ice Tea! Where is this going? So many things happening.

MEENA: Get it together! SHADE: WTH save her! THEO: You do you Booboo!

#6loryram2Mar 5, 2015

U're welcome Alessa \:wub\: U rock that was amazing!
That Ghost was SO, very creepy! I got the feels!
I just can't have enough of this evil Meena. \:cool\:
And this Theo& Verin combo is just priceless, so much fun seeing them argue :P
I really like Will and Erza too, but how HAPPY can a girl be having sweet Shade back \:wub\:

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