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I have downloaded the Mods file that comes with everything from ModtheSims. I have placed it in the place that it has told me to, and everything. But my mods are not going onto my game. I do not know if there is a conflict between something, but I also have every single pack ect on my computer. So I don't understand why this is not working. The pregnancy mod that I had downloaded works, but the hair I downloaded does not. I am going to be downloading another hair mod, not the same one, but another one, to test out what the problem could be. It would be nice if someone had a clue what could be going on, so that I can get this over with as soon as possible.


Tell me, is there an opportunity in Sims to download a mod with delivery of food from Burger King. If not, then I could do. Thank you

Requests for CC

Hi there all. I was wondering if there were any budding TS3 CC creators that could do a set for me? I have pieces that I absolutley adore from real life that I would like in my game and I am sure many would enjoy too. The majority of the content is furniture, art and sculptures. 

Sims 4 Website

We are making a website for people to upload their own mods and content! Our main website has got over 1100 views since May and has nearly 20 followers. This has given our new site a big boost. Go to the website below to share your mods and custom content with the world!


Search... to share your content and be famous!

About Broken CC!

Hi everybody!


I had have some broken cc which is caused crash your game. This was a colorswatch problem and I noticed it late. 

For a while ago I fixed all my broken cc and reupload. Seems like problem has been solved. I am so sorry about that.


And I really sorry for I could not answer who send me messages from TSR. I had have busy days last year.


Thank you for your understanding and please let me know if you have any problem.



Ma passion pour les sims

Tout d'abord je tiens à m'excuser de ne pas écrire en anglais, je suis française mais je voulais partager ici ma passion pour les sims ;)
Je suis passionnée par ce jeu depuis ma tendre enfance et je le dois à mon grand frère qui adorait les jeux vidéos dans leur ensemble...J'ai toujours eu une console et des manettes entre les mains donc forcement j'ai accroché immédiatement à l'univers des Sims ;)

Que vous dire de plus ? Si vous ne connaissez pas foncez c'est vraiment génial comme expérience héhé.

Asian Metal Lamp Set

Asian Metal Lamp Set

Trottinette SIMS

Hey!I am a new member to TSR.I have done SO many shopping sprees on here.I wish i could be my sims so bad when i get these clothing items!They are STUNNING and  amazing. trottinette adulte

Thank you my good friends for all your support . . you know who you are!




Thank you so much for supporting me all the time ♥


To be honest, becoming a SA was a quite shocking event for me. I knew tsr for years, though decided to share my creations only this spring. So I very much appreciate, guys, your support, your downloads and all your congratulations - that... simply means a lot to me and I have my self-appraisal +50! Thank you all! And Happy Simming!^___^

A FA again!

Thank you tsr for making me a FA again. Last time it was for sims 2 when I recoloured kids clothes and furnishing. This time for my houses!. I am glad I am still here around tsr neigbourhood . I would like to thank you everyone of you, my downloaders and tell you that I appreciate all of your feedback. I would like to thank you all of you my fellow artists that noticed my work and gave me recognition. I would also like to thank tsr for being improved every day. See you around;)







Hi, im a new memeber to TSR and i really am enjoying it! I'm literally in love with the stylish outfits on here so much that i want to try them on myself. Sims resource is now one of my favourite things to do in my spare time now! The clothes on here are outstanding!! I have only saved 3 things on my Sims 4game since i only started it yesterday,  but im still on a shopping spree!! xx

Fresh Start!

Hey!I am a new member to TSR.I have done SO many shopping sprees on here.I wish i could be my sims so bad when i get these clothing items!They are STUNNING and  amazing.


Thats all i am going to write for now!Whoever finds it comments down below what you would like me to blog about next!


Peace out x


Apparently you can make blog posts on here. Huh. Who knew?

Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Mental Health Awareness Campaign



Hey, everyone, I'm creating a mental health awareness campaign.

suffer with mental health and a lot of people I know on here do as well and alsoirl.

