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Venetian Decorative Pack, August 22nd

The Venetian Decorative Pack is scheduled for publication on August 22, 2016. It's a decorative clutter add-on pack for the Venetian Bedroom Suite.

The decorative pack includes a throw for the Venetian bed, a bench, dressing table, carnival wall mask, perfume bottle, landscape and portrait paintings by a famous Italian painter (each with several variants) a large and small decorative chest, a wall light for makeup application, and a display easel. I hope you enjoy your stay at the Venetian! An updated collection folder for the Venetian Bedroom Suite and Decorative Pack is available for download at MediaFire, here.

Thanks so much for the many "welcome back" and lovely comments on my creations, I really appreciate them!


Carolyn aka, Cashcraft

Random question #1

What happens if your young adult sim gets a tattoo and then you use testingcheatsenabled true to turn them back into a kid? Will the tattoo stay on them, will it vanish, or will that part of their body become invisible? It's not a burning need type of question, I was just curious.

Thanks :-)

Mods I have downloaded

If any of these mods sound interesting, I will do my best to find them again for you!


  • A cute teen crop top with a string back
  • A double braid hairstyle in which one braid makes sort of a mowhawk (it looks a lot cooler than it sounds)
  • Child girl's jeans
  • A maid outfit
  • A messy braid for a toddler
  • A sleek, modern crib (I haven't used this one yet)
  • An outdoor outfit for toddler girls
  • Pearly lip lacquer
  • A cute girl's crib with a sort of sliding bar door
  • Toddler girl disney princess tees
  • A two piece dress for teens
  • A wedding dress
  • Windswept toddler boy hair
  • A dark ages dress (this is absolute rubbish, it makes their skin look like part of the outfit)
  • Garin Estate
  • A old-timey bicycle
  • Medieval clothing for men
  • Medieval gown for teen girls (and possibly young adults, I'm not sure)
  • Medieval teen girl merchant clothes (haven't used yet)
  • Medieval nightdress for teen girls
  • Medieval shoes for men (haven't used)
  • Medieval-ish dress for girl children (haven't used)
  • Midcopse Hut
  • Riverburg Keep
  • The Dragon's Roar - a bar
  • Traveller's Shoppe - a store
  • Wizard cloaks (rubbish)
  • A single person Ariel themed bed
  • A Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster
  • A set of three Marvel posters
  • Harley Quinn's hair (not the best but a cool hairstyle)
  • Rapunzel's dress from Tangled
  • Rapunzel hair (not actually long, so rubbish)
  • Harry Potter poster


I need friends :'(

Since none of my close friends play The Sims 3 (they all play Sims 4 or none at all), I cannot find anyone I want to friend over TSR or The Sims 3! If you want me to, I will totally friend you, especially if you create cool stuff!

Celestial Sphere Lamp Set

Celestial Sphere Lamp Set

Finally figured it out! (Plus introduction)

Ahh! I finally figured out where and how to download my beloved CC for sims. It used to be so much easier. But yay, there's a blog here!


Let me introduce myself, My name is Onyi. I'm 19 and have been married for a year and some months (No we do not have any babies or plan to ever have any). My first sims game was on the gamecube, and I still play it every now and then. As far as I know it was really the only sims with a 'campiegn' like mode. I work from home as a wholesale reseller, it get's a lot of hate but it pays the bills. I crochet and spend way too much time on the sims. I'm a vegetarian but not one of the ones who shame meat eaters and shove it down other's throats. Only reason it's mentioned here is because this a post about me.


My Family: Joey (The hubby) Luis and Dodo (The furbabies ((cats))) Katie and lady (Furbabies ((Dogs)))


Joey works at Gamestop so when we record for youtube we can save a decent bit of money from the games and such. 


Okay, I don't know what else to put so.. .. .. Bye!


Much love ~Onyi

Becoming SA and quick update

Hello everyone! 

First of all, apologies for the short absence, I was on holiday for the past two weeks so that's why I haven't posted new content :)

Second, I became Select Artist! I still can't believe I have been given this wonderfull opportunity and can't thank you guys enough for all the downloads, comments and lovely messages :D

I'm back for a few days and then am going on holiday again for 10 days, so hopefully I'll get some new content your way and I hope you all have a great summer (or winter, depending on where you're from :D )


Much love,



100,000,000 downloads! thank you to all ♥

What a blessing to enter TSR today and see this milestone!
100,000,000 downloads! o.o *yay* *yay* *yay*
Just want to share this happiness to all downloaders which helped us to achieve such amazing mark :)

Please receive all our love, respect and gratitude by your appreciation and fondness regarding our work!
It always keeps us strong to keep bringing more :)

♥ a huge and sincere thank you to all ♥
*yay* *yay* *yay*

More or Less cc?

Hey guys, 

Lately i've been starting building lots again and i'm really enjoying it. I downloaded so much nice stuff on here and i just want to use everything. I always love to detail my houses with all this cc. But then when the house has a lot of cc i don't get as much downloads.. (which i also get, because it's so much to download)

So my question is, do you prefer houses or community lots where there is a lot of cc, or maybe lots with almost no cc, or nothing at all? I'm trying to see what people would want to download so i can build that in the future!

Anyway, happy simming! x Juulssims

Back to School

Hello everyone! For the following months, my uploads won't be that frequent as compared to my recent streak of houses being submitted because classes have officially started. I am in my Senior year in college already, and that's what I'll put first. But don't fret, I'll be uploading from time to time so that you have great houses for your sims and I won't be out of the scene immediately. I'm gonna upload one this week, so wait for that. :)

Here's a sneak peek:

Creating a Ramen Restuarant

In Between University, i've started to come back to playing sims 4, after my laptop no longer likes the sims 3. so i thought with the latest pack out, i would design a ramen shop; inspired by my binge watching of Netflix Japanese Dramas (Good morning call especially) 

Below is just a screenshot unedited from ingame. :]

screenshot-ramen shop

Modern Loft - Bedroom

For the past year I've been steadily building and designing custom lots for my Sims 3 world Crimson Falls (built from Visty6's small-medium world Simta).

I've got 24 lots so far, and Modern Loft is my latest creation.

The images included here offer a sneak peek into the 2nd floor master suite. The home is furnished for a Stylist Sim and is designed in hues of red, black, blue and seafoam green.

New creation coming out this august!

Yeah, i´m going to publish my FIRST CC for The Sims 4. Coming soon!

Venetian Bedroom Suite, July 30th

My latest set "Venetian" is scheduled for publication on July 30, 2016. The set includes a half-canopy bed, which I created over 2 years ago and then I forgot it every existed, lol!

The Venetian was inspired by the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV, it's a glitzy over-the-top casino with a canal and gondola rides for the tourist. 

Also, included with the set is an end table, table lamp, mirror, an antique cupboard and shelving unit (both have slots for decorative objects), decorative pillows for the bed and a fancy crystal chandelier to hang from the bed's canopy.

Currently, I am working on an accessories pack for the Venetian, it should be coming soon *crosses fingers.*

I had a lot of fun creating this set and I hope you enjoy it! A collection folder is available for download at MediaFire, here.



Yard Sale Lamps

Yard Sale Lamps

About the Lamps after EA Patch

There was a generell update for the Lamps on TSR. So all Lamps you download new should work in Game now. 

Delete the old lamps from your Mods Folder and bring them in new downloaded. 


who am i:

name: romy

age: 15

live: netherlands

hobbies: singing

fan of: im a huge justin bieber fan and i'm fan of blake gray( a boy from musically)


Hello Everyone, Ive been away for quite awhile, my Mom pasing away had a profound effect on me, I lost my drive to create and my love for Sms seemed to disappear or maybe its been sleeping. Coming to see what everyone is creating at TSR is like coing home , I see old friends / Artist and new ones and as always the best of the best are here at TSR. Ive downloaded alot in both Sims 3 and Sims Im still not liking Sims 4 very much but I never say never anymore, lol. Im back and not back I really want that feeling to come back but its gotta come on its own time, I do look forward to using all the wonderful things you most talented Artist have created so hopefully someday soon I will be back and maye creating with you. You have always shown me kindness and love something you get from no other comunity like I do at Sims comunity and that mean alot to me. So keep creating your master pieces and I hope to be working with you soon, take care lots of love to you all.


Thranduil sim for the Sims 4 by me ~ available soon to download

Thranduil sim for the Sims 4


Finally holidays, a beautiful island awaits me ;)


I've had a few comments on my banner.  So just an FYI, this is a picture of Blackwater Falls in Davis, West Virginia.  I live about 60 miles away and it has always been one of my favorites places.  I have many good memories from there with my friends and my Grandfather Russell, God rest his soul.  My Grandpa and I used to go fishing a lot around these places.  You can get some awesome Trout!!!  Happy Simming!!   Robin aka RockinR

To The Creators Of TSR

I just want to thank ALL of the people who have created things for all of The Sims games. You all do an amazing job and I hope you continue to work your magic making things for us to use and appreciate in our Sims games to make our game play that much better, no matter which ones we play (Myself I now play Sims 3). :)

Template change

I'm sorry for the inconsistency, but I'm still testing out different front preview templates (pictures of lots) as of the moment.

Building Spree

As some of you guys noticed, I keep on uploading homes these recent weeks. I'm aiming to build and upload as many as I can as long as I have the time. This is probably what's next and awaiting publishing. Check out my other builds as well. Happy simming everyone!

Upcoming home

Upcoming Bungalow

This is gonna be my first take on traditional-looking small houses. Watch out for Vallerie tomorrow! A 2-bedroom home suited for your sims' daily needs.

