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Published Jul 1, 2015

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Hi! Sorry for the long delay... the story was deleted because of the problems of the page, and I had to rewrite it all over. But hey, it's finally here!

Long chapter, yes, but a loooot happens here, so enjoy your reading! ♥♥♥

Hi! Sorry for the long delay... the story was deleted because of the problems of the page, and I had to rewrite it all over. But hey, it's finally here!

Long chapter, yes, but a loooot happens here, so enjoy your reading! ♥♥♥
We had just taken two steps out of the house when Maya and I stepped across Dylan, our neighbor. I'd met him the day after I moved in, and he had tried to flirt with me at the moment. I still didn't know if I had liked it or not, but my mind was elsewhere at that moment, so I didn't really give it a thought.

''Oh, hey'' he saluted.

''Dylan! Long time no see!'' Maya smiled cheerfully, but I could see she wanted to go as soon as possible to that party.
''You know Jamie, right?'' she asked. The day I met Dylan, she told me to go to his house and greet him because I was the new one in the building, so she already knew we had met before, but she used that innocent tone and sweet smile to hide it.

''Yes, of course'' he looked at me with that everlasting smile. ''Jamie''

''Hi'' I answered.
''So, erm...'' he cleared his throat. ''I'm actually going to that party in the Aquarium club...''

I crossed my fingers. 'Please, tell me that party is not the same we're going to', I thought.

''Same as us!'' Maya said in excitement.

'Goddamn you, Universe', I swore in my mind.
''I have to meet some friends there, but I think we should go together'' Dylan suggested.

''I don't think...'' I started to complain, but Maya interrupted me, hitting me with her elbow. ''Ouch''

''That's a great idea, actually'' she smiled.
''I thought this was a girl’s night...'' I muttered.

''Tssss, you'll have fun'' Maya whispered back.

''Hey'' Dylan interrupted, ''what's that on your cheek?'' he pointed at my best friend's face.

''Long story sort'' she shrugged as if she didn't care, but I felt how her body tensed beside mine.
''I have time'' he kept trying.

''I... well, I got...'' Maya's voice trembled. She didn't like to talk about the accident, less with a boy that neither of us knew that much about.

''I think it's the time to go'' I interrupted her. I headed towards the elevator and pressed the button, leaving a shocked Dylan and a smiley Maya behind my back.
The Aquarium Club was just fifteen minutes away from home in taxi.

Dylan had decided to shut his mouth and had limited his interactions with us to slight smiles, while Maya muttered things in my ear, like: 'Look who's suddenly in a bad mood, don't know who you're reminding me of', 'thank you for that back there, you're a good friend' or 'well, at least he's hot'.

He bowed his head to say goodbye as soon as we got to the building, opened the door and ran to meet his friends. I sighed. Maybe I had been too rude, but I really was just saying whatever crossed my mind without second thoughts.
I followed Maya to the elevator and walked behind her when we stepped into the main room. It was filled of people dancing, kissing, drinking, singing, talking in whispers or just shouting.

''Oh God...'' I muttered.

''This is the best party ever!'' Maya clapped her hands, laughing. ''Let’s go dance there!''

She grabbed my hand and brought me to the corner of the dance floor.
Maya led me through the people, fighting our way to the corner. The laughed and sang, and I started feeling dizzy. Small space, lots of people, noises everywhere... I couldn't even hear my own thoughts.

And Seth was nowhere to be seen.
We finally got to the spot Maya had chosen for us, far enough from all the people, as I gladly noticed.

She then laughed and started dancing, instating me to do the same. And I did.

''I love this song!'' she shouted above the noise so I could hear her.
She started singing. It was there when I started to have fun. I laughed and sang along with her, dancing to the music. I didn't know how to dance, nor did I care. We stopped a moment to get a drink and went back to the dance floor, more joyful than before, if possible. I had missed hanging out with her. ''Yeah, baby, move it!'' I heard someone screaming, and I think I couldn't laugh more. My stomach hurt.

I looked at the crowd, seeing everything blurred. My mind had been blank since the moment I had started dancing and singing, but I should have guessed my peace wouldn't last long.
There, in the crowd, was Seth. Dressed with a white shirt and a loose tie, he looked amazing. Mesmerizing. But there was something wrong. I could feel it. He looked at someone, smiled, and walked out of my sight. My heart started beating fast. There was something wrong, I could feel it. My hands were stiff, and still they shivered. Maya saw him an instant later and held my forearm.