  I wanted to create a mental health awareness poster with as many simselfs as possible in the backgrounds.

I will publish a poster related to the campaign every Friday.

 if any simmer wants to be apart of this campaign to raise awareness of mental health. 

Send me a png file of your simself posing (Full Body) with no background or a green screen (jpg) and I will include you and tag you in the posters.

Send Via Tumblr >>  (xx)

I need everyone to reblog the posters so they can get around and do their job. I will release more information on them later on in the week.



well, hi. i am Nina hopkins, your used to be- average girl. i HAD a normal life, until i read creepypasta. i cant tell you much, sadly. i am the kind, lets say, that are completely, and i MEAN completely insane. or sadistic. whatever you wanna call it. i am strange, i know. and i dont care what you say. call me anything you want. i got rid of the last person that did that....oh dont worry, i wont do that to you. maybe...anyway, as i was saying, i read creepypasta. it was fine and all, until i reached a certain one. jeff the killer. i mean, everyone knows him these days. but i recommend you dont go too much into it, look what it did to me. so, yeah. then there were bullies. a girl about my age. we went to the same school. but one day i couldnt take it anymore. so i SNAPPED. i grabbed a heavy iron poll and hit her in the head until she was GONE. forever. and then i saw jeff himself. i loved him. he was perfect. and then he made me perfect like himself. he set me on FIRE. i loved it. so thats how my hair became short. but i cant tell you what i look like. it might ruin all this. have FUN.

Place Setting Set

Place Setting Set


I have just submitted my final two uploads to TSR, to be published to the end of the month.  After 7 years of intensive patterning for TS3, I feel that the time has come for me to call it a day.

I have tremendously enjoyed the Sims3 connections I have made over that time, but can summon no enthusiasm at all,  for Sims4.  Perhaps if there is ever a Sims5 [and I am still around], I may be back . .  only time will tell.

Thank you my good friends for all your support . . you know who you are!

Over and out



Short Hiatus

So I had a RL scare with a relative that is taking up most of my time, so I just wanted to let anyone interested know that I probably won't have time to make any new things for a bit. Hopefully won't take long :) Thanks all

Building Suggestions?

Hello freinds!  Sorry my houses slowed down considerably, but I had things to do and places to go, but now I have time to make more.

I would like very much to know how you've all enjoyed my castles?  I have another castle in production at this time and I'm going to take my time making it so I can get it just right.  Well, as "just right" as I can with what I have.

If there is any other kind of house you'd like me to make or suggestions (kind suggestions only) I'd be more than happy to try them and see how they work.  I've gotten suggestions in the past like "Why don't you make London's Parliment?"  Well, because there's an awful lot to parliment and the Sims doesn't give you all the necessary architectural items to make it authentic.  I'm not a modder.  I am a builder.  

Have a lovely week and please leave your comments with love in your hearts!  Bye!  <3


Vestidos para bebés, Malla creada por mí con 2 Mallas de EA.preciosos verdad? 10 colores

Ava Mia

Ava Mia

About my Trendy Ripped Jeans...

Hey guys!

So alot of you have comment saying that there are some issues with the Trendy Ripped Jeans. Saying that your sims are experiencing embarresment and wearing them in the shower. I think Ive figured out the problem. I used base game underwear/swimwear as the base for the mesh so that might be whats causing the problems. Ive decided to put the texture over the skinny jeans mesh from City Living and hopfully that should fix the problem. 

Ill upload it to TSR soon. Im sorry about the issues and thank you for the feedback :)

lol me

So i made myself in sims 4 but she doesn't look much like me but it's kinda similar

Hoverboard in Sims 4 ?


I would like to know if you are interested by a mod to have hoverboard into Sims 4 ? Because i'm a modder and i can create one.

Thanks a lot.


Well Set

Making Lots By Request

This morning my daughter Emily and I were skyping and I asked her what kind of a lot she would like if she were playing the sims.  She said a cottage with a greenhouse and an old world look with wood beams and criss cross wood on the walls.

I thought about it for a minute and said, yup!  That's the lot for the day.

