About Me

You know you've been playing too much sims when

1. you don't worry about failing school thinking you can just hit the "load" button

2. you guess the rarity of the seeds along the sidewalks

3. you're staring at your sims play the sims, whose sims are playing the sims, whose sims are playing the sims, whose sims are..

4. you start talking to your sims.

5. sims are talking to you.

6. the sims 3 is at the very top in your start menu recent shortcuts list

7. your desktop is filled with .package files

8. you know simlish

9. you taught a baby simlish

10. when you meet a stranger, you imagine the cas menus to the left of them

11. wonder who is simming you at the moment

12. working in CAS has influenced you to get plastic surgery

13. imagine relationship bars for each person you know, even pets

14. when you throw tantrums, you start screaming in simlish

15. a lot of music you hear reminds you of sims music

16. move your head in circular motions before you do something

17. tried the charisma thing in front of the mirror

18. you can answer every bug question in the forums. you've seen them all

19. you get a BSOD saying, STOP_PLAYING_SIMS

20. you forget how to whoohoo because you're distorted by the sims' way of how to woohoo.

21. playing the sims gives you a +50 moodlet

22. you have credit card debt to the sims 3 store

23. you start thinking all your clothes and hair are cc (custom content). you ask your parents for more cc if you're a kid, "i want more c c!"

24. you're paranoid that the next meal will make you gain weight like the hulk, because you're full now.

25. then you think you can lose it all by running for an hour.

26. you have spent more money on harddrives to store your cc with than on the game itself.

27. you think you can get away with burglaries while police is in the same room.

28. you use sim excuses: " I can't repair that TV because that video game is in front of it."

29. you completely ignore your teeth health now, like sims

30. stop playing the sims gives you get a -50 moodlet

31. your lifetime wish is to work at Maxis

32. your social bar fills up when you're playing with the sims

33. your fun bar stays the same and cannot be filled while you're playing the sims --addicted

34. you ignore your hunger, energy, hygiene, and bladder bars while playing the sims

35. you accidentally greet people with "dos ve dana"

36. you accurately karaoke to sims music

37. you've extracted all the mp3 music from the game files for constant listening

38. you mistake korean writing for simlish writing (they look so damn same!)

39. one of your current wishes is to join a EA career, and you've "locked" it

40. one of your current wishes is to play the sims, +1000 reward points

41. you've planted a dollar hoping it'd grow.

42. you mistake the current sims date for the real date.

43. you mistake the current sims time for the real time.

44. there's live fish in your fridge.

45. you prefer sims 3 scenery over real life scenery

46. you'd rather watch your sims walk in the park than going to a real park yourself.

47. the -50 was temporary, but you get a -20 that is CONSTANT.

48. 4/4 of your current wishes are to play the sims

49. before you ask someone about their day, you point your head up, and then nod.

50. you complain to your boss about not coming to work because of your "moodlets."

51. you think everyone has 5 traits and you're trying to figure them out

52. you've bought 2 or more computers to sim simultaneously with

53. you try to rotate a real person like in CAS

54. you hear sims music play when you enter a store.

55. you hear build mode music play when you're at home depot

56. you figured out the entire sims source code just by playing it

57. your simself has done more things than you in your entire lifetime

58. when you're stuck in a route traffic you just wait there, just like the sims

59. you've spent more money on custom content paysites than on the game itself

60. you blame god when you can't get to a certain location, like beyond a fence

61. you think about what current moodlets you have.

62. after a chat with someone, you think whether it was a + to relationship, or - to relationship

63. you see thought bubbles over people, talk bubbles over people, or green sim diamonds over them

64. you sim one sim for a long time, and after awhile you believe you have the same skills that sim does.

65. you blame god for not being able to pee when you need to.

66. you think you're stupid because god didn't turn your autonomous level high enough.

67. you believe you're financially secure because you know cheats.

68. you dream about romancing with one of your own sims

69. you expect lights to turn off by themselves

70. you think about the values of your little artworks or photographs

71. you think about the values of random rocks you pick up.

72. you're hearing voices, sim voices

73. you go looking for shower in a can in stores

74. you see someone and go, "i know what skin he's using!"

75. you see someone's hair and go, "i know who made that hair!"

76. you see someone wearing something and go, "i've downloaded that one!"

77. you've actually seen a couple of people that look a lot like the sim you made (happened to me a lot)

78. when a cash clerk asks you for the method of payment, you think for a second: s______.

79. you see furniture and cant help but think which expansion pack it came from

80. you expect things to sell instantly when you want them to

81. you're a closet simmer

82. you've made everyone you know in the sims

83. you freak out when something is in the way of something

84. you think your sims pictures look better than real life pictures

85. you think about the features your baby would inherit from you and someone else.

86. you've modeled your real house, your friend's house, community lots, your entire neighborhood, etc. all in the sims

87. you're making your simself do exactly the things you're doing up to your current age (including making your sim play the sims)

88. you think about the number of days that are left in your lifetime before you die.