''Is that Seth?'' she asked.

I nodded, unable to open my mouth to respond.
I raised my eyes and saw a blonde guy with a scar on his cheek, dancing joyfully. 'So they're both here', I thought. Maybe this was a good sign. Maybe nothing bad was happening. Maybe I was overreacting.

''Look Maya, Joey's there'' I pointed at him with my head, forcing a smile. I started dancing again, trying to relax.

'Nothing weird is happening. You can just walk to him and say hello and feel as amazing as you were feeling this morning', I said to myself.
''Oh, yes, there he is!'' Maya said in excitement when her gaze fell on her boyfriend. ''He's cute when dancing, right?'' she laughed.

I smiled at my friend. Seth was nowhere to be seen now. Dylan was just by the bar, talking with some guy I had never saw before. Joey turned around and saw Maya, then waved his hand at her and smiled.
Everything was perfect until I saw Seth again. He was dancing with a blonde girl who seemed to not be content with her full body pressed tightly against his, she wanted more, and every now and then, she would turn her head and try to kiss him. He didn't let her, but didn't stop dancing either. I doubted there was any kind of space separating their bodies.

My heart skipped a beat. It hurt. It was a pain that went from my chest to my guts and left a cold behind. I stopped dancing. Maya looked at me, worried.
''What is it?'' she asked.

I pointed at Seth and the blonde girl with my head. She looked at them and opened her eyes widely, then looked at me with that expression of hers that said 'I'm sorry'.

''Oh, Jamie...'' she rubbed my arm. ''I... Well... It's weird because he isn't that confident about girls... I have no idea who's that or why they're...'' she looked over at them again.
They were so, so close. From this angle, it looked like they were kissing. I swallowed.

''I... I think I'm jealous'' I muttered.
''Oh, yes, I understand baby...'' she nodded. I bit my inner cheek. I knew something wasn't right. ''I'm not gonna tell you not to be jealous because I'll probably feel the same if I was on your skin...''

''I... I think I just need to sit down. I'm feeling kind of dizzy right now...'' I wanted to smile so she wouldn't worry, I just couldn't. I close my hands in tight fists to make them stop shivering.
She looked at the floor and nodded.

''Okay. I'll go dance with Joey a bit and then we'll go back home and attack our icecream saves'' she smiled slightly at me.

I turned around and walked to the sofa on the left corner of the club room. From there, I saw how Seth, not knowing I was there, crossed the dance floor following the blonde girl and went out of the room.

Well, unless I couldn't see them now. I sighed.
I sat down and looked at the joyful people dancing in the dance floor.

I remembered all the things Seth had told me the previous night, the things he had told me that morning, the caresses and the way he had tangled his fingers in mine and brushed my hair.

'All lies' I thought. How could it be possible? He had seemed to honest, so transparent for once in his life.
I stared at Maya, laughing and kissing Joey while they danced. Unless one of us had found love.

In my mind, a song was playing constantly. The song for the heartbroken. Yes, I'm talking about 'All by myself'. I was the new Bridget Jones.
Someone suddenly walked to me and stopped just in front of me. I couldn't see the people and torture myself with him there, so I looked at him to complain. To my surprise, it was Dylan. His eyes were shinning and her cheeks were red. He had probably already drunk something.

''You're not dancing?'' he asked.

''That's what it seems like''

He laughed.
''Wanna go grab some drinks?'' he smiled at me.

''Haven't you drunk enough for the whole night yet?'' I teased him. Maybe with this he would leave me alone.

''Never enough'' he winked at me.

He raised his hand, inviting me to take it. I rolled my eyes and placed my hand in his.

''Okay, let’s go''
Ten minutes later, Dylan had already drank three glasses of the house special mix, and I was still looking at my own glass, hesitating. The first time I drank was the night I first met Seth.

''You seemed pretty sad back there'' Dylan commented when he finished his drink. He placed it on the barstool and looked at the bartender so that he would fill the glass again.
''Yeah, well... it's not a good night, I guess'' I lifted the glass from the barstool, getting ready to drink it and feel how the liquid burnt my throat as it passed.

''Wanna talk about it?'' asked Dylan, grabbing his filled glass again. I was surprised he hadn't passed out yet, to be honest.
''Well, you know you can talk to me any time if you need it'' he smiled.

