When Nothing is left VI
Published Jun 19, 2013

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Only two more chapters and this story will finaly end. :)

Only two more chapters and this story will finaly end. :) Sharlotte's POV:

Strong. I repeated to myself. The girl in the book was strong , but was I? No home, no friends to count on. The thought of being alone for the entire life just shocked me. Of course I was being silly. Everything would be better. It had been only two weeks since I had lost my house, but it felt like eternity.
Sky was already getting dark, but I couldn’t bear to stay in that house any longer. Except… I had nowhere else to go. Bank still hasn’t given me money for the damage. And I am left here reading some novel, where everyone gets their fairy tale ending. The air smelled of spring – flowers and fresh cut grass. To some this house would be a palace, to me it feels like a cage. “Don’t you get bored of reading that book?” My favourite person on the world asked.
“It’s better than watching TV.” I replied.
“So it’s better than spending time with your friends too?” She frowned.
Oh, yes. It was much better to sit here outside than to listen to her stories about uncountable boyfriends she got these two weeks.
“Ok, then I will tell Matthew to go away, because you would like to sit all by yourself outside and stare at some book.” She smiled and started to walk away.
“Stop!” I almost yelled.
Was it really true? I had tried to call him several times, but he never answered or his phone had been turned off. But now after all this time my heart started beating faster. He was here and it was for me. A true friend… Or something more?
He looked surprised to see me. Like I was some kind of ghost. I admit, I didn’t look well, but it wasn’t so bad. On the other hand, he was just perfect. I had almost forgotten how he looked.
“Sharlotte?” He asked surprised. As if he hadn’t thought to see me here.
How I yearned to wrap my arms around him. To tell him… Tell him what?
And I went for it. It didn’t matter if he would respond. I wanted him close to me. And when I felt his arms around me I smiled. All seemed to disappear and I could feel his breath on my neck.
“You didn’t pick up your phone.” I complained. This was awful. I should have said something nice.
“I’m sorry. I was busy.” His answer was simple and I felt coldness in his voice, though his arms held me tight, as if he was afraid to let me go.
Suddenly some blonde girl came in through the door.
“Sorry, I am clumsy. I couldn’t close the car’s door.” She smiled sweetly then looked at me. “You are Anne?” She asked.
I felt mute. Words just didn’t come out of my mouth. Who was this girl and what was she doing here with Matthew…
“No. This is Sharlotte. My childhood friend.” Matthew corrected her.
A friend…
“Nice to meet you. I am Camille.” She was so pretty. Her plump lips and grass green eyes . She looked like and angel.
“Oh, a family meeting. How wonderful.” Anne showed up in doorway. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Camille.” She smiled.
“You must me Anne.” This time she was correct. “I have heard so much about you.”
“Mostly bad, I guess.” Anne laughed and led the way in to the living room, where everyone seated themselves.
That Camille didn’t take her eyes off me. I felt uncomfortable. On the other hand, Matthew tried to ignore me with all the power he had.
“So how is your new house in the city centre?” Anne asked with smile. She had something on her mind… She never had smiled so sweetly.
“I sold it.” He said as cold as ice. “I didn’t like the cold feeling I got from there.”
“So where will you live now?” She asked.
He was silent for a moment. He was hiding something.
He looked at Camille and smiled. Oh god, she really was his girlfriend. And how long already? Was this the reason he was so weird last time we met?
“I am thinking about moving away from the city.” Matthew finally said.
“I am happy for you.” I blurted out. I was angry. I wanted to scream, to say at least that I had been waiting for him to come and without a girlfriend.
He looked at me with those blue eyes and I got lost.
“For now he is living with me.” Camille smiled. “It’s very hard to live with him, because he is such a slob.” She laughed.
They lived together already? Why was I here?
“I heard about your home, Sharlotte. I am so sorry for you.” She made that pretty face that no one could resist.
“Thank you.” I murmured. Maybe I could just slip away. Out in the fresh night air, where I wouldn’t feel suffocated.
“So where do you work?” Anne asked Camille.
They continued to talk, but I couldn’t hear them anymore. I looked at Matthew, but he was still ignoring me. All eyes on Camille. And then I went for it. Slowly I made my way to the doorway and then ran out.
“Peter?” I asked shocked when I almost knocked him down.
My blood was boiling in the cold night air. He was the last person I thought I would ran into.
“Hey, Sharlotte. I tried to call you, but you didn’t answer.” He looked sad.
“Sorry, I wasn’t feeling well.” I had been ignoring every message and call from him. I had felt hatred towards him too, but now I didn’t know what was happening. My head said to go back home, but my body resisted.
Suddenly I wanted to kiss him passionately. At least he would want me. Maybe I could even leave Anne and her parents’ house and stay with Peter for a while. And then I was kissing him. And for this moment it felt good. I was in the right place on the right time.
Some part of me hoped that Matthew could see this and he would understand something. But what could he understand. It wasn’t like we were together.
“You are little fierce thing.” He said smiling. “Would you care to join me for a walk?” He asked when I let him go.
The way he behaved and treated me as an equal person. I adored how he spoke. I knew that I liked him. So what had it been inside there? I grabbed him for another kiss. His warm lips pressed against mine. I thought that this was the best feeling. Could I have been wrong?
“Let’s go.” I said taking his hand in mine. “And could I stay this night at your place?” I asked sweetly.
“Of course you can.” She laughed and squeezed my hand.
Matthew's POV:

One moment she was sitting right in front of me and the next she was gone. Camille and Anne were pretending they hadn’t seen her leaving.
“So when will Peter arrive?” Camille asked excited.
“Oh, he is fashionably late, as always.” Anne sounded bored.
“Should I get Sharlotte back?” I asked Anne.
When she ignored me and continued to talk with Camille, I looked out the window. I saw Sharlotte and she wasn’t alone. In her arms was Peter.
I sat on the couch again… Blinked a few times. Here I was trying to forget her, let her out of my mind, but my body couldn’t do it. It all ached. Seeing her with him made me angry. I would punch a wall if this were my home. I sat there still, with their voices in the background.
“Why are you so pale?” Camille saw me and asked worried.
“They… they left together.” I didn’t know how to say it.
“What do you mean they left together?” Camille stood up.
“Oh, god. Another family argument. When will this end?” Anne got up and went to make some coffee.
I saw her face. Her pretty face was all in pain. And then I could see that she loved Peter, her boyfriend. And this evening would have been good for her. If only I had not ignored Sharlotte and stopped her. Why did she leave? This evening would have opened Sharlotte’s eyes. She would have seen who Peter really is.
“Matthew, I want to go home, please.” Camille said. “I had something important to say to him, but now it is no use. He has done it again…”
“I will take you home, come.” I took her by her hand and lead her to the car.
This had been a horrible evening. I had lost Sharlotte and Camille had lost her love. Guess we both suffered today and have something in common. I wonder how long it would take to forgive and forget… I love you Sharlotte… I mean… I loved you. Now I have to move on.
Thank you for reading. Next chapter is the last one. :)

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