89. your weekend schedule is this: get up, play sims, sleep (okay maybe not sleep)

90. you have gigabytes worth of sims pictures

91. you have the urge to make everyone you see in CAS.

92. you'd rather see sims work out at the gym than getting pumped at the gym yourself.

93. you think your life's destiny and purpose is to create custom content for the sims games.

94. you've met your love interest via talking to them about the sims.

95. you simmed before you learned how to talk or walk

96. you still play through it all even though your computer sucks so much (you get BSODs every 5 minutes and your video card is bleeding acid)

97. you think you have more than one "best friend" (defeats the meaning of the word "best")

98. you see a small hole and think, there must be a tomb around here somewhere

99. people refer to you as "that guy who plays the sims"

100. you see a statue like the one in the sims and think, "pushable statue"

101. you used to be a penny-pincher, but playing the sims has influenced you to be much more of a spendthrift.

102. one of your external harddrives is labeled, "the sims custom content"

103. your cats went hungry, your fish died, but still you persist on spending all your time on taking care of your sims

104. you have an entire bookshelf dedicated to sims software

105. your moodlet right now is: "Depressed: not playing the sims, -20 mood. time left: -"

106. you get anxious or angry when your friends dont return the sims game that you lent them

107. you're playing and reading this at the same time, in which case #105 doesnt apply to you

108. you've mistaken foreigners to talk in simlish

109. when you're at a convenience store next to the software department in the sims section, you feel all proud that you own all the sims titles that are there

110. you sleep with the sims boxes next to you

111. you've labeled a DVD-R of yours "sims custom content vol. IV"

112. your simself has created a simself!

113. you're simulating someone in your house with a sim

114. you invite a friend over, and instead of interacting with them, you simulate what they are doing with a sim

115. whenever you do something, you make your simself do the same thing

116. you log every action your sim does

117. someone asks you what you did today, and you tell them what your sim did that day.

118. you are emotionally affected when one of your sims dies.

119. your diary includes what your sims did to each other that day. "dear diary. martha made up with jana today."

120. the first thing when you go to the mall is wanting to go to the sims section at the video game store

121. your simself's simself has created a simself

122. you've written a novel detailing your sims' life experiences

123. you've cried when one of your sims passed away.

124. you're an expert analyzer when it comes to making sim versions of real people.

125. your internet speed is 56k, your computer is pentium 3, but still you persist on downloading all the custom content you can see

126. you download custom content at your work

127. you really wish you can interact with your own sim

128. you try to simulate what you would do in the sims, then take the outcome seriously

129. your emotional states are directly related to the events created by your sims.

130. it takes an hour to load the game due to cc

131. you complain how boring the sims 3 is yet you play it anyway

132. you've been fired for downloading cc at work

133. when you think "childhood", you think "sims"

134. your load times in the sims 2 surpasses your play times due to cc

135. even though you own sims 3, you still play sims 1 as you're a hardcore junkie

136. you really throw a tantrum when you cannot find the sims cd in your house

137. you've become violent on multiple occasions when something happens in the sims that you didn't want

138. you can name every creator of the cc's that you downloaded

139. you tear up with nostalgia when viewing sims 1 or 2 videos

140. you can recall every text that comes up on the sims load screens

141. you havent shut down your computer for 3 days, with the sims running constantly on it

142. you have withdrawal effects from being away from sims related content

143. 90% of your web browser bookmarks are sims related

144. if you're a guy, girls laugh at you for simming so much

145. your entire family sims regularly

146. you've gone through the pain of replacing every single sim in a cultural city setting with more realistic looking sims.

147. when you think "last summer", you think "the sims"

148. your time searching for cc surpasses your playtimes

149. people find you odd that you're looking at sims pictures in public areas

150. you've had your parents lend you money to buy the sims

151. you've gone to sims rehabilitation

152. you own both the regular edition of the sims, as well as the collector's edition

153. your hamster has begged you to stop playing sims

154. you'd rather watch your sims race around in their cars than doing that in real life

155. you rather watch your sims whoohoo than watch.. yea

156. you've taken pictures of every hidden area in the sims including inside microwaves and cars

157. your wardrobe matches your sim's wardrobe

158. you rotate 360 degrees when in front of a mirror

159. you fulfilled the lifetime wish of every sim in the game in sims 2

160. you try to mark similarities between your town and your sims town

161. your entire sims 1/2/3 content number in the terabytes

162. you used to go crazy downloading stuff off the sims.com site back in sims 1

163. you refer to sex as whoohoo

164. you would still play sims even though your computer is completely saturated with viruses

165. you say the sims was boring from the very first one, yet you've played all three of them (and all their EPs) until now

166. you say the sims music sucks yet you grew into liking them

167. you can still recall the music played back in sims 1

168. you looked up the dictionary definitions of the text on the load screens in the first two sims