I nodded, but I still couldn't force myself to smile. I looked at the dance floor. Maya was having so much fun; I didn't want her to suddenly tell Joey she had to go because of me. Maybe staying with Dylan for a while was my best choice right now.

''Wanna sit somewhere more quiet?'' he asked.

I nodded.

‘’Let’s toast first'' he proposed. ''For you'' we both raised our glasses.

He winked at me when I pressed the cold glass against my lips. The drink tasted like cologne, and as I had guessed, it burnt my throat in its way to my stomach. 'Disgusting', I thought.

Dylan laughed at my face, stood up and told me to follow him to the tables in the corner.
We sat at a table in the corner. There was a weird silence between us that made me feel irritated. I was uncomfortable near him, but I blamed it on Seth.

''You like writing, right?'' he started saying.

''Yes. It has always been my dream to be a famous writer'' I sighed. ''I guess it'll be just a dream for some time''

''Don't say that''
I frowned at him.

''Never give up on your dreams'' he continued. I could tell he was feeling insecure about what he was saying. Only then I understood that the things he was telling me were the things he told himself.

''You have a dream too?''
''Yes'' he rubbed his neck. He suddenly blushed, but I didn't know if it was because he was talking about something personal or because the drinks were making effect now. ''I play basketball, you know. I've always wanted some good team to notice me... I keep trying''

I slightly smiled at him, surprising myself.

''Keep pursuing your goal''

''You too'' he smiled back at me.
Suddenly, he stood up, took my hand and raised me from the chair. He turned me around and surrounded my body with his arms.

''What are you doing?'' I asked, more surprised than uncomfortable. After listening to him opening his heart to me, my opinion of him had changed. He was a good guy; I had no reason to feel irritated.

''May I have this dance?'' he muttered in my ear.

For some odd reason, that made me laugh. It made me forget his natural talent to ask the worst questions at the worst moments, made me forget to sing 'All by myself' in my mind.
I moved my hips, hoping the dance could fix, even if it was just for some seconds, my broken heart. Then, it was Dylan the one who laughed and danced with me.

I just had to keep my mind blank, and I almost had a great time. But I still had mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand, I wanted not to think about Seth so badly that I would have let myself go completely. On the other hand, it felt weird to be like this with someone I didn't know, and much less like.

He took the hair off my shoulder carefully, and that's when things started getting strange.
He took me to the closest wall and embraced me there, kissing my bare neck.

''Dylan, what are you doing...'' I tried to push him, but he just took my hand and carefully tangled my fingers with his, same as Seth had done last night.

''Do you want this?'' he placed a kiss in my neck. It felt cold and weird, and I didn't like it at all.
''I don't know'' I muttered. All my body was shivering.

He caressed my arm. His skin was burning. 'He has drunk too much', I thought.

''Don't you like it?''

''You're drunk'' I tried to pull him away, but he came closer again and laughed at what I had just done, as if I was playing.
''Dylan, get off me''

He kept kissing my neck. I really was confused. Did I want this? Maybe I had to let myself go to forget. Maybe it was the right thing from me. I remembered Maya smiling at me from the other side of the room; it had been an approval grin.

I opened my eyes, and then I saw him. Seth was standing a few meters away, looking at the crowd. When his gaze fell on me, he froze. He looked at Dylan, then at me. For a moment, he seemed sad. Then, the sadness turned into anger.
My heart pounded fast against my chest with the mixed feelings. This wasn't right, I had to do something.

I almost couldn't see Seth between all the people dancing between him and us, but I heard him clearly when he shouted.

''Jamie!'' he said, pushing people away to get to me.
I knew he was coming to help me. But I wasn't an innocent and defenseless woman, and this was the moment to show that to both Dylan and Seth.

I slapped Dylan as hard as I could. He pulled away and rubbed his cheek, which now had a red mark with the shape of my hand.

''What the hell?''

''I told you to get off me'' I tried to sound mature and serious, though my hands were shaking with fear.
I walked away from Dylan, still looking at him, until my back leaned against something hard and warm.

''I got you'' Seth whispered with his British accent.

He hugged me from behind, one arm on my belly, the other on my shoulders. I let myself close my eyes and calm my breath. My hand fell on his wrist and he tightened his grip.
Dylan kept on rubbing his cheek when he turned around looking for me, hopefully to apologize. My opinion of him had changed three times today, and I would not be able to bear a fourth.

