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Lizziecat62Feb 16, 2013

hey, you mentioned about 'The Silence' and how we should message/write in your guestbook if we want to know what happens so I thought I'd take you up on that. (you're stories in the Dark Secrets Series are brilliant by the way, especially 'The Night of Haunting')\:\)

eviDec 18, 2012

Dear Warray\:\) May magic fill your days and all your dreams come true this holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New year!\:wub\:

IllianaApr 30, 2012

I think I've read your guestbook comment about a thousand times, and I still can't get over it. \:wub\: What an amazing thing to say!!! How do you really even thank someone for a comment like that? \:o Huh! How about that? You went and made me speechless. Be about a thousand people who would pay you for that! \:D Seriously though, I truly am honored and very thankful for your words. They really do mean far more to me than you will probably ever know. Thanks Warrayfinson! (((Hugs!)))

wickedgoddess_athena711Apr 17, 2012

aw...thank you so much. (gets cookie) it's been such a long long time! thank you for dropping by at my guestbook!!! i miss you sooo much! how have you been? we need a lot to catch up. do you already have a facebook account? maybe we can chat there, what's your latest story so far? i can't wait to get in touch with you again! (hugs then brings out the coca-cola). ^_^

hiedibear75Apr 16, 2012

I admit I haven't been nearly AS ACTIVE as I have been in the past....but....I'm still VERY MUCH "still around". I haven't converted over to TS3 but I'm still having tons of fun with my TS2 Sims so it's "all good". \:cool\: How have you been? Glad to hear I've been so helpful. \:D I check into my guestbook several times a week....so just swing on by. \:\) Anytime you're having problems I'm always more than happy to TRY & help. \:wub\:

hiedibear75Jul 11, 2011

I've been around. \:D  Not making any new stories in forever. \:confused\:  And sadly not even submitting walls pets or lots that much.....but....I've been AROUND. \;\)   How ya been keeping? \:\)  I have managed to go see a few shows & gone swimming a few times. \:cool\:  Take care of yourself. \:wub\:

miller1220Jun 1, 2011

Hi. Your newest story is very nice. Can't wait for the next Forgotten Redemption. I've missed reading your stories! Have a good summer.

wickedgoddess_athena711Apr 12, 2011

right now i have a new job, an adorable baby and a new boyfriend who has accepted me and all my baggages. i havent written anything new in TSR so far. Didnt have the time. my laptop isnt that strong so i dont play TS3 (huhuhu). so far the stories i've written are naruto fanfictions in other sites. i hope i have the time to write new ones here in TSR again

wickedgoddess_athena711Mar 29, 2011

hey! how are you? it's been a loooooong time since we got to chat ^_^

Jaws3Aug 16, 2010

Hey Warray! \:\) I'm reaaly, really, REALLY late gettng back to you! And I'm sorry! \;\) I have an excuse, though! I'm a Queenslander now... We moved up here just over a week ago. I live in Hervey Bay, right next to Fraser Island. It's lovely and sunny, plus the beach is just a stone's throw away! \:D It's been so hectic, though. Moving interstate is NOT fun... moving in general isn't fun. I can't remember where I packed anything! \;\) But things are finally starting to return to normal. I even start school again in a couple of days! \:\) Enough about me. How have you been?

hiedibear75Aug 7, 2010

Heya Warray! \:wub\:  Just swung by the Disability Den & saw your post. \:cool\:  NO MORE BRACE?!?!? \:confused\:  AWESOME!!! \:rah\: I'm glad that wearing that made it so you wont have to have surgery. \:D  You're far too young to be headed down that road. \;\)  I'm still enjoying the heck out of my TS2 game/Sims so it's nice to see not everyone is switching over. \:D  G'day & take care. \:wub\:

bosnombeharJul 26, 2010

Hey! Sorry, I haven't come here since January or something like that, I don't play the game anymore!

scottie_10Jul 22, 2010

Hi, I just want to tell you I LOVE your stories and have read forgotten redemption more than once and I am so happy that you will be countinuing it!\:\)I loved the Silver Lining too. Please countinue!

miller1220Jul 17, 2010

Hi hi hi, Warrayfinson! I'm sorry to hear about the dreadful Sims 2 accident, but glad that you've gotten some things back. THat was probably half a yera ago, since I haven't been on recently, I think. I liked your story, The Silver Lining. It's a pretty one. Oooh, and I recognized the house it took place at! The Teen Style Stuff house. Anyway, I honestly really truly hopefully possibly maybe am going to start a story. Can you help me a little? Where do I go to submit one? Because the submissions area doesn't give the option the submit one, so I'm lost, as usual. And can my stories involve memories/flashbacks of accidental killing? I'm don't know exactly what's going to happen, but I want to be sure that my story will be approved before I spend my time on it. What I think it is is someone unintentionally does something that results in the death of another, but this only happens in the first person's memory. Is that allowed? Hope my story works out and I hope people like it...You should read it if it is published! Okay, bye and have a mighty fine rest of the summer.

Michelle 111Jul 12, 2010

Hey stranger must be school holidays again, I am still around but not as much, spend most of my time at TheNinthWaveSims and SimSafe2. Check them out sometime. How have you been?

Little Cloud Jul 9, 2010

Hey, hey, hey, sorry it took me so long to reply. Long story short, my computer crashed and I don't play Sims anymore T.T I do come on here once and a while though, but it's rare. I tried to leave a list of ways you can reach my, but I'm thinking TRS blocked them all do to their privacy rules and stuff. It looks like you already found me on fan-fic.net though ;p. Anyhow, I've been okay. It's FINALLY summer, which means I'm just fooling around on the computer and relaxing. How have you been? Besides busy with school and other stuff along those lines? ;p

wickedgoddess_athena711Jun 30, 2010

still alive and very busy lately. LOL. my job's contract just ended, time to get a new job!

tifaleMay 6, 2010

Hello Warrayfinson, I've been away from TSR for about a year or so, and I'd just like to show my gratitude for your wonderful comments on my guestbook, I have Megan Fox, Lady Gaga and Zac Efron, due soon.

LivdudeApr 19, 2010

Hello Cousin : ) I haven't been on in ages, i've been so busy with assignments and all. How are you? God, i see from your blog it says you lost all your stories \:\( that isnt very good! Hey, I know this might seem sudden and all, but I was wondering if sometimes during the holidays I could come by and pick up the Sims 2? I traded all my Sims 2 games in for the Sims 3 and then i realised, it wasnt the best \:wacko\: so i do regret trading it in, but I was wondering if I would be able to borrow it off you, and maybe like two expansion packs? I really wanna get back into stories and buliding houses. Don't know when you'll get this but i'll call up soon. Love Livdude \:\)

clairepitts1994Apr 17, 2010

Hey! Good to see you back! It has been a long time\:D I'm not too bad, can't complain lol everything pretty much consists of eat, sleep, homework, eat, sleep, homework and the occasional amount of free time. So what have you been up to lately??

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