So I made this lot and called it "A Cottage For Emily"

A Cottage For Emily

I'm happy with it, she's happy with it and the wild horses in the game love it!

A day worth while.  <3


10 000 downloads.




> Over 10 000 downloads.

Thank you!!!


How You Can Construct a Meaningful Art Compilation


When it comes to art, in particular, there is often a greater emphasis on aesthetic appeal than meaning. Now, this is perfectly fine – after all, paintings and sculptures are meant to be looked and admired. Still, it can be quite lovely to have a collection of pieces that have a great deal of personal significance to you. Now, if you have been to a few galleries or looked at pieces online and have yet to come across paintings, don’t fret. Here you will be able to find some guidance on how you can build up such an assemblage: 


Look Back at Your Own Memories 


One of the reasons that you may feel disconnected from your previous paintings is because they don’t have ties to your past. This is why it is a good idea to think back on your own memories. What special moments or events stand out to you? It could be a family outing, your wedding, or even a minor moment. Once you have discovered what you are drawn to, find pieces that evoke a similar sensation. Imagine for instance, that you went camping quite often as a child. Perhaps looking for nature-based paintings or ones of the night sky may be more significant to you. 


Image Source: Pexels

Connect with the Artist


Each painting, sculptor, or other art piece contains a little bit of the artist. This is particularly true for aboriginal artists who are conveying a sense of self and culture in their work. Due to this, you may actually find it quite helpful to speak with the painter who created a particular piece. This should be relatively easy if the artist is from the same area that you are living in. Even if you can’t get a hold of the painter, you can still find out their inspiration. Art galleries or even the painters themselves may provide a short description alongside the piece. This will give you an idea of what emotion or story is being exhibited. 


Look in Different Places 


There is no doubt that some of the best pieces will reside in galleries. That doesn’t mean, however, that this is the only place to find paintings or other artwork. There a lot of up and coming painters that still aren’t represented. Therefore, you will not be able to find their work at an exhibition. If you are curious about finding new talent or something fresh to appeal to you, look at local painters who are making a name for themselves. You may have to visit smaller exhibitions to see what they are capable of. 


Make it Yourself 


To truly make the collection meaningful, why not add one or two pieces that you have created by yourself. You don’t need to be talented or even all that good. Even a photograph collage can work as it can have great value to you. By using some of the work that you have done, you will certainly be providing that personal touch. 

This is how you can find pieces that mean a great deal to you. By doing so, you will be able to have a personal connection with your artwork. 

New Friends

Today my faith in human nature may not have been restored, but it was soundly nudged in that direction.  I was left a couple of comments by a fellow Simmer that made me feel that maybe it's okay to be me.  

Let me tell you who I am.

I am fun, I love to love, I love to make houses for TSR.  I love Simming.  I have two daughters and a granddaughter who is not quite 4 years old yet and she is my mini me.  She is coming to live with us, she and her mommy and I couldn't be more happy.

I love little furry dogs.  I find humor in cats.  My husband and I love to laugh with each other and we kid around in different voices for fun.

I live in a 155 year old Victorian farm house in the middle of a town in Maine.  I was born in West Virginia. I am a country girl.

If someone is in trouble, I help.  If someone is sad, I comfort them.  When someone is nasty to me, I get tough, and I fight back.

I am half Newfoundlander.

I am the last of five children.

I am a human being and I deserve love and respect because I live my life to please God.

That is who I am.  I like me.

Let's put down all the bullshit and be friends because life is short and if you're going to live it to be an *sshole, you deserve everything you get.  But if you live your life to be good and kind, you deserve love and friendship.  Loyalty is important too, but truth trumps that.

God trumps all.

Lets be friends.

Have a beautiful day! <3



Well now, who would have thought!   Not me that's for certain. . . .but, the 12 millionth download rolled through uneventfully . . .and probably un-noticed by anyone but me. . .just like these posts  LOL . . sorta.