''Are you okay?'' Seth asked, rage burning in his eyes when he looked at Dylan.

''Never better'' I muttered.

He caressed my shoulder, trying to stop me from shivering. It didn't even bother me that he knew exactly how I was feeling.
''Jamie, I...'' Dylan started saying, until he stared up at Seth and me. ''Oh, it's you''

I gave Seth a side look.

''You know him?''

''You can say I do. Kind of'' he tilted his head.
''Jamie'' Dylan fixed his eyes on mine, ''I'm sorry. I really am. But this guy is not a good person. We should go'' he grabbed my hand and tried to pull me away, but Seth didn't let him.

''I'd rather stay with him'' I answered, letting my hand free

''You shouldn't drink so much'' I said.
Seth held me closer.

''You shouldn't go near her again'' he sounded calmed, still I knew that was kind of a threat. He smiled slightly, teasingly.

''You two...'' Dylan started replying.

''Let’s go'' Seth said, interrupting him.

He took my hand and led me out of the room, through a hall. We walked into the elevator. He pressed the button 0, and the doors opened when we got to the first floor. He grabbed my hand again and walked me out of the building.
He let me go and started walking to the back side of the Aquarium Club. I followed him in silent. All of the sudden, he turned around and cross his arms in his chest, with an annoyed look on his face.

''Are you okay?'' I asked.

''No. Not at all'' he responded.
''Why?'' I asked, concerned.

''What was all of that about?'' he sounded bothered. Angry. With me.

''You're saying somehow that was my fault?'' I looked at him, frowning.
''I saw it all'' he said.

''What 'all'?''

''I saw you two dancing'' he narrowed his eyes. ''And drinking and smiling''

''So? You did exactly the same!'' I finally burst out. It felt good to say it out loud, especially to him. It's like I had had a balloon in my chest and finally it exploded and I had space to breath, it had untightened the knot in my throat and now I could speak my mind.
''Do you like him?''

I opened my eyes wide at him, surprised by the question. Now I was the bad one?

''What? No!'' answered angrily. ''You know what I feel...'' I swallowed.

He looked at me from my head to my foot and back.
''I saw you too, you know...'' I muttered, looking at the floor.

He clenched his teeth.

''What did you saw?''

''I saw you dancing with that blonde girl'' I looked at him in the eye. I was filled with sadness, I couldn't be angry at him, but at myself for believing he liked me. ''I saw you kissing her''

He sighed and pulled his hair out of his eyes. The strands immediately fell back on his forehead, making me want to caress them.
He stayed silent, gazing at me. I didn't dare to look at him. I learning what having your heart broke meant. It really felt like it was crushing into little, tiny pieces.

''I trusted you, you know...'' I kept talking. ''I believed every word you told me...'' I fought back tears. I had to be strong. ''This is all a game to you?'' I asked.
I laughed nervously.

''I guess now you're thinking how pathetic I...'' I started saying.

''Jamie'' Seth interrupted me. ''I didn't kiss her''

He took a step towards me. Only then I looked at him again. All of his anger was now gone, but now I couldn't read his expression.

''This has never been a game'' he muttered. ''Me and you''
''What is it, then? Are you trying to punish me? Did I make you angry and now you want to hurt me?''

He laughed, a sad, soft laugh.

''You can't be more wrong'' he shook his head. I could feel how the shell he had locked himself in was starting to break. The things he didn't tell anyone, the ones that had made him like this, he wanted to shout them all to the universe.

I had to keep pressing.
''Tell me about it'' I pleaded. ''Seth'' he looked away from me. ''Seth, please''

But he wouldn't answer. It was buried deep inside him; it could take time to let it out.

I remembered the things he had been telling me since I knew him. I remembered how bad I wanted to kiss him last night, and how abruptly he pulled away. If he wasn't punishing me...

''You're punishing yourself'' my eyes were wide open with the realization.

He looked at me, and all I could see in his gaze is that I was right. I didn't know why he was torturing himself like this, but he was. All he had said was true. He hadn't lied. He just was... not allowing himself to be with me.