169. your wife/husband has divorced you for neglecting to be with her/him

170. you try to copy what your sims are doing

171. you've spent WAAAY too much time finding or making the perfect CAS lot back in sims 2

172. you try to copy your hair like they have it in the sims

173. when you think "my biography", you think "the sims"

174. whenever your sims watch tv, you sit down and watch with them

175. your doctor has diagnosed you with anorexia, insomnia, schizophrenia, and addiction

176. you've gone bankrupt and you've hidden the sims games from repossession

177. you're now homeless and yet you bring the sims games with you

178. you've been charged with misdemeanor for stealing a sim game from a store

179. you stalk EA employees

180. when you're at the library, you expect to find sims content there

181. in some elevators, while listening to their music some of them takes you back to the build mode/buy mode music back in sims 1

182. you've fantasized about a sim

183. you've locked the sims games away in a safe, afraid of being thieved

184. sims 1 refuses to run anymore, so you buy an old computer to run it

185. you're now in therapy treatment area or mental hospital

186. you've migrated from cigarettes to the sims

187. you are dedicating a room for future sims games to be stored in

188. you see dead sims. all the time.

189. when you try to record white noise you get simlish voices

190. the fortune teller tells you what will happen to your sims

191. you've made every celebrity you adore in the sims

192. you're imagining sim versions of people you see

193. you're imagining real versions of sims

194. when you make a sim walk down the beach, you move your camera alongside them as if you're on a date with them

195. you'd rather hear the simlish version of the songs than their real versions

196. you wish your sim would have your babies.

197. you bring a laptop with you for constant simming

198. you confuse real life with the sims sometimes

199. you cant tell the difference between simming and real life. at all.

200. you learned more life skills from the sims games than from real life

201. you are envious of your simself

202. you laugh at your simself when you torture him/her.

203. you think back about someone's name and can't remember whether it belonged to a sim or a real person

204. you're voodooing people with the sims, thinking that if you set their sim versions on fire the real ones will hurt

205. you do a ritual before you play the sims

206. you do a prayer for your sims before you play

207. you think, "this is what god must feel like when dealing with people."

208. you mistake the number of simoleans for your real account balance

209. you've reproduced the events of the world war in the sims

210. you're trying to reproduce the entire human history in the sims

211. you expect that someday, sims will rise up in retaliation against you

212. you've made a zombie town, vamp town, or naa'vi

213. you always feel hungry when watching your sims eat

214. you're paranoid that big brother is watching you or the thought police

215. your gtx280 is dying from running the sims all the time

216. your computer insists on booting on safe mode, and you think "oh what the hell. ill play it in safe mode"

217. your monitor is half broken, there's colored lines across it, and it's stuck in 640x480 resolution. yet you still play it

218. you play the sims even though you don't own a keyboard

219. you can play with only the sound on, no monitor

220. you try to pay off your phone bills in simoleons on accident

221. when you're buying a new home you show the realtors your game and say "this is what i want my house to look like."

222. you use the sims as a real home modeling tool

223. you look for sims objects to buy in real life

224. when you're getting plastic surgery you show the surgeons your sim and say "this is what I want to look like."

225. when you're getting a haircut, you show the hairdo that your sim has and ask them to reproduce it

226. This is your way of picking up on the opposite sex. you say, "God I gotta make you in CAS sometime."

227. You've stolen a sims cd from your friend's house

228. you've developed a sims fetish

229. when people ask you if you have children, you say, "I take care of my sims."

230. You regard the sims as your dogs

231. On a date with someone, you bring him/her to the sims isle in a store

232. You had all your skills maxed when you were playing The Sims Online back then

233. You cried when one of your sims died, but you didn't cry when one of your dogs died

234. back in the sims 2, you took the astronomical signs seriously as a real life dating compatability indicator

235. You hear the word "sin" and you think, "sims"

236. you thought you heard someone whisper in simlish

237. every acronym looks sims related

238. You've guided the Israelites out of Egypt to the promised land, punishing sims as needed...

239. then you drowned King Pharoah and his army of (hydrophobic) men in a pool of water...

240. then did a Chinese and French version of it

241. you've stolen the sims cd from a little toddler, on their first birthday party, given as a present

242. you want the sims cd's to be with you or next to you on your deathbed

243. your tombstone is ingraved with the sims logo on it

244. you have a sims tattoo

245. your underwear has green plumpbobs

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simsjeanieDec 21, 2010

Dear sfsix, if you should happen to come along I just want to say I wish you
a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a
great time and may all your wishes come true! Hugs from
Jeanie, leaving some x-mas cookies at your doorsteps ... for you and for Santa

FreyanSamMar 21, 2010

Hi and thanks for the comment on my screen 'Camp by the river' Have a lovely Sunday!

RepulsiveDesireMar 21, 2010

Hey there, on Beach Babe yes the background is from TS3, but I edited the lighting a bit. I was trying to make it look less sky blue and a bit more stormy.

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