Vallerie preview

Custom Lamps

Looks like ALL custom lamps and light fittings are not working since July 14's update. I was building a house yesterday and noticed that when I tried to place any custom lamp it responded with a "script call error." Also noticed when playing my existing houses that previously used custom lamps, that the lamps are missing now. Shame updates randomly break stuff like this. LOL

On a different note, take a look at these sculptures! Would be cool to have something like this in The Sims 4.


Hey guy and Girls who Loves the Sims games. i am going to make some sims for yall.. i might make Justin Timberlake and other celebs!

if there is anyone eles that want me to make a sim. i will  and if there is anything else that yall want me to make just tell me and i will do it.! cuz i love to make stuff oin sims :D


Sorry this isnt a long blog but its  start right lol


Another milestone has passed with little or no fanfare!  9 million downloads seems incredible to me.

I"m mentioning it here mainly for my own benefit it seems, as I don't receive any comments on these posts.

However, I will still take this opportunity to personally thank all those who have contributed to this download marvel, and to advise my longterm friends that I have just commissioned a new computer and a new internet service.  The last try at this latter endeavour resulted in disappointment . . .but I now believe I will finally be able to reply to comments as they occur . . .something that has always made me feel less than polite, but which I could not readily overcome, due to bandwidth and internet time limits. . . which were fully taken up by me for uploads and content downloads.  Hopefully that is a thing of the past and I look forward to catching up with those of you who are kind enough to leave a message on my stuff.

Thank you again, one and all, for your continued support.

with love,



Is something wrong or is it just me?

Hello! I've been creating houses for the sims 4 for some time and sims 3 for a long time. I noticed that my recent houses don't get much downloads and feedback :( and my latest one did not even get a single comment. It was rather unusual, or was it? Is something wrong with my builds? What are you looking for? Please just tell me so that I can let more simmers out there enjoy, thank you :)

Part 2 of the Epic Tower Build

In this next part of the project I'm working on my favourite part - landscaping! I spent a good couple of hours creating the garden centrepiece. There's a lot of plants involved there to make it as lush and detailed as I like. Took a break after this to work on the inside of the cottage a little, making use of some awesome TSR object sets of course! :D Hope you enjoy watching it come to life.


Soooooo... I'm pretty new with custom content(not really I've been using it for like a year now) but on this sight people really show things about themselves. Like in the way Cleotopia puts part of hear heart into her beautiful creations of the way Nightcrawler's stylistic hair's finish off the perfect sim look. Or maybe even the way MJ95 somehow manages to capture the essence of a look simply by putting simple peices of personality into his shoes (like seriously putting buttons on them what genious). 

BTDubs (by the way, I know its weird but just go with it) I totally love everything these artists make because it comes out of their hearts.




We just reached the 100k downloads. Just wanted to thank you very very very much, because it's a pleasure to know you like my creations. Some new cool creations are coming and hope you like it. Bye


Wow, I take long breaks between sets, lol!

It's been nearly 2 years since my last Sims 3 set was published. I've had a few health issues over the past 2 years, which prevented me from creating for the Sims games. 

I really missed creating content for the Sims, but I'm back now, and I hope to create a few more custom content sets for the game in the near future.

My "Mudroom" set is scheduled for publication on Tuesday, July 5, 2016. The set includes a traditional mudroom bench (with 20 container slots for decorative clutter objects), a tote bag, storage basket, boots, dog leash, jacket, and a hat. I hope you enjoy the set and a "Mudroom" collection folder is availabe for download at MediaFire, here.




Create Your CAS room tutorial (Sims 3)

Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code

My Own Sim

Hey hey hey everyone, My name is Sabrina and i have maked myself on Sims 4 So right now i gonna show you all some pitrues 

Of my beautiful Sim How she enjoys making food and how delicous

She loves making hogdogs alot




She enjoys eating her hotdog


My Video Journey Begins!

So I decided to play around making some "Let's Play" style videos of The Sims 4. I've always been active on YouTube, but never made any movies of my sims before even though I've played the game for about 15 years. One of my favourite things to do is build houses, using all the AMAZING creations from TSR! What better topic for my first video than a build project?

And here it is, part 1 of 3:

Most of my constructions in the Sims 4 are based on real life structures. I like to find pictures of real houses on the internet and copy them in game... while putting my own creative spin on them of course. This project goes back in time a little by building an old stone tower and a worker's cottage, which has been converted into a cozy home surrounded by extravagant gardens.







I have finally purchased the Sims 4!! I have all the add ons and I am trying to download lots, clothing etc from here however I can not work out how to download and add them to my game. 

I am using a Mac computer.

Please help!!!!




100 Baby Challenge Redo

Hey Everyone Music here!I would like to tell you about my 100 baby challenge redo if your reading this I need a name for our lovely contestaint (the mother) if you have any comments please leave it here.


First Blog!

Hi simmers! This is my first blog on TSR! So my sims' life isn't going so good...they keep on getting stuck every 5 seconds! So I have to use moveobjects on all the time to move them so if you do know any answers to this problem please help!

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