But I could fix that.
So I leaned forward and press my lips to his. He jumped in surprised, but I kept going. I closed my eyes like I had seen in the movies. I even lifted my leg. His lips didn't move at first, but when they did, I felt amazing, as if I could fly. They were soft and warm against mine, and he moved his mouth slowly over my own. All my body trembled as a hot sensation filled every part of me. He surrounded my back with his arms and pulled me closer. His lips started to move faster, discovering my mouth.

Kissing felt good. I was floating away from my body, and still I could feel everything he did, every little movement. All his little sighs and the way his fingers moved in my back, or how his arms tightened around me and then loosen.

Oh God, I had kissed him. I quickly moved away from him.
I pressed my hands against my chest. He turned around. I could hear how he tried to calm his breath.

'What has just happened?', I thought. Since when was I so brave? 'Damn it... he is probably mad now...'

''I'm sorry'' I said. ''I shouldn't have done that...''

He looked at me from the corner of his eye.

''That... that was my first kiss'' I thought out loud.
''Damn it, Jamie...'' Seth suddenly said.

He turned around and walked over to me. Placing his hands on my shoulders, he carfeully took me to the wall, one of his hands near my head, the other with a finger caressing my lip. I didn't understand what was happening.

''You're right'' he whispered. ''You shouldn't have kissed me'' I lowered my gaze, ashamed. ''I should''

And then he was the one who kissed me.
It started exactly where the first kiss had ended, with Seth moving his mouth slowly on mine. But then he parted his lips and used his tongue to open my mouth. And everything changed. It felt so different when he started to play with my tongue as I discovered every single corner of his mouth. This felt so intimate.

This was exactly what I wanted.

He bit my lip and I moaned. Seth smiled against my lips.
''You're sure this is your first kiss?'' he asked in a raspy voice against my lips.

''Yes... yes'' I answered. It was hard to talk against someone else's mouth.

He laughed slightly and I smiled at him with my eyes closed.

''You're pretty good at it'' he said, and kissed my once again.
We stayed there till the sun hid behind the ocean. Seth pulled away and looked at the sky.

''It's getting late'' he commented. ''I should walk you home''

''No, I'll go back with Maya'' I answered. ''But thank you''

He nodded and kissed my forehead. Seth being romantic... this was surreal. And I had kissed someone for the first time... not just someone... Seth.
''I'll go find her'' I said while I took a step back, fighting against myself to not kiss him again.

''Wait'' he stopped me. ''Just one more'' he took my face in his hands and placed a soft kiss in my lips, and then he backed off.

''Another one'' I walked closer to Seth and he smiled as I approached him.

''Jamie, you're amazing'' it was the last thing he said before we kissed again.
Finally I wrote it :''3 I enjoyed writing this chapter so so much, and I think a lot happened, so I really hope you like it as much as I do! :D There are still two chapters or three left, so don't worry, you wont be missing Seth anytime soon.

I want to dedicate this chapter to Awaresimblr (I know you're reading this >:D) because... I want to and I have the power so... *evil laugh*

That's all! Have a lovely day ♥

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#1Aisseret NagromJul 2, 2015

Omg I love it \:wub\:\:wub\:\:wub\:\:wub\:\:wub\:\:wub\:\:wub\:\:wub\:\:wub\:\:wub\:\:wub\:\:wub\:\:wub\:\:wub\:\:wub\:
Wish i was as brave as Jamie in real life

#2freerealmsJul 2, 2015

There YOU go Jamie! Who says the guy always has to make the first move? Any girl can take the guy for a surprise and kiss him first! I salute you fellow female!

#3AwaresimsJul 2, 2015

Oh my... How can this be that adorable!? I love it, I want moreee ;_;
#relationship goals

And you dedicated it to meee! *cries tears of joy* Damn ;^;

#4Oli-chanJul 7, 2015

Can't wait for the next chapp \:wub\: \:\)

#5kinorikiJul 30, 2015

Hello! XD Do you know me?
I finally able to read this now, one thing I must say: It's cute!
on to the next chapter...

#6Aurellia19Aug 17, 2015

I love this story of yours \:\)
It really is something I would buy at the bookstore.

Keep on writing

#7wasabichiNov 30, 2015

*melts* FINALLY!!!
and I was laughing like crazy because my first kiss was actually just like this. and what Seth said was similar to what my bf told me, too. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! oke oke... off to the next \:\) :P

#8MaePerezMay 8, 2016

Wow I love it! Finally they kissed

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