I think I'm coming to the end of my usefulness though . . . so am emptying the holding folders right now . . and when they are closed off, then so will I be.

Heartfelt thanks to all those lovely people who STILL manage to comment . . .and to all those lovely anonymous downloaders who don't . . .  download totals are earned not created, so this milestone would be un-achieved without you all.

Love and bye for the time being. xox



Want to travel to South Africa

WOW.... I am very happy and lucky to join this great platform today :) I am a newbie here, but I strongly want to make some friend here, I am a girl who love music and sports... Of course, I love travel, In this hot season, anybody want to be my friend? Next month I will travel to South Africa, is there some friends could tell me which phone suit for the photos taking in South Africa? And is there anything I should care about when I travel to there? Any friend tell me? :)



Early Releases!!!

You can now support me and get early releases before anyone else over on!

you will also be able to get limited collections just for patrons so become one of my patrons for as little as $3


hello my name is isabella and i wnt yall plz to make me ponytails

Might Miss an Upload Date

I'm heading down to Kentucky for the eclispe this week. I might not have time to make CC For next weekend. 
So just a warning there might not be an upload on the 27th. 
You never know, I might actually be able to sqeeze in some free time. 

Another little heads up, school is returning soon for me. So my upload rate may turn every other week if it is too much stress. 
It is hrad managing High School and Custom Content.  
10th grade year already, I can't believe it! Soon I will be graduating, scary to think about. 

Anyway, I hope you all are understanding of what the future may hold. 
It is hard being a 15 year old managing so many things, but hey! Practice for the real world, am I right?!

Thanks again,

Coastal series

When Sims4 was released and we were still creating for Sims3 game, we started to receive messages from people requesting us to bring Coastal series for Sims4. On that time we still didn't have Sims4 ourselves... long time ago indeed ^^ After that, we received some more requests for these beachy sets and around August 2016 we decided to bring Coastal back. We had 8 pieces made but since it is a large project and we were focused on other sets, we kept these few pieces saved on a flash drive. We completely forgot it.

Now, around July 2017, a person asked if we had plans to bring Coastal to Sims4. And now we said "YES! Now it's the time" :)
We will be bringing all Coastal Series slowly because our free time is sparse lately and also because our computer ( the one we use to take pictures from) is not very well.

So sorry we delayed so much to bring this series to Sims4 but still hope you enjoy it!
Happy simming :)

Summer Collection

Hey Simmers, Its been a while, again...

haha but yeah I promised a Summer Collection and you have got one !!!!!

I have literally just submitted it !

It includes 4 downloads but only 2 outfits !!!

I ain't gonna give too much away, I want it to be a surprise for you :)

I really hope you like them, Let me know what your think.


Time For Another Shake Down

My last blog was about the influx of "Mean Girls" on the internet/Facebook.  I have since decided to pare down my dealings on the internet and just mind my own pages and my own downloads and leave the mean girls to ruin their own lives without my help.

I've also discovered that I have a new talent/love.  I totally love making public lots, esp. restaurants!  

I don't know why they seem to be coming out so well but I'm really happy they are!

I attempted to make a one room schoolhouse but the only option for zoning was Academy which is in fact referring to Martial Arts.  How sad that we can't make schools for our Sim kids.  I for one would love to see that become an option.

Also, there are other types of buildings that they have made into rabbit holes that we should be able to make ourselves.  Public buildings, business buildings, hospitals, bookstores...I guess I could still make a bookstore but it won't look as cool as the rabbit hole version.

Give us the tools on Sims 3!! Make a stuff pack for such things and we will buy it!  "If you build it, they will come!"


Thanks for everything EA, please consider firing Origin.  They've ruined our gameplay and we want autonomy back!

Capp Lamp Set

Capp Lamp Set

I think I've created a star!

I used several items from Pralinesims and RemusSirion to create Vita Hickenlooper (the name makes me smile) and surprisingly enough, the results really resemble one of the starts of early 20th century cinema, Joan Fontaine.  I kept wondering who she reminded me of.

Vita or